Best All in One HP Printer for Home Use (Laser, Inkjet, Small)

An all in one printer is a must-have item for a perfect home. You may know this type of printer as an AIO or multi-functional printers. So, either you want to print, scan, or copy, an AIO printer will efficiently do all the tasks. Here, we’re going to review only the best all in one Hp printer for home use.

We have divided this article into three different sections; Hp Inkjet printer, HP Laser Printer, and Small Hp printer. We will try to discuss printer versatility, print speed, ADF feature, printer dimensions, weight, monthly printing capacity, and many more in all the products. Please check all the features and decide which type of printer suits you the most. Let’ get started;


Why only HP printers ?

It may not invalid to ask why we’re compiling a list of printers by Hp only. As we know that the market is loaded with different types of printers. Moreover, there are dozens of brands available in the market, and every brand makes a large number of printers of every type.

So, when you go to buy a printer, you have thousands of options from hundreds of brands, which may get your wires crossed. So, choosing the right printer of a reliable brand can be a hard nut to crack for you.

This situation brings you to this page. Here, we are going to introduce you to the most reliable brand in the world; Hp.

Not in printers, Hp is a well-known brand in other electronic appliances. So, you can trust it.

To make you task simpler, we’ve made a list of Inkjet, laser, and compact printer as well. Please check the top printers by Hp and select accordingly.

Best all in one HP printer for home use

We researched for hours and made it possible to compile a list of the top 09 different printers. In these 09 printers, four products are Inkjet, three lasers, and two small printers. So, if you want to move on direct any part of the article, please click all these different links;

  1. Inkjet
  2. Laser
  3. Small and compact

Best laser all in one printer for home use (HP)

If the initial budget isn’t a problem at all, you can go for a laser printer. Moreover, if you want speedy text-centric results, a laser printer can be the best choice for you. Here, we’ve checked all the Hp Laser printers and compiled a list of the following four;

1- HP LaserJet Pro Multifunction M479fdw Printer

First thing, first! As an efficient printer is the need of the day. So, we have with us Hp color laserjet pro M479fdw. In clarification of our above statement, we can proudly claim that it is a speedy unit. Not only this! But versatility is also at its peak.

This hp printer can scan, print, fax, and copy any document with perfect resolution. Besides, it offers double-sided scanning. This feature is called duplex printing. It adds to the speed of the product.

Also, the printer includes a 50 sheet auto document feeder (ADF). So, you see, an effortless and quick scanning episode is an assurance. Most importantly, a 250 sheet input tray is a nice perk. The ability to print 28 pages per minute is absolutely mind-blowing. And if we say it’s a wireless device, then you’ll surely blow out of happiness.

Moreover, it allows mobile printing even if a local network connection is not accessible. The reason behind this ease is built-in wifi. So connecting your smartphone with this model is all time convenient.

A colored touchscreen control panel is also there. It lets you make customizable shortcuts with the help of touch. Above all, the equipment is furnished with toner cartridges. The original HP 414A/414X toner cartridges prevent paper wastage. That’s why it’s energy-efficient up to 18% in comparison to its fellows. Last of all, the potential to deal with 4000 pages/month makes the printer an irresistible choice.

For monochrome page printing it cost almost 2.2 cents and color printing it costs almost 14 cents. While the resolution of color printing is 1200x1200dpi



Final Verdict

This printer is incredibly safe to use. Why? Because it includes built-in security aspects. It notifies instantly about threats. Moreover, an optional pin/pull printing shields your precious device also. So, this printer will be your long-lasting investment.

2- HP LaserJet Pro M130fw All-in-One Laser Printer

It is another miracle by the homes of Hp. It is an advanced version of M127fw. So, its purchase lets you explore the newer printing world.

As it’s an upgraded model, so versatility is obvious. To clarify, the device can do much more than just printing. It can scan, copy, and fax also.

Moreover, it prints 10% quicker than the previous model. The unit produces 23 monochrome printed pages per minute. The input tray can hold up to 150 sheets. However, it can print, fax, or scan 1500 pages/month.

This latest model perfectly symbolizes perfection. So, how can it be completed without an auto document feeder? Yes! The device facilitates ADF. Thus, you can wind up your scanning or fax in a quicker span. In short, the model saves energy to a maximum limit.

Fortunately, it’s a wireless MFP designed unit. So, you need not deal with any more tangles of wire. Moreover, mobile printing is not bound to terms and conditions. Because it includes a free Hp e-print app. The app easily connects the printer to your android phone through AirPrint regardless of the distance.

Also, a local network connection is not mandatory as wireless direct printing lets the unit perform its job if the local connection denies functioning.

The resolution (black) quality is 1200dpi (dot per inch). Another appealing aspect is original hp toner cartridges along with jet intelligence.

We suggest you register this printer with amazon dash replacement. It will result in an automatic reordering of ink or toner by the printer once it starts to get short. It will help you save 10% on all the reorders.



Final Verdict

It is not a professional-grade printer. Buy it for home or small scale businesses. A one-year limited warranty backs the printer against hardware. 24/7 web support is like a cherry on top.

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3- HP LaserJet Pro M182n Laser All-in-One Printer

A printer loses its charm if it lacks in versatility. That’s why we are not going to recommend a unit that prints only. Because buying a printer is a long-term purchase. So, it must be competent enough to offer much more than printing. So that, it becomes your crime partner in your work schedule.

This color laserjet pro M182nw can copy, scan, and fax also besides printing. Its printing speed is 17ppm. It is indeed a nice pace to help finish your documentation.

Mobile printing is also superb. With the Hp smart app’s help, you can print documents from your smartphone at a 50% faster speed. It is because the app cuts down useless steps and uses shortcuts. It saves time and energy. As a result, the model turns out as an energy-efficient purchase.

It is a wireless device. Dual-band wifi adds glitter to gold. Besides, it’s safe to use. Because the model is equipped with built-in safety features, this built-in safety protects your sensitive data from foreign attacks.

Original hp toner cartridges with jet intelligence ensure premium quality prints. With these cartridges, the printer will never fail to thrill you out of its professional performance and up to the mark resolution.

The unique aspect of the model is that it can handle all kinds and sizes of paper. The LCD and numeric keypad help in easy usage.



Final Verdict

The printer is a versatile all-in-one unit. It can print one page in 11.6 seconds. Also, it offers good control over your sensitive data. So, it’s worth considering for sure.

4- HP Laserjet Pro M521dn Monochrome Duplex Printer

In response to the higher demand for laser printers, Hp introduces another innovative model. It is a monochrome printer. This model is an ultimate depiction of versatility, quality, and efficiency. Its usage will inspire you to the core. An urge will pinch you to recommend it to your loved ones.

Being a multifunction unit, it can scan, copy, and fax like a pro. Moreover, its speed makes you an efficient worker. The credit for its speed goes to the ability of duplex printing. With a single pass, it prints or scans both sides of the paper. Most importantly, the feeding tray can hold 1100 sheets. It shows the capacity of the printer.

A 3.5” color screen is a very nice feature. It lets you control the entire printing process. The touchscreen provides access to your documents. Also allows their storing and printing. A USB port is also a great plus. Just insert the USB drive, and print saved files.

Above all, it’s an energy-efficient device. Firstly because of its speed and duplex printing ability. Secondly, it features an auto on/off function. This function significantly adds to energy efficiency.

 Mobile printing becomes handy with this house of technology. The amazing bonus you get with its purchase is the toner cartridges. These also make the unit an energy-efficient printer by stopping reprints and other issues.

 The offer to avail of amazon dash replenishment on the registered printer is an amazing perk.



Final Verdict

This printer is very easy to use and control. It prevents you from a roller coaster ride of printing. So, buy it if you are dumb in dealing with technicalities. 

Best Inkjet all in one printer for home use (HP)

We described earlier that inkjet printers could add value to the lives of photographers. The photo quality of inkjet printers is matchless. Moreover, laser printers are often used at the commercial level; however, the Inkjet option is purely for home. Let’s check all the available options that are manufactured by HP;

1- HP Office Jet Pro 9015 All-in-One Printer

If you are looking for a printer designed to print coloring pages, then here it is! This printer works by using inkjet technology. It supports not only plain paper. But high-resolution paper, envelopes, glossy photo paper, and much more.

This model can print 22 pages per minute. It is indeed a remarkable printing speed. Moreover, it can perform duplex printing. This trait is quite convincing. Most importantly, the printer is furnished with an automatic document feeder. It is a 35-page ADF and adds to the speedy performance.

The Officejet Pro 9015 helps to arrange your documents at a much faster rate. Its LED touchscreen behaves smartly in this regard. It cuts down repetitive steps. Hence facilitates customized shortcuts to organize documents.

Remote printing is again very feasible. With the help of the Hp smart app, connect the device with your smartphone. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check the ink levels. Once everything is set, print, scan, copy or fax the documents from your mobile. The versatility of the unit lets it perform way more than just printing.

This smart app can also scan documents to cloud software. It will let you research and edit afterward before you go for a final print.

So many safety features are also embedded in the software. For instance, password and document protection, basic encryption, and wifi security.

It costs almost 2.2 cents for monochrome printing and 9 cents for color printing. 

Lastly, don’t hesitate to buy this inkjet printer because the company is there 24/7 for any kind of web support. Also, a one-year limited hardware warranty is a nice plus.



Final Verdict

It is an energy-efficient printer for sure. If you get it registered, the printer will order the original hp ink once it gets short. And the incredible part is that the monthly price will be quite low. So, this model is economical in the long run.

2- HP ENVY 6055 Wireless All-in-One Printer

We are not finished yet. The hypnotizing journey still has a long way to go. So, instead of turning around, just have a deep glance at another inkjet printer.

This printer is made up of 20% recycled plastic. It is the first stance that proves the unit as energy efficient. We will unveil so many other stances as a reinforcement to our statement.

Secondly, the printer supports duplex printing. As a result, it can print or scan both sides of the paper in a single go. It saves an ample amount of time and energy. Its wireless design also acts as an energy saver.

However, it’s an all-in-one unit. It can print, scan, and copy also. Every mode gets possible when you download a smart app. After you install the app, develop a connection with wifi. As a result, any smartphone, tablet, or laptop available at home will access the printer. So, mobile connectivity is very easy. Self-healing wifi leads to a stable and reliable connection.

This inkjet printer is a pro at producing borderless images and documents at home. Above all, its monthly potential is to print 300 pages. A USB port lets you print images from your USB drive. Besides, its performance as a flatbed scanner acts like a cherry on top.

Black print resolution of this printer is 1200×1200 and color print resolution is Up to 4800 x 1200.  Moreover, black and white print page yield is 120 while color print page yield is 100. 



Final Verdict

When the ink starts to get short, the printer orders ink cartridges to the house of Hp. Remember! Only a registered device can order. Thus, you’ll receive free supply for the first two, you see, it saves money, time, and energy in so many ways.

3- HP DeskJet 2755 Wireless All-in-One Printer

An inkjet printer lets you make documents super creative. And if it’s from the Hp store, then it’s just wow! That’s why we have another model from the house of hp. Its easy usage and excellent performance simply magnetize the user.

It is a multi-functional unit. Don’t feel helpless if you want to scan or copy. Because Deskjet 2755 allows copying and scanning also within the boundaries of your home. Also, it’s a wireless model.

Remote printing is reliable beyond imagination. The dual-band wifi smooths the entire process. It can develop a connection to any smart device in your home. And hence can print required documents from smartphone or tablet.

Moreover, an efficient USB port is a very nice option. It also lets you connect the computer with the printer. So, that you can print, copy, or scan more feasibly. Don’t forget to download hp smart app before initiating the process.

This inkjet printer is an affordable utility. Why? Because it’s an initial cost in economical. Moreover, you need not spend huge amounts on ink also. Just set up an instant ink account. A 5-dollar prepaid code will help you in this regard. The prepaid code will help you initiating hp instant ink.

Once the instant ink account is set, 5 dollars will be credited. These 5 dollars will apply to your chosen plan. The good part is that you can cancel or change the service as per your preference. Don’t forget to install traditional ink cartridges once you cancel the service.



Final Verdict

It is an affordable printer with a wide range of possibilities. Its ink is also cheaper in comparison to other cartridges. So, it turns as the most pocket-friendly purchase.

Best small all in one printer for home use (HP)

Usually, home offices are small in size, and you will have to manage all your essentials in a small space. So, in such a case, there is no alternative of small all in one printer. The following compact printers will make all your tasks related to printing, copying, and scanning easy. So, manage your small home office space like a gem with the following HP options.

1- HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One Portable Printer

A wireless printer is easy to carry from one place to another because you don’t have to deal with many wires. But what if a printer is so heavy for portability. The wireless design has its own set of pros. But its portability adds glitter to gold. That’s why we are here with a lightweight unit that surely supports portability.

It can do much more than printing. For instance, copying and scanning also. Mobile printing becomes super handy with its purchase. Download free hp e-print app. It will let you connect the printer with all the smart devices around through Bluetooth and wifi-direct.  

This Officejet 250 is a compact unit. That’s why it is easy to transport. So, from home to office or from office to home, the printer is easy to carry in a car or backpack.

The longevity of the battery is the need of the printer. It will prevent you from any annoying situation. Don’t worry! Because the battery lasts for ample time. Just charge it for 90 minutes maximum. And your printer will be ready to serve for a longer span.

You can see a 2.65-inch color touch screen. It helps you perform all the tasks. Besides, we recommend you to use original hp ink cartridges for awesome results.

A 10-page auto document feeder adds to the speed and effortless experience. Above all, the ability to produce borderless print is just mind-blowing.

The only downside of this printer is that it costs almost 6 cents for black and white print and 16 cents for color print. 



Final Verdict

You can forget to comb your hair. But can’t forget to leave this magical device before leaving for office because it becomes your crime partner after entering your life.

2- HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Wireless Printer

Suppose your job type includes your constant transfer from one area to another. Then you must be needing some portable equipment. And a portable printer stands at the top of the list. Besides, the functionality must also be 100/100. So, here you go with a small portable printer from the famous name HP.

It is an inkjet photo printer. It can scan, fax, and copy pictures and documents also besides printing them. The unit features a touchscreen. It is easy to use and lets you control the entire printing or scanning episode.

Most importantly, it’s a wireless device. Your printing requires the installation of the Hp smart app, firstly. Secondly, connect the printer to the wifi. Your printer will get access to your smartphone. Hence, whatever you want to print or scan from your smartphone becomes exclusively feasible.

The versatility of the device is matchless. It lets you print laser-quality documents from your mobile. Similarly, it can also print lab-quality photos from the smartphone. Above all, borderless printing is its remarkable trait.

 Besides, it offers an optional quiet mode. This option to minimize the noise is superb. The availability of ADF adds glitter to gold.

Don’t forget to register the printer in hp instant ink while setting the device. It allows the delivery of ink at your home. Also, you can avail free ink for the first two months.



Final Verdict

It is a compact printer with a performance to the fullest. So, buy it without worrying about your space. Because it easily adjusts into limited areas.

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Buying guide for Best HP All in one printers for home use

When it comes to buying a printer, you may have to come across several terminologies that are elusive. But you need not worry about that. We are here to make this conundrum a kid’s stuff. Let’s check all the factors one by one and make your buying decision easy and fast.


If you need an AIO printer, you will have to check the versatility first. Check either the MFPs can scan, copy, fax, or not. If all the required tasks can be done by the printer you’re going to buy, it would be the best option.

In some cases, AIOs can only print and scan but can’t copy and fax. So, make sure your printer can perform all the tasks mentioned above.

Printing speed:

In printing speed, you need to analyze the printing speed of monochrome and color print separately. Generally, black and white printing speed is relatively higher than the color printing page.

If you need dozens of pages to be printed in a day, a laser printer is recommended for you. On the other hand, if you need a small number of pages to be scanned/printed, then inkjets are suitable for you.

One more factor that demands your attention while buying a printer is the monthly capacity of the printer. Manufacturers mention the monthly printing capacity categorically on the package, so please check the capacity and choose according to your demand.

Lastly, if you are a photographer, please check the IPM, Image per minute. Yes, IPM is the most important factor for photographers, so please check the speed of image printing as well.

Duplex Printing and ADF:

Duplex printing and Automatic Document feeder make your printing task just a breeze. You need not worry about printing 500 pages manually. If your printer has ADF and duplex printing feature, just place the documents (which needs to be scanned) on the input place and set accordingly; it will scan or print the document without getting help from you.  

Automatic double-sided print makes your task speed faster as well. Moreover, ADF is also an excellent feature to make your printing and scanning faster.

Initial cost and operational cost:

Another factor that keeps both types of printers (laser and Inkjet) poles apart is the initial cost. Again, these two factors can be scrutinized on your demand. For example, if you need to print a few papers in a month, Inkjet is good for you because of its low initial cost.

On the other hand, if you have to print thousands of papers in a month, a laser printer might be the perfect choice of yours because of its high speed and low operational cost regardless of the high initial cost.

Lastly, check how much energy-efficient the printer is. At the end of the day, you will come to the final result of your cost by analyzing the printer’s initial cost, operational cost, and energy efficiency.

Connectivity method:

For many, the connectivity method with the input device is also an important factor to consider. Therefore, always check either the printer can be connected by Ethernet or wirelessly. Moreover, most of the printers come with both options. You can connect it with Ethernet as well as by Bluetooth or wifi.


The printing result of a printer can be measured in DPI (Dot per inch). The more value of DPI is directly proportional to the higher resolution. For color prints, an inkjet printer is recommended because of the higher value of DPI.

In contrast, for black and white and text-documents, a laser printer is best because of its toner.

Weight and Size:

For small space and portability, these two factors are more than important. Hp tries its best to make printers smart and lightweight; thereby, users can easily transport and store Hp printers. So, check these mentioned features and choose according to the available space.

Advantages of Inkjet Printers:

Here, we’re going to make a list of quick points in which you will come to know how inkjets can be beneficial for you. Read the following points carefully and decide either Inkjet is suitable for you or not. Let’s get started;

Perfect for Photographers:

It admits of no doubt that inkjets are matchless in image quality. There is no comparison of the image quality of this type of printer. With the help of Inkjets, the ink dots can be placed in the exact position to get precise results. You can assess the quality of images by measuring dots per inches and inkjets DPI is as higher as 1440×1440.  

Aside from the DPI factor, the image’s color quality with Inkjet can’t be compared with its counterpart. Yes, the color quality of inkjets is miles above others.

Low Initial Cost:

If you have a little interest in printers, you might have known that Inkjet’s purchasing price is lower than lasers. For this reason, the selling ratio is higher than any other type.


Inkjets are small and compact than laser printers. So, if you have a small space for a home office, inkjets are the perfect choice for you.

Best for Home use:

At home, where you’re supposed to print out almost 100 to 200 pages in a month, inkjets are the perfect choice for that. With high quality, you can get a few hundred prints without any hassle.

Disadvantages of Inkjet printer:

Having discussed the advantages of inkjets, let’s check the downsides of these printers.

Lower speed:

For home use, inkjets are perfect because we don’t need a large number of prints at a time. However, it could be a big setback for your business if you want to use inkjets at the commercial level. In a business where hundreds of copies and prints are expected to be out, inkjets aren’t suitable at all.

So, the low printing speed of Inkjet can put you in a difficult situation.

High operational cost:

It is an admitted fact that Inkjet’s initial cost is lower than a laser; however, the Inkjet starts losing the battle when it comes to cost per page. If you have to print plenty of documents in a day, Inkjet can burn a hole in your pocket.

On the other side, laser printers’ cost-per-page is low. In comparison, a laser printer’s cost is up to 5 cents for a black and white paper print, while it may go up to 15 cents for color prints.

For Inkjet, the black and white paper may cost almost 5 to 10 cents. On the other hand, you may pay almost 15 to 20 cents for color prints.

Note: You can assume that the advantages of Inkjets are the disadvantages of laser printers and vice versa.

Last Words

We tried to summarize all types of HP printers, which are considered the masterpieces among all models by HP. All the models mentioned above are cost and energy-efficient. We have analyzed almost every factor and jotted it down in the description. Please read all the features carefully and make a decision. If you have some other suggestion, please write down in the comment section, we will read and consider your suggestion. Thank you. Stay blessed  


Which printer uses less ink?

Page yield is the most important factor that needs your attention. In case, unless you know what the page yield is, I’ll tell you. Page yield means the total number of printed pages with the ink cartridge used in the printer. So, knowing about page yield is essential before buying. And page yield can be increased if the Inkjet printer uses less ink.  

In our Hp printers list, HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 is one of the best printers that use less ink and produces maximum page yield. The page yield of HP OfficeJet Pro 9015is 1000 pages with standard ink. But it can be doubled by using high yield ink.

What printer has the longest lasting ink cartridges?

While considering the budget before a Hp printer, the upfront cost isn’t the only factor that needs to be considered. If you do so, you’ll repent of your decision. Total Ink cost, page yield, and drying age of the ink are the other factors that must be brought under the limelight.

The previous question is also related to this, where we answered that HP Officejet Pro 9015 is the best one with a page yield of 1000. Aside from that HP model, HP ENVY 6055 is the other to consider while thinking about a printer’s operational cost.

Which type of printer is best for home use?

The answer to this question depends on one’s need. It seems funny, but you will have to ask yourself some questions to answer this question. For example, are you a photographer and need to print out color images? Do you need black n white text printed pages? What is your budget? Is scanning documents your need?

After getting the answers to the question, decide which printer is best for you. If you need color prints and the purchasing budget is low, go for an inkjet all-in-one printer.

Otherwise, go for the laser printer for text document print but bear in mind the initial cost of a laser printer is relatively higher than inkjets.

How to choose a printer for a small business?

We have mentioned almost all the buying guide features necessary to check before buying a printer. Check all the features like; ADF, PPM, DPI, IPM, weight, size, and versatility. The more important factor, please know about your needs for small business before buying a printer.  

Having known the needs of small businesses, check the printer’s features and buy as per your need and desire. By doing so, we hope it will help to get the right printer for your small business.