Top 14 Best 65 inch TVs under 1000 (Updated reviews of 2022)

When it comes to the best 65 inch TVs under 1000 dollars, you will come across plenty of options; however, finding the perfect one is a hard nut to crack. We know, gone are the days when 65” TVs were considered luxury items and few people can buy them because of their high price. Now, a TV with cinematic screen size comes along with dozens of advanced features and high picture quality at an affordable price.

More amazingly, with the mentioned price range, you can get TVs from well-known brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony. Aside from these famous brands, we would love to review various other brands offering HD image and sound quality. Therefore, never assume that you can’t buy a big-sized TV with advanced features under $1000.

Let’s see which TV we are going to get you covered below;

For small size TVs, investing 1000$ is more than enough. Nevertheless, you may find a relatively low budget when you want to buy a big screen size without compromising picture quality. Yes, various websites on the internet make you realize that you have a tight budget for best 65 inch tvs size. However, it isn’t true. Here is the list of 65 inch TVs within your budget; please check all the features one by one and buy any one of them, for which you have ever dreamed.

1- TCL 65-inch 5-Series 4K HDR QLED TV - 65S535

You can also check Another similar model : TCL 6 65S635 series with upgraded features.

With this model 65S535, TCL has much improved itself. Compared to the previous model of series 5 65S525, you will observe several upgraded features that may force you to change your perception about TCL; in case you are underestimating this brand.

First, let me discuss the design of the under-reviewed TV. As compared to its predecessor, 65S535 offers a premium look. With thin edges, you won’t be distracted while watching your favorite matches and movies. Moreover, the stand of the TV is also wider than the 65d535 that provides more stability. More amazingly, the body of the 65S5353 comes with a better cable management system. Lastly, the back of the TV is made of metal and plastic. The upper side of the back is made of metal, while the lower side of the back is manufactured from plastic.

When one is investing almost 1000$ in a TV, he must not compromise on the picture quality. And when it comes to the picture streak of QLED 65S5353, you won’t find it less than its counterparts. The full-array local dimming system allows you to get better image by improving the color contrast ratio (7,402: 1). For HDR content, this model of TCL provides a wide color gamut that will give you a 4k resolution. The BGR subpixel system also enhances the image results. The only drawback we have observed in this model is its narrow viewing angle. Yes, because of the VA panel, the viewing angle is narrow, and you may lose the image results by moving here and there. Dolby Vision support is another feather in the cap of 65S535.

The refresh rate of the TV is 60Hz, which is quite reasonable to enjoy car racing, football matches, and gaming on the TVs.

Ethernet, HDMI, Digital Optical Audio, and analog audio ports are also there on the body.

The built-in speaker in this model of TCL is another excellent plus; however, if you need high-profile sound, you need to buy a speaker separately. The built-in speaker cannot produce a decent bass sound which is considered essential for 65 inch TVs.

Like any other TCL tv, ROKU operating system has been installed on this tv. Moreover, a small-sized TV remote is also there in the package. You may select various popular streaming services by using that smart remote. However, if you want to use the voice control system, you need to use the ROKU app on your mobile; the remote doesn’t have the voice control feature.



Final Verdict

This featured-rich TCL Tv is available for under 1000$. If you really want to enjoy movies on different streaming services and sports, this TV can be the best choice for you.

2-SAMSUNG TU-8300 Series UN65TU8300FXZA

You can also check Another similar 2019 model : Samsung UN65RU7100FXZA

In 2020, UN65TU8300FXZA was the only curved model in the TU-8300 series of Samsung. So, if you want to give a new look to your cinema room at home, please check this TV with its breathtaking features.

This model of Samsung comes with excellent finishing level. Thin edges, smooth curved back and wide plastic stand, are the traits that make it cute. Thin edges allow you to concentrate on the playing content. A wide plastic stand won’t let the tv wobble. Moreover, the stand helps to manage the cable in a better way. However, it is relatively thicker because of the curved shape.

The picture streak rendered by this TV is incredible. High contrast ratio allows you to enjoy dark scenes in the movies. 60 Hz refresh rate (No variable refresh rate) is quite suitable to see moving objects with clarity. High-level brightness lets you enjoy your streaming in a well-lit room. The viewing angle is also good. Its 4k Transformative processor has magical impacts. The processor boosts up your image results up to 4k in no time. Lastly, it couldn’t handle the reflection efficiently because of its curved shape.

All the essential ports are available on the backside of the TV.

Amazingly, you need not buy speakers separately. The TV comes with the built-speakers with decent bass and sound profile.

Similar to many other Samsung TVs, this one also has a Tizen operating system. Additionally, smart remote control is also included in the package. The remote control has NETFLIX, Amazon P Videos, and Samsung TVP buttons for quick access.



Final Verdict

With a curved shape and highly advanced features, you can give a new look to your cinema room; UN65TU8300FXZA has no alternative. Please check by clicking the button below.

3- Hisense R8 Series Roku Smart TV (65R8F)

You can also check Another similar model :Hisense 65H9F

Hisense has not been committed with any single, smart tv platform. Instead, users can choose either Roku or Android. The 65R8F model comes with the Roku operating system with plenty of streaming services. However, TVs with android OS have more choices of entertainment.

It shares all the best features that are important to offer the picture quality which is desired. The 65 inch screen comes with thin edges which may not distract your attention while enjoying sports and other movie streaming. Aside from the screen front, the backside of the tv is smooth. Moreover, the high standard plastic wide stand is also included in the package.

High contrast ratio, wide color gamut, Dolby vision and 4k content support are the features that might make you feel real in different colorful movie scenes. The only drawback in the image streak which is the light blooming.

Like any other entry-level TV model, this model by Hisense also comes with a 60Hz refresh rate. Unfortunately, there is no variable refresh rate in this model.

All the essential ports are also available on the backside of the TV.

The built-in speakers don’t meet the standard, and you will have to buy speakers separately for enhanced audio experience.

Lastly, the package includes a large size remote control that works well. There are several buttons on the remote control for streaming services. Moreover, the built-in voice control mic is another cutting edge of this remote.



Final Verdict

If you are fond of watching sports and movies, this tv will boost your TV watching experience by offering you HQ streaming. So, if you want to take your sports watching zeal to the next level, this Hisense model is made for you.

4- SAMSUNG UN65AU8000FXZA, 2021 Model

For those searching for a balance between price and smart features in TVs, Samsung has brought a great solution for them. Yes, the UN65AU8009FXZA 2021 model by Samsung has balanced the scale between price and quality. Under 1000 dollars, you will get an amazingly built TV that is excellent in picture streak and eye-catching in appearance. Let’s check its design, resolution, smart features, remote control and sound profile.

First, let me throw light on the design of this TV. Like any other top-notch Samsung TVs, this one comes with premium looks. Thin edges, sleek body, and smooth back are the features that make its design awesome. Unlike the stands of the above-reviewed models, it has no v-shaped model. Instead, the stand’s feet are built well to stabilize the TV efficiently.

High contrast ratio, wide color gamut, crystal 4K processor, and decent reflection handling are the features that make the mouth of any buyer water within the budget. Compared to the IPS panel, it comes with the VA panel that might create a disturbance when you change the viewing angle slightly.

The built-in speakers are good and generate decent bass that would be enough to enjoy different movie scenes with family. However, if you want to enjoy the high-profile sound, you can go for separate speakers as well.

Lastly, Tizen OS has been used in this model of Samsung that offers dozens of streaming services to its users.



Final Verdict

If you want a decent option that gives you excellent image results, decent sound profile, and plenty of streaming services with premium looks, this model of Samsung is available at an affordable price. Go and grab immediately.

5- Sony X80J 65 Inch TV: KD65X80J

You can also check Another similar model :Sony XBR65X900F

With the mentioned price range, it would be the only TV by Sony that comes with an IPS panel. Otherwise, the above-reviewed models of TVs have VA panels with high contrast ratio. The IPS panel of the TV offers a wider viewing angle without distorting the viewing results, but it comes with a low contrast ratio (1,116: 1).

As far as the design of this model by Sony is concerned, we can say that it won’t be premium in appearance. Thicker edges, plastic backside, and low-standard stand that wobbles are the negative sides of this TV’s body. Thicker borders may distract your attention while watching tv. The backside of the TV is built from plastic that is not desirable for quality-oriented users.

Unlike the above-mentioned models, it offers relatively better results when it comes to watching TV in a well-lit room. The brightness level of the TV is awesome, and the screen can handle the reflection efficiently. Furthermore, a wide color gamut can show the HDR content in the best streak as well.

Like any entry-level TVs, it comes up with the same refresh rate, 60Hz. This refresh rate is equally good to enjoy sports on the TV screen.

The sound profile is also not disappointing. You will enjoy the sound of movies and songs with low bass. Again, a separate speakers system is required if you want to get a perfect sound profile.  

With the smooth interface, Google TV OS has been used in it. By just logging in with your Google account, you can access dozens of streaming services and can enjoy the premium content at no cost at all. Moreover, TV can be controlled with the android mobile app as well.



Final Verdict

For large family owners, this TV can be the best choice because of its wider viewing angle. All of your family members can enjoy the same picture streak sitting at different viewing angles. So, check all the features vigilantly and make your decision wisely.

6- LG 65NANO85UNA NanoCell 85 Series 65" TV

Among all the reviewed TVs under 1000 above, this one has various glaring features that put it miles above the others. Like, it comes with an IPS panel with a wider viewing angle. Moreover, the local dimming system will allow you to enjoy movies in a darkroom effectively.

The TV has a modern design with thin edges with a no-distraction feature. Furthermore, the sleek backside of the TV is made of premium material. The premium standard stand is also a plus that supports the TV well.  

The image grade of the TV depends on different factors like; contrast ratio, type of panel, brightness level, available color range, and the processor. The IPS panel of the TV offers a wider viewing angle; however, the contrast ratio is not too good. The basic level local dimming system provides the deep black whenever it needs to while watching movies in a dark room. The semi-glossy screen will handle the reflection efficiently. The brightness level of the TV will never disappoint you, and you will enjoy TV watching in a well-lit room as well. More shockingly, 8.3 million active pixels will enhance the picture streak. The α7 GEN 3 PROCESSOR is used to give you lifelike colors on the TV screen.

Note: The under-reviewed model is Dolby vision supported.

Here is great news for gaming=freaks and sports lovers. The under reviewed TV comes with a higher refresh rate that is 120HZ. So, you can watch sports, fast-moving objects, and gaming characters clearer on the TV screen. It doesn’t end yet. The TV has a variable refresh rate as well that will be great for sports lovers.

Perfect sound quality is another plus you can get by purchasing this TV.

WebOS has been installed in the TV that offers a large number of streaming services in no time. The remote also has a voice control feature.



Final Verdict

It won’t be wrong to say that LG 65NANO85UNA is one of the best TVs under 1000 on this list. If you want a wider viewing angle, wide color gamut, higher refresh rate, and local dimming system, this TV is made for you that is available at an affordable price.

7- INSIGNIA NS-65DF710NA21 65-inch 4K UHD TV

If a tight budget is one of the problems of buying a 65 inch TV, INSIGNIA offers a decent option for enjoying movies, gaming, and sports. This model by INSIGNIA is available at Amazon at a very affordable price. Let’s check all its features one by one;  

Firstly, you may not be impressed by its looks at all. The overall design and appearance aren’t more than an entry-level TV. The plastic body of the TV may give you cheaper looks. Moreover, a thick edge can cause eyesore while watching your favorite show on the TV. To get the stand fixed with the TV, you need a screwdriver. Moreover, the stand is also made of cheap plastic material. In a nutshell, we can say that the design and looks of this INSIGNIA model are not more than an entry-level TV; however, it seems quite good when you compare it with its price tag. 

The picture result of this TV is quite impressive. With a VA panel, great contrast ratio, reasonable color range, and an excellent number of pixels, it will be able to generate sharp pictures on the TV. However, when you move from the center, you may start losing the picture resolution because of the narrower viewing angle of the TV. Moreover, it may not offer you a detailed picture while playing dark scenes on the screen in a dark room.

It offers a 60Hz refresh rate for gaming and sports watching that gives you blurry images while fast-moving scenes. The overall picture quality of the TV is up to par, and you will enjoy the color saturation. 

Amazon Fire TV edition has been used as its OS. With this OS, your home screen will share plenty of streaming services like Amazon prime video, Apple TV, Disney Plus, Youtube, and many more. So, enjoy unlimited favorite movies and night shows with INSIGNIA 65 inch TV. 

Lastly, it comes with decent sound with basic Bass generation. Moreover, the TV remote control supports Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant that can be beneficial to control the TV in an easy manner. 



Final Verdict

For tight budget holders, this 65-inch tv can be the best choice with excellent picture resolution and decent audio profile. With the mentioned price range, INSIGNIA is the only TV that offers such a top notch TV.

8- Sony X750H 65-inch 4K LED TV -2020 Model

Although the Sony X750H model was introduced back in 2020, it is still popular among its users because of its low price and advanced features. Let’s check how it has built quality and how much it is successful in delivering high picture results as well. 

X750H is the successor to the X750F that was introduced back in 2018. So, the under-reviewed model inherit various features from its predecessor; however, several advanced features have also been embed in Sony X750H  

First, let’s discuss something about its design. The design of a TV has been dictated by the selling price of that TV. If a TV is supposed to be sold at a lower price with all the advanced features, expecting premium material in the body is just like living the paradise of fools. The same is the case with the under-reviewed model of Sony. It comes with relatively thinner edges than the X750F model. Moreover, the lower half backside of the TV is made of plastic that offers better cable management. Meanwhile, the upper half of the TV’s back is made of metal. It is thinner than its predecessor. Moreover, because of the narrow stand position, it can also be adjusted on a small table as well.

It uses a 4k processor X1 that can upscale any content up to 4K resolution without fading out the picture. Moreover, there is no local dimming array feature in it. Nevertheless, the VA panel offers a great contrast ratio that will be good for dark scenes as well. The brightness level of any budget TV can be measured by playing HDR content. And in most cases, any of the budget TVs can’t do justice with the HDR content. But the Sony X750H is better when comparing its brightness level with its counterparts.

Again Sony X750H comes with the same narrow viewing angle problem. Reflection handling is quite decent on this model, thanks to its semi-glossy screen.

For gaming lovers, it doesn’t have anything special. It lacks a variable refresh rate. Moreover, it comes with a 60Hz refresh rate that is quite good for watching movies and night shows but not a good choice for gaming.  

Now come to the audio profile. Audio quality is quite good and reasonable. It comes with the ass Reflex speaker system that generates a decent quantity of bass. 

Android TV OS has been used with a simpler interface that might be pro or con simultaneously. For the elder, the simpler interface can make it easy to operate.



Final Verdict

With this price range, Sony X750H is a decent option to purchase. You will enjoy its image resolution with high brightness levels and a decent contrast ratio.

9- VIZIO 65 Inch 4K Smart TV, V-Series

In the world of TVs, Vizio is an unsung brand. You probably have not even heard that Vizio manufactures TVs as well. However, the under-reviewed TV is one of the best 65-inch TVs that is worth the money. Let’s check all its features in detail.

First, the first look at it may give you a wow feeling according to its price range. In fact, the design of the TV belies the mentioned price. Thin edges, a thin body, and a wide stand (that won’t wobble) are the features that might attract you. The back is also sleek. The bottom of the back is made of plastic, and the upper back is made of metal. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism to manage the cables.

Now come to the picture quality of it. For better image processing and image up-scaling, this model of Vizio uses Vizio IQ Active 4k Processor, which can upscale your low-resolution content up to 4k content. Furthermore, a VA panel has been used in this model that offers a great contrast ratio for dark scenes in a dark room. However, a narrow viewing angle might be an issue for viewers. In addition, the brightness level for HDR content doesn’t justify the standards.

It comes with a 60Hz refresh rate that is quite good for watching movies; however, this refresh rate isn’t considered suitable for gaming.

Now let me introduce its remote control system that gives a premium look. Unlike its counterpart’s remote control, the Vizio series V comes with a remote control that uses Bluetooth and IR to communicate. Furthermore, it has various dedicated buttons for direct access to the streaming service. 

Vizio Series V 65 inch tv comes with an Android TV operating system with bundles of its features and access to dozens of streaming services. Moreover, Android TV OS is user-friendly. In a nutshell, the Vizio TV will never let you get bored anytime. So, go and bring this model at an affordable price.



Final Verdict

For watching TV shows, movies, and other entertainment stuff, Vizio v series 65” tv can be a perfect choice. However, for gaming and fast-moving objects, and HDR content, you should find the other option.

10- Sceptre U650CV-U 65 inch TV under $1000

Similar to Vizio, Sceptre is a TV brand known by a few. However, if you are looking for a budget TV option that is attractive in appearance and offers satisfactory image resolution, Sceptre might be an option. Let’s get started and see what this under-reviewed model offers;

The under-reviewed model of Sceptre comes up with an entry-level design with a flat-screen. Aside from the flat screen, the borders of the TV are relatively thicker that may create a distraction while watching the TV. The stand of the TV is wider, nearly equal to the width of the TV. The wide stand never lets the TV wobble; however, you need a large table to fix the tv on it. 

In a nutshell, the design of the TV won’t give a premium look; nevertheless, it justifies the price.  

The picture result is another point of concern while buying a TV. In picture quality, we will analyze contrast ratio, TV panel, brightness level, processor upscaling, and resolution as well. Because the VA panel comes with a high contrast ratio that gives fairish results in a dark room, but it may not give you detailed results of dark scenes in a dark room. Moreover, the brightness level is also considered good enough; however, it is not good for playing HDR content. Furthermore, the peak brightness level is unsuitable for a well-lit room, despite having a semi-glossy screen.  

The semi-glossy screen handles the reflection effectively. The used processor in this model of Sceprte can upscale any content up to 4k efficiently. 

In short, this TV is perfect to buy if you have a tight budget with good picture and an entry-level flat screen.



Final Verdict

For those, who want to enjoy a big screen in their houses and still have a limited budget to invest in, Sceprte is quite a decent option that can entertain you at an affordable price.

Top 05 TV brands in 2021:

TV is a major part of our lives, but it’s hard to know which TV brand is the best. The following discussion will help you find out the top 5 brands in order and why they’re ranked that way. If you want more information on TVs, then the below discussion should be able to give you some insight into what kind of TV would work for your needs!


LG is a Korean multinational electronics company that was founded in 1958. LG has had great success with their TV brand and offers many different models for you to choose from.

You may not be able to tell by looking at the TV, but there are actually a lot of different brands out there. One, in particular, is LG – and if you’re in the market for a new one, it’s important to know what this brand has on offer. Here are some things you might want to know before making your purchase decision. LG TVs come in all shapes and sizes – from wall-mounted versions to large-screen units that can fit in any room. There are also options with curved screens that will add an extra dimension of depth to your viewing experience with 4k resolution.


Who is unknown to this brand? For home appliances, Samsung is one of the best choices for many. And when it comes to TVs, Samsung is a top TV brand. Their TVs provide an amazing picture quality and the newest technology to make any home theater experience come alive.

It seems like there is a Samsung TV on every street corner, and for a good reason. They have been at the forefront of innovation with their cutting-edge LCD displays and SmartTV capabilities. Now they are taking things to the next level by incorporating voice recognition into their newest models! The Voice Interaction feature allows you to use your voice to search across different content providers (Netflix, Hulu Plus) or even perform tasks such as turning off the TV or adjusting volume. It’s safe to say that Samsung will continue dominating this market in the years to come with these new features.


Sony has been a big name in electronics for many years, and it has been an industry leader in TV screens for decades. They are not only the largest producer of LCD TVs but also have a number of other innovations such as 4K and OLED screens. Sony is known for its high-quality products with features like HDR and Dolby Vision that make your viewing experience more immersive than ever before. Sony TVs are among the best in their class, and they come with some of the most innovative features on the market. They’re great for gaming too!

We here at Homehep want you to be able to enjoy the best possible television experience no matter what type or size TV you’re looking for, so we’ve done all the research on which models match up with your needs!


TCL is a relatively newer brand of televisions that has been offering quality TVs. And it has been released in the US recently. TCL has developed itself into one of the leading TV brands in China, which is why their newest models have become so popular.

TCL TVs are a great option for customers who want a excellent class TV at an affordable price. They offer the widest range of product types, from their high-end sets to their budget options. Viewers can choose between different screen sizes and resolutions depending on what they’re looking for. What’s more, TCL is committed to making sure that the latest innovations come to its customers as soon as possible in order to stay ahead of the game.  This includes implementing Dolby Vision into all-new high-end models. Moreover, TCL TVs offer a wide variety of sizes, price ranges, and features that will allow you to find a TV perfect for your needs.


The Hisense TV brand is known for its affordability. With more than one hundred televisions on the market, there’s a model to meet any budget. From high-definition models with 4K resolution to low-cost 720p TVs, this company has something for everyone. If you’re looking for something that can suit your personal needs, take a look at our above list.

Almost all of their models have 4K Ultra HD resolution with HDR for incredibly realistic pictures that will make you feel like you’re in the middle of all your favorite scenes. Hisense also offers some bigger screen sizes than other brands at a reasonable price point, so they can fit any budget. With features like voice control and built-in WiFi, there’s no need to spend more time setting up your TV when it arrives on your doorstep. 

Aside from these 05 mentioned TV brands, there are many other brands available in the market like; Vizio. However, please check all the brands and their quality, and all features of the TV (which you are going to buy) that are mentioned in the buying guide above. We hope this information helps you a lot to choose a TV for your home with a variety of options at an affordable price. 

How to Buy the Best 65 inch TV under 1000?

1000$ is a huge amount to invest in TVs. So, you must know several TV buying factors before going to the market. Thereby, you can get the best available options. Here, we have compiled a list of different factors, and you must check all the following factors before buying best 65 inch TVs.

Size of the Room:

It wouldn’t be wise to buy a 65” inch for a small-sized room. Therefore, you should measure the room dimensions before purchasing a large size TV. If you can manage to place the couch (watching distance) 11 feet away from the 65 inch TV in your room, it will be the perfect room for your TV.  

You can also place the TV in a small room; however, watching TV by sitting nearer may affect your eyes badly.

Picture Quality:

The picture quality of the TV is something that must not be compromised. While checking the picture results, you will have to check contrast ratio, brightness level, color range, resolution, number of pixels, and type of panel.

High contrast ratio will allow you to give better results in a dark room. On the flip side, the high brightness level will be best for a well-lit room. Moreover, check whether the TV supports HDR and HDR10+ content or not. Dolby Vision is the next level factor to assess the picture streak.

A higher number of pixels and a wide color gamut will be perfect for giving you a lifelike color on TV screens.

Note: Higher refresh rate permits you to watch fast-moving objects without blurring the pictures.

Lastly, the IPS panel gives you a wider viewing angle with a low contrast ratio. On the other hand, the VA panel gives you a high contrast ratio with a narrow viewing angle.


While assessing the design of a TV, you need to focus on the following factors; edges thickness, smartness of tv, the backside of the TV, and the TV stand. The thinner edges of the TV will be good because they offer a greater focus on the screen.  

Smart TV will be good because it can be adjusted anywhere easily. Moreover, smart TV is eye-catching. A sleek backside of a TV is desirable.

A TV stand that supports the TV well and never lets the TV wobble is considered for a TV.

Smart Features:

Aside from analyzing the features mentioned above, you need to check the various other smart features of a TV-like; installed Operating system, remote control, and connectivity ports.  

TVs with different operating systems are available in the market. The OS could be Android, WebOS, Tizen, or Roku. Now it is a matter of choice which OS you will like the most.

Remote control with voice control will be a great plus for users.

Generally, different connectivity ports are available on the backside of the TV. Check either the TV has HDMI, audio, cable tuner, USB, and Ethernet ports or not.

Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity are the other smart features for a user to control the TV with the mobile.

Last Words:

With the enlisted best 65 inch TVs under 1000, it would not be hard to select any one of them. If you have any other suggestions related to 65” TVs, please let us know in the comment section. Moreover, if you have any queries, you can also ask in the comment section. Our experts will try their best to answer. Thank you. Stay blessed.


How much does a 65 inch Samsung TV weigh?

The answer to this question may vary from one model to the other. For example, the above list of 65 In TVs has two Samsung models, and both models have different weights.

SAMSUNG UN65TU8300FXZA weighs 56 pounds. On the other hand, the Samsung UN65AU8000FXZA weighs only 22 pounds. So, different models of 65 inch TVs by Samsung weigh differently.

How big is the box for a 65 inch TV?

The box of a 65 in TV varies according to the dimensions of a TV. In dimensions, you need to measure the height, width, and depth of a TV. The height can be calculated from top to bottom. And width can be measured side to side. And the depth of the TV is the thickness of a TV.

After measuring all the dimensions correctly, the box can be 3 to 4 inches wider, longer, and thicker than the TV’s dimensions.

How to pack a flat-screen TV for shipping?

Tv is the most delicate item to transport from one place to another. You need to take extra care while shipping a TV. Therefore, you need the following items to pack a flat-screen Tv for shipping.

i- A perfect sized TV box

ii- Packing Tape

iii- A Twist-Tie for wires management

iv- Plastic bags for remotes and stand nuts and bolts

v- Packing Paper to avoid scratches

vi- Foam Wrap and corner foam wrap