Top 07 Best Desk Lamps for Reading 2022 Reviews

With the best desk lamps for reading, putting efforts, and burning midnight oil can bring the best results. Whether you are an office worker, a freelancer, or a student, desk lamps can multiply your productivity. According to Michael Borgers, a room with good lighting can boost up your productivity in studying and other tasks on laptops.

But before buying a lamp for studying, you will have to analyze dozens of factors; thereby, it can’t impact your eyes badly. Here, we’ve made your task easy by enlisting the top 6 desk lamps for eyes with a complete buying guide and answering to the queries.

Here we’ve researched and tested the following desk lamps for hours and jot down nut and bolts of each product. So, read carefully and decide which one is perfect for you.

1- Taotronics TT-DL13B led desk lamp for eyes

Taotronics brand is known for the electronic devices that never burn a hole into your pocket and high in quality. Taotronics TT-DL13B table lamp is one of the best-selling products on Amazon. Amazingly, the lamp isn’t highly-priced, and even a student can afford the price of it with his pocket-money.

Aside from being inexpensive, the manufacturer focuses on functionality rather than design. In design, you find it very simple. It might not offer a modern look to your workplace, but it can be perfect for reading, studying, and working on a laptop.

The feature that makes it portable and the space-saving product is its folding feature. Yes, you can fold it and keep it in your bag. The head  can be tilted up to 135 degrees with a swivel angle of 90 degrees. It makes the lamp portable and gives you the freedom to cast the light on your desired place. Not end yet. The lamp base can be tilted down up to 150 degrees with a swivel angle of 45 degrees. Amazing?

The LED light can be turned by tapping the button on the base. Moreover, the lamp comes with five combinations of colors, and you can adjust the color temperature as well. The 7 brightness color options allow you to customize the light intensity according to your needs.

The 12-watts corded lamp is lightweight and smart enough that won’t capture much space on your table. USB port and its durable material make it more desirable for freelancers, writers, students, and researchers.



Final Verdict

If you don’t have enough budget and want a lamp that can brighten your dark room (Maximum brightness 410 Lumens), then it can be your crush of the year 2021. Moreover, durability will impress you more.

2- AFROG Multifunctional LED Lamp for studying

If you aren’t looking for a décor piece for your room and lightening up a room is the sole aim, then AFROG multifunctional LED reading lamp will attract you. AFROG lamp is gentle on eyes and helps to reduce your eyes fatigue.

The head of the lamp can be tilted up to 210degrees with a swivel angle of 90 degrees. On the other hand, you can rotate and tilt the lamp’s stand from the base that makes it smart and portable to store in a small space.

Like the model of Taotornics mentioned above, it comes with 5 different color combinations. Amazingly, the brightness of each color can be adjusted at 5 different levels. Furthermore, its 30 and 60 minutes timer allows you to sleep freely, and it turns off after 30 or 60 minutes after you dozing off.

Lastly, USB charging port and wireless charging options place it miles above many other models.



Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a birthday gift that adds value to your kids’ lives, this lamp can be the best choice for kids’ bedrooms. It can illuminate the room without disturbing others and avoid your eyes from fatigue.

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3- JUKSTG 36pcs LEDs Reading Table Lamp

If lighten a room up is not the sole aim and you want to add more value to the looks of your room, JUKSTG reading table lamp can be the best choice for you. The sleek and attractive design of the lamp will be a modish addition to your room.

The main feature for which the users love it the most is its multi-angle adjustment. The multi-angle adjustment makes it more versatile and functional. It consists of Arm, Leg, and Head. Surprisingly, each mentioned component can be rotated and titled according to your requirements.

The sensitive touch control system allows you to adjust the brightness to meet your requirements. Aside from 7 brightness options, you may choose light colors out of four different colors.

Additionally, turning it on and off is also a kid-play.

Another feature that you may find in any quality lamps is the auto time-off system. Yes, it cares about your electricity bill, and to save the power energy, you can set at 1-hour auto time off option. After one hour, it will be turned off automatically.

USB port, lightweight, and smartly engineered are the features that may attract you while you’re striving for a standard lamp.



Final Verdict

People who need to work on a laptop all night and want an eye-friendly light, this lamp can be the only solution for you. Moreover, its aesthetic design is also a great plus.

4- BenQ Genie E-Reading desk lamp for drawing

If you really want to favor your eyes, please gift BenQ Genie lamp to your eyes. There is no better gift than it for your eyes. So, if the budget isn’t the problem at all for you and you want a well-designed table lamp to accomplish your tasks on a laptop, then BenQ Genie lamp can be your love.

The head has been designed to cast light in the maximum area of the desk. Yes, the curved design of the head can lighten up your workspace efficiently at its maximum height. Furthermore, it lower angle, it throws light in a relatively large area than other flat-headed lamps.

The knob on the top of the head permits to adjust light color temperature and brightness. Although adjusting brightness and color temperature with knob is a classic method, yet it’s more reliable. Besides controlling knob, you can touch the control ring for 2 seconds, and the lamp will adjust the brightness according to the environment.

The leg of the lamp can be tilted at 45 degrees. This tilting angle makes it suitable for side-table of the bed for bed reading.  At the height of 40cm, it can lighten up the room at 1800lux that is more than enough for reading and performing tasks on a computer.

The life LED lights’ life can give you a bolt from the blue, yes there’s no need to replace the LED lights because of 50000 hours life of LED lights.



Final Verdict

If you’re a computer professional and need to spend your 10 to 15 hours on your laptop, be kind to your eyes and buy BenQ Genie lamp. Furthermore, the lamp can improve the looks of your workspace as well.

5- TaoTronics TT-DL16 Stylish LED Desk Lamp

Durability, quirky design, and glare-free light are the features that make this lamp by Taotronics popular among its users. This lamp is also selling like hot cakes on different e-commerce stores.

You can adjust the angle of the light by rotating and swiveling it at 4-axis. The head can be tilted at maximum 210 degrees and can be folded. Apart from rotating the head, it can be swiveled at 90 degrees. You can also rotate and swivel the leg of the lamp.

The body is made of aluminum alloy that gives it a long life, and it is less likely to get scratches.

5 color modes can be chosen by touching the button printed with a Tea Cup and a Book. Moreover, 6 brightness options permit you to customize the light according to your needs. At maximum brightness level, it can illuminate the room at 1200lux.

60 minutes timer option is also there to give a peaceful sleep.



Final Verdict

This top-notch lamp is made for those who really care about the health of their eyes. If you want to get a lamp with premium quality material and all the desired features, it is available at an affordable price.

6- BZBRLZ Metal Swing Arm Lamp

A very stylish and space-efficient desk lamp is here to make your studying journey easier and simpler. Unlike to other desk lamps, BZBRLZ metal lamps doesn’t have any base. Instead of having base to stand, this lamp can be fixed on the desk with the help of clamp.

By fixing it on the desk with clamp, it offers different swivel angles. For example, its head can be rotated at 360 degrees. Moreover, the metal arm can be adjust at 180 degrees. Aside from metal arm, and head, the base can also be rotated at 270 degrees. So, with too much swivel angles, you can adjust it according to your ease.

The maximum length that can be adjusted is the 29 inches from the study table surface.

The lamp bestows the best flicker-free light with unlimited brightness options. Moreover, it offers three different light colors. Stepless dimming and color temperature option is also there to customize the light setting according to your need.

The whole body of the lamp is made of durable metal which provide a long lasting life to the lamp. Moreover, high quality light source has been used in it which can last for 60,000 hours. Aside from durability, this lamp is 80% more energy efficient than its counterpart.



Final Verdict

If you are student having a study table full of books and other content, this lamp is made for you. Yes, it takes no space on your table to be adjusted because of its clamp. So, consider it for buying.

7- Colby Modern Desk Table Lamp

If you want something classic in lamps, then give a try to Colby Modern Desk lamp. It is designed in a classic manner. The drum shade of the lamp has dimensions of 6.5 inches high and 10.5 inches wide.

A 150-watt standard bulb has been used to illuminate the workspace. So, you have a facility to replace the bulb if it gets damaged. To turn on and of the bulb, the base contains a simple rocker switch.

Unfortunately, there is not a customizable brightness option. Moreover, you can’t change the light color temperature.

The only feature that can be admired for it is its durability. Moreover, it is made of brushed nickel metal that is sturdy and strong.

At the base, there is also a USB port to charge up a mobile.



Final Verdict

People who like classic products in their rooms, this lamp is made for them. It comes with a drum shade that limits the light on the desk only. Moreover, turning on and of the system of the lamp is more than easy. So, if you like all these features, it can be yours at a reasonable price tag.

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Factors you should consider while buying the best desk lamp for studying

There are plenty of options in Desk lamps that may spin your head while choosing the right one. Owing to the ambiance light, your eyes may suffer the most. Moreover, you will have to keep in mind your room settings, either the newly bought lamp suits the setting or not. In short, there are dozens of factors that must be kept under consideration while choosing a desk lamp. Let’s have a look at all the elements one by one;

Infographic of buying guide for best desk lamps for studying

Size of Lamp:

The first feature that matters a lot is the size of the lamp. This factor may vary from person to person. However, please check the height because it is the most important factor in size. The height of a lamp may affect the light directly. Meanwhile, other factors, like width and length (dimension), are related to your reading desk space. If you’ve a small space on your desk, try to buy a lamp with a small base, and that can be folded easily.

Custom Brightness:

The days were gone when you’d to read and work only with one brightness level of lamp. With the advancement of technology, now the brightness of a lamp can be adjusted according to your requirements. As mentioned above, the lamp models have almost 5 to 7 levels of brightness, and a reader can easily adjust the light intensity.

Color Temperature:

It’s not essential that you buy a lamp only for reading. One can work on a laptop in light of the lamp. On the other hand, one wants to sleep with low light and high color temperature of lamplight. So, every task demands a different color temperature.

So, the aforementioned models are there that have different color temperatures and meet all your demands for different kinds of tasks.

Multi-Angle Adjustability:

Another feature that must be considered while buying a desk lamp is multi-angle adjustability. You must check that the lamp’s leg, arm, and head can be rotated, swiveled, or not. A fixed angle lamp can help you in a good manner.

On the flip side, the multi-angle adjustable lamp can be versatile in its functionality, and you can use it for a different task.  Usually, a multi-angle adjustable lamp consists of three-piece (Leg, Arm, head) that allow it to rotate and swivel at different levels.


The material is the most factor that can’t be overlooked. A low-quality material means a lamp with a short life. So, always check the material of the lamp from which it has been made. Normally, aluminum material is considered best to make the lamp more durable. On the other hand, plastic material is also used to make the lamp’s body, but plastic material tends to be more delicate than aluminum.

USB Port and wire length:

A USB port is an additional feature that may bring a small facility to your life. It’d be great to get a fully charged mobile while reading a book in the light of a desk lamp. That’s why the USB port is given to every advanced model of a desk lamp.

Like USB port, the wire’s length is also a feature to look at. Check the wire’s length according to your requirement.

Energy Efficient:

Although all the factors mentioned above, are note-worthy, yet an energy-efficient lamp can bring the best bang to your bucks. Typically, a lamp using LED lights is energy efficient. Almost 95% of power has been used by LED lights to convert electric energy into light energy. On the other hand, nearly 50% of electrical energy is dissipated, and 50% of energy has used to turn it into light.


Price can be a decisive factor for the people who have a short budget for lamps. But you need not worry about that. You can buy a standard quality lamp with all the mentioned features buy spending a small amount of price Like TaoTronics TT-LD13B. So, go and buy the dreamy lamp at the lowest cost with all elements.

Last Words

Here, we’ve tried to mention all the best desk lamps that are considered good for reading, freelancing, graphic designing, and research work. If you’re also a student and tried a desk lamp other than the models mentioned above, please let us inform in the comment section. We will check and research on your recommended product. If it seems good, we will add your suggested product (with your name) on our list for our readers. Thank you, stay blessed.


Which lamp is best for studying?

It’s really hard to decide which lamp is best out of dozens of options. However, out of the 6 desk lamps mentioned above, we can proudly say that Taotronics TT-DL13B and BenQ Genie E-Reading LED desk lamp are the best among available options. Multi-angle adjustability and customize brightness and color temperature are the features that make it more favorable for reading.

Is it better to study in the dark or light?

The students, whose finals are near to come, have to work day and night. And there is no solution except to work hard. Most of the students designate a specific space where the daylight comes in, and the room illuminates. However, it admits of no doubt that a tranquil night is more worthy to prepare for exams. However, a poorly lit room can affect your eyes badly. Therefore, it is essential to light up the room properly.

In this regard, desk lamps are really helpful. The desk lamp helps to increase your focus point. How? Generally, whatever eyes see, the brain starts to think about that. And you lost your focus from the book. If there is darkness around you and you can only see your book and desk due to a desk lamp, you’ll never lose your focus and attention from studying.

Which light is safe for eyes?

Nowadays, there is an option to change the color temperature of lights in desk lamps. So, there is a different color temperature for various tasks. You can choose either warm colors, cool color, or natural color light from a desk lamp. Generally, experts recommend warm color light for eyes if you have to read at night.

How many lumens do I need for a desk lamp?

The answer to this question depends on the nature of the task. First, to understand the answer to this question, you need to understand what lumens are actually.

In fact, a lumen is a unit of brightness. The more lumens means, the brighter lamp it will be.

Generally, for reading and writing, almost 400 to 500 lumens are enough, and a 40-watt power lamp is enough to produce 400 to 500 lumens.

However, if you need to do a more focused task, 800 to 1100 lumens are recommended.

What are the benefits of a study lamp for a student?

Desk lamps are more beneficial for students who prefer to study at night. We have mentioned the following benefits of desk lamps;

i- Desk lamp helps to increase your concentration power

ii-  It reduces eye strain

iii- Student can be more productive with desk lamp

iv- Desk lamp let you read at night without disturbing others with light