Best Kitchen Ceiling Fans with Bright Lights (07 Reviews 2022)

Finding the best kitchen ceiling fan out of hundreds of choices can be no picnic. It may get your wires crossed while choosing the right option. There’re plenty of factors to consider for things like; blades’ material, blades’ length, damp rated, wet rated, motor durability, and air circulation speed. Aside from all these factors, choosing an aesthetic design fan for the kitchen can also be a hard nut to crack.

But you need not be worried about that; we’re here with a complete buying guide and an updated list of the top 07 ceiling fans for the kitchen. Let’s check which fan will suit the most. 

After analyzing dozens of factors, we will be able to crack the top 07 kitchen fans’ list that will help to maintain the normal temperature in a warm area. Let’s see nuts and bolts of all the fans mentioned below;

1- Westinghouse 7812700 Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse is one of the well-known brands of different electric home appliances. The fan’s (Westinghouse 7812700) simple design and efficient performance are the two main qualities that place it miles above.

Besides simple design, the low price tag is another feature that never puts a burden on your pocket.

This fan is ideal for the kitchen, having an area of 400 square feet. However, if you have a small kitchen (200 sq ft), this Westinghouse fan is also good. The fan size is 56 inches. There are three blades to blow and circulate air in a room. All blades with white finish are made of steel. So, you need not raise a question about material quality.

Let’s discuss its airflow and watt. The airflow capacity of this fan is 5973 CFM by using 60 watts. It means the fan uses 1 watt for 96CFM. The airspeed can be controlled at five levels by wall control.

The manufacturer (Westinghouse) provides 15 years motor warranty and a two-year warranty for all other parts.



Final Verdict

If you want a simple design ceiling fan at a low budget, Westinghouse 7812700 is a matchless option that can deliver its best performance in a kitchen. So, buy this product at an affordable price.

2- Harbor Breeze Mazon Small Ceiling Fan for Kitchen

A relatively smaller ceiling fan is here to be reviewed. Harbor Breeze Mazon ceiling fan comes with all the advanced features for which you can desire. Let’s check its different features one by one;

The fan comes with three blades with a brush nickel color. The size of the revolving diameter is relatively smaller than the fan mentioned above. So, we can say this smartly built fan can be the best choice for a small kitchen. Yes, the diameter measures almost 44 inches that can be perfect a room of 250 sq. ft.

This fan won’t put a burden on your pocket by consuming high wattages. Compared to the above, it uses only 58 watts to circulate air with a flow capacity of 4545CFM. So, it will be the best choice for people who want to reduce their electricity bills.

The most amazing trait is its integrated light that can lighten up your room while providing you a cool breeze. The light requires only 18 watts to lighten up your room. Another feature that facilitates you is its remote control system. You can control speed and turn the fan on and off from your bed with its remote.

So, you will get a fan that is aesthetically designed and add more value to your kitchen’s overall looks.



Final Verdict

An aesthetic and smart design, remote control system, and built light are the features that can make one’s mouth watery. So, if you want to add more value and comfort to your kitchen, it can be your purchase of the year.

3- Honeywell Kitchen Ceiling Fans with Bright lights: 50601-01 Ocean Breeze

Another smartly built fan is here to adorn your small kitchen, bedroom, and bathrooms. Honeywell is a popular brand nowadays. It delivers different size ceiling fans in dozens of styles. However, this ocean breeze ceiling fan comes with a contemporary style in a smaller size.

The fan’s diameter is 30 inches, perfect for a small bedroom of 100 square feet. Moreover, it is geared up with three steel blades with a brushed nickel finish. The reversible motor of this fan allows us to maintain the required temperature by revolving clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Dual mounting compatibility is another cutting edge of the Honeywell ceiling fan. You can mount it with a downrod or angled mount. Another feature that has always been desired by many users is the built-in LED light. And luckily, this model comes with an integrated LED light with 450 lumens. And the LED light consumes only 5 watts.

To control the fan speed, it has a traditional pull-chains system. You can pull the chain and increase the speed of the fan. Furthermore, turning it on and off is also possible with the pull-chain. Lastly, it can be run at three different levels of speed; therefore, adjust the speed according to your needs.

Note: The manufacturer provides one year warranty to its users.



Final Verdict

This fan isn’t less than a boon for people who have a small space and a tight budget. It comes with an integrated light and pull-chain control system at a lower price. So, check the price and buy it for your small bedroom.

4- Minka-Aire F844-DK LightWave 52" Ceiling Fan

A sleek distressed Koa finished design is here to beautify your kitchen. The fan is crafted with three smart blades that are made of wood. It could be love at first sight because of its looks and design.

The cutting diameter of this fan is 52″. So, this 52 inches blade sweep is quite suitable for a 300 to 400 square feet area. Also, the fan uses a maximum of 65 watts and delivers a maximum airflow of 4531 cubic feet per minute.

At low speed, the fan provides 146 CFM per watt, and at the high speed of the fan, the motor delivers 70 CFM per watt. Furthermore, it 3-speed levels that can be controlled with a given remote.

Apart from the remote control system, the fan is equipped with dimmable light. Yes, you can control the intensity of the built-in light of the fan with a remote. It can lighten up a room with max 896 lumens.

Minka-Aire F844-DK’s package includes a six inches downrod for mounting the fan in the ceiling. Besides six inches downrod, long downrods are also available for towering roof rooms.

So, make your room and kitchen beautiful with this amazing masterpiece that is equally efficient in blowing air in a room.



Final Verdict

If budget isn’t a problem for you and wants a unique design, the Minka-Aire F844-DK ceiling fan will meet your demands efficiently. The design and high-quality light are the other features that may attract you more.

5- CO-Z 52 Inch Ceiling Fan LED Light Brushed Nickel Finish

It’s a relatively new model of CO-Z company that never compromises on quality and performance. At first sight, you’ll feel that this model is made to last for life. Surprisingly, the fan can be used outdoor because of its water-resistant feature. The sturdy ABS three blades of the fan are less likely to deform.

The cutting diameter’s size is 52 inches that is considered perfect for a room of 400 square feet. At the highest speed, it consumes almost 57 watts.

Apart from many other fascinating features, its silicon steel motor places it above par. Whisper quiet performance of the motor can be run in both directions, clockwise and anti-clockwise. By doing so, you can dissipate heat uniformly in a room.

This featured-rich fan comes with a dimmable LED light that can be adjusted at different color temperatures.

Lastly, the fan speed can be controlled with a remote, and you can turn the fan on and off with a remote. Moreover, the fan has 3-speed options; High, medium, and low. Aside from controlling the speed and light intensity with the remote, you can easily change the fan’s revolving direction with the remote.

Hence, a sturdy and durable fan is waiting for your attention at Amazon. Just check the price and other features and buy it.



Final Verdict

With a medium budget, if you want a durable product with no effect of weather and water, CO-Z 52 Inch Ceiling Fan is made for you. Durability and all the advanced features are there in this model of CO-Z. So, just give a try . Either you want to use it in the kitchen or outdoors.

6- Hunter 59262 Contemporary Modern 52" Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fan Company has been rendering its services for years. It has manufactured dozens of fans of different sizes and styles. The Hunter 59262 fan is also one of the best masterpieces of Hunter. Despite its simple design, its matte silver color attracts you.

Unfortunately, there is no built-light in the fan.

The blade sweep-size of the fan is 52 inches and can be perfect for large rooms. At maximum speed, it consumes almost 64 watts. Furthermore, its maximum airflow capacity is 5527 Cubic Feet per Minute.

The blades are made of stainless steel with matte silver color finishes. So, you need not be worried about corrosion.

Not ended yet. The fan is geared up with a whisper wind motor that is quiet in operation and great in its functionality. Plus, this motor can be run in clockwise and anti-clock directions. Enjoy your summers in the motor’s downdraft mode and keep your room warm in winter by running the fan in updraft mode.

This damp-rated fan comes with a pull-chain system to control the speed of the fan. You can also turn the fan on and off by pulling the chain softly.

The package includes 3 inches and 5 inches downrods for optimized air according to the room’s height.

Note: The manufacturer provides a one-year limited warranty to its uses.



Final Verdict

Simplicity and durability are the synonymous Hunter 59262 ceiling fan. So, if you’re also looking for the aforementioned features, check this fan before buying any other. We hope it will grab your attention.

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7- Honeywell Palm Island 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

All the above-mentioned models of different fans have three blades to maintain the temperature of a room. But here is an exception. Honeywell Palm Island fan has five palm leaf design blades. The fan’s cutting diameter is 52 inches that shows the fan is suitable for medium to a large room.

It consumes 67 watts that can circulate the air with a flow of 3516 cubic feet per minute. Moreover, the fan blades with bronze finish are made of ABS plastic and damp rated.

The fan has a pull-chain to turn it on and off. Aside from the pull-chain, you can use Honeywell universal remote to control the speed of the fan. The fan can be run at four different speed options. So, adjust the speed as per your requirement.

The motor that has been mounted in the fan is reversible. You can run the fan clockwise and anticlockwise in summers and winters, respectively. Furthermore, the fan works so quietly that it won’t disturb your sleeping at night.

Honeywell Palm Island fan has multiple mounting options; close mount, downrod, and angled mounting. You can adjust the mounting according to your needs. Sad to say that the fan has no LED light.

Note: The manufacturer provides a limited lifetime warranty to its users. 



Final Verdict

One who wants to make a room and kitchen more eyeful, Honeywell Palm Island fan will do it for you. It can be an excellent addition in your room and enhance the overall look of your room. So, just check all the features and price and buy

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Buying Guide for Best Kitchen Ceiling Fan

It is good to consider several factors before buying a ceiling fan for your kitchen or a bedroom. The buying guide helps to make the right decision about ceiling fans. If you are also thinking about buying a kitchen fan, we’re here to help you in this regard. Please check the following list of important factor before buying

Your requirement:

Generally, it’s observed that ceiling fans are more likely to increase the kitchen’s temperature when the oven, toaster, and stove are in use. So, before buying a kitchen fan, install an exhaust fan in a kitchen for smoke and heat emission. After that, check the weather condition in your area. Lastly, measure the dimensions of the kitchen where you need to install a ceiling fan. After analyzing the aforementioned factors, go for buying a ceiling fan.

Size and blades:

The next factor that is considered the most crucial one for buying a fan is the size. The size which we measure is the cutting diameter of a fan. So, if you have a large kitchen having a 400 square feet area, then a fan with 56 inches sweep diameter is perfect for your kitchen.

However, for smaller kitchens, many other options are small in size and high in functionality.

Traditional ceiling fans consist of 3 blades (40 inches to 56 inches). However, the number of blades varies from model to model. Usually, the number of blades varies from 3 to 7. Blades’ material is also a point of concern while purchasing a ceiling fan. Steel is considered one of the best materials for fan blades that is corrosion-free and high in quality.


Many users demand a built-in LED light system in a fan. If you are also searching for such a feature in a fan, we have mentioned kitchen fans with LED light on the list. You can choose your desired model from the list. To add more comfort, various fans provide a dimmable light system, and you can control the light intensity with the help of a remote.

On the flip side, fans without LED light are also there that can maintain the room temperature and circulate air efficiently. Now the choice is yours.

Motor Quality:

A motor is the main component of a fan. You can say that a motor is the heart of the fan. So, check the quality of the motor. Check either the wired system is made of copper or silver. Copper wiring is considered more reliable and durable than silver.

Plus, please pay attention to the reversible feature of the motor. A reversible motor can help to maintain the temperature in winters as well.

Energy Consumption and CFM

While buying an electric appliance for home use, please check how much energy the fan consumes. This factor will help to optimize your electricity bills. Normally, energy consumption on electric appliances has been mentioned in watts.

Ceiling fans’ wattages vary from 55 watts to 68 watts. So, check the wattages and buy according to your needs.

Another relatable factor is the air volume of the fan that can be denoted by CFM. The more CFM means more air circulation in a room. For 400 square feet, room, from 4000CFM to 6000CFM, is more than adequate.

Control System:

There are three types of control systems for fan;

i- Remote Control System

ii- Wall-Mounted Buttons and System

iii- Pull-Chain System

Now, it’s your choice which controls the system you prefer for your kitchen.

Price and Warranty:

The price and warranty are the factors that must be checked before purchasing. The price of a featured-rich ceiling fan varies from $100 to $200. And the warranty is also a plus; if the manufacturer provides a warranty, you should avail of it.

Energy Efficient:

Although all the factors mentioned above, are note-worthy, yet an energy-efficient lamp can bring the best bang to your bucks. Typically, a lamp using LED lights is energy efficient. Almost 95% of power has been used by LED lights to convert electric energy into light energy. On the other hand, nearly 50% of electrical energy is dissipated, and 50% of energy has used to turn it into light.


Price can be a decisive factor for the people who have a short budget for lamps. But you need not worry about that. You can buy a standard quality lamp with all the mentioned features buy spending a small amount of price Like TaoTronics TT-LD13B. So, go and buy the dreamy lamp at the lowest cost with all elements.

Last Words

Here, we tried our best to compile a list of the best kitchen ceiling fans. We analyzed a couple of factors like; Noise level, blade material, motor quality, control system, and durability. After analyzing all these factors, we found Westinghouse 7812700 the best fan among all for simplicity lovers. If you’ve any other suggestions than the above list, you can inform us in the comment section. We will scrutinize and add your recommendation to our list. Thank you! Stay blessed.


Is a ceiling fan in the kitchen a good idea?

It is difficult to answer this question in “yes” or “no.” There are dozens of parameters you should take into account before ceiling fans for the kitchen; For example, weather conditions and the ventilation system of your kitchen. 

If it feels suffocation and sweltering in the kitchen, install an exhaust fan coupled with a ceiling fan. Both exhaust fan and ceiling fan help to maintain the kitchen temperature up to the mark. 

Are 3 or 4 blade ceiling fans better?

When you compare 3 and 4 blades ceiling fans, you’ll find three blades fan better than four blades for a couple of reasons below;

i-             3 blades fan decrease the overall load on the motor 

ii-            The fan with three blades tends to be quieter than four blades

iii-           A fan having three blades avoids air friction while running 

On the flip side, four blades fan delivers a better experience in aeration.

What is the best ceiling fan for my kitchen?

As we mentioned earlier, all the enlisted fans are considered best for the kitchen. However, among those 7 models, we rate Harbor Breeze Mazon for small kitchens and Westinghouse 7812700 fan for large kitchens. Now it’s up to you which fan you like the most. Check all the features of all the products and then buy wisely.