Top 07 Best Dressers under 200, 100, and 300 Dollars (For Couples 2022)

You might think that the dresser is just an unnecessary piece of furniture; however, it isn’t true by far. Besides a piece of furniture, a dresser can pretty-up your bedroom and store your folded clothes like t-shirts, socks, and jeans pants. Nevertheless, buying a dresser can break the bank. But you need not worry about that here; we’ve compiled a list of best dressers under 200, 100, 300 dollars. Just check each list separately and choose a dresser accordingly.

What you will learn extra in this article is the buying guide of a dresser. Well, this article will tell you what characteristics a perfect should be there in a perfect dresser like; size, material, stability, and runner’s quality. So, let’s start;

First, we’ll enlist the best bedroom dresser under $200 with all the features, pros, and cons. Let’s start

1- Hodedah 7 Drawer Chest, Mahogany

Our first choice was the Hodedah chest. It comes with seven drawers. Five drawers are made of the same size; however, there are two small drawers at the top. These two drawers are geared up with locks to stash your valuables.

Engineered wood has been used to make the overall structure and drawers of the chest. Moreover, its metal glider provides an ultra-easy to pull and push the drawer without any effort; no matter whether your drawer is full of clothes. Surprisingly, the drawers are supported well for the extra weight that enhances its weight carrying capacity.

The dimensions of the Hodedah chest are good enough to fit in a small space. The dimensions are 48 in H X 31in W X 18in D. With these dimensions, you can store a sizable amount of folded clothes like Jeans, pants, and t-shirts. Apart from folded clothes, the top surface lets you place and showcase different items like a photo frame or an antique piece.  It weighs almost 110 pounds.

The dresser is easy to clean, and you can clean it with soft and clean cloth easily. Remember! Never use any chemical to clean it; otherwise, the finishes will be damaged. Amazingly, it comes in colors like; Beech, Cherry, Chocolate, and Mahogany.

Lastly, it is essential to inform that assembling of this product demands a sweaty effort, and you must be skillful at assembling it.



Final Verdict

If you don’t have enough budget and enough space in your apartment, Hodedah can be the best choice because of its low price and smart design. Its seven large drawers are more than adequate to store a sizable amount of different items on the flip side.

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2- Storkcraft Crescent, Black Kids Bedroom Dresser

Like any mom, you never want to see scattered toys and other items here and there in a room. So, do you also want to organize your room more elegantly? If so, the Storkcraft crescent chest can be the complement of your furniture.

Storkcraft Crescent dresser comes in two different colors; elegant black and the other is white. Now choose the well-suited color for your home and manage your folded pants, t-shirts, kids’ toys, and many more.

This piece of furniture has four roomier drawers that will provide enough space for different items. Moreover, the pull n push of the drawer becomes a piece of cake because of metal runners. The top surface can help to adorn the home by placing some antiques on it.

When it comes to its stability, you will find it safe for a house having kids. Because no kid can tip-over it. So, we can give it 5-star reviews over its stability. The dimensions of it are 44.5 x 20.5 x 9.75. 

Easy to clean is another feather in the cap of this dresser, and you can clean it with just a soft cloth or towel. There’s no need to use any polish or chemical to get an extra shiny dresser.

In short, it can be the best choice for kids’ and adults’ bedrooms.



Final Verdict

If you want to make your home more organized, this dresser is made for you. Its four spacious drawers will allow you to arrange dozens of items without creating a mess.

3- WLIVE Wide Dresser with Drawer for Home Office

Before enlisting its different features, let me clear that WLIVE wide dresser can be suitable for large rooms. This dresser doesn’t contain drawers only. Aside from drawers, it has a single door side cabinet that can be used to store different items.

WLIVE wide dresser has three spacious and large drawers. The top 02 drawers are relatively smaller in size. Moreover, the side cabinet adds more value to it. Plus, the top surface provides ample space to place books, clock, and photo frames.

The legs of the dresser are made of stainless steel that makes it more durable. Moreover, the legs are engineered with rubber pads that make it more stable. Additionally, the rubber pad bestows it the maximum friction and helps to grip the ground tightly.

The dimensions of this dresser are 31.4 x 16.3 x 22.8 inches.

Lastly, the package includes different tools and hardware to make its assembling easy and quick.



Final Verdict

If you need something unique in furniture articles that stores a lot and helps to organize your home, WLIVE Wide Dresser can be your purchase of the year. With three drawers and one side cabinet, it will be a great complement to your furniture.

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Best Dressers under 100 dollars: Cheap Dressers

If your budget for a dresser is too tight and you want something quirky and chic, check the following list of the cheapest bedroom dresses. We hope you will find the best option at an affordable price.

4- ROMOON: Best Bedroom Dresser under $100

A wide bedroom dresser with plenty of space to meet your storage needs is here to be reviewed. The chest comes with five drawers of different sizes.

Two left-sided drawers are larger than the three right-sided drawers. So, different sizes of drawers will help to store the different sizes of items.

The frame of the chest is made of stainless steel. In contrast, the MDF board is used to make its drawers. For extra support, cross support bars have been implanted in the frame. Unfortunately, there are no metal runners to push and pull the drawers. However, wooden handles are fixed to push and pull. There is no fear of deformation of the handle like MDF-made handles.

It takes only 30 minutes to assemble, and more amazingly, you need not buy any extra tools to assemble it. The package includes all the necessary tools for assembling.

The dresser weighs only 22.7. The dimensions of the dresser are 32.8 “L x 11.8″ W x 30.3″ H. On the other hand, the dimensions of relatively bigger drawers are 15.04″ L x 11.22″ W x 12.2” H. Plus, the dimension of smaller drawers varies in height that is 8 inches.



Final Verdict

For those who have a tight budget and want a stylish dresser that uniquely adorns the house, ROMOON Dresser Organizer can meet your needs. Moreover, it can store a large number of items in its five drawers.

5- Winsome Halifax Storage/Organization, Black

If elegance is the other name, it would be Winsome Halifax chest. The elegant black color and sleek design make it eye-catching.

With the lowest price, Winsome provides maximum storage space with its seven drawers. Yes, the chest consists of 7 drawers. Moreover, every drawer can store up to 15 pounds. For easy portability, this chest comes with four casters. Out of four casters, two casters can be locked that prevent it from any mishap and make it safe for kids. Besides four casters, its lightweight also makes it portable. Yes, it weighs only 59 pounds.

With this price range, the durability of this dresser is amazing. Under $100, it might be the only dresser that is made of wood that makes it long-lasting. You will see the innovation of its handle that is designed in a cutout way. With the innovative design of the handle, the metal glide makes it super easy to pull and push drawers.

The tower dresser occupies less space due to its shape and can be suitable for small kitchen, office, kids’ bedrooms, and craft rooms.  The dimensions of this dresser are 19.21″ W x 15.98″ D x 35.35″ H.



Final Verdict

One who wants to give a new look to a kitchen or bedroom, this piece of furniture is the best choice for you. With its elegant design and low price, it would be a great choice.

Best Dresser under 300 dollars

If you have a relatively higher budget and still confused about choosing the durable, stable dresser and meets your storage demands, please check the following dresser under $300.

6- Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser

The simple and chic design makes Delta Children dresser unique and desirable for all. Aside from its curvy design, durability is another factor that makes the mouth watery for furniture lovers.

The frame of this chest is made of solid wood that makes it durable. Its curvy legs give a quirky look. Besides frame, drawers are made from composite wood. The metal glides give a smooth push and pull experience with a safety stop system. The safety stop feature never let the drawers to fall out.

The six drawers have enough space to store clothes, toys, and bedding.

The dresser comes in six different colors like; Black, Black Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Grey, White, Cabernet, Espresso Cherry. So, choose the color which suits your apartment.

The assembled measurement of the chest is 48.5 “L x 20.75 “W x 34.75 “H. Moreover, the weight is 119 pounds.

Note: The manufacturer provides 90 days limited warranty to its buyers.



Final Verdict

If quality is the only requirement while buying any product, Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser will fulfill your desire. With spacious storage capacity, this dresser can be yours under 300 dollars.

7- South Shore Changing Table: Best Dresser for Couples

South Shore little similey’s changing dresser/table can be the best choice for a couple having an infant. This dresser not only provides the storage space for folded clothes and toys, but it also gives you a space for a changing pad of 16 inches width and 26 inches length.

It comes with four drawers. Out of four drawers, three are larger, and one is relatively smaller. Apart from these four different sized drawers for storage, there are two open storage spaces.

The dresser is made of solid wood and lasts for years. In fact, South Shore provides 5 years limited warranty to the buyers. Moreover, its 7-day support in a week places it up to the par.

Easy to assemble and tools for assembling have been provided in the package.

The dimensions of the product are 19.50 x 47.25 x 36.75 inches. Moreover, it weighs 119 lbs.



Final Verdict

As we stated earlier that it could be the best dressers for a couple that has an infant. Because of its changing pad facility, it would be the best choice for the couple. Moreover, its quality material and sleek design are the other features that make it more desirable.

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Buying Guide for Cheapest and Best Bedroom Dressers

It’s a hard nut to crack to find a quality product with a tight budget. However, we have managed to make a list of cheap and best bedroom dressers. Please read the list mentioned above. If you want to buy a dresser, check the following quick points that will help to purchase the best dresser at an affordable price.

Size :

The first feature that needs to be focused on is the size of a dresser. Please check the height, width, and depth of a dresser. All the dimensions are mentioned in the package.

It’s an admitted fact that a large chest has a large capacity to store items; however, it occupies a large space in a room. So, check the availability of the space in a room for a dresser.


The weight of a dresser can’t be ignored. Normally, the weight of a chest/dresser varies from 80 pounds to 120 pounds.

It admits no doubt that a lightweight dresser is easy to transport; however, a lightweight dresser can be harmful to your kids. Yes, a lightweight chest can be tip-over by kids and can cause severe damage.

On the other hand, a weighty dresser is hard to transport, but it’s stable and safe for kids.


A dresser made of solid wood is the only option if you’re looking for a durable chest. Besides solid wood, MDF boards have been used to make a dresser. But MDF board dressers are less likely to be durable, and these dressers wear out after usage for a couple of months.

Plus, it’s ok, if a dresser has stainless steel legs instead of wood.

Number of Drawers:

It’s the most important factor to know about the total number of drawers available in a dresser. Try to buy a dresser with different size drawers. Different sized drawers help you to store different sized items.


We have compiled the best dressers under $200, $100, and $300 separately. Please each list and buy according to your budget.

Last Words

Maintaining a balance between price and quality is really a challenging task. It demands laborious efforts to find a product that is low in price and high quality. But we have managed to compile a list of cheap bedroom dressers without compromising on quality. Please check the above list. If you have some other suggestions better than the mentioned products, write in the comment section. We will check and scrutinize your recommended product and add it to the list. Thank you. Stay Blessed.