Best Home Chairs for Back Pain Relief and Hip Pain Suffers 2022

Either you’re a weight lifter or a computer professional (Freelancer, Blogger, and Programmer), you might have faced back pain problems once in your life. It could be a lower back or higher back issue. So, what measures did you take to get relief from that pain? If you couldn’t find the solution yet, we bring the best home chairs for back pain and hip sufferers.

Aside from giving a different solution for back and hip pain, we’ll explain the leading cause of it and describe different exercises. So, by reading this article, you’ll be able to say goodbye to backache. Let’s start with causes;


Cause of Back Pain Problems:

There might be dozens of culprits of back pain, which are essential to know. Unless you know the main cause, how could you prevent it? So, it’s important to note which leading cause of your back pain is. Let’s discuss all the reasons for pain one by one.

infographic:Best Home Chairs for Back Pain Relief and Hip Pain Suffers

Disc Related Issues:

There is gel-like material called Disc that is considered a shock absorber between the spine’s vertebrae. Because of this Disc, there could be a backache. Slipped Disc, Herniated disc, and bulging disc, degenerative disc disease can be problems in the spine’s vertebrae’s Disc that can cause back pain.  

Muscle Strain:

Owing to sitting for a long time or lifting improper weight, you may face muscle strain issues. Owing to back muscle strain, you may feel pain in the back while leaning down.


Sciatica can be faced by people who are suffering from lower back pain. You may feel a severe ache in your leg due to pressing the nerve because of Disc bulging. Aside from Disc bulging, the nerve happens to press because of lifting a heavyweight.

Lifting improper Weight:

Because of lifting heavy or improper weight, you may suffer from back pains. Lifting a heavyweight may make you suffer from back muscle pain or Disc bulging.


Aging is one of the factors of this suffering. Generally, old aged people are more prone to suffer from this problem. At older ages, the most common problem about back pain is degenerative disc disease. Due to degenerative disc disease, the Disc starts shrinking, and it limits your movement and flexibility. It causes enhanced friction between the spine’s vertebrae, and you feel pain.


Owing to obesity, more pressure has been exerted on the spinal cord and back, which becomes permanent back pain gradually. So, obesity can be one of the reasons for this disease.


According to MayoClinic, chain smokers are more likely to get suffered from back pain. So, if you are also a smoker, try to quit smoking; we hope it will positively affect your health.

Less Exercise:

Regular exercise can make your joints flexible and more shock-absorber. Gradually, your muscles start weakening day by day, and you will feel pain. So, make a habit of doing exercise daily. For back pain, we have mentioned different activities; please check all and become healthy.

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1- Winback Single Chair for Home Theater Seating

In the care of our senior citizen community, we bring the best chair for back pain sufferers. Either you love reading or are passionate about watching the news every hour on television. This relaxing chair is going to be your perfect crime partner.

It comprises a super solid hardwood frame. The upholstery consists of durable PU padded leather. The great part of the story is that the upholstery is water-proof. Thus the chair turns out to be easy to clean and maintain utility.

Moreover, the chair includes a dual function foot extension. Also, you can set the back at three reclining angles. It lets you read, watch TV, listen to music, and take a nap too. This reclining back helps to soothe your back pain. Most importantly, it relaxes your back with eight massage functions. Besides, two massage points for the lumbar at the waist catch the limelight.

Assembling this chair is not rocket science. Without using professional tools, you can install it like a pro. However, the company is always behind its products. So, you may inquire in case of any confusion.

This reclining chair doesn’t mean to relax you only. But its elegant style will indeed furnish your living room or office. Its sleek design is perfectly compatible with modern interiors.

The chair not only relaxes your body. But it boosts your spirits also. Above all, it can easily stand 275lbs of body weight. So, durability and stability are obvious.

Not to forget that this mood booster is not easily portable.



Final Verdict

This massaging chair offers a complete package of elegance and relaxation. Once you start using it, you’ll definitely forget your back pain. So, buy it to enjoy a whole new world.

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2- Esright Massage Chair: Lumbar support Home Chair

Suffering back pain after long working hours is not less than a nightmare. So, Esright comes forward as usual in concern of its beloved customers. We introduce a fantastic chair for lower back pain relief. This chair will definitely manage your mood swings.

It comprises an iron frame. This frame is, furthermore, covered with soft padded fabric. The fabric is soft but durable. The good part is that the armrest, seat, and back cushion are exclusively padded to offer maximum ease.

The design is user-friendly also. Two cup holders let you enjoy your favorite beverage while relaxing. As it is the perfect chair for the living room and bedroom. So, relax over it while watching TV or reading magazines. Two side pockets are also there to store magazines.

The versatility of this home chair is difficult to digest. It offers eight vibrating massage nodes at sensitive points. Besides, the reclining (140 degrees), heating, and rocking features add to the product’s uniqueness. Above all, the 360 degrees swivel aspect acts like a cherry on top. Hence the chair offers endless options to minimize back pain. Indeed it is a real life-saver.

Remote control and power cord come with the package. The remote control includes five control modes along with two intensity levels. They let you enjoy all the possibilities like a pro.

With super responding customer care service, Esright thrills you again. Be careful about its maintenance aspect. As the fabric is used instead of leather. So, cleaning is not a breezy job.



Final Verdict

A superb product at a fair price can be at your doorstep. What you have to do is think deeply and consider it thoroughly. We bet! You won’t be able to resist ordering it.

3- Furniwell Massage Recliner Home Theater Seating

Upgrade your living room or bedroom with the magical sensation of this home chair for lower back and hip pain. Without costing you a kidney, it drains your fatigue like an expert massager.

It is built on an iron frame. Whereas the upholstery comprises durable PU leather. The seat and back feature dense padding. This heavy padding offers divine sitting after a long tiring day. Armrests are wider and feature a curved design. This design is curved to enhance its compatibility with your hands. A heavily padded footrest adds glitter to gold.

Massage feature is one of the essentials of such home chairs. The vibratory massage function of this single-seat is super soothing. It doesn’t rock you immensely. But a mild vibration truly relieves your back pain. The remote control helps to turn on the massager.

Flexibility to recline the chair is beyond words. You can adjust the reclining angle from 90 to 170 degrees. You can use it to watch TV, read the newspaper, and even for napping. In short, the utility is endless.

This sleek and stylish chair can carry 265lbs of weight. But doesn’t break its promise of durability. Moreover, Furniwell always stands behind its products. So, in case of any query, feel free to contact the support team.



Final Verdict

It’s perfect to buy for people who don’t like extra bells and whistles. With only a gentle massage, it fulfills your maximum requirement of relaxation.

4- Tuoze Ergonomic Adjustable back support Chair

Returning home from the office with a strained back is not a big deal now. Because we have come up with an amazing remedy for your tired muscles. So, spending a few dollars can take you to the right solution. And that solution is the relaxing chair.

Like the brands mentioned above, Tuoze brings a heavenly relaxing chair. It is durable and can stand heavy usage. The chair stands on a wood and metal frame. This frame is upholstered with a blue fabric and thick sponge fillers. Unlike leather, fabric requires attentive care. Because it’s difficult to clean. However, sponge fillers add resilience without deforming.

This best chair for back pain relief offers varied reclining possibilities. Adjust the back from 90-165 degrees. Hence, get the chance to enjoy different postures. A good range of reclines lets you watch TV, read a novel, or take a nap also. So, this chair turns out a suitable purchase for your bedroom or living room. Similarly, keeping it in the home theater won’t go wrong.

The back is curved according to your body contours. Besides, the armrest is broad and features an arc design. This design is practically useful. While promoting blood circulation, it relaxes your hands’ muscles.

Last but not least, it can massage your back also. Use the remote control to turn the chair into the massager. This is the reason that the chair is ideal for relieving your back pain. Whatsoever, the intensity of the massager vibration is adjustable.



Final Verdict

Yes! This chair is an absolute win. There are multiple reviews to clarify our statement. The massaging and reclining ability makes it versatile. Indeed, it worth more than the price.

5- Mcombo Recliner and chair with Ottoman

Mcombo aims to serve the consumer industry with a comfortable and energetic environment. Its products are the perfect reflection of its vision. And the home chair by the manufacturer is the most prominent stance in this regard.

First thing first! It is a unique piece of the list. Why? Because it includes an ottoman for relaxing legs. A built-in footrest adds to the weight of the chair. So, the ottoman is a superior innovation.

The product is a durable piece. Again why? Because it consists of a heavy-duty steel framework. This framework is resourceful in adding stability to the product. As a result, the chair can handle weight up to 330lbs. PU leather upholstery also appeals to the buyer. Not only because it’s soft, smooth, and sturdy, but it’s easy to clean also.

The chair is equipped with a 360 degrees swivel function. Moreover, its reclining ability also catches the limelight. The good part is that you can recline the back at any level to 140 degrees. So, watching TV, reading fiction, or sleeping for a while is super handy with this chair.

Not to forget! The chair massages your body at eight vibration points. Also, you can select the vibration intensity from 5 given levels. Eight massage nodes offer you more control over the entire massaging episode. For making all these settings, a remote comes with the package.



Final Verdict

Don’t bother yourself by looking forward to other home chairs because no other product can stand this Mcombo recliner’s charisma.

6- HOMCOM Heated Vibrating Linen Fabric Chair

If you are here in search of a chair for back pain by Homcom. Then here it is!

The chair is the complete package of durability, elegance, and above all, ease. Legs are made up of wood. But the frame is wood-metal. Upholstery comprises breathable linen fabric and thick padding. The seat cushion includes a 3 “spring package plus a sponge for exclusive padding. This padding lets you experience a super comfy ride over the chair.

It doesn’t swivel, but the reclining feature doesn’t let the customer pass by. Most importantly, it can recline from 90-165 degrees. While you adjust the back at a precise reclining angle, don’t forget to extend the footrest. This posture will let you stretch your body.

The chair includes two massage points, one at the back and the other at the waist. Use the remote control to adjust the vibration intensity and massage modes. Besides, you can also set a timer for the massage. Choose either 15, 30, or 60 minutes. The massaging mode will automatically turn off once the timer is over.

This remote also helps in setting heat function. This heat function is in the waist area. It really tranquilizes your aching muscles. So, you see, the chair proves to be the best buy for soothing back pain.

The chair is an ideal buy for your living room or office. Its reclination doesn’t support napping. But watching TV and reading a book is possible.



Final Verdict

This is not a technical room chair. Using it is relatively easy. Amongst its features, the heat function wins the deal. Because this aspect is not commonly available. Warming aching body has its own set of, buy it to enjoy a warming sensation.

7- HOMCOM Massage Sofa with Footrest

Homcom brings another massaging chair in the field. It features a unique design. The footrest is not built-in the chair. Instead, an ottoman accompanies the chair for relaxing legs. Moreover, a rounded metal frame at the base ensures the improved stability of both partners.

The chair includes a metal frame. However, the upholstery comprises PU leather and foam. It is super comfortable to sit on. The backrest is configured according to your body curves. So, you see, the design aims to soothe your back pain in the best possible way.

Moreover, it massages your body at ten different points. You can enjoy the vibration all over at the back, seat, and footrest. This vibration imposes a soothing effect on your stressed body.

Besides massaging your back, the chair can warm your waist also. Its heating function gives a gentle warming sensation.

This is an exclusively sturdier piece to relax on. It can bear 352lbs of weight. Also, it can stand daily usage and can last for the coming ages.

Sadly, it’s not a recliner. It doesn’t recline to infinite angles. You can adjust it to 145 degrees. But this adjustment doesn’t remain permanent. Once you finish stretching your body, the back turns back into its original angle. In short, we can’t claim it as a recliner. That’s why only watching TV in this room chair is feasible.

Also, it lacks a swivel feature. But the comfortable design overshadows every minus aspect because it’s divinely relaxing and loosens all your knots.



Final Verdict

In love with a gentle and warm massage, grab the chair immediately. Because the design truly focuses on these two aspects.

8- GDFStudio Macedonia Tufted Back Recliner

Are you craving a relaxing chair with minimum medicated looks? Let’s put an end to your search hunt because we are here with a super comfortable recliner.

This home chair is built on birch. The birch legs are nicely finished with dark espresso. Coming to the upholstery, the chair again attracts the buyer. Why? Because first of all, it’s available in different fabric colors. You can choose the color as per your likings or your interior color scheme. Secondly, the fabric type is 100% polyester.

Though it doesn’t entertain the user with massage or warmth, its reclining ability compensates for the absence of vibration and heating.  

When you reach home with a tired back, don’t feel low. Just sit over it and recline. Your back will definitely take a sigh of relief once it hits this recliner. Because the reclining angle (135 degrees) soothes your stressed back muscles like a pro.

A footrest is also there. It lets you stretch your legs. Hence provides a relaxing platform for your feet.

Most importantly, this chair can easily complement any part of your home. Nobody can guess it’s a relaxing chair unless he/she reclines over it because it appears to be a decorative article at first hand.

The fabric and framework are both made to last for a long. The price is not beyond affordability. And the sophistication is at the peak.



Final Verdict

This recliner is not meant for napping. However, watching TV or reading a book is quite feasible over it. So, if you want something specific to take a nap, move forward.

9-YAHEETECH Arm Chair Home Modern Club Chair

While compiling the list, we can’t dare to forget a club chair by Yaheetech. It is super stylish yet relaxing. Its design complements luxurious restaurants and traditional cafes. Besides, buying it for a home or hotel is an unbeatable idea.

On a wooden frame, the chair features a medium-firm foam seat. This foam is soft and elastic. Hence offers comfy sitting through its resilience.

Furthermore, a very soft and durable velvet covers the foam to impart classy touch. The elegance of the velvet seams reflects the quality of the chair. This structure ensures durability also because the company claims it to be compatible with 300lbs weight.

U-shaped back catches the limelight at first sight. Its contours relieve your back pain like an expert massager. Besides, the curved armrest comfortably holds your arms.

This club chair is a perfect piece to relax after hectic office hours. You can also curl up in it on cozy winter evenings to watch TV or read a novel.

Remember! It neither reclines nor swivels. But that’s not a big deal. Because the relaxation it’s going to offer is incredible.



Final Verdict

While discussing this club chair, we can feel the love in the air. Just think if its visual aspects can hypnotize you. Then what will happen once you sit over it. You’ll absolutely fall in love with it.

10-Human Perfect Zero-Gravity Manual Recliner

Decorate your home with this amazing chair manufactured by Human Touch. When you come from the office and feel fatigued, let this chair welcome you. The unique design of the chair appeals to every buyer. The frame of the chair is made of a walnut finish that gives it a natural look.

The V-shape frame bestows its ultimate stability, and there are zero risks to tip over.

Another appealing feature of this chair is zero-gravity seating. Yes, its inclined angle allows you to nap at an angle where you feel weightless, and your feet are aligned with the heart.

The recline lever makes your task easy, and you can easily adjust the reclining angle with the lever. While manufacturing the seat pan, it was kept in mind that leather (animal) should be used. So, we can say that this chair’s upholstery is made of an eco-friendly material called polyurethane.

At a reclining angle with zero-gravity, you can extend your body according to your wish because of its extended footrest. While taking a comfortable nap, don’t forget to say thanks to its comfy headrest.



Final Verdict

If you really want to enjoy your relaxing period after coming from the office, this chair will fantastically meet your standards. Just give it a try and enjoy your nap at zero-gravity seating.

Buying Guide for Best Home Chair for lower back pain and hip problems

Here, we’re going to reveal some quick points that will help you to purchase a chair that will relieve your pain at home. By following the below-buying guide, you will get a chair that not only gets rid of the problem but also enhances the look of your living room.

We have mentioned all the essential buying factors; therefore, please consider all the factors before buying. Thereby, you can purchase the year. Let’s start

Comfort Level:

After working long hours in the office, it’s time to take a rest while watching TV or reading an exciting novel in the living room. So, the comfort level of the chair must be your priority. To analyze the comfort level, you will have to check the following factors carefully:

Armrest: Normally, all the chair for back pain comes with armrest. But check either there is an armrest option available or not. Not end yet; check how well padded the armrests are. Moreover, check different adjustment options of the armrest as well.

Ottoman: If you want to nap on a chair, this feature must be considered first. The footrest option is an excellent plus while analyzing the comfort level of a chair.

Backrest: How it is possible while analyzing a chair for back pain, we overlook the backrest. Check the padded material and shape of the backrest of the chair while purchasing. It will help to relieve back pain as well.

Seat Pan Depth: For taller persons, seat pan depth is the essential feature to consider before buying. By sitting on an ideal chair, the space between your bent knees and the edge of the seat pan should be 2 to 3 inches.

If space is more than 2 to 3 inches, you will get tired fast. On the other hand, the seat edges pinch your bent knees and feel uncomfortable.


The next feature which makes your working hours and sitting time more manageable and more comfortable is adjustability. In modern chairs, there’re a lot of options to adjust all the parts of the chair. Let’s check how you can analyze a chair for adjustability;

Height: Generally, this feature is found in office chairs; however, different home recliners for back pain come with this feature. You can adjust the height of the chair according to your requirements.

Armrest: Armrest can be adjusted forth and back according to your need. Moreover, you can adjust the height of the armrest according to your desire.

Reclining Angle: It could be an important factor while buying a chair for lower back pain. Check the reclining adjustment of the chair which you’re going to buy.

Swivel Feature: Again, this feature is suitable for office and gaming chairs. However, a home chair tends to be bought to relieve back pain has this feature.

Aside from the above-mentioned adjustment features, you need to check the back support adjustment (forth and back movement). We know all the traits mentioned above are found in office chairs, but home chairs for back and hip pain can have these adjustment options as well.

Size and Weight:

Before analyzing the size, check the available space in your room for a chair. Having known the available space, go and buy accordingly. So, we say that chair size is a subjective matter, and appropriation of this factor changes from one person to another.

Now it’s up to you a heavyweight chair suits you the most or a lightweight. If you need to change the position of the chair frequently, consider a chair having less weight.

Upholstery material:

Checking for this material assures you the durability of a chair. Generally, upholstery comes in two different materials; leather and fabric. Both of the materials have their pros and cons. For example, leather upholstery is easy to clean, but it can be ruined easily with a knife or any sharp gadget.

On the other hand, fabric material is more likely to get stained and hard to clean. But fabric upholstery chairs are relatively more durable.

Frame Material

Frame material is the other factor that plays a vital role in the overall durability of a chair. As we know that we buy a chair to use it for years; so, it should be durable. Various home chairs’ frame is made of wood that is considered durable.

On the other hand, most of the office chairs are made of metal. So, check the metal either is corrosion-resistant or not.


For the home chair, design matters a lot. Check the furniture and your room’s interior design and buy a chair accordingly. Unless you focus on the design, the chair will look odd in your room (if it doesn’t match the room furniture). So, always look at the design before buying.

Price and Warranty:

The last attribute that needs to be focused on before buying any product is the price and warranty. See your budget and comparatively analyze the prices and other features. Find the best option within your budget range. Moreover, it’s a great plus if the chair comes with a warranty. Manufacturers mention the warranty period on the package, so check before purchasing a home chair.    

Exercises to get rid of back pain

Exercise can be the best way to get rid of back pain. The main aim of starting exercise is to strengthen the muscle. So, here, we’re going to reveal different exercises that will make your back muscle strength and pain relief.


We can say that walk is a universal exercise. Either you’re suffering from back pain, depression, or obesity, walk in the morning is the best remedy ever. Try to make a habit of walking 10 to 15 minutes in the morning, and you will feel the difference.

As we know that there is less pressure on Disc and back while standing, so a walk can be beneficial for back pain. However, keep in mind, back pain due to Sciatica cannot be got rid of by walking.

Wall Sit Posture:

It could be a laborious exercise for those who are suffering from knee problems. In this exercise, all you have to do is stand with the wall and press your press your back with the wall. Now slowly slide down and bend your knees.

Complete your posture as if you’re sitting on a chair by bending your knees. Now press the wall by pushing your back. After that, go up slowly and stand straight. Do it 4 to 5 times.

Note: Again, this exercise isn’t for Sciatica sufferers because it can exert extreme pressure on your legs.

Knee to Chest:

This exercise is my favorite to get rid of back pain. Amazingly, it doesn’t demand sweaty efforts as well. Just lie down straight on the ground. Now bend the knees in a position that your feet are flat on the ground.  

After that, lift your one leg up and touch your knee on the chest. Having touched the knee to the chest, repeat the same process with the other leg. Repeat this exercise for 5 minutes a day.

It will be equally beneficial for sciatica sufferers, and it will exert gentle pressure on the legs and relieve pain fast.

By Making Bridge:

Again lie down straight on the ground. Now bend your knees in such a way that only heels touch the ground. Having taken the position as asked above, push your heel to the ground and start lifting your hips up. Now, make sure that your shoulder and heels touch the ground only, and your legs, hips, and back are in the air.

Stay in this posture for 5 to 10 seconds and repeat it ten times a day.

Note: While doing this exercise, make sure that your arms are straight on the ground.

Some other tips:

Aside from doing the exercises mentioned above, several other exercises won’t be performed while suffering from back pain; otherwise, the situation will be worsened. For example, never try to touch your toes while standing and bending. Don’t lift your legs straight while lie down straight on the ground.

In short, avoid all the exercises which exert direct pressure on your back muscles.

Last Words

Let us admit that no chair can cure your back pain problem; however, it can alleviate the pain. So, we’ve researched different home chairs for back pain and enlisted the best ones. Please check all the chairs mentioned above and choose which, you think, suits the most. If you’ve some other suggestions, please do comment in the comment section. Thank you. Stay Blessed.   


Is a hard chair better for your back?

The surface of the chair doesn’t matter a lot for many. Many of us get used to sitting on a hard surface. On the flip side, various people like to sit on the padded seat. The effect of a rigid or padded seat is minute.

The fundamental factor that matters a lot and affects your back pain positively or negatively is the shape of a chair. So, check the shape of a chair before buying. Moreover, we’ve described a very detailed buying guide for a chair for chronic back pain. Please read that buying guide and explore what factors make a chair suitable for back pain sufferers.

So, the answer to this question is that hard or soft surface doesn’t matter, and the critical factor is the shape of a chair.

How to sleep sitting in a chair properly?

Once in life, you would have slept in a chair, whether it would be at the airport, waiting for your flight, or during a car trip. So, it’s necessary to learn how to sleep while sitting in a chair. If you’re at home or in the office and want to sleep in a chair, first equip yourself with the right tools for sleeping. For example, take a pillow if you’re going to sleep in the office.

Yes, take a pillow and place it on the working table. Now put your head on the pillow and sleep.

On the other side, you can manage an ottoman and a pillow for sleeping in a chair at home. Just recline the chair back and adjust at your comfort level and sleep. Enjoy sleeping in the chair.

Is sitting in a chair bad for back?

The answer to this question depends upon several factors, which are going to be mentioned below;

i- For how much time do you sit on a chair in a day?

If you sit on a chair for 12 to 15 hours continuously, the chances of suffering are high.

ii- Your posture:

How you sit on the chair is more than important anything else. The wrong posture may suffer you from backaches.  

iii- Shape of chair

The last factor might be the shape of a chair that can cause back pain. Please check the buying guide mentioned above before purchasing a chair.