Best Garden Tractor for Hills ( 05 Reviews 2022)

You need to be an expert to buy the best garden tractor for hills. Plenty of buying factors can get your wire crossed. Therefore, it’s essential to do research before buying garden tractors. But here is the catch, if you’re too lazy to research these ride-on lawnmowers, we’re here to give you quick points. Just read all the points mentioned-below and go for buying.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of top 05 best riding lawn mowers affordable in price and high in its functionality. But before buying a garden tractor, it is essential to know about different types of ride-on mowers.

Before buying a ride-on lawnmower, you need to know all types of lawnmowers; thereby, you exactly know which type of lawnmowers is best suited for you. Let’s start with the type of Garden tractors;

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Garden Tractors:

Garden tractors are the basic lawn mowers that can be easily driven without getting expertise in it. If you have a garden area from half to 3 acres, this type of mower can meet all your demands.

Furthermore, these basic lawn tractors are synonymous with a powerful engine. The cutting deck size of them varies from 36 inches to 52 inches. The larger the deck size, the less time it will take to mow the grass. However, keep in mind that if you have too many obstacles (like trees) in the garden, a large deck is not suitable for you.

Aside from deck size, these tractors are extremely powerful, sturdy, and efficient in grass mowing.

Zero Turn Radius (ZTR):

These mowers are known as fast and top-notch gardening tools. If you have a larger garden area that needs to be mowed, ZTR is the best one.

The price of ZTR mowers is relatively higher than the type as mentioned earlier of mowers. If you need to take sharp turns and want to drive it vigilantly, then ZTR is the best choice.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that Zero-Turn radius mowers are not suitable for hilly terrains due to its instability.

Rear Engine small-sized mowers:

The name shows that this type of mower has been built smartly. The rear engine small-sized mowers tend to mow grass from a half-acre to 1 acre are lawn.

These mowers occupy a small space to store and cheap in price. So, check your requirements and buy them if it looks that it will meet your demands.

Best Garden Tractors for hilly terrains

Here, we’ve checked all the features like; the power of the engine, gearbox, steering, cutting deck size, gasoline tank, and seat quality. Thereby, you can get all the required features and here and decide whether the following tractors are suitable for you or not. Let’s jump to the topic;

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1- Craftsman T225 19 HP Lawn Tractor

Here, we come with one of the leading riding lawn mowers with incredible working efficiency. The tractor is equipped with powerful BRIGGS AND STRATTON Gas Engine that offers almost 19horse power to the tractor. Ready start technology demands no effort to start it.

The Deck size of it is ideal that is 46 inches. With 46 inches deck, you can mow grass from a sizeable area of your garden at a time. Not ends yet. Easy Deck wash offers a quick cleaning of it. Hydrostatic transmission pedals are responsible for a smooth drive on hilly areas.

The fuel tank size is 3 gallons that can be enough to work for hours in a yard. Moreover, this tractor comes with a dual pedal gear system that allows you to mow the grass while driving it forwards and reverse direction for comfortable driving.

To cutting, trimming, and clipping grass from a large area garden, a comfortable seat can be your best friend that alleviates your back pain after working long hours. The seat of this mower is designed to offer ultimate comfort to the rider. For added comfort, the steering wheel is cushioned well.

Lastly, 15 inches front wheels and 20 inches rear wheels stabilize it on rough and steeply hills.



Final Verdict

Craftsman T225 lawn mower can be the best choice for gardeners who have to mow grass from a large garden area. So, cut grass with great ease and keep your yard clean all time.

2- Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V Fast Pedal Tractor

Husqvarna is a famous name in the world of gardening tools. This model, Husqvarna YTA24V48, is one of the best yard mower available in the market. Fast action, durability, comfort, and balanced drive are the main features for which it is known.

The cutting deck measure 48 inches coupled with air induction mowing technology. Moreover, the mounted fender on the deck offers ultra-ease while mowing grass.

The engine’s manufacturer is Briggs & Stratton that outputs 24 HP power. Choke less starting makes the driving a kid-play.

The mower is furnished with vinyl high back seats for working all day on it without getting tired. Moreover, the sidearm of the chair makes the chair comfier. Its ergonomic soft-grip steer never lets your hands tire even if you drive all day.

Fuel tank size is 3 gallons with oil filter. The compatibility of it with all the accessories like; trailers, brushed, and snow blowers make them versatile.

In the last, sturdy rubber wheel with deep tread patterns maximize the traction while driving it on hilly and oily and steep surfaces.

Note: The manufacturer provides a three-year limited warranty.



Final Verdict

A powerful tractor with all the features may make you its fan. Moreover, you can mow grass from 3 to 4 acres of without getting you tired.

3- Simplicity 2691339 Conquest Mower, Tractor

A mighty garden tractor is here to make you stunned. The Briggs & Stratton commercial engine is famous for its electronic fuel management system. This engine is one of the updated engines of Briggs & Stratton.

The gigantic cutting deck size is 52 inches, which can trim and cut grass from a large area once. Although the deck’s large size helps to work fast yet, it can be a challenging task to drive it on curved paths in s garden. Cyclone technology in the deck pushes the debris away with forced air. Amazingly, it only allows the debris to come out from a single valve.

Double paddles with hydrostatic transmission allow you to drive it forward and backward as per requirements. With the power steering wheel, driving on hilly areas full of obstacles is no longer a problem with it.

For better driving experience and traction, power is supplied to rear wheels. Moreover, all four wheels have tread patterns that maximize friction and give a firm grip on the rough surface.



Final Verdict

If you are obsessed with the well-known brands of gardening tools like Husqvarna and Craftsman, give a try to Simplicity. We hope it’ll never disappoint you and gives you the desired results as well.

4- Craftsman T105 Riding Lawn Mower for Hills

Craftsman T105 mower is the most powerful machine that accomplishes all the tasks fast and keeps you relaxed all day while working in a garden.

439cc Engine has been mounted to make it more powerful. Amazingly, the rider can select the desired driving speed out of 7 available options.

Mow, in the reverse direction, is also a piece of cake with this model of Craftsman. Moreover, 07 speed options are available only for moving it forward.

The cutting width of the mower is 42 inches. And the turning radius is 18 inches that are quite reasonable.

The low back seat is cushioned well to keep you relaxed all day while working. You back and hips feel no pain at night after working hard in the daytime. 15 inches front wheels and 20 inches rear wheels make it easy to drive on hilly areas.



Final Verdict

It’s never been easy to maintain a garden before inventing the riding mowing tractors. And Craftsman T105 makes it easier with 07 variable speed options. If you’re planning to buy a lawn tractor, then give a try to Craftsman T105 mower.

5- Troy-Bilt Horse Lawn Riding Mower

Maintain your garden more comfortably by using a Troy-Bilt horse. The troy-bilt tractor has all the advanced features for which a gardener can have a desire.

The 579cc engine of the tractor allows you to complete your task quickly. Moreover, its hydrostatic transmission makes the drive jerk-free and smoother. The cutting deck size is 42 inches. Generally, cleaning of the deck is a hard nut to crack. For cleaning the deck, you need to remove it from and clean. However, an integrated cleaning system in the deck allows you to wash it without removing it.

High back seat with shock-absorbent suspension never let you down after working all day. TurfSaver wheel offers skid-free drive at the steep surface.

Note: The manufacturer provides 02 year limited warranty.



Final Verdict

Troy-Bilt has been rendering its services for years in the world of gardening tools. This one is also one of the masterpieces of Troy-Bilt. You can use it for hilly and flat surfaces.

How do I choose a garden tractor for Hills?

Before buying a product, it is always advised to check different features to choose the right one. As we know that garden tractors are expensive products, and to avoid you from any loss, you should know about its different features. Having got the knowledge, analyze each trait, and go for the buy.

Know about your demands:

The first question that is essential to be addressed here is that you must know about your requirements. If you have 3 to 5 acres of garden that need to be maintained, then riding lawn tractor can be the best choice for you. With this area of the garden, trimming and cutting grass is no longer a problem, and you can accomplish your task in a matter of time.

Mowing Deck:

Cutting/mowing deck is the main character of the yard mower. The size of the mowing deck matters a lot. Generally, the cutting deck size varies from 36 inches to 52 inches. The larger the size of the deck, the faster the work to be accomplished.

 Nevertheless, large size mowing deck isn’t suggested for a garden having a large number of trees. Trees can create hurdles in the maneuverability of riding mower.

Moreover, please check the cleaning method of the deck. If it is an integrated washing system, it’ll be right for you.


Speed matter a lot to do the work fast. A fast-moving tractor tends to complete the mowing task fast. However, try to buy a riding mower with variable speed options so that you can choose the speed option according to your need.

Noise level:

Typically, the noise level of the tractor is too high that keeps neighbors all day. In most of the states, the noisy product is prohibited from using in living areas and colonies. That’s why please check the rules and regulations of your living area before buying the product.

Fuel Tank:

Fuel tank size needs to be focused upon. With a small size fuel tank, you can’t complete your task and leave in you in a lurch. Therefore, always try to choose a mower with a large fuel tank to complete your task without getting the fuel finished.

Engine Type and power:

An engine is a heart of riding lawnmower. Check the type of engine of a tractor; either it will 04 strokes or 02 strokes. 02 strokes engine is supposed to be noisier. Additionally, 02 strokes engine emit harmful gases like carbon mono-oxide and carbon dioxide.

04 strokes engine, on the other hand, is less noisy and more environments friendly. Commonly, the garden mower uses 300cc to 600cc engine.


To avoid you from back pain comfortable and roomier seat is essential. So, try to find out a tractor having a high back comfortable seat with a sidearm. Moreover, shock-absorbent suspensions are also crucial for added comfort.

Aside from seat and suspension qualities, a well-cushioned soft steering wheel keeps you relax while driving.


The price of riding a mowing tractor varies from $1000 to $5000. The more you invest, the more features you will get in the product. So, keep your budget in mind while buying a garden tractor. And must compare all the available options before buying.

Other features:

Hydrostatic transmission, starting, mow-in-reverse, and wheels quality are the features that can’t be overlooked. So, always analyze these factors before purchasing the product.

Last Words

Here, we have reviewed the top 05 best garden tractor for hills for you. If you’ve tried a riding lawn mower other than the product as mentioned above. Please let use= inform about your experience in the comment box. We’ll review your recommended product after getting tested it. Thank you. Stay Blessed. 


What is the difference between a lawnmower and a garden tractor?

Although the functionality of a lawnmower and a garden tractor is the same, the difference falls in the following features


The first feature is related to power that stands both mower poles apart. Garden tractor tends to be more powerful, and its power may vary from 20HP to 30HP.

Lawnmowers, on the flip side, are supposed to be less powerful, and their power ranges from 11HP to 20 HP.

Mowing Deck size:

We already know that cutting deck plays a vital role in grass mowing.

Generally, lawn mower’s cutting deck can be from 26inches to 36 inches that is perfect for area garden and lawn.

Garden tractor’s mowing deck size varies from 36 inches to 60 inches. A large area garden can be maintained easily with it.

Size and Weight:

Riding mowers are small in size and relatively lightweight. You need not ample space to store lawnmowers. Moreover, for a garden with full hurdles, small mowers are recommended.

In contrast, the garden tractor’s size is relatively bigger than the mower. Moreover, the tractor is more massive than that.


Lawnmowers can’t be equipped with other accessories like snow blowers and plows and tillers. In comparison, garden tractors don’t such types of limitations.


There is a big difference in price between both types of gardening products. Usually, the price of lawnmowers ranges from $1000 to $2000.

While the price of tractors ranges from $2000 to $5000.

What is the best riding mower for hilly Terrain?

To answer this question, you have to analyze different factors like power, wheels, seat, steering wheel, and fuel tank size. According to the list mentioned above, the best garden tractor is Simplicity 2691339 Conquest Mower.