Top 09 Best Freestanding Natural Gas Grill Reviews 2022

Having a backyard party is undoubtedly one of the best recreational activities for people looking to have more fun in their lives. And a smoky and crispy barbecue will add more value to a backyard party. However, this requires the best freestanding natural gas grills with large cooking surfaces that can cook for a certain number of people. By keeping BBQ backyard parties in mind, we will be reviewing the natural gas grills that are highly portable and can help you produce outstanding barbecue party episodes.  

Besides, we’ll give you a detailed buying guide about all the terminologies and jargons which may make you act like a bull in a china shop. So, read reviews and buying guides, if you really want to invest in the right NG grill. Let’s get started.

In the following NG grills, we will analyze the cooking surface area, material, grease management system, thermostat, side racks, and cabinet/drawers, and many more. So, be with us if you really want to make the right decision about buying freestanding gas grills.

1- Weber 67006001 Genesis II S Natural Gas Grill

To fulfill the cravings of the grilling community, we have brought an absolutely unique piece of equipment. This is the best freestanding natural gas grill. It is an awesome demonstration of power and versatility. Hence, will let you dive deep into another culinary world.

WEBER uses stainless steel to construct this grill. This is the first feature that urges you to look into other aspects as well. So, just look at the four burners. They are also made up of stainless steel and offer ignition. 1 side burner is a nice addition. It lets you saute vegetables. You can also use it to simmer sauces and gravies.

Moreover, you can explore searing details with the 1sear station burner. It turns into an intense heat zone. Thus imprints the meat with awesome sear marks.

All these burners offer up to 69,000BTUs. Besides, the entire cooking surface is 844 sq/inches. So, you see, there is ample surface to enjoy endless options.

This high-performance grilling system includes stainless steel flavorizer bars. Their diameter is 7mm. Above all, the rods retain heat like a pro. The whole grilling surface also heats up evenly. These are other magnetizing traits of the unit.

The grilling episode on this grill doesn’t end in an irreversible mess. Because it includes a tray that catches all the grease. Furthermore, this tray is easy to clean.



Final Verdict

This grill uses natural gas as fuel. So, make sure before paying the final money that your garage includes a built-in pipeline. Whatsoever, the unit thrills you with a hypnotizing experience. And the credit goes to its superb traits.

2- Napoleon P500RSIBNSS-3 Prestige RSIB NG Grill

Now let’s pay a huge round of applause to another natural gas grill. It is the perfect choice for your grill parties. Because it’s made to satisfy your appetite for grilling varied kinds of food.

This smart unit offers 4 burners. You can also see an infrared rear and side burner. Both the additional burners add versatility to the device. Hence tune the grill into a complete outdoor kitchen. The entire cooking surface is 640 square feet. This leads to the production of 48,000BTUs per hour.

As we claim this a complete outdoor kitchen. So, we make sure that you can grill, sear, simmer, saute, and brown at different platforms. A warming rack is also there as a useful perk.

The whole unit is made up of stainless steel. Besides the exterior, the interior also comprises stainless steel tube burners, cooking grids, and dual-level sear plates.  This indicates the durability and strength of the appliance. Obviously, you want to make a long-term investment. So, the model is the perfect option.

Another amazing part is that the burners are engineered according to the ignition system. Most importantly, the burners can lit each other with the help of a back channel between burners.

The sear plates are seven in number. They catch drippings of your food and prevent flare-ups. Not to forget! This natural gas grill by NAPOLEON also includes safety features. The control knob turns red when the burner gets on.



Final Verdict

Buying this model allows you to invite a bunch of friends to the next grill party. Because it can cook ample steaks at once. Also, you can grill up to 35 hamburgers in a single go.

3- Weber 7470001 Summit S-670 Natural Gas Grill

Weber is quite hit in manufacturing outdoor grills. We have another witty model in proof of our statement. This is a stainless steel unit by the WEBER. It also uses natural gas as a fuel source. These are some basic similarities. Now let’s learn the unique aspects of summit S-670.

The grill includes 6 burners. These 6 burners offer up to 60,000 BTUs. You also get a side burner 12,000BTUs, and a smoker burner 8,000BTUs. Besides you can also see a sear burner 10,600BTUs and an infrared rear burner of 10,600 BTUs within the unit. A warming rack is also there to let you cherish your grilling session. Not only this! But the body also features 6 tool holders. It is indeed a very nice facility.

The whole cooking area comprises an 838 sq/inches surface. However, you can cook 24 hamburgers on the cooking grate at once. This huge capacity gives you immense satisfaction while inviting a great number of guests at a steak party.

The cooking grate is made to meet all the standards of strength and durability. Its rods are stainless steel with 9mm in diameter. They are nicely painted with an accent color. Cast-aluminum end caps are also colored in the same way. Another amazing plus of the equipment include:

  • Lighted control knobs
  • 2 handle lights
  • Enclosed tank storage area
  • Stainless shroud along with polished handle
  • A grease tray
  • Cookbook



Final Verdict

This outdoor grill is a perfect piece of amusement and facilitation. It lets you enjoy the endless option. So, either you want to sear, simmer, grill, or saute nothing remains a faraway destination.

4- Broil King 988847 Sovereign freestanding Grill

This outdoor grill is surely going to rock the stage. Its features and traits will absolutely polish your culinary skills. While reviewing it, we fail to come across any sort of deal-breaker. Let’s have a comprehensive look at all the details.

From the house of broil king, it’s a stainless steel grill. Basically, the unit offers 4 burners. They are dual-tube burners and yield 50,000BTUs. The good part is that the burners heat up the grill quickly and evenly. Besides, the unit helps with a 10,000BTUs side burner. Above all, a rear burner with 18,000BTUs is also there to attract the buyer.

This 206 lbs grill offers 1000 sq/inches of the cooking platform. The variety of burners doesn’t limit your productivity to grilling. But allow sauteing, roasting, simmering, and searing also. Each burner professionally performs the job. The good news is that you can ignite the burners rather than liting them manually.

As we mentioned before that this is a stainless steel grill. So, we want to ensure again that the grilling grid is also stainless steel. Each bar is 9mm in diameter and is absolutely sturdier. the entire cook box heats up quickly and evenly. Also, it retains heat for a good period.  Moreover, the side shelves fold down for nice adjustment.

Most importantly, the device is very easy to use. The control knobs allow precise temperature control. Whereas, the end results are simply incredible. The flavor retention as a result of flave-r-wave acts like a cherry on top.



Final Verdict

It is a North- American company and abides by the rules of perfection and versatility. So, buy and enjoy the divineness at the peak.

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5- Weber 7271001 Summit E-470 Natural Gas Grill

This is again a magical piece of the appliance from the house of weber. Grilling steaks on it are super hypnotizing. Also, the end yields turn out aromatic and absolutely flavorful. So, the ones who are quite obsessed with perfect steaks, this one is for you.

The summit E-470 is a quite heavier unit with stainless steel construction. There are four basic burners for grilling. They produce 48,800BTUs per hour. Besides, the equipment also includes a sear station and rotisserie burner. The sear station turns into an intense heat zone and lets you enjoy sear marks. However, the latter helps in exploring new roast recipes. The ability to tuck-away rotisserie system adds versatility to your purchase. most importantly, you can also avail of a side burner and a smoker burner in the device. So you see, you can experiment with a wide array of cuisines with this single grill.

The total surface area for cooking with a warming rack is 580 square inches. The ignition system truly boosts your spirits while grilling. 2 heavy-duty front locking and back swivel casters nicely exhibit utility and durability.

Coming onto the interior, we feel proud to claim that the cooking grate features flavorizer bars. Each bar is sturdier with a 9mm diameter. The lid also catches attention. It is stainless steel but enameled with porcelain. A thermometer on the lid adds glitter to gold. With a 10-year warranty, the WEBER again thrills the consumer industry. 



Final Verdict

The summit E-470 gives good control over the entire cooking, whatever you brown, roast, sear, saute, or grill, you can achieve your required doneness level.

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6- Napoleon PRO665 RSIBNS Freestanding NG Grill

Get ready to arrange a grand steak party to celebrate the new year evening. Invite your friends and family without worrying about grilling huge shifts. Because we are here with an outdoor grill with maximum potential and capacity.

PRESTIGE PRO 665 RSIB by Napolean is a stainless steel unit with 5 burners. these 5 burners yield 99,000BTUs. Besides, they occupy 1140 square inches of area. Also, you get an infrared sizzle zone side burner and a rotisserie burner. So apart from grilling, you can sear, simmer, roast, brown, and saute foods.

There are some attention-grabbing aspects of the grill that you won’t find in other models. Firstly, the logo light lits up by sensing your presence. Secondly, one burner includes a built-in smoker tray. It lets you infuse a unique flavor to the grilling food. Another perk is the interior lights. These lights give you a clear vision of the food on the grilling grate. The control knobs also glow red when the gas turns on. This marks a very useful safety feature.

Not to forget! the grilling grate is also made to last for a long. It is manufactured from stainless steel. Hence we ensure you even heating without hot spots. This even heating ultimately ends up in even grilling and no burns. Similarly, we also promise you the perfection of sear marks.



Final Verdict

This grill is indeed the best outdoor unit on the list. With an awesome balance of quality and performance, it can easily beat the charisma of the rivals of the field.

7- Weber 7471001 Summit E-670 Gas Grill

To prevent you from the hassle of research, we did an analysis of another model by WEBER. This is summit E-670. Just make sure before buying that you have a natural gas source in your garage or backward. If yes! Then go for it because this model is an absolute win.

This stainless steel model facilitates with 6 burners. These 6 burners produce 60,000 BTUs per hour. Besides you also get the chance to enjoy the utility of a side burner that yields 12,000 BTUs per hour.

With summit E-670, you can also avail of a smoker burner and infrared rear-mounted rotisserie burner. Both produce 6800 BTUs and 10,600 BTUs per hour respectively.  All the burners lit according to the phenomenon of ignition. The entire cooking area including the warming rack makes up to 769 sq/inches.

All these burners make up a nice combo of performance and versatility. Side burner allows sauteing of veggies. Also, it lets you simmer different sauces for the steaks. Moreover, feel free to explore the culinary world of grilling, simmering, and roasting with this amazing unit.

The rotisserie system features a tuck-away design. Hence you can use it in the storage area as a partition. The unit comprises an endless list of features. For instance, lighted control knobs, the mounted thermometer on the shroud, and 2 side tables at the work station. Two heavy-duty swivel casters at the front and back give nice looks and stability to the unit. Above all, the grease management system adds glitter to gold.



Final Verdict

Again WEBER succeeds in winning hearts by introducing a versatile yet simple grill. Purchasing it won’t leave you in dilemma. Rather its charisma will urge you to recommend it to your social circle around.

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8- Bull Outdoor Products 69102 Steer cart Grill

If you are a pure steak lover then congrats for reaching the perfect spot. because we have something solely made to grill steaks. This is a simple and smart unit from the stores of BULL. Without extra bells and whistles, it serves the exact purpose with matchless perfection. Above all, it’s an affordable piece. So, let’s have a quick glance at it.

It is made up of 14 gauge 304 stainless steel.  This premium quality not only ensures the durability of the unit. But also makes sure that it is rust and corrosion-resistant. The hood of the unit is also unique in its way. It is dual lined with no weld spots hence doesn’t rust. The hood plays an important role in trapping heat inside the grill. Besides, it prevents the unit from discoloration by shielding it against the sun.

Inside the unit, you can see three burners. They make up to 564 sq/inches of cooking surface. These burners heat the stainless steel grates evenly. Each burner gives 15,000BTUs per hour. Once you are done with one grilling episode, keep the steaks on the warming rack unless the second shift completes.

A grease tray is also there for a mess-free grilling session. Just look at the knobs. They are made up of durable zinc and helps in precise temperature control. Not to forget! The burners lit up through the ignition system with piezo igniters. Last, of all, this grill is easy to move in comparison to all the above. The credit of easy movability goes to its compactness and 4 heavy-duty casters.



Final Verdict

This is a basic grill. Its compactness makes it a suitable purchase for smaller backyards. Besides, its affordable price is also a classic perk.

9- Broil King 957887 freestanding natural Gas Grill

Now we are going to recommend the heaviest and sturdiest unit of all. This grill is made up of stainless steel and weighs 310 pounds. But the heavy-duty wheels let you move the unit easily as per requirement.

It is indeed a magical grill from the BROIL KING. With its 6 burners, the unit produces 60,000BTUs per hour. There is a side burner also. It enhances the utility of the grill by letting you simmer sauces and reheat side dishes. The side burner yields 10,000 BTUs per hour. Moreover, a rear burner also catches the limelight. Because it doesn’t limit your culinary experimentation. Rather allows you to cook rotisserie chicken also with 15,000 BTUs.

The entire grilling, simmering, or you can say the whole cooking system performs according to Flave-R-Wave technology. The dual-tube burners are stainless steel. Most importantly, the imperial XLS plays an important role in even cooking. So, an assurance of even grilling instantly convinces the buyer for its purchase.

Searing on the professional-grade stainless steel cooking bars takes you to another level. You get perfect sear marks and a heavenly juicy steak as the final yield.

Other significant features of the unit include interior lights inside the cook box and LED lights in the control knobs. These control knobs are easy to use and offer maximum control over the cooking session.

The company offers a 10-year warranty on burners and cooking grids. This incentive is enough to ensure you of their quality. However, you get a 2-year warranty on the rest of the parts and stainless steel paint.



Final Verdict

This grill is an awesome blend of luxury and simplicity. So, it falls in the criteria of a newbie and professional of the field.

Buying Guide for Best Freestanding Natural Gas Grills

In case, you haven’t read the above-reviewed products and want to buy a freestanding NG grill other than the grills mentioned above; please read the following buying guide before purchasing a grill. By doing so, you will be able to invest in the right product. Please check all the points and make your buying decision wisely.


You will have to see available space and the number of family persons (for whom BBQs parties have been arranged) to get perfect-sized NG grills. In this section of the buying guide, we will divide the size into two main portions.

First, when you scrutinize the size, check the cooking surface area. The more surface area means the more food can be grilled at once. But keep in mind that the number of burners should be increased with an increased surface area. For an average-sized family, 500 sq. ft is more than adequate with 3 burners. 

Apart from cooking surface size, please the overall size of grills and check either it is suitable for your available space in the backyard or not. Inspect the size with the side rack and check either side racks/burners are foldable or not.

Number of Burners:

For a versatile cooking experience, it is important to note that how many burners are there to cook food. The more burners mean the larger variety of food can be grilled at a time. Different burners allow you to cook different foods at different temperatures.

For instance, you want to grill meat and vegetable at the same time and you know that vegetables need low temperature and meat needs high temperature to be grilled. So, with one burner grills, it seems impossible simultaneously.

Moreover, please check for side burners and infrared burners for a more versatile cooking experience.


For the longer runs, an inspection of the material is essential. Similar to the size, the quality of the material has also been categorized into two.

Before buying NG grills, put a question mark on the quality of cooking surface area material. Cooking surface area is supposed to face more pressure and heat while cooking; therefore, high-quality material of cooking surface area is important to note.

Check the quality of burners, grate/griddles, and flavorizing bars/flame tamer. Wait! Don’t get dodged by seeing stainless steel material. All the stainless steel material is not going to last for life. 304 stainless steel material is considered one of the best quality material that is corrosion resistant and can withstand high pressure and heat.  

Moreover, with proper care, Iron material is also good; however, Iron is more prone to get rusted.

Besides, check overall body material. There are two main types of exterior body material that can be stainless steel or porcelain.

Stainless steel may cost you several hundred dollars more than the porcelain body. Moreover, stainless steel is more durable. On the other hand, porcelain body is less likely to get scratches.

Ignition System:

The ignition system of the NG grills is the most ignored part while buying. However, it won’t be. The importance of the ignition system is equal to any other part to be inspected. The quality of the ignition system depends upon the spark generator and electrode.

Mainly, there are three types of ignition system used in the freestanding gas grill which are;

Battery-powered system

Hot surface system

Piezo System

If you ask me which system is better, it will be hard to answer. All the ignition systems are perfect. So, you can go for any of these three ignition systems.

Side rack/cabinet and hooks

We know, you have checked all the features that will help to cook like a pro. However, several extra characteristics will help you while cooking. For example, if the buying grill has side racks, you can manage different cooking items easily.

Moreover, several racks are equipped with hooks which help you to manage different kitchen utensils with great ease. Furthermore, under the table cabinets or drawers are also a great plus to make your purchase alluring.  


According to consumerreport, BTU is not too important to check. However, various cooking experts suggest checking for the BTUs.

Aside from checking the BTUs, check the heat retention of the material. Longer heat retention material is considered better for cooking like a professional chef.

Check either the hood of the grill is equipped with the thermostat or not? A thermostat will allow you to keep an eye on the temperature for perfect cooking.

How easy to clean?

By considering the qualities mentioned above, you will get a perfect gas grill for parties. However, having ended the party, a greasy and oily grill is waiting for you to be cleaned.

Iron grates and griddles are hard to clean; however, stainless steel is relatively easy to clean. Moreover, the exterior body is easy to clean either it is made of stainless steel porcelain.

So, clean burners, flavorizing bars, grates, and body well; otherwise, it may begin to get rusted.

Other features:

Several other features can also be checked for extra ease. For example, an LED light on buttons and under the hood will help you to cook at night. Moreover, the size of the hood is also important to check.

Furthermore, check the quality of casters for easy portability. Besides, have look at the grill’s weight. Warranty and price are the last features which need to be explored.

By seeing and analyzing all the qualities, you are ready to buy a perfectly natural gas grill for your BBQs parties.

Last Words

If you are a party freak and want to enjoy barbecue parties in true spirits, buying the best freestanding natural gas grill is important. Nevertheless, without a proper buying guide, you can get dodged. Therefore, we have compiled a list of quality gas grills with a complete guide. Please read the buying guide and check all the recommended products; we hope, it will help to buy your desired freestanding grill. If you have any other suggestions, please write them down in the comment section. Thank you. Stay blessed.  


Is natural gas grill better than propane?

The answer to this question demands a little bit of detail. For example, you need to examine the initial cost of gas and propane grill, operational cost, environmental effects, BTUs, and ease of installation.

When it comes to the initial cost, you will have to pay extra for the gas grill. Yes, natural gas grills are expensive than propane grills.

In the analysis of operational cost, natural gas grill wins the battle. Yes, the operational cost of NG grills is lower than the propane grills.

When it comes to environmental effects, NG grills are considered more environment friendly and releases less carbon dioxide gas.

Propane’s flame is hotter than the NG gas flame. When we analyze the BTUs of propane flame and Natural gas flame, we come to know that BTUs of propane flames are almost double the natural gas flame. So, Natural gas grills are perfect for slow cooking while propane grills are good for faster grilling.

Lastly, suppose you have installed the gas line, gas grills are easy to use and you can access limitless gas with the flip of the valve. On the other hand, a propane tank will be replaced often.

What are the benefits of a natural gas grill?

The natural gas grill has several advantages over its counterparts. Following are the benefits of natural gas grills;

  • Operational cost is low
  • Easy installation
  • Environment friendly, less smoke
  • No refilled like liquid propane tanks
  • Best for slow-cooking foods

Is propane more flammable than natural gas?

The shortest answer to this question is “Yes”. Propane is more flammable than natural gas. Liquid propane is more explosive than natural gas. Moreover, propane flame is hotter than natural gas. For example, one cubic foot of propane can generate 2500BTUs energy. On the other hand, one cubic natural gas can generate only 1050BTUs energy.