Top 06 Best Large Capacity Front Load Washer 2022

If the weekend is your laundry day, a huge clump of dirty clothes might make your day more challenging than the routine working days. Stubborn stains of mud, oil, grease, and tea on clothes add insult to the injury. And if you have kids, washing clothes is nearly equal to dodging a bullet; because kids are more innovative to get their clothes dirty. Hence, being a housewife/mom, you need the best large capacity front load washer that can get the clothes washed and cleaned in one go without making you feel tired at all.   

For your ease, we have compiled a list of the different top-rated front load washing machines with large capacities that can make your laundry day a breeze. So, if you have a plan to buy a front load washer, please check the below-mentioned products and choose any of them, and turn your clothes washing task into a piece of cake. Let’s check all the products one by one;

What features we are going to analyze are size, capacity, configuration type, wash cycles, smart/ advanced features, reversible door, water, and energy efficiency. Having analyzed all the mentioned features by reading reviews of dozens of readers, we are going to review the following 06 front load washers with large capacity. Let’s read the reviews in great details one by one;

1- GE Large Capacity Smart Front Load Washer

As we know that this article only included the front load washers with large capacity; therefore, we have placed this GE’s masterpiece at the top. With a large capacity, this washing machine comes with plenty of smart features to make your life easier than ever before.

First, let’s discuss the capacity that is the eye of the storm for this article. This model by GE comes with a 5 Cu Ft capacity that is considered extra-large according to With this large washing capacity, one can easily wash 20 to 22 pounds of clothes in one go.

Having discussed the capacity, let’s check various smart features which help to improve your life quality. Built-in Wifi is the smartest feature in this model which helps you to operate it remotely. Aside from built-in Wifi, the UltraFresh vent system keeps the washer odor-free. Moreover, Microban Antimicrobial technology helps to keep washing clothes germs-free. SmartDispense technology is vigilant enough to hold and use the right amount of detergent for every load of clothes. It can hold detergent for almost more than 30 loads of clothes.

Mainly, the performance of a washing machine depends on how gentle the washing cycle will be on clothes while washing. It serves 12 different washing cycles for different types of fabrics. Aside from 12 washing cycles, there are 10 wash options with 5 different water options. Lastly, the spin speed and tumbling make sure that the clothes get free of stains.

In the end, let me assure you that the tub of this dryer is corrosion-free because of its high-quality stainless steel material and its sapphire blue color will be eye-catching for you.



Final Verdict

A housewife who needs to wash the clothes of a large family of 5 to 6 members at weekend, this masterpiece of GE is not less than a boon. Just give it a try and make your laundry washing task super easy.

2-LG WM3998HBA Front Load Washing Machine

A brand-oriented person can’t say “No” to the LG brand. Who is unknown to LG. This manufacturer has been manufacturing a range of household electronic items without being compromised on quality. And there is no exception when it comes to the LG WM3998HBA washer. Let’s check all its features one by one;

First, let me make it crystal clear that the washing capacity of this top load washer is relatively lower than the GE model- Reviewed above. However, its washing capacity is enough to wash almost 15 to 18 pounds of clothes in one go. Well, the washing capacity of this washer is 4.5 cu. Ft.

Having discussed the capacity, let’s explore its washing cycles and advanced features as well. It will be great to know that this LG washer works great remotely just because of its built-in Wifi system.

Moreover, the LG washer comes up with 14 different washing cycles which make it versatile for washing different types of fabrics. It doesn’t matter whether you want to wash a bed sheet with some delicate clothes of kids, it treats all the clothes accordingly.

Aside from various wash cycles, this washer comes up with several water temperature levels and wash options. On the dashboard, you will find to adjust the water temperature to get the desired results.

According to the users, this washer is way more gentle than its various counterparts. Lastly, the sleek finishing of this washer is enough to class up your laundry room.



Final Verdict

It admits no doubt that this LG washer is a bit expensive; however, you will get your money by investing in it. So, make your decision wisely and invest once and enjoy the product for life.

3- LG WM8100HV Mega Capacity Washing Machine

We always tried to make a diversified list of products that may get you covered with almost all the reliable products of each reliable brand. However, we can’t abstain from reviewing another product from the same brand again. Yes, another time, here we are going to review WM8100HVA just because of its large washing capacity.

Unlike the above, it comes with a spacious drum that can wash a huge pile of dirty clothes in one go. The washing capacity of this model is 5.2 cu. Ft that can wash 22 to 24 pounds of clothes in one go.

Aside from the large capacity, another fascinating feature of this product is its finishing. For the added appearance of your laundry room, this will be the best-fitted product by LG. The graphite steel finish really attracts the attention of buyers.

Like any standard models of LG, this one has also a built-in Wifi for ultimate ease to wash clothes remotely by giving command on a mobile app.

With 14 wash cycles, you will get a huge variety of washing for different clothes. Not ends yet, steam cleaning and sanitize cycles are the feathers in the cap of this washer. The dashboard of this washer is easy to understand and operate; even a kid can operate it easily.

The external body of the washer is made of graphite steel that is the other name of durability. Moreover, the drum is made of stainless steel which is likely to last for hundreds of years.

Lastly, the washing performance of this washing machine is above par. The cleaning and removing stains performance of this machine is almost 90% that is good. Furthermore, a high-speed spin cycle is a great plus because it leaves very little work for the dryer and takes the water out.



Final Verdict

If reliability and durability are something which you are searching for along with the large capacity of a washer, LG has done the job. Now it depends on you either you buy it or ignore this masterpiece.

4- Samsung WF42H5000A Washer with Smart Care

At the beginning of the review, it would be a good idea to tell you that this washer has the lowest washing capacity among all the enlisted items. However, the washing capacity more than 4 cu. Ft is considered adequate for a large family. And the washing capacity of this model of Samsung is 4.2 cu.ft. 

With 4.2 cu.ft washing capacity, one can easily wash almost 15 to 17 pounds of clothes in one go.

Making the perception of washing capacity clear, let’s check how efficient the washer is for washing clothes.  8 different washing cycles allow the user to make it gentle and rough on the clothes according to the fabric. Furthermore, you can adjust 4 different temperature levels according to the delicacy of the fabric. It doesn’t end yet, 9 wash options and 3 soil settings are there for effective cleaning results.

In addition, there are three types of dispenser trays, in which you can place detergent, bleach, or softener.

The most amazing feature that may grab your attention is its vibration and noise-free operation. It is commonly observed that dirty laundry is washed at weekends when all the other family members are sleeping.  And the deafening noise of a washer is enough to ruin the tranquil sleep of all the family members. Nevertheless, the same is not the case with Samsung WF42H5000AW. Its quiet operation is something that you would love the most.

The overall appearance of this Samsung washer is impressive. It comes in white color with great finishing. Apart from appearance, the quality material makes this washing machine long-lasting.

Easy to operate, leading manufacturer and child lock door are the various other features that may fascinate you.



Final Verdict

With bunches of attractive features, it’s noteworthy to mention that it comes with a self-cleaning and diagnostic phone app that makes the maintenance of it super easy.

5- Electrolux EFLS627UTT Front Load Washer

The popularity and reliability of Electrolux EFLS627UTT can be assessed by analyzing that every reviewing website’s list of top load washers with large capacity isn’t completed without this model of Electrolux. In simple words, this model of Electrolux is the complement of the top load washer reviews list.

Now let’s check its features in detail.

First, let’s discuss its washing capacity. The washing capacity of this washer is enough for a large family of 5 to 6 members. And if you need to wash 15 to 20 pounds of clothes at weekend, it takes almost 45 minutes for a single wash cycle. The washing capacity of this washer is 4.4 Cu. Ft.

The dashboard of this washer has been equipped with the setting of 9 different wash cycles. And out of 9 wash cycles, it has a fast wash cycle as well. By adjusting the Fast Wash Cycle, you can get the clothes washed in 15 minutes. Notwithstanding, don’t try to wash delicate clothes in the Fast Wash Cycle. Aside from 9 wash cycles, 5 temperature levels, and 5 soil levels give you more effective results. Moreover, sanitize, steam, and stainsoak are the other feature for enhanced washing results.  

Furthermore, an adaptive dispenser for detergent pod has also been there for clean washing results without getting detergent clog on it.

The black color with sleek finishing adds more value to the appearance of your kitchen/laundry room. The drum of the washer is made up of stainless steel which is less likely to get rusted. The transparent reversible door allows you to observe inside.  

The only thing that the users don’t like that it is not app controlled washer.



Final Verdict

9 washing cycles, 5 temperature levels, and 5 soil settings will give you a next level washing episode. Just put the dirty laundry into the washer and let the work done automatically.

6- Electrolux EFLW317TI Washer with large Capacity

The last product on today’s list is also from the Electrolux manufacturer. With the 4.3 cu ft spacious tub capacity, it will not disappoint you in its performance. Let’s check all its features in great detail.

Gentle on clothes, high spin speed, and efficient washing are the numerous features that keep it a mile above. Above all, you won’t be disturbed while it is washing the clothes. Well, low noise and vibration level is another feather in the cap of this washing machine.

The dashboard of it has been adorned with different settings of wash cycles, water temperature, soil settings, and spin speed. There are 5 different wash cycles are available which you can choose from. Heavy-duty, normal, delicate, rinse, and clean washer are the different washing cycles for different types of fabrics. Moreover, you can choose the water temperature out of three options according to the delicacy of the clothes. Moreover, if you have less time to assign for laundry washing, you can set the fast spin speed cycle as well.

The roomy tub of 4.3 cu.ft is made of stainless steel that is less likely to get damaged over time. Furthermore, the overall appearance of the washer is perfect for a laundry room.



Final Verdict

For those who really want to invest in the product that brings bang for their bucks, this one will be the best choice with the lowest noise and vibrational level.

How to choose the best large capacity front load washer?

Before buying a top load washer, there are several factors that demand your attention. So, analyze all the factors carefully; thereby you can choose the best one. Here, we have enlisted several factors to consider, please check one by one and make your purchasing wisely. Let’s go ahead to the buying guide now;


As we know that we have got you covered washers which have standard washing capacity. So, this article mainly addresses the people who are searching for a front load washer for large families. Hence, please check the capacity of the washer before buying. Almost every manufacturer has mentioned the washing capacity. However, you are unable to find the mentioned washing capacity of the front load washer, you can calculate yourself by the given formula;

Washing Capacity = Pi times Radius times Depth

Here the value of Pi is 3.14, measure the value of radius and depth. Multiply all the 3 readings and get your washing capacity.


In search of a large capacity of a washer, never to measure the size of the washer’s dimensions. The larger the washing capacity, the bigger the washer will be. Therefore, first, measure the available space in your house for a washer; thereby, there will be no issue of washer adjustment in the laundry room.

Other Features:

Aside from measuring size and capacity, check various other attributes in the washer that makes your washing day super easy. For example, check how many wash cycles are there. Is there any water temperature option available? Soil setting and spin speed adjustment options are the factors that also need to be checked.

Moreover, steam cleaning and wash-soaking options are the pluses for a washing machine. Furthermore, analyze either the washer comes with built-in Wifi or not? It helps you command the washing task remotely.

Lastly, you will have to look at how much the washer is water and energy-efficient. Check how much water and energy the washer will consume yearly. Having analyzed all the mentioned features, now it’s time to buy the best-suited washer.

Durability, price, and warranty:

In fact, it should be the first to check; however, we have enlisted it at the last position because these factors are too common to consider. And before buying any product, everyone, generally, check these factors first. So, check the price and compare the price and all the mentioned features of all the products under review. Select which makes more sense to you.

For checking the durability of the washer, you will have to check the quality of the material that has been used to make the tub and body of the washer.

Last Words:

If you have a remarkable experience with a large capacity washer other than the reviewed above, please do mention it in the comment box. We have tried our best to make the list of best large capacity front load washers perfect. All the 6 reviewed front load washing machines are durable, affordable, and efficient enough to make your washing super easy. If you have a plan to buy a washer in near future, please give a try to the washers mentioned above. Thank you, stay blessed.


How to measure the washing capacity of a washer?

Normally, the washing capacity of a washer has been mentioned by the manufacturer. However, the capacity is missing, you can measure it by yourself. You just need to know the radius and depth of the washing tub.  

Just multiply the depth, radius, and the value of the Pi (3.14) and you will get the value washing capacity.

How many clothes can be washed in a 5 cu.ft washing capacity?

According to thespruce, 5 cu. Ft washing capacity washer is considered the extra-large washer. And it can wash almost 20 to 25 pounds of clothes in one go. Here, we are going to enlist the weight of different washing clothes (it is just an estimation, the weight may vary from size and quality of fabric)

XL T. Shirt = 0.5 pounds

Medium Blue Jeans = 1.6 pounds

Medium Sweatshirt = 0.9 pounds

BedSheet = 1.3 to 1.6 pounds