Top 07 Best Apartment Size Refrigerator 2022 (Complete Buying Guide)

The right investment in a refrigerator can be a boon for many years in your life. In fact, you’ll have to focus on energy and cooling efficiency, fridge type, price, compartments, and many other traits while purchasing. However, the most important factor is dimensions when you’re going to buy the best apartment size refrigerator.

Here, we’ll provide a complete analytical review of the following 07 refrigerators by discussing dimensions, cooling abilities, energy efficiency, door style, water dispenser (if any), smart options (wireless, Bluetooth), cooling chambers, and price. So, be with us and check which fridge will suit you the best.

Here, we compiled a list of the top 07 refrigerators, which are considered perfect for small apartments and small spaces in a kitchen. Let’s begin with Danby 9.2 Cu. Ft. Bottom Mount Freezer and make your decision wisely.

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1- Danby 9.2 Cu. Ft. Bottom Mount Freezer

Danby is a Canadian company for all sizes refrigerators. However, Danby is famous for its compact size fridges. Here, we come with a refrigerator having a bottom mount freezer. It means that you have a fresh food compartment at eye level.

The fridge’s doors come with integrated handles that will make it more desirable to the user for easy opening. Moreover, its smartly built reversible hinge design allows you to fix the door opening, either at the right hand or left hand, according to the given space and user’s ease.

The refrigerator’s door provides enough space to fit a gallon size jug of milk and other drinks.

It comes with wired shelves in the freezer. Aside from wired drawers, it has two crisper drawers that can be rolled smoothly. These two crispers can keep vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer run owing to its perfect humidity level.

The China manufactured fridge has a nice finger-print resistance finish. Moreover, the door finishing is spotless steel that seems like stainless steel.

Most importantly, please check the dimensions of the fridge that are 26.42 x 23.82 x 59.8 inches. Please check the dimensions of either these matches with the given space in the kitchen or not. Furthermore, 9.2 cubic feet volume capacity is more than adequate for a family of 4 members. The item weighs 125pounds.

Lastly, the drier air and wired drawers provide frost-free cooling that helps to preserve food without any hassle.



Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a fridge for your small size apartment that is efficient in cooling and decent in looks, Danby 9.2 cu ft refrigerator can be the best investment in fridges for you. Give a try to it.

2- Avanti RA7316PST Apartment Size Refrigerator

If innovation has any other name, then it’ll be Avanti. From a hotel and dormitory to a house, Avanti products are there to make your stun. As Avanti knows that space is a premium for small size apartments; therefore, it introduces Avanti RA7316PST fridge. Let’s see its different features and analyze what comes out of the box.

The first factor that attracts your eyes is its platinum color. Moreover, it comes with a freezer at eye level. The freezer can store different items with a capacity of 1 Cu. Ft. On the other hand, to store fresh foods for a long time, Avanti RA7316PST offers a one cubic feet capacity of refrigerator coupled with four crisper drawers in it.

The overall capacity is 7.4 cubic feet that is enough for the 2 to 3 members’ family. When we discuss its dimensions, you will come to know that the dimensions of it can be the best match for your small apartment. Yes, it measures 55.75 x 21.75 x 23.5 inches.

The fridge has a counter depth that might be adjusted somewhere in between the counter in the kitchen.

Moreover, its reversible doors’ hinges permit you to door-opening according to your kitchen’s available space. Not ends yet, the refrigerator door offers a sizeable space for extra storage of different beverages. Lastly, its shelves are a unique combination of glass and wire that provide frost-free functionality.



Final Verdict

If small space and a small budget are the two issues for purchasing a quality refrigerator, give a try to Avanti RA7316PST double door refrigerator. It can meet all the demands of your small family.

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3- Midea Compact Refrigerator, WHD-113FSS1

If you want a refrigerator that is smaller than large traditional fridges but larger than the compact fridges, Midea WHD-113FSS1 is made for you. Aside from the small apartment, the refrigerator can be a perfect match for the European home, RVs and camping trailers, and small homes.

The fridge’s small size allows you to tuck it under the counter with a proper ventilation system. Moreover, like any other standard-size refrigerators, it can be stood freely. 

The refrigerator includes a small size freezer that measures almost 0.9 cubic feet. The top freezer produces a frost-free cooling with drier air circulation in the chamber. The total capacity volume of the fridge is 3.2 cubic feet.

The temperature control system never allows us to leave any warm spot in the fridge and prevent the food from spoiling. Moreover, for easy cleaning, the refrigerator has been equipped with removable glass shelves.

Reversible doors with built-in beverage holders are the other cutting edges of this compact fridge that give extra food space. Additionally, two crispers are also there to keep your food fresh for a longer run.

The last feature is second to none is its whisper-quiet technology. Yes, the fridge has been engineered with whisper-quiet technology that keeps your food fresh and freezes different items without creating a noise like a grinding machine.

Having read all the features mentioned above, the choice is yours. If you want a compact refrigerator for a small home, Midea WHD113FSS1 can be the choice of the year with all its stunning features.



Final Verdict

For those who don’t afford a top-notch refrigerator and have a tight budget, this fridge can be yours at an affordable price. Besides size, this fridge has all the features that a counter-depth full-size refrigerator has.

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4- Galanz GLR10TRDEFR Retro Refrigerator, Red

If you prefer the looks and layout of a refrigerator and have a low budget, believe me, the Galanz GLR10TRDEFR fridge has no alternative. It comes in three different colors; Blue, Red, and Black. Buy one according to your interior décor.

Besides different colors, you can get different sizes with the same specifications; however, we’re here to review the fridge with 10.0 cubic ft. Galanz refrigerator has a freezer at the top and a refrigerator underneath.

The dimensions (23.74X27.48X61.81) suggest being perfect for university dormitory, small apartments, and offices. Moreover, its removable glass shelves that feel sturdy and thick give you easy cleaning after gliding out from the fridge. Furthermore, for extra storage of different beverages, the refrigerator door is equipped with different shelves. With the 7.42 cubic feet space, you can store much fresh food in the refrigerator. Amazingly, it has crystal crisper that can be rolled out smoothly and keep food fresh for long hours with an appropriate amount of humidity.

The refrigerator is engineered with led light and mechanical thermostat control system. Retro style handle offers ultimate-easiness for open and close the door.

2.47 cubic feet top-freezer has an ability to freeze your desired item without frost. Above all, this featured-rich refrigerator can work efficiently without generating noise. The maximum noise level of it is 42dBA.



Final Verdict

If you want to keep your food fresh for long without compromising on the fridge’s looks, Galanz GLR10TRDEFR can be the best choice with the cheapest price tag in the market. Go, and buy this amazing refrigerator for your small apartment.

5- COSTWAY Compact Unit 2-Door Cooler Fridge

Compact design and simplicity are coupled with all the features for which you have the desire. COSTWAY compact fridge comes in three different colors; black, elegant white, and gray.

Similar to any other standard size refrigerator, this counter depth fridge has an ability to cool quickly and evenly. Yes, there will be no warm spot in the refrigerator. Aside from even and quick cooling efficiency, the COSTWAY fridge comes with a top-freezer. The top freezer allows you to store frozen food with a capacity of 0.95 cubic feet.

Apart from the freezer, the refrigerator measures 2.25 cu ft for fresh food storage. For keeping the food fresh for days, the COSTWAY refrigerator includes a crystal crisper.

Removable and adjustable glass shelves are also there for easy cleaning and help to adjust tall items easily in the refrigerator.

According to the given space, its reversible door hinges permit you to adjust the fridge in a small kitchen. Moreover, both the doors provide sizeable storage space on their shelves for different items.

Lastly, seven temperature adjustments make it a kid-play to achieve the desired temperature.



Final Verdict

People having tight budget and space, COSTWAY compact refrigerator isn’t less than a boon for them. It has all the advanced features that can easily meet the demands of two persons’ family.

6- RCA RFR322-B Mini Fridge with Freezer RFR322

The claim of RCA RFR322-B might be true for being the cheapest in the market. Yes, it’s true; this compact refrigerator for an apartment can be the right choice for those who’re searching for a fridge for a single person.

3.2 Cubic feet capacity of it can provide enough space to its users to store plenty of food and beverages. It admits of no doubt that this model of RCA offers more space for keeping the food fresh and less space for frozen food. Yes, a small freezer cabinet has also been implanted on the upper side with 0.2 cu ft size.

Its powerful compressor never lets the temperature high in hot weather, and it works perfectly regardless of weather conditions.

The overall exterior body of the refrigerator is made of platinum stainless. The single door has also been made from platinum with different racks for different sizes of beverage bottles. Furthermore, the door’s direction can also be reversed with the help of reversible hinges.

Temperature control adjustment and removable glass shelves are the other features that place it in unique items.

The only drawback we’ve ever noticed in it is the frost freezing in the small freezer.



Final Verdict

A man/student living alone in an apartment or dormitory can buy this amazing product. It can be the choice of the year for its user because it can meet all the demands of a single person without any hassle.

7- Danby DCR041C1BSLDB-6 Mini Fridge with Freezer

Danby DCR041C1BSLDB-6 is well-stocked with different traits and can be a perfect match for the apartment. With 4.1 Cubic feet capacity, you can put this refrigerator in the list of slim refrigerators for small spaces. 

3.07 cu. Ft. The refrigerator’s capacity for fresh foods and 1.06 cubic feet capacity for frozen items are there for small apartment owners.

The fascinating part of it is its silencer technology. The silencer technology allows it to work quietly and at a maximum noise level of 37dBA.

Two removable and adjustable glass shelves are mounted in the refrigerator. Plus, one crisper drawer with smooth-rolling is also the refrigerator that keeps food fresh for a long. Furthermore, one removable glass shelf is there in the independent freezer as well. Integrated door shelves can also be used to store long bottles.

Aside from the aforementioned capacity, the fridge is adorned with interior LED light, integrated door handles, and a temperature control system.



Final Verdict

Danby is one of the most reliable brands in electronic home appliances. You can check its different refrigerators from small to large spaces. Nevertheless, if you have a small space and budget, this refrigerator with a bottom-mount freezer can keep all your items cool all day.

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What is the best type of refrigerator for Apartment?

Before the best type of apartment size refrigerator, it is noteworthy to know about all the refrigerators types. Let’s check the pros and cons of the below-mentioned types of fridge one by one.

Top Freezer:

One of the most commonly used refrigerators was top freezer fridges in the past. Yes, these traditional fridges have been used for many years. Top Freezer fridges have basic features and don’t have advanced features like modern fridges.

This type of refrigerator tends to more energy efficient. Plus, the freezer at eye level offers the most usable space for frozen items.

Moreover, top freezer refrigerators are supposed to be slim and perfectly matched for small apartments and small spaces.

Above-all, this type of fridges shares an affordable price tag that may vary from $300 to $1500 according to the size and different features.

Bottom Freezer:

Like the top freezer, the bottom freezer can also be a best-fitted option for small space like RVs, dormitory, small apartments, and bedrooms.

The difference lies in the position of the freezer. As the name suggests, this type of fridges has a freezer at the bottom. Owing to the bottom freezer, the fridge for fresh food will be at eye level. And people are expected to use the fridge portion more frequently than a freezer, which is why the freezer has been placed at the bottom.

Furthermore, bottom freezers consume a little bit more energy than top freezers. Lastly, the bottom freezer price is relatively higher than the top freezer that may vary from $900 to $3000.

Side-by-Side Refrigerator:

Instead of a bottom or top freezer, you will find a freezer on the left or right side in this type of refrigerator. Yes, the side-by-side fridge is split vertically. So, you will get both portions of the refrigerator at eye-level.

Moreover, side-by-side refrigerator offers plenty of space for frozen and fresh food. Plus, this type of fridge is the most advanced form of fridge nowadays; that’s why it is equipped with various updated technology like; door water dispenser, Bluetooth and wifi connectivity, and different sensors.

On the other hand, for small spaces, side-by-side refrigerators aren’t recommended. Additionally, these top-notch fridges’ price may vary from $1000 to $7000.

French Door Refrigerator:

Another most common type of refrigerator is here to be introduced. The difference lies in the style of doors with several other features. The fridge has two doors, while the freezer has been mounted at the bottom in a drawer shape.

Like side-by-side fridges, it also offers a large space for food storage with various advanced features.

On the downside, it occupies a large space and comes at a high price ($1500 to $9000).

Compact Refrigerator:

If you want to buy a fridge for a small kitchen, RV, small apartment, office, or dorm, a mini-fridge can be the only choice for you. It can be the best choice for a family of 2 persons. Moreover, the price of a compact refrigerator varies from $100 to $1000.

Features to consider while buying an apartment size refrigerator

Various important factors must be kept in mind while buying a refrigerator for an apartment; thereby, it can be fitted in the given space and meet all your demands. So, let’s begin with Your requirement;

Your Requirements

The first factor that needs to be analyzed is to know about your requirements. If you often eat dinners and lunches outside, a small refrigerator is more than adequate for you. The other important factor is to measure the available space in your apartment. Moreover, family size and budget are also decisive factors to buy a refrigerator.

Choose a style

We mentioned the different types of refrigerator above. Generally, a refrigerator with a top/bottom freezer is recommended for an apartment. Moreover, a mini-refrigerator can also be used to meet the demands of a bachelor in a dorm.

Aside from top/bottom freezers, side-by-side and French door style fridges are also available. But these types of refrigerators require a large space that isn’t possible in a small apartment.

Apartment size refrigerator dimensions

In dimensions, we measure the height, width, and depth of the refrigerator. If we discuss the depth of the refrigerator, you will come to know three different types;

i- Standard Depth

ii-  Built-in

iii-  Counter Depth

For an apartment, a counter depth refrigerator has been suggested by experts. A counter-depth refrigerator can be adjusted easily and occupies a small space. Normally, the depth varies from 20 inches to 28 inches.

Additionally, the width of the apartment size fridge also varies from 22 inches to 30 inches. Lastly, the height varies from 50 inches to 70 inches.

So, measure the given space in your apartment and buy a refrigerator accordingly. 

Storage space

Having measured the dimensions, check the storage space of the freezer and fridge. Typically, storage space has been given in cubic feet; however, you can check it yourself as well. From 4 cubic feet to 8 cubic feet, an apartment size fridge’s storage space is considered ideal.

Moreover, check either the doors have different shelves or not. If so, it can be a plus to store different beverages.

Reversible door hinges

The refrigerators mentioned above have reversible door hinges. Reversible door hinges allow you to adjust the door according to the given space. So, it can be helpful to fit a fridge in a small space

Other features

Energy and cooling efficiency, temperature control system, interior LED light, leveling legs, crisper drawers are the other features that need to be considered while buying a fridge for small space. So, never forget to check the feature mentioned above.

Price and warranty

Price can be a decisive factor for many. However, fridges, as mentioned above, are not high in price and share price tags from $100 to $1000. You can choose any according to your budget. Apart from price, warranty is also another plus that must be considered while purchasing.

Last Words

The above-mentioned apartment size refrigerators can bring the best bangs for your bucks for tight budget and space. These models cover a small space and offer the best experience in storage. We also tried to maintain a balance between quality and price. If you have any other suggestions, please recommend in the comment section. We will analyze your recommendations and add them to the list for our readers. Thank you, Stay Blessed.


What is the standard size refrigerator for an apartment?

For small apartments, the fridge tends to be smarter and slim; thereby, it can meet all user demands without creating a mess in a small kitchen.

Generally, an apartment size fridge comes with a top-freezer. However, the refrigerator with the bottom freezer is also there in the market.

Normally, the fridge’s width varies from 20 to 26 inches and height 30 to 40 inches. Moreover, the depth of an apartment fridge varies from 22 to 25 inches. So, we can say that the ideal size of a fridge for a small space is 23X24X36 (widthXdepthXhieght).

Lastly, the capacity of the fridge ranges from 4 cubic feet to 7 cu ft.

What is the best small refrigerator?

A wide range of small fridges is there in the market that can spin your head. However, we have enlisted the top 07 small refrigerators for small spaces. If you would ask the best small fridge among those seven enlisted fridges, our answer to this question is “RCA RFR322-B”.

The reason for declaring RCA RFR322-B the best is obvious that it shares all the required features at a very affordable price.

Are mini-fridges safe in bedrooms?

The shortest answer to this question is “yes.” Mini fridges can be placed in a room without any risk. Using a mini refrigerator in a bedroom is not only safe, but it also offers ultimate comfort in your life. Yes, it prevents you from going to the kitchen for water and other food items repeatedly. And you can easily access every food in your bedroom.