Top 07 Best Alarm Clock for Teenager Reviews 2022

It’s ok to sleep late on weekends; however, you won’t continue this habit all the days a week; especially when you are a teenager and can’t skip your college classes. We also know that rising up early in the morning might be one of the toughest tasks to be done in the whole day. So, what will be the solution to this conundrum? The solution to this problem is quite simple: invest in the best alarm clock for teenager.

The following alarm clocks are good enough to get you up on time, and you will never be late for college. Let’s check all the options which we have covered in this article.

In the following alarm clock reviews, you will be able to find how customizable the clock is? What is the design and size of the clock? What are visual displays and power sources? Is the clock auto-sync or not? What is the sound quality? How the snooze button is. In a nutshell, you will be able to find every feature that can take your morning up to the next level.

1- Digital Alarm Clock, with LED Time Display

Don’t get late from attending your class at school, and always be punctual with the under-reviewed alarm clock.

The under-reviewed product has been made of wood with a digital display. The shape is triangular and available in three different colors; black, white, and yellow. So, choose any of your favorite colors according to the interior of your bedroom. The unique shape, attractive color, and innovative design make it an eye-catching decoration piece for your bedroom.

Now come to its functionality. It comes with three different alarm settings that ensure you won’t be late. Furthermore, you can fix one alarm for yourself and one for your family. The alarm setting is quite simple and won’t confuse an aged person as well.

Aside from getting you up on time, it is equipped with temperature and humidity sensors which is a great plus.

Lastly, the clock is powered by a plugin cord, so you need not worry about an empty battery.



Final Verdict

If you really want to add some value to your bedroom, this one will be the perfect choice for you. Aside from getting you up on time, it will be a great decoration piece for your side table.

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2- JALL Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

Either you are a heavy sleeper or a fairly light sleeper, Jall’s wake-up alarm clock is perfect for everyone. It is observed that loud sound gives you jolted awake, which is enough to make your day with a headache.

However, the JALL alarm clock is not the same one. The sunrise simulation will be brighter over the span of 30 minutes that can wake you gently without creating deafening noise. The luminous light’s brightness starts from 10% and gradually increases the intensity up to 100% in the next 30 minutes. The span of reaching the brightness up to 100% can be reduced up to 10 minutes. More amazingly, it is available in 7 different colors of simulation light.

On the other hand, let’s suppose luminosity isn’t enough to get your kids raised in the morning; the it is equipped with seven different alarm sounds. Moreover, the dual alarm system can be perfect for getting you and your family up at an adjusted time.

Do you want to take another nap for 10 minutes? If so, press the snooze button and sleep for another 10 minutes.

The traits of this amazingly built clock doesn’t end yet; this alarm is adorned with FM radio that can entertain you in the night, whenever you’re unable to sleep.

Lastly, the clock’s light can be used as a bedside lamp. So, what other features are you looking for? If this alarm clock fascinates you and seems to meet your requirements, click the button below. 



Final Verdict

For heavy and light sleepers, this alarm clock is just more than a blessing. The featured-rich product is available at an affordable price, just click the button below and check the latest price.

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3- Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels for Teenagers

Clocky alarm clock is synonymous with innovation. It is the first clock that is on wheels. Being a movable clock, you won’t be able to abuse the snooze feature. So, deep-sleepers don’t need to be worried at all; you will never go late with this perfectly designed clock for heavy sleepers.

First of all, let’s check its unique feature that you won’t find in any other clock on the list; that is a clock on wheels. Normally, it is observed that teenagers put the ringing alarm on snooze mode repeatedly, which results in getting late from college. However, Clockly won’t let teenagers abuse the snooze feature. Once it starts ringing in the morning, it starts rolling, jumping, and moving here and there in the room. So, moving it with its obnoxious sound never lets you sleep for long, and you will have to get up lastly.

With its one-time snooze feature, you can only set the snooze for 1 to 8 minutes once. Moreover, the alarm setting is easy to adjust.

The digital time display of the clock comes with one LED light that helps to watch time at night.

Lastly, this product is battery operated, and you have to use 4 AAA lithium batteries.



Final Verdict

Either you are tired from getting your kids up for school, or the Snooze feature of your alarm clock makes you late every day, then let the Clocky do its work. It can also be a perfect gift for your kids.

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4- Sonic Alert SBJ525SS Alarm Clock for tweens

Another morning friend of yours is here to get you up on time. Sonic Alert SBJ525SS is one of the best clocks for deep sleepers. Let’s check what features you will get with this alarm.

First, let me introduce you to an innovative addition to this clock that is a shaker. Yes, it comes with a shaker that can be placed under your pillow. When the alarm starts ringing, the shaker starts vibrating under your pillow. We think the loud sound of the clock and the vibrating bed is enough for any heavy sleeper teenager to get up in the morning.

Aside from a shaker, it is adorned with a red LED light that starts blinking on time.

The sonic clock comes up with multiple alarm settings that are quite suitable for your family members. Adjust one alarm for yourself and the other for your family members.

Furthermore, the digital time display’s brightness can be controlled according to your comfort mood. Additionally, the Snooze feature can also be adjusted if you want to take 1 to 30 minutes more sleep.

Lastly, the manufacturer ensures you get you up on time by battery back up with the clock. In a nutshell, Sonic clock ticks all the boxes which are essential to get a heavy sleeper teenager up.



Final Verdict

If you really want to be punctual, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a heavy sleeper; then the Sonic alarm clock that comes with LED Red light, vibrator, and loud sound is for you. So, don’t be late and grab your best morning friend.

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5- RCA Digital Alarm Clock for Teens

If simplicity has some other name, then it would be the RCA alarm clock. It is simple in design but perfect for getting you up in the morning.

The RCA alarm clock comes in a compact size. But don’t get worried about its display. The display is large enough and visible from 20 feet.  Moreover, the brightness control feature is also there if the display’s brightness puts you in an uncomfortable zone. On the backside of the clock, there is a dimmer button that can adjust the brightness level.

Now come to its snooze feature. The snooze feature is a boon for those who always want to sleep for extra 10 minutes. So, this clock is equipped with a large snooze button on the top that is quite easy to access and press while sleeping.

Time and alarm settings are simple to fix. You need to play with a single button for adjusting the alarm and time. Moreover, to turn on and off the alarm, there is a single button to press.

Lastly, there is a battery backup option if you face load shedding and power shortage.



Final Verdict

If you want to buy a decent alarm clock on a tight budget, RCA digital clock is one of the best available options on the list. Simple and compact design, large display, affordable price, and easy to use are the features that may attract you.

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6- Lemnos Riki Wooden Alarm Clock Natrual

A classic analog clock is here to be reviewed that is simple and sleek in design. The Lemnos Riki alarm clock is made of principle, simple in appearance and great in functionality.

First, discuss its design. The Riki clock comes in a round shape. However, the bottom is flat, which prevents it from rolling on a side table. The sleek design of it looks great. As we have described earlier, this one is analog. So, the numerals are quite visible because of their large sizes and black color with white background. Tall hours, minutes, and seconds’ arms are easy to watch because of their black color. However, the alarm’s arm is white.

If you are worried about the tick-tock noise creation of this analog clock, then you need not be worried at all. This clock is completely silent in its functionality. And the only sound you can hear from this smartly built device is its alarm sound.

Lastly, this product is battery-operated, which means there are no worries about managing the wire of the clock.



Final Verdict

If you are a lover of classic items with simple designs, the RIKI alarm clock can grab your attention. Simplicity and tranquil functionality are the features that are enough to force you to buy them.

7- DreamSky Compact Digital Alarm Clock for kids

Don’t underestimate it just because of its last position on the list. It is selling like hot cakes on various e-commerce stores. Let’s check all its features in great detail.

The rectangular shape of this alarm clock is quite impressive. The simple design with a white-colored time display looks great. Moreover, the display is large enough to see, and a person with shortsightedness can see the time at a distance.

Aside from an alarm clock, it works like your mobile phone charging station as well. Well, it comes with two USB ports that can get your mobile phone charged.

There are several buttons on the backside of the clock to adjust the time, alarm, alarm on/off, and time format. Moreover, you can adjust the brightness level and sound level as well.

Just plug in the switch of this clock, and it starts working. However, if there is a power outage on your side, it has the option to operate on AAA lithium batteries. On batteries, the time display and alarm are functional. You can’t charge your mobile phone when the clock is working on batteries.



Final Verdict

USB port, large size display, touchable snooze button, and several customization options make it worth buying. If you want to buy, just click the button below.

Buying Guide for Best Alarm Clock for Teenager

If you invest in a product, it’s your right to get a perfect product according to your budget and demand. To get a perfect product, you will have to do rigorous research. In the case of buying  clock, we have made your research task simple by enlisting the following features of a perfect alarm clock. Just check all the points below and make your clock purchasing perfect.

Size and Design:

When you buy a clock for a teenager, the clock’s design matters a lot. So, always buy alarm clocks with attractive designs. If you are planning for a gift for your kids, you must know about their likes and dislikes. Various teenage boys and girls like simple and classic designs and some are picky about colors. So, choose correctly when it comes to buying an alarm clock for tweens and teens.

The size of a product plays an important role in the design of that product. So, always check the size of the alarm and available space in the bedroom.


The time display is another feature to consider while buying an alarm clock. Digital time displays must not be too small that is invisible from several steps away.

Moreover, if the clock is analog, the numerals and arms are large enough to see the time at a distance. In addition, check the color of numerals and background.

Customization Options:

In customization options, check either you can set your desired time format or not. Moreover, keep an eye on whether the display brightness level can be adjusted or not.

The alarm sound level should also be controlled as per your desire. Moreover, time and alarm settings must be easy to fix.

Lastly, check the snooze customization of the alarm.

Power Source:

Mainly, alarm clocks can be categorized into three types when it comes to their power sources.

i-                   Battery Operated

ii-                  Electric powered

iii-                Dual- Battery and electric powered.

Now the choice is yours; which type of power source will attract you the most?

Smart Features:

With technological advancement, now clocks are equipped with several smart features. The various advanced clocks can be connected to other smart devices via Bluetooth and wireless. Moreover, by using voice commands in the alarm clock, you can perform several tasks.

More amazingly, some clocks come with hidden cameras as well. So, check all these features before buying.


After analyzing all the features mentioned above, now it’s time to check the price tag. The value of the alarm clock can only be assessed after checking all the features above.

Last Words:

With the list of best alarm clocks for teenager reviews, now it would be easy to choose the best clock according to your requirements. We have tried to cover this topic in great detail, thereby getting the best available option. However, if you have any other questions, please do ask in the comment section. Thank you, stay blessed.


At what age should a child start using an alarm clock?

The answer to this question depends upon how fast-learner the kid is. However, when a kid starts recognizing numbers, that would be the time to use an alarm clock for kids.

Generally, the importance of numbers is being taught by using clocks in preschool. So, we can say that a 5 to 6-year-old child can use an alarm clock.

How do I get my teenager to wake up on his own?

Normally, teenagers fall in love with morning sleep, and getting them up can be hard to crack. Moreover, it takes all your energy to wake up a teenager in the morning.

Hence, just buy an alarm clock, just like Clocky, if you want to get a teenager up in the morning without shouting loud.