Top 07 Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine Reviews 2022

In the scorching sun, a store serving icy products of shaved ice can be your last resort. After taking a cocktail from that store, thanks to the best commercial shaved ice machine that makes it possible to create colorful and chill smoothies for you. Here, we are going to enlist top 07 best fluffy shaved ice machines that can make your summers more than fun.

Wait a minute!

Be vigilant! There are plenty of factors that need to be focused upon; otherwise, you get dodged. Therefore, before buying a machine, ensure that you have checked the material quality, size, and capacity of the shaved ice machine.

Here, we’ve researched rigorously and interviewed dozens of truck and store owners who’re using these shaved ice machines at commercial level. Apart from store owners, getting feedback from customers, we will come to make the following list. Let’s start to scrutinize bells and whistles of each product mentioned below.

1- Great Northern Shaved Ice Machine

A sleek design light blue colored machine is here to be reviewed. To be honest, this machine can be suitable for commercial use as well as for the home kitchen. It can be the next level of love of your kids in summers. However, if you’re to start a small shaved ice business, it can be a perfect match.

In one hour, the machine can plow through 350 pounds of ice that can be enough to handle many customers. On the other hand, the Northern Shaved Ice machine can make your home parties more colorful as well.

The stainless steel blade is sharp enough to make the fluffiest snow cone for kids. Furthermore, stainless steel material provides a long life to the blade. Amazingly, the blade can be replaced after getting take the edge off.

1/3 HP motor can revolve ice cube at the speed of 1725RPMs. It weighs almost 55 pounds. Another factor that can’t be ignored is the size of an ice cube that can be shaved. An ice cube with a maximum 8 inches diameters and 7 inches tall can be the perfect dimensions of the ice block. 

Lastly, the machine shares a relatively high price tag, but we assure you that it will bring the best bang for your buck.

Note: The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty to the users.



Final Verdict

If your home is the center of family gatherings and you need to serve something unique every time, give a try to Northern Shaved Ice machine. You can make the guests happy with fluffiest snow cones and other smoothies with the help of it. 

2- Costzon Ice Shaver, Stainless Steel Crusher

Here, we’re introducing another the most efficient ice shaver for you. It features dual blades. Yes, its two stainless steel high-quality, sharp blades can make two cups of fluffy ice in less than a minute. Moreover, if we see the capacity of it, we will come to know that it can crush 440 pounds of ice in an hour.

Apart from the dual blades feature, it is a user-friendly product. Its skid-free stainless steel handle allows you to push the ice with full force. Moreover, the button for turning on and off the machine is also water-resistant. So, you can turn on and off the device with your wet hands without any risk.

Its acrylic box is the one who attracts customers more if you’re using it in public at commercial grade. Just put small ice pieces in the mouth of it and press with handle. You will get shaggy and smooth ice in the case. The acrylic case keeps the crushed ice cool for a long time. This box has been equipped with rubber feet, which make it a shock-absorbent box. Furthermore, the acrylic box has a drainage pump in the bottom; thereby, you can quickly drain ice water.

So, make your cocktails and smoothies with this multi-purpose machine in no time.



Final Verdict

If you really want to make your customers happy with your fast delivery services, believe me, Costzon ice crusher has no alternatives. It can make dozens of shaved ice cups in minutes. So, just give a try to it.

3- Paragon Simply a Blast Sno Cone Machine

The Paragon sno cone machine is known as the most powerful machine in the market. Its 1/3HP powerful motor takes no time to grind and crush a considerable chunk of ice. Well, it grinds almost 500 pounds of ice in an hour. Shaving such a tremendous amount of ice in an hour makes it perfect for commercial usage.

The horn and pusher handle has been made cast aluminum that makes it a weighty product; however, it can be run for hundreds of years owing to this heavy-duty material. It weighs 55

pounds. Besides horn and aluminum, the machine has 2 stainless steel blades that can be adjusted and replaced.

The box of the machine is made of tempered glass. And the tempered glass of the machine makes it more durable and shock-absorbent.

Its 36 inches long drain tube allows you to drain ice water from the bottom. Moreover, the package of it contains a serving scoop that helps to make a perfect snow cone.

Amazingly, the manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty to its users.



Final Verdict

This ice shaver is recommended to use at the commercial level. For home use, it isn’t suitable. Its dual blades and the powerful motor never allow you to waste the time of your customers.     

4- Little Snowie Max Snow Cone Machine

It admits of no doubt that Little Snowie ice shaver can be used at commercial grade where you are running a small business. However, it’d be more fun with it for friend parties and office parties.

For making 20 to 30 cups in an hour is no longer a problem with it. The Ice cone maker is equipped with a high-speed motor. You’ll observe innovation in the shape of blades. The 301 sturdy stainless steel blades are made with 10 sharp edges that can crush ice in a matter of time. This blade, coupled with 1000-watt motor (2.7HP), can save time while making ice cone.

The feature that I love the most about it is its dome-shaper. You need not be an expert to make an ice cone, just put the cup beneath the dome shaper and make a perfectly shaped cone.

This versatile machine helps you to make shaved ice desserts, Iced Fruitade, and Mixed drinks.

You must keep in mind that you will have to use small-sized cubic shape ice blocks to get the smoothest results. Here is another surprising gift in the package of Little Snowie Max Snow Cone, and that is 6 flavored color powder sticks.

Note: The manufacturer provides a 1-year money-back warranty.



Final Verdict

Make your home parties, family reunions, friends’ gatherings, birthday parties, office meetups, and tailgates more enjoyable with Little Snowie cone maker. We hope it’ll never disappoint you at all.

5- ZENY Ice Shaver Machine

A well-engineered Ice Shaver is one of the widely used machines in home kitchens, bars, and other commercial levels.

The shaver is made of stainless steel. The horn, the pusher, the blade, and all the body material is made of pure stainless steel. The stainless steel blade provides rust-free, fluffy, and hygienic crushed ice for your kids.

The 300W motor with 2000RPM speed can crush 65kg ice in one hour, that’s why we say it can be used in bars and cafes as well.

Surprisingly, you can turn it on and off with wet hands because of its water-resistant button. To avoid the shaver skidding from the floor, the base has rubber feet that offer maximum friction and avoid vibrations as well.

As we know, the cleaning of stainless steel material is kid-play, and you need a soft cloth or towel to clean. So, you can wipe it with a soft towel. It weighs only 11 pounds.



Final Verdict

This shaver is considered an all-rounder machine. Either you want to use it at your home’s kitchen or intend to use it in the restaurant’s kitchen. This ice shaver will make you happy at every place with its fast speed.

6- Cuisinart Snow Cone Maker

How is it possible that a kitchen isn’t adorned with a Cuisinart item? Yes, here, we’re going to review an ice shaver by a well-known and famous brand called Cuisinart. Cuisinart Snowcone maker comes in eye-catching red color with sleek and modern design. The machine doesn’t demand ample space in the kitchen, and it can be stored anywhere with small space due to its smart size.

The package contains a rounded-bottom scoop and a dozen cones to make perfect shaped ice shaving cone. The side shelves on the machine permit you to adjust plastic cones on both sides.

Making 4 to 5 cones in a minute is no more a problem with it. Although it’s the best ice shaved machine for home, one can use it at a commercial level with a low load of work.

Like any other ice shaver, it has a horn and a pusher and contains a removable tray as well where crushed ice has been spitted from the blade. To turn it on and off, there is a toggle switch that is easy to press.

The weight of the item is almost 6 to 7 pounds, and you can carry it with you while going to any family trip.

Unfortunately, the body of it is made of plastic that is more likely to get damaged after a couple of months of usage.



Final Verdict

If you want to gift something special to your kids for summers, Cuisinart Ice shaver can be ideal for parents. With the mid-range price product, you can see the happiness on the faces of your kids.

7- Nostalgia RSM602 Countertop Snow Cone Maker

Nostalgia RSM602 snow cone maker is an inexpensive alternative of Cuisinart snow cone maker. In design and color, the Nostalgia snow cone maker is second to none. We hope it will add more value to the looks of your kitchen.

Before discussing other features of it, make it crystal clear that this machine is best for home use. If you’re striving for the device for commercial use, sorry, it’s not made for you. Look at the other options available in the list.

It can make 20 cups of snow cones at a time. Its stainless steel blades are sharp enough to turn ice into snow like fluffy ice.

The transparent box for collecting crushed ice permits you to keep an eye on the pile of shaved ice in the box.

Shockingly, the package contains two reusable plastic cones and a scoop.



Final Verdict

If you’ve a tight budget and want to buy a quality product that can make your family’s summers more fun, try Nostalgia cone maker. I bet it will inexpensively meet your demands.

Buying for best commercial Shaved Ice Machine

It’s crucial to research before purchasing any product. If you have a plan to start a snow cone making business at a massive scale, you need the ice shaver machine that will never compromise on the crushed ice quality and never let your customer wait for long. That’s why, before buying a crushed ice machine, ensure that the machine has the following features in it.

Infographics of Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine

Your requirements:

The first question that needs to be asked to yourself is, what is your demand? If you’re running a business where you need to shave 300 to 400 pounds ace in an hour, you need a heavy-duty machine. If you need it for your family, a simple and low budget ice maker is enough to meet your demands.

Size and Weight:

Size and weight of a machine matter a lot for food truck business owners. An ice shaver that doesn’t fit into your truck’s kitchen can create a problem for you. Moreover, the weight of the machine plays a vital role in portability. So, always check the machine’s weight and size and buy it after analyzing the dimensions of your kitchen.


You should check the durability of any product before buying it. To test durability, check the material that is being used to build up the product. If you are looking for a commercial shaver machine, it must be made of stainless steel or aluminum. Both stainless steel and Aluminum are synonyms of life-lasting.

On the other hand, plastic made machines are more prone to get damaged.


Blades play an essential role in making ice more delicious and fluffy like snow. That’s why you must check the blades. Generally, a machine uses stainless steel blades. A stainless steel blade is less likely to get corrosion.

Moreover, check either blade is replaceable or not. Replaceable option for blades makes it easy to implant a new blade after getting the old one blunt.

Additionally, most of the machines use more than one blade to grind ice. So, it’d be good to buy an ice shaver having blades more than one for getting fast results.

Motor Power and speed:

The motor power and speed for crushing ice is directly proportional to each other. The more powerful it would be, the more speedy work you can do with the machine. The speed can be measured in RPM. RPM is the speed of rotation of blades in one minute. And a powerful motor tends to rotate the blade fast.

Ice Shape:

It is noteworthy to check which ice shape can be crushed by a machine. Typically, machines can crush the ice with cubic and blocked shape well. However, it’s not a too important factor to consider because a commercial machine can grind irregularly shaped ice.


The last factor that can’t be ignored at all is the price of the ice shaved machine. For commercial use, paying almost $200 to $500 for shaved ice machines can be worthy of your business. However, if you’re going to buy a shaving ice machine for home, the price can be varied from $50 to $200.

Last Words

Here, we’ve tried to find out the best commercial-grade ice machines. For this, we’ve interviewed different food truck business owners and get feedback from customers as well. By doing such type of research, we will be able to make a list as mentioned above. If you’re also a snow cone making business owner and have suggestions other than mentioned above, please write in the comment section. We will consider your advice and add it to the post for our readers who want to start this business.


What is the best commercial shaved ice machine?

The answer to this question is subjective in nature, and the answer to this question varies from one person to another according to his analysis and research. However, according to our study, Paragon Simply a Blast Sno Cone Machine is one of the best commercial machines.

The ice crushing capacity of the machine is matchless, which is 500lbs per hour that makes it perfect for commercial use. Moreover, its quality material bestows it a long-life as well.

Is a shaved ice business profitable?

The answer to this question requires a bit of detail. You need to analyze a list of different factors before starting this business. Scrutinize the following factors before analysis;


The most crucial factor that can be placed in the first position before starting this business is the location. Try to find out a spot where offices, schools, and other companies are developed well.


Commonly, it is said competitors are your best friend in your business. Try to analyze different parameters of your competitors’ business like; daily customers, income, profit, and expenses.


This ice shaving machine business is seasonal, and you have an eye on the season of town. If there’s a long duration of the summer season, it’d be perfect for this business.

If you find all the parameters (mentioned above) feasible, this business can give an average sale of $100 to $1500 daily that is quite a reasonable amount of earning.

How much does it cost to start a shaved ice business?

Here, this question demands a detailed answer and complete analysis. However, the starting cost of this business varies from one place to another. For example, in third world countries (like south Asian countries), this business can be started with a total amount of $1000. However, in developed countries like the USA, it costs almost $5000 to $10000. You can read a complete cost analysis of this business by click here; Cost to start a shaved ice business.


What's the difference between snow cones and shaved ice?

Snow Cones and Shaved ice are different in texture. Let me explain one by one;

Snow Cones:

The texture of the snow cones is crunchy. Your tongue will feel the cubic or irregular shapes of ice while eating snow cones. Moreover, the flavor on snow ice is less in number that may vary from 2 to 5. Furthermore, snow cones can be gotten from ordinary ice of the home freezer.

Shaved Ice:

Shave ice is also known as Hawaiian shaved ice. The texture of it is fluffy and smooth. Moreover, shaved ice can tend to meltdown fast, and it gives snow like feelings while eating. More flavors are used to make it tastier.

How do you make snow cones without a machine?

Making a snow cone without a machine can be a tricky task. Here, we are going to share two tricks with you guys to make snow cones without a machine.

Make snow cones with Blender:

You can crush ice in the home’s blender. After getting the ice crushed, you can add flavors to it.

Use a rough leather bag:

This trick demands sweaty effort from you. Just put ice cubes into a leather thick bag and hit it with something sturdy material like a hammer. You will get crushed ice; now, you can make snow cones with this crushed ice by adding various flavors.