Best 65 inch TV under 600 with complete buying guide 2022

Do you want a great picture and high definition sound quality but have a tight budget? If so, don’t need to be worried about it. We are here to put together the best 65 inch TV under 600 dollars. Yes, you can enjoy movies, Netflix series, and video games with these cinematic size TVs.

At inception, 65 inch TV used to be expensive; however, thanks to the technological advancement and competitive market that allowed us to make a list of affordable 65 inch TVs. Please check all the products one by one and give your living room a cinematic look. Let’s get started;

Before purchasing a 65 inch TV please bear in mind that your room is large enough to watch TV at a specific distance. Let’s check the nuts and bolts of all the selected products and decide which one will be suited to you the most according to your budget and requirements.

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Some Other Slightly Expensive Options

1- TCL 4K Smart LED TV, 65" (65S425)

TCL is a China-based brand that is dominating the US market over time. And the reason for domination is obvious, low price with high-end features. Because of the low price with greater size, it is one of the best-selling products on a different e-Commerce store.

The design of this TCL 64S425 2019 model is simple with no curve. The body is mainly made of plastic which won’t give a premium look at all. Similar to the body, the stand is also made of high-quality plastic that comes in black color. The back is plain. Lastly, the borders are relatively thicker than its counterparts.

In the smaller size of the same series, you won’t enjoy 4k picture quality with HDR capability. However, TCL 65S425 gives you a high definition picture quality with 4k HDR10 resolution. As we know that the TV comes in a VA panel; thereby, the contrast ratio would be breathtaking that is 6054:1. On the backside, the VA panel doesn’t contribute much to the viewing angle. Yes, you might not feel good while watching TV from a different angle.

Another glaring feature that puts the TV miles above is the built-in Roku. Roku gives you access to dozens of streaming apps like Youtube, Netflix, and many more. For better image quality the refresh rate of the videos is 120Hz that will be a superb experience while watching car racing and football matches.

The remote control is more than simple and you will just find certain navigation buttons along with dedicated apps buttons as well. Unfortunately, there is no voice control system in the remote; however, you can use the voice control feature owing to the TV compatibility with Alexa and Google Voice.

A built-in speaker with above-average sound quality will be the other features that may amuse you as well. Lastly, let’s see its connectivity ports. The TCL 65S425 TV comes with 2 HDMI, 1 HDMI Arc port, 1 USB, 1 Cable ANT/Tuner, Headphone Jack, Optical Audio, and 1 Ethernet port. Bluetooth connectivity and wifi connectivity are the other pluses that give great ease while connecting to the mobile.



Final Verdict

In this price range, TCL 65S425 is the best option to choose from. Enjoy your 4K streaming and give your living room a cinematic look with this TV at an affordable price.  

2- All-New Insignia NS-65DF710NA21 65-inch TV

If TCL TV mentioned above hasn’t fascinated you yet and you want to check some other options, Insignia NS-65DF710NA21 will be the next option to consider. Similar to TCL TV, this model of Insignia is also the top-rated product in all the big e-commerce stores. 

Similar to the TCL 65S425, the overall look of this model of Insignia is simple; means it doesn’t look premium at any angle. A major portion of the body is made of plastic; however, the smooth and sleek back is made of metal. Borders are somehow thick but not distract your attention. The stand of Insignia NS-65DF710NA21 is made of plastic that supports well. However, it starts wobbling, if you push it slightly.

You can enjoy the 4k resolution movies with High Dynamic Range compatibility. Yes, 65 inch TV with 4K resolution is available under $600. Not ends yet, the VA panel allows you to set the well-suited color contrast with thousands of options. Well, the color contrast ratio is 4660:1. The only negative side screen is the viewing angle. Yes, you will only enjoy watching 4k UHD resolution on this great screen, if you sit in front of the screen. At a slightly side angle, you will start losing high definition results.

Amazingly, the semi-glossy screen is efficient enough to absorb the light and you can enjoy watching football matches in an average lit room.  The 100% response rate is 20.8ms that allows you to watch fast-moving objects on the screen without getting them blurred.

Unlike the TCL 64S425, the remote of the Insignia Fire TV edition is Alexa voice-enabled which permits you to issue certain voice commands.

In last, the connectivity ports have no difference from the above-mentioned model of TCL. Like TCL TV, it has 3 HDMI, 1 USB, and various other important ports as well.



Final Verdict

Insignia Fire TV Edition is one of the best choices when one has a tight budget. You can enjoy great picture quality and a large screen by investing in a small budget on Insignia.

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3- Hisense 65-Inch Class H6570G UHD Android TV

Another 65 inch TV under 600 is here to be reviewed now. Hisense 65-inch TV comes with endless entertainment. 4000 apps and games are waiting to be used and played on a really big screen at home. Let’s discuss all the features which make you buy it without any delay.

First, discuss the design. In design, we have checked whether the screen is curved or flat. The screen is flat. The body is mostly built with plastic. Like a body, the stand is also made of plastic. And stands have been placed almost equal to the width of the TV. The borders of the TV are relatively thinner than the models mentioned above which seem great and don’t distract your attention at all.

4k resolution with HDR content watching feature allows you to enjoy movies in a great way. If we talk about some technical aspects, the brightness of the TV is too good to enjoy the HDR content. The VA panel provides hundreds of variations in color scheme and the color contrast ratio is 4795:1.  Like any other TV with a VA panel, this TV, however, has the same issue about viewing angle. Yes, it has a narrow viewing angle as well.

The semi-gloss screen is good in an average lit room in reflection; however, you will be disturbed in a highly lighted room while watching it. So, it is recommended that if you really want to enjoy watching this screen, watch in a dark room.

Motion rate is 120 Hz with a 17.8ms response rate that is considered good for fast-moving objects.

Let me be very honest while reviewing the sound quality of this model. The sound quality of this TV is not too good and you will have to buy a high-quality speaker to create high bass in the room.

The smart operating system of the TV is Android TV that is easy to smooth to run which allows you to access Google play store apps.

The TV remote is the same as the other models of Hisense TVs use. With a large number of buttons on the remote, Hisense TV gives you easy access to various popular streaming services like Youtube, Hulu, and Netflix. Not ending yet, the built-in mic in the remote facilitates you to control by using certain commands as well.

Lastly, it’s important to tell you that it uses 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB, 1 Tuner, and 1 Ethernet port as well.



Final Verdict

With Android TV OS, enjoy endless games and apps by using Google play store. Moreover, 4k resolution and nice reflection handling will allow you to enjoy limitless streaming service in a lit room.

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4- Philips 65PUS7304/12 65-Inch 4K Smart TV

Having read all the above budget models, haven’t you even decided yet? We hope this one will force you to buy it. Philips 65PUS7304/12 has some extra perks which you haven’t observed in the models mentioned above. Let’s check the nitty-gritty of this model.

Similar to the above, the screen of the TV is not curvy. The body of the TV is made of plastic and metal. The metallic back gives a sleek and well-built look. Moreover, the thinner borders are also a great plus.

4K ultra high definition resolution will add more value to your entertainment. Amazingly, you can enjoy movies, games, cricket, and football matches with great HDR10+ vision. Previously mentioned models have only HDR vision.

The most unique feature that will attract you the most is its ambient light system. Yes, the back of the TV is equipped with an ambient light system that enhances the experience of watching TV. So, create a magnetized environment with the ambient lights of the TV and immerse yourself in the movie scene.

The most desired audio system is supported by this TV is Dolby Atmos.

Android TV operating system is the other feature that gives you access to hundreds of apps and games. Moreover, TV operating system is easy to use. The remote of the TV is Alexa voice supported. It means you can control different functions by commanding the TV in your voice.

Apart from all the features, this TV doesn’t lag behind its counterparts. For example, it has HDMI, tuner, USB, audio-jack, and Ethernet ports. Moreover, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity are the other feathers in the cap of this product.



Final Verdict

Don’t watch movies on this TV, feel the movies. Watch what exactly a director wants to make you watch. Listen to the music what actually the singer wants to say to you by Dolby Atmos sound.

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5- Konka 65-Inch U5 Series Ultra HD Smart TV

We know, when it comes to buying a TV, you always think about Samsung, LG, and Sony. But when you want a budget-conscious TV with high-quality TV, consider the Konka brand. The smartly built TV with high-end performance is enough to shock you in every aspect. Let’s check the design, color Gamut, resolution, color contrast ratio, motion rate, connectivity ports, and sound quality.

First, let’s check the design of the TV. Believe it or not; however, Konka 65U5A has the most advanced shape among this list of TVs. The flat-screen of the TV will amuse you while watching your favorite movies. The slim body of the TV will add more value to your bedroom’s look. Most importantly, its edge-edge screen will be an awesome experience while watching TV. Yes, there are no borders on 3 sides.

The resolution of this TV is second to none. 4k UHD resolution will give next-level gaming and movie-watching experience. With hiBrigth PRO LED allows you to watch TV according to the HDR vision with recommended peak brightness level. For a better and deeper color experience, more than one 1 billion color gamut provides the HQ image quality like real-life pictures.  

Smart options for this TV are also matchless. It has an Android TV operating system and which is ultimate access to unlimited apps and games. More amazingly, Google assistant is there to help you out in searching for your favorite movies in no time. Its smart remote is also equipped with a voice control system. Moreover, you can cast your mobile and laptop screen on this amazing TV screen.

All the essential ports have also been integrated to give you a premium quality TV within a tight budget range. So, what are you waiting for? It’s the final option to choose 65-inch tv under $600. Don’t belated, go, and buy.



Final Verdict

High color quality, excellent movie resolution, and smartly built TV can be the best partner while watching movies in your living room. And this featured rich TV is available at an affordable price. Check the price and go for buying.

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Buying Guide for Best 65 Inch TV under 600

Buying a TV seems an easy task to do; however, when you walk through its different features, you will come to know that there are certain jargon and technical terminologies that may get your wire crossed. Therefore, it’s important to know all the jargon and terminologies before buying a TV. Moreover, it’s also important to know which factor should be focused upon and which one isn’t crucial for you. So, the following buying guide will enable you to buy a perfect TV under a tight budget. Let’s have a look at the following quick point list;


We know, if you are reading this article, you have already decided to buy a 65 inch TV. However, there are certain factors to keep in mind before buying a 65 inch TV. Have you measured your room dimensions in which you will fix the screen? If not, please measure before buying.

Suppose you have enough space in the room to sit away (8 feet to 13 feet) from the 65 inch TV, you can go for buying a 65 inch LED. If you have a smaller room than the recommended distance from the TV, it can harm your eyes badly.


Another factor that will be more important than any other factor of a TV. Resolution plays an important role while choosing a TV. The resolution of a TV can be defined as the number of pixels. The more pixels means the better quality of image interpretation.

A full HD resolution means that there is 1920 x 1080 pixels. However, this list of HD TVs brings more than full HD resolution.  Yes, 4K resolution TV is one of the most advanced resolution TV. Therefore, we have only included 4k resolution 65 inch TVs in the list.


HDR, High Dynamic Range, is another interpretation of the quality picture. TVs, supported HDR vision, can present more realistic pictures in movies. So, check either is TV has HDR vision or not. HDR has different versions indeed; for example, HDR10+ and Dolby visions. 

Dolby’s Vision is the best one to enjoy the more realistic view in movies. Moreover, HDR-supported TVs give you a high range of color contrasts, brightness, and natural color options; thereby, you can adjust the color combination as per your desire.

In the above-mentioned list, all the TVs have HDR vision which is a great plus.

Refresh Rate:

The refresh rate is quite a technical term that needs to understand if you really enjoy the fast-moving objects in TVs. The refresh rate is also known as motion rate and the standard value of this is 60Hz. A TV with a 60Hz motion rate can make you watch speedy objects clearer without making them blur. The more value of refresh rate means more quality of moving objects in the TV. The best refresh rate is 120Hz.  

In fact, refresh rate means how many times a TV refreshes the pixels of a picture in one second.


In design, check either the screen is curvy or flat. Moreover, check how thick the TV is. Besides, border thickness is another option to consider. So, by checking the thickness of borders, screen, and body thickness, you will be able to decide which is better for you. Inspect the stand as well.

While checking the design, check the material quality as well. Investigate whether the TV body is made of plastic or metal. Moreover, see, the screen is glossy or semi-glossy.

A semi-glossy screen is good to handle reflection in a well-lit room.

Lastly, have a look at the panel. There are two types of common panels nowadays; IPS and VA. The IPS panel gives a better viewing angle while the VA panel gives a better color contrast ratio. But please keep in mind that the VA panel has a limited viewing angle.

Smart Options:

Check which TV operating system has been integrated into the TV. The recommended operating systems are Android TV and the Roku system. Both are good enough to give you access to hundreds of apps, games, and movies.

Additionally, both systems are easy to use and user-friendly.

Check the remote either it is Alexa or Google voice enables or not. Moreover, check either there are buttons to access different streaming services like Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu directly.

Lastly, check whether your mobile or laptop screen can be cast on the screen of the TV.

Connectivity Ports:

Have a look at different ports like HDMI ports, USB ports, Audiojack, Cable tuner, Ethernet and various other important ports should be there.

Apart from these ports, please check the connectivity options by Bluetooth and wifi. Connecting by Bluetooth or wifi can make it easy to control different tasks by your mobile phone.

Last Words

It admits of no doubt that there are hundreds of options in the market when you are searching for 65 inch TVs with 4k resolution. But finding a 65 inch TV under $600 is a hard nut to crack. With this tight budget, finding this bigger size TV with 4k resolution is really a difficult task. However, we have researched for hours and made it possible for you. We have compiled a list of these gigantic screen TVs which not only give you a next-level TV watching experience but available at affordable prices as well. So, please check all the products one by one and thanks us later. Thank you, Stay blessed.  


What is a good resolution for a 65-inch TV?

TVs with different resolutions are available in the market. You probably would have listened to different terminologies like; HD, Full HD, 4K Ultra HD, 8K.

HD or High Definition TVs use pixels 1280 x 720. Full HD (FHD) TVs use 1920 x 1080 pixels.  

4K or Ultra HD means 3840 x 2160 pixels.

For 65 inch TV, 4K UHD is the most suitable resolution.

How do you determine the size of a TV for a room?

Viewing distance is important to measure before buying a TV. Calculate the distance between the wall, where the TV will be fixed, and the couch (on which you will sit to watch the TV).

Suppose the distance between the TV and couch is 11 feet or 132 inches. Divide 132 inches by 2 and the answer will be the size of the TV which is perfect for the viewing angle.

132/2= 66inches

So, 11 feet viewing distance is perfect for 65 inches TV.

You can check the viewing distance and buy a perfect size TV accordingly.

How far should you sit from a 65 inch TV?

The answer to this question has been described in the previous question. However, if you want to know specifically about 65 inch TV, the answer is 11 ft. Yes, 11 feet viewing angle is perfect for a 65 inch LED. However, you can adjust your viewing angle somewhere between 8 ft to 13 ft.

Viewing angles less than 8 ft can cause eye strain. And viewing angle larger than 13 ft is no longer good for the watching experience.