09 Best Insulated Lunch Box for Hot food reviews 2022

Keeping the best insulated lunch box for hot food not only gives you home-made hygienic food, but it also saves your money. So, if you want to be perfect parents, keep your kids away from the junky foods of school cafeterias. Moreover, if you are a jobholder and still want to enjoy a yummy and hot lunch, a lunch box can be the best option for you. This article discusses the top 10 insulated lunch boxes that keep hot food safe for hours and hours.

We will discuss design, material, waterproof, lunch box sections, capacity, and price in the following reviews. Therefore, if you’re interested in knowing which lunch box will suit your kids and husband the most, be with us.

05 benefits of bringing your own lunch to school and work

Here, we’re going to reveal the top 05 advantages of bringing your own lunch to school that might help to inspire you to eat homemade foods. Let’s start

Eat your Favorites:

Unlike the school café’s food, you aren’t bound to eat whatever it is available in the café. Moreover, it would be a better idea for moms to pack a lunchbox for their kids. Just cook and pack whatever your kids like to eat the most. It will be more beneficial for your kids and improve their creativity to eat their favorite food.

Eat Healthily

It is an admitted fact that homemade foods are healthier than the foods sold in cafes and restaurants. While cooking at home, wives and moms keep all the factors in mind that make their families healthy. They strictly follow the cleanliness guidelines and use hygienic cooking oils.

On the flip side, most cafes don’t use healthy ingredients and use different inorganic things to enhance the taste of the dish.

Save Money:

Typically, leftovers of dinner can be used for lunch that saves your money. On the other hand, a café’s meal costs you more and can be a burden on your pocket. So, always try to bring your lunch at work and at school.

Save Time:

It has been observed that the break-time of all the students are the same and all the students rush towards the café. After waiting long in a queue, students succeed to get their meal from café owing to the poor management of café.

However, by bringing the meal from home can save your time and avoid you from standing in a long queue.

Reduce Garbage:

Normally, you’ve observed that café serve the meal in disposable boxes and glasses that affect our environment badly.

On the other hand, by bringing a meal from home, you use reusable lunch boxes and other cutlery which is good for our environment as well.

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Best insulated lunch box for hot food 2021

After researching for hours, we come to compile the best ten lunch boxes that keep your food hot for 5 to 6 hours easily. Let’s check one by one;

1-Homespoon Cute Insulated Bento hot Lunch Box for office

If versatility has some other name, it could be Homespoon’s bento lunch box. Either you want to get a fresh lunch eaten for your kids or your husband, this lunch box will be the best choice. Moreover, going to spend your weekend on a beach? No problem, bring your food in a lunch box and enjoy warm and hot food at the beach.   

First, it would be a good idea to introduce to you its containers. There are two main containers in it; however, lids of main containers can also be used to store sauce and other beverages easily. Yes, we can say that caps are 2-in-1.  Amazingly, all these containers can be used separately according to your needs.

Having introduced containers, it’s time to allure you by telling you what’s included in the package. The package consists of a lunch box (5 containers), a lunch bag, a spoon, a chopstick, and a container bag.

The manufacturer knows that kids are more prone to break their lunch boxes by dropping them hither and thither; therefore, its external body is made from polyethylene, and internal containers are made of supreme stainless steel. For added protection, the lunch bag is there to protect it from scratches.   

Double walls of the box help to keep the food fresh and warm for hours. Besides, the container and box bags are also there to keep the food warm longer.

The large container food capacity is 600ml, and the small container capacity is 300ml, while the lid container capacity is 200ml. For kids’ lunch, a large container with its lid is enough with the dimensions 6.1″ x 5.1″. Moreover, with both the main containers and lids, the dimensions are 8.7″ x 5.1″. Lastly, the overall dimensions are 11″ x 5.1″.



Final Verdict

For travelers, campers, school kids, and jobholders, this lunch box isn’t less than a boon. Amazingly, its price is very reasonable, and even a student can buy it with his pocket money.

2- Pinnacle Insulated Leak Proof thermal Lunch Box for Adults and Kids

Smartness and efficiency are synonymous with the Pinnacle Insulated leaf proof box. Let me make it crystal clear in advance that the mentioned lunch box is the perfect choice for kids owing to its small size. Moreover, it is suitable for the lunch of one man because of its low storage capacity.

The lunch box comes in 6 different eye-catching colors to make the kids feel great in school. So, choose according to your desire.

The lid of the box makes it leak proof- the most annoying factor for kids. By using four clips on the cover, you can easily close the lid tightly that will never let the water come out.

The heat release valve is a newly introduced feature that prevents fresh food from turning into soggy food.

The box’s food capacity storage is 16 ounces that is more than adequate for kids’ lunch.

While manufacturing the lunch box, the weight of the lunch box’s weight has been kept under consideration. That’s why it weighs only 9 oz, and your school-going kids can easily bear its weight.

Unfortunately, the lunch box consists of only one container, and you can’t enjoy multiple dishes in your lunch.



Final Verdict

If you have a tight budget and still want to give a precious gift to your child, believe me, this lunch box is the best gift for your kid. So, give your child a gift and keep him away from the unhygienic food of the school café.  

3- Mr.Dakai Thermal Lunch Box with stylish lunch bags for work

Have a plan to spend quality time on the beach with your wife on weekends? If so, this lunch box can store and keep the food warm for two persons.  

The lunch box contains three sizable containers that can store almost 80 ounces of food. Each container is the same in size, 800ml. Plus, all have a separate container as well. For making the lunch box leakproof, each lid of the container has been sealed with a silicone ring that prevents any type of leakage. So, keep sausage, beverages, and salads in it with your lunch for the office.

Aside from using three containers, you can use each container as a lunch box separately. For instance, if you want to give lunch to your school-going child, use only one or two containers for kids’ lunch instead of three.

Most amazingly, this lunch box’s package contains an insulated bag that will keep your hot food warm for 4 hours. A user-friendly handle of the lunch box is another cutting edge of this set of the lunch box.  

Lastly, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that most of the lunch boxes aren’t dishwashers and Microwave safe; however, this box is dishwasher and microwave safe that is a glaring feature of it.

Note: Use it in Microwave after removing lids.



Final Verdict

This versatile lunch box can be used for camping, traveling, school, and office. Keep enjoying your fresh and warm food after working in the office for hours.

4- Lunch Box Bag Set for Adults and Kids, and campers

Do you want to be a perfect mom? Have a desire to give hygienic food to your kids while going to school? This pinnacle lunch box package has everything that makes lunch perfect. Let’s see what’s included in the complete package of this lunch box.

This package comes with two large containers. Amazingly, both boxes can be used separately. Moreover, one container has a stainless steel inner for food storage, while the other container has a plastic inner. The container having a plastic inner side is Microwave safe and can be used to heat food in an oven. Unfortunately, both the containers aren’t dishwasher safe and get scratches. Each lunch container has a food capacity of 16 oz.

Aside from two containers, the package includes a thermo bottle. The Thermo bottle features leak proof and insulated. The capacity of the bottle is 16 oz that keeps your drinks cold or hot for hours. Plus, the package comes with matching color cutlery and an insulated bag as well.

So, either you pack the lunch box with sandwiches, soups, or some other beverages, it will keep the food warm, cold, or fresh accordingly.

The shoulder strap makes it super easy to carry it all day. This fantastic complete package is available in different trendy colors.

Allow me to give you an idea! If your child’s birthday is near to come, give this lunch box as a gift and make him healthy by avoiding the junky food of school and college cafes.



Final Verdict

A perfect package of lunch boxes that can meet your demands easily. It can be perfect for school-going kids and campers. Check the other features and price on Amazon by clicking the button below.

5- Lava Lunch Insulated Lunch Bag and box

First, it must be cleared that it should be called a lunch bag rather than a lunch box. Yes, in this lunch bag, you can keep your simple lunch box, and it will never let your food cold for five hours.

Yes, the Lava lunch bag’s manufacturer claims that this bag can keep your food fresh and warm for five hours. In fact, the Lava lunch bag’s manufacturer introduced a new technology to keep the food warm longer.

The lunch bag comes with patented Lava Rocks. These rocks can be heated in a microwave oven for a brief period (1 to 2 minutes). After getting the rocks heated, just place one rock at the bottom of the insulated bag and place your lunch on the rock. After that, place the other patented lava rock on the lunch. By doing so, both the rocks release heat slowly into the insulated bag, and your food will be warm.

The lunch bag food storage capacity is 3L, that is more than enough for a one to two-person lunch.

The lunch bag has been made of BPA and lead-free material that is safe to use.

The cleaning of the bag is just a breeze. Just take a soft piece of cloth or towel and wipe out all the mess in one go.

It wouldn’t be less than a shock for you that this insulated lunch bag comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Yes, if you are not satisfied with this lunch bag’s quality, just return the product and get your payment back.



Final Verdict

It could be the best choice for the people who always prefer to spend their weekends at beaches and still want to enjoy warm home-made food. If you do the same, give a try to this lunch bag.

6- Arctic Zone Deluxe Hot/Cold Insulated Food Carrier

Another lunch bag is here to be reviewed. Arctic Zone Deluxe lunch bag is manufactured to be smart. This lunch bag can be carried in one hand easily.

Unlike its smart design, the food storage capacity is enough for one to two persons. The dimensions of the bag are 17.5 x 11.2 x 5.2 inches. You can put your spoons, forks, and other eating essentials inside of the lid. Plus, the cover can be closed with the help of the zip.

You just need to place the hot food directly coming from the oven in the lunch bag. The lunch bag can keep the food warm for 4 to 5 hours owing to its therma-flect technology. Its therma-flect inner doesn’t absorb the heat and reflects the heat to keep the food warm.

The cover of the bag contains a user-friendly handle that helps to carry it here and there. Moreover, cleaning it is a kid-play. Take a soft cloth and wipe out all the mess, and your bag is ready for tomorrow’s lunch.

Note: Make your kids aware that the food inside the bag is too hot (if you put food coming directly from the oven or stove); otherwise, they get hurt.



Final Verdict

It can be an excellent choice for adults and mature people. Because of its smart size and design, users like it the most. However, kids can get hurt owing to hot food in the bag. Furthermore, it isn’t a leak proof bag; that is also an awful side of it.

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7- Bentgo Bowl - Insulated Leak-Resistant hot lunch bowl with Snack Compartment

Let me introduce another unique insulated lunch box for kids and jobholders who still want to enjoy home-made food at their workplace. This insulated lunch box is perfect for a one person meal.

The lunch box comes with only one container with a food capacity of 21 oz. The dimensions of the Bentgo box are 6.38 x 5.75 x 5.47 inches. Its improved insulation helps to keep the food for 4 hours. Moreover, preventing any spillage and the leak-resistant inner lid has also been added to it.

Surprisingly, the lid of the container has a small container for sausage or cutlery storage. Plus, the innovatively designed lid can be opened quickly.  

The outer side of the box is dishwasher safe. The body of the box is made to last and less likely to break after dropping.

Note: The package includes a reusable spoon and a fork as well.



Final Verdict

This lunch box is considered perfect for children and jobholders; however, it isn’t made for campers and travelers owing to its small size.

8- WORTHBUY Stainless Steel Lunch Container

This lunch box is unique in design and large in size. You’ll instantly fall in love with it after seeing its different features. Let’s check all the features one by one.

The lunch box comes with a large container having two compartments for different dishes. The container is made of stainless steel, so it’s easy to wash and clean. Plus, the container is detachable for easy cleaning.

The lid of the box can be closed tightly, which makes it leak-resistant. It hasn’t ended yet. The lunch box is equipped with a see-through black lid. So, you can see what’s inside the box without opening it.

To keep the food fresh for longer, the package includes an insulated bag with zip-close. Additionally, the bag is geared up with a handle for easy transportation. Plus, a spoon and a fork are also there in the package.

The dimensions of the box are 11.28 x 7.20 x 4.10 inches.



Final Verdict

A classic design lunch box is purely made for school boys and girls. Easy to carry, and smartly built that takes small space in your travel bags as well.

9- Stainless Steel Square Lunch Box for Kids, and Adult

This lunch box is purely made for kids and women. It comes in three different eye-catching colors. The exterior of the box is made of BPA-free plastic. Plus, the exterior body is less prone to get damaged after dropping down. 

On the flip side, the interior of the box consists of a stainless steel single container that is detachable as well. This detachable stainless steel container is easy to wash and clean.

The lid of the box can be closed tightly with the help of clips; it also makes it leak-proof. There is a plastic ring on the lid that never let the water come out and spoil the bag of books. Moreover, the cover of the box is designed in such a manner that cutlery can be stored in it.

The foldable handle makes it portable. The dimensions of it are 7.8×5.7×2.7inch.

We recommend it to use for school-going kids. It won’t be a good option for travelers and camper.



Final Verdict

Owing to its single container, this could be good for kids not for campers and travelers. Moreover, the insulated body isn’t too efficient to keep the food warm for longer.

Buying Guide for Best vacuum insulated Lunch box for food on work/school

Reading reviews of the products is not enough to buy a perfect product. There are also some grey areas which need to be cleared by a buying guide. So, if you’re also willing to buy a lunch box that keeps your food warm for longer, read the following buying guide.

Food Storage Capacity:

The first factor that needs to be addressed is the food storage capacity. Suppose you want an insulated meal bowl for one person, a bowl/box with 10 to 15oz. food capacity is enough.

However, if you are searching for a box for a family to spend a weekend on the beach, you’ll have to choose some other options.


Another factor in which most of the lunch boxes fail is the leak-proof test. Various meal boxes are suitable to carry dry foods; however, whenever you put any beverage, they spoil the kids’ uniform, books and everything.

So, always check whether the manufacturer assures about its leak-proof features or not. Moreover, check if there is any plastic or silicone ring on the lid and how tightly the cover can be closed.


For many, one compartment box meets the demands. However, the multi-compartment box is more desirable owing to its versatility.  In different compartments, you can store and carry different types of foods for your lunch at work. So, in our recommendation, a multi-compartment box is more convenient than a single compartment box.

Insulated Bag

It might be an essential factor if you really want to enjoy warm food. The insulated bag helps to keep the food warm longer. So, try to buy a complete set of the lunch box with an Insulated bag.


Durability is the factor which must be considered before buying any product. Almost 90% of lunch boxes are durable and less likely to get broken after dropping down on a hard surface. However, check the material before buying the box; thereby, you can easily assess whether it will be long-lasting or not.

Besides, check that either the lunch box which you are going to buy is dishwasher and microwave safe or not.

Last Words

It took almost 6 to 7 hours to find, research, and check the quality of the best-insulated lunch box for hot food, as mentioned above. If you have any query related to the article, please do ask in the comment section, our team will try to answer you to quench your quest. Furthermore, if you have any other lunch box with excellent experience, please comment on the name with three reasons why you like it. We will check and add your recommended meal bowl in the list. Thank you, Stay Bless


How to pack hot and cold lunch together?

In an insulated lunch bag, packing hot and cold lunch items together is quite a simple task to do. For instance, you have a leftover chicken dish, plus, you want to carry cold yoghurt as well.  

Just take a small thermos and an ice pad. Put the ice pad in one corner of the bag and put yoghurt thermos alongside the ice pad.

Now it’s time to pack a hot chicken dish in the chicken bag. Take NapkinNapkin and envelop the chicken thermos with that NapkinNapkin. Put that chicken dish thermos (enveloped) in the bag. By doing so, you can enjoy cold yoghurt and hot chicken dishes after 4 to 5 hours.

How to keep food warm for lunch without thermos?

Without a thermos, keeping the food warm is a little bit trickier to do. However, with the following quick points, you can enjoy your warm food after spending 4 to 5 hours on work. Let’s check all the following quick facts one by one;  

Aluminum Foil: As we know that aluminium foil is an excellent insulating material that always reflects heat towards the food. So, always wrap the food in aluminium foil and make a second layer of a towel to keep the food hot for hours.

Use Hot Water Bottle: Another way to keep the food hot is the use of a hot water bottle. Hot water carries a lot of energy in the form of heat. So, you can wrap a hot water bottle alongside your food. It will keep your food warm for longer.

Insulated bags: Market is full of cheap insulated bags that will keep your food hot for 4 to 5 hours. You can buy those cheap insulated food bags and use them for food.

How to pack hot lunch for school?

For packing hot food for schools, insulated lunch boxes and tiffin are used. Insulated boxes are right to keep the food warm and hot for hours. Before packing the hot food in the box, fill the box with hot water for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, pour out all the water from the box and pack the hot food in the box. It will help to keep food fresh and warm.

Make sure, you have closed the lid tightly. Moreover, the box must be insulated. Aside from all, just try to keep the insulated box in the insulated bag, it will enhance the time for keeping the food fresh. We’ve mentioned different lunch boxes above, please one by one and choose according to your need.

How to keep pizza warm for school lunch?

Pizza for lunch can be great fun in schools. But keeping the pizza warm for longer is a hard nut to crack. Generally, leftover pizza from dinner can be used for school lunch. Follow the below-mentioned steps to keep pizza warm for school.

Place the pizza in the oven to heat it again.

Fill hot water in the box for 5 to 10 minutes.

Now wrap the pizza in a foil.

Lastly, put this heated pizza in an insulated lunch box.

This insulated box tends to keep a heated-again pizza warm for 5 to 7 hours.