Top 06 Best Long Range Omnidirectional TV Antenna for Rural Areas

Say goodbye to different streaming services which may cost an arm and a leg on a monthly basis. Instead welcome the best long range omnidirectional TV antenna which will allow you to watch a number of TV channels available in your area. These outdoor omnidirectional antennas pull the signals from airwaves and let you entertain dozens of TV channels of news, sports, and movies. Various major broadcasters (ABC, CBS NBC, and PBS) in the USA allow free streaming, just by catching the signals in the air around your home.

Regardless, buying a TV antenna demands enhanced knowledge of signals. You should know whether an indoor antenna suits you the most or an outdoor is best to meet your requirements. Either antenna should be omnidirectional or directional? What should be the range, height, and size of the antenna? Whether the antenna has 3G, 4G filters to avoid interference? All these questions may make your head spin. However, you need not worry about that, we are here to guide you while buying the best-suited TV antenna.

Please allow us to introduce different types of TV antennas before we present our top 06 picks. Here, we have divided TV antennas into 4 different categories. In the following discussion, you will be able to know which antenna is your need of the hour and which one won’t meet your requirements. So, let’s get started with the types one by one.

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Indoor Antennas:

As the name of the Antenna suggests that this type of antenna has been installed inside the home, near to the TV set. The size of an indoor antenna tends to be smaller than other types of antenna. Owning to a small size, you need not allocate large space in your home.

Moreover, installation of this type of antenna is just a piece of cake and you need not be mastered to install it. As compared to other types, you don’t need to hire professionals for installation.

The receiving signal quality is better than its counterparts; however, it tends to receive fewer channels. But keep in mind while installing the indoor antenna that your house building is indoor antenna friendly. It means there is no obstacle like trees, large buildings, between indoor antenna and broadcasting station.

Furthermore, it is important to note that an indoor TV antenna is a suitable option for a person who is living near to the broadcast station because of its low reception range (30 to 60 miles).

Lastly, the results of indoor antennas are supposed to be disturbed by electric noise in a house. Electric noise can be the refrigerator noise or something like that.

Outdoor Antenna:

Unlike the above, the outdoor antenna has been fixed on the rooftop, attic, or balcony. In comparison, outdoor antennas are more expensive than indoor antennas. Additionally, outdoor antennas are expected to be larger in size than indoor antennas.

If you are living far away from the broadcast station, an outdoor antenna is the best choice to pull signals from airwaves. Moreover, it is a tricky task to install it on the rooftop. Sometimes, you will have to hire a professional to get it installed.

Outdoor antennas are more efficient to make you entertain by providing dozens of channels.

In a nutshell, outdoor antennas are good to go for people who don’t have a problem with a high budget and live far away from broadcast stations.

Directional Antennas:

Another type of antenna is the directional antenna. It’s nothing to do with indoor or outdoor. Well, directional antennas can be indoor or outdoor, depending on your requirements. The reception of the range of directional antennas is exceptional and can be 200 miles+.

If you are living in a rural area and want to enjoy game shows, sports, news, and movies, directional antennas are made for you.

Directional antennas are hard to install and it demands line of sight. It means directional antennas need to be aligned with the broadcast station.

Omnidirectional Antennas:

Similar to the directional antennas, omnidirectional antennas come with both options; indoor and outdoor. You will have to choose after analyzing your requirements.

Omnidirectional antennas can receive signals at 360 degrees. Therefore, if you are living in an area where you are surrounded by broadcasting signals, omnidirectional antennas are suitable for you.

The reception range of the omnidirectional antennas is relatively lower than the directional antennas.

However, it can be installed easily without mastering the skill.

Best Long Range Omnidirectional TV Antennas:

We know, it would be a daunting task for a cord-cutter to buy a TV antenna for daily use. You will have to consider dozens of factors beforehand. For instance, you will have to check the reception range, reception angle, power, quality, material quality, frequency range, filters to avoid interference, and size of the antenna. All the above-mentioned factors may get your wires crossed and you will end up making the wrong decision. But you don’t need to be worried at all. The following list will assist you to choose the right antenna according to your needs.

1- 1byone 360° Omni-Directional TV Antenna

1byone is one of the leading brands in the USA that manufactures different accessories for TVs. To make your watching TV episode more entertaining, 1byone has introduced this omnidirectional antenna which is being reviewed with all its nuts and bolts.

As the name of the antenna suggests that it is an omnidirectional antenna that can receive signals from all directions. Therefore, there is no need to be mastered in installing this masterpiece of 1byone. Owing to 360degrees reception, there is no need to fix its directions times and again. So, either signal is floating in the north, south, east, or west, 1byone omnidirectional antennas will grasp it.

Now come to its reception range. It is a common observation that omnidirectional antennas are supposed to be inferior to directional antennas when it comes to signal reception range. However, in this case, omnidirectional antennas won’t lose the battle. Similar to a directional antenna, this 1byone antenna’s signal reception range is 150miles+.

Moreover, the antenna has the capability to pull different frequency ranges either it would be VHF or UHF. So, this antenna makes sure that you never miss any of your favorite channels by just canceling the costly streaming subscriptions. Hence, enjoy high-quality and full HD streaming of ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and so much more without paying through the nose.

The 1byone under reviewed antenna comes with a 4g filter to avoid any types of unwanted interference. It doesn’t end yet, a built-in amplifier adds more value to the antenna.

The size of the antenna will let you install it outdoor or indoor according to your feasibility. Therefore, check the area where the antenna can be positioned well and give you the best results and install it.

Lastly, this white-colored and smartly built antenna has been built with weather-resistant material that never allows the signal to be distorted in rainy and windy conditions. Moreover, the high-quality material makes it corrosion resistant as well.



Final Verdict

It would be a great choice for the people who are living far away from the broadcaster and still want to enjoy streaming without paying a single penny. If you also fall among those people, just invest in this antenna and keep enjoying the streaming of your favorites game shows and sports.

2- LAVA Outdoor TV Antenna Omnidirectional

LAVA amplified antenna finds 2nd position in the list of best long range omnidirectional tv antennas. This antenna can be an exemplary choice for people who are living far away from broadcasting channels. Let’s explore its range, frequency reception, material quality, received signal quality, and size.

Likewise, it is also an omnidirectional antenna and you need not align it with the transmitter of broadcasters. Install it at a relatively high position where no obstacle can interfere with its performance. Yes, it works like a fix-and-forget; there is no need to turn it up again and again.

The reception range of this antenna is relatively fewer than the above-mentioned model. Although it can give substantial results by receiving a signal at 150miles, the ideal signal reception range of it is 70 miles. Yes, it can receive quality signals at 70 miles. The more the distance (>70miles) between the transmitter and the antenna the lower the quality of signals will be.

Having discussed reception angle and range, now it’s time to know about its installation. We know the installation of this omnidirectional antenna is a kid play. However, the question is whether the indoor installation is best or outdoor will be good? The ideal position of this LAVA omnidirectional antenna is an attic. However, the outdoor position of this antenna can give you ideal results as well.

For maximum entertainment, it receives Ultra high frequency, very high frequency, and frequency modulation signals. Hence, we can say that you can receive streaming of more than 40 channels without getting paid high.

The ultra-premium coating on the antenna makes it rain-resistant and works efficiently in rainy conditions as well.



Final Verdict

Entertainment without getting paid high is something that everyone wishes for. And buying this antenna is meant to make your wish accomplished. So, never belated and buy LAVA omnidirectional antenna at an affordable price.

3- ANTOP AT-415B Dual Omnidirectional Antenna

If innovation has some other name then this model of ANTOP antenna would be the synonym. It will provide you endless entertainment without paying a costly bill of streaming subscriptions. Let’s check all its features one by one.

Unlike the above-mentioned omnidirectional antennas, it offers a wider and taller signal reception range. Yes, it pulls broadcasting TV signals at 720 degrees. The above-reviewed antennas can only either grab signals at 320 horizontally or vertically simultaneously. Therefore, there is a signal blind zone with those antennas.

On the flip side, ANTOP upgraded antenna offers 720 degrees signal range reception that means it won’t let signals go horizontally and vertically.

Regardless of your distance from a broadcaster, this ANTOP antenna permits you to watch TV by using its Exclusive Smart Pass filter. If you are living near to the broadcast (15 to 30 miles) just turn on the Exclusive Smart Pass Filter and it will avoid you from signal overloading. For those, who live farther (30 to 100 miles) from the broadcast, turn off the switch and enjoy your live shows.

The antenna has been designed aesthetically that can be installed in the window, attic, roof, or balcony. And you need not hire a professional to get it installed, amazing?

Lastly, it would be good to hear that this antenna is a whole-home-ready device. It means by using a splitter, you can entertain your whole family with the received signals of this antenna. And amazingly, you will get quality high definition signals after splitting them down.

UV-protected coating and weather-resistant material let the antennas work without getting affected by rain, storms, and snow.



Final Verdict

No matter, either you live near to the broadcasting station or farther; whether you want an indoor TV antenna or outdoor antenna is your need, this ANTOP upgraded antenna will meet your demand regarding streaming of ABC, CBS, TBN, and FOX.

4- Five Star - 360° Outdoor TV Antenna

Five Star omnidirectional antenna is another product that is gradually becoming popular among TV watchers and enthusiasts. And the reason for becoming popular over time is obvious, amazing HD streaming, long-range, and more channels.

First, let me explain a bit about its reception angle. Like any other omnidirectional antenna, the signal reception angle is 360. It means it can receive signals either horizontally or vertically at 360 angles.

As far as the frequency range is concerned, you will not be disappointed. It can receive ultra-high frequency UHF, very high-frequency VHF, and Frequency Modulation FM. With this wide range of frequency reception, you can enjoy a large number of TV channels streaming.

Now let’s come to the design of the antenna. The aesthetic design of the antenna can be fixed anywhere without using any professional tools. The manufacturer claims that one can easily install it in 3 minutes. More amazingly, you need not fix its directions again and again. Furthermore, the antenna is extremely lightweight that makes it highly portable. It can be a perfect device for campers and RV recreational enthusiasts.

4G and 3G signal filters reduce the interference that gives you high-definition streaming of sports and game shows.

Lastly, it is also weather-resistant like any other standard tv antenna. So, don’t be worried about its durability at all.



Final Verdict

This antenna can be a perfect choice for those who need an indoor omnidirectional TV antenna. So, if you live 30 to 40 miles away from the broadcasting station, buy it and install it indoors for amazing results.

5- 1byone TV Antenna with 360 long-Range

Another masterpiece of the 1byone brand is here to get your attention. Aesthetic design, great finishing, exceptional reception range, ideal signal reception angle, and weather-resistant are the features that can give you Goosebumps.

Our first product on the list is also offered by 1byone. However, there is a difference in both of these devices presented by 1byone. The above-reviewed device has a 360 reception angle. On the contrary, this antenna has a 720 reception angle with zero signal blind zone.

When it comes to its design and finishing, it wins the battle over its counterparts. This antenna comes in black color with a dome-like shape. This dome-like shape allows the users to install it without putting in a hard effort at all.

One factor that is unique in all 1byone omnidirectional tv antennas is their single reception range. Similar to the above one, its signal reception range is also more than 150 miles. So, with a 720 signal reception angle, this reception range is more than awesome.

A powerful amplifier and cellular signal interference canceller make this device more attractive for news, sports, game shows, and movie viewers.



Final Verdict

If you want to enjoy the streaming of dozens of channels and live far away from broadcasting stations, this antenna is made for you. With its 720 signal reception angle and 150+ miles reception range, you can watch your favorite channel anytime.

6- Newest 2021 Five Star Multi-Directional Antenna

Like 1byone antennas, it is also the second product from the store of Five Star. The product 04 is also presented by Five Star Store.

First, let’s discuss its size. It should be crystal clear that this antenna is made for homeowners who are living in rural or suburban areas. The antennas mentioned above are portable and can be transported from one place to another. Nevertheless, this antenna is relatively bigger in size that makes it unfit for campers.

The design of this antenna is different from all of the above antennas. It comes up with double receivers that make the signal quality up to par. Owing to the user-friendly design, it can be installed easily and fast.

When it comes to the signal reception range, no other antenna in the list can beat it. Well, its signal reception range is 200 miles. Therefore, it can be a bone for rural dwellers. The only dark side of this antenna is its reception angle. Unlike the others, it can only receive signals at 180 degrees.

The high gain of signal lets you enjoy HD streaming of sports and news channels. Additionally, the high definition of a received signal allows you to split the bandwidth for different rooms.

Lastly, the material is corrosion and weather resistant that makes it a well-performed antenna in rainy, windy, and stormy conditions.



Final Verdict

It would be the best choice for people who are living far away from broadcasting stations and still want to enjoy endless streaming without paying a single penny for streaming subscriptions.

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Buying Guide for Best Long Range Omnidirectional TV Antenna:

Although we have got you covered top 06 best long range omnidirectional TV antennas, it’s the need of the hour to enlist several factors that you must check before buying a TV antenna. Therefore, we have put together several features of an antenna that you should consider according to your needs and make your decision wisely. Let’s check all the features one by one;

Check your location:

Before buying an antenna, it’s important to note several points about your location, where you are living; either you are living in a rural area or an urban area?  Is there any broadcasting station in the vicinity or not? What channels can be streamed by pulling the signals with TV antennas? In fact, getting the answers to all these questions seems difficult, but it’s not true. You can get all these answers to the questions by browsing any website that provides you all the information by just putting your address in it. For example, TV Fool is the best choice to get answers to these questions.

TVFool lets you know how many channels can be got in your living areas. Which broadcasting station is distanced from you? And which channel streaming will be noisy and which one will be clearer. So, just browse TVFool before buying an antenna.


Generally speaking, almost all the antennas can receive Ultra High-Frequency channels. And channels from 1 to 13 are considered VHF channels, While 13 to 50 numbered channels are UHF. Therefore, if frequency range reception is not mentioned on the antenna package, it can be assumed that it will be a UHF antenna.

In the above list of omnidirectional outdoor TV antennas, we have only enlisted antennas which can receive signals of both types; VHF and UHF.

In addition, if you don’t know that your favorite channel either uses VHF or UHF, just go to TVFool and check the frequency range of the favorite channel. Having known about the favorite channel’s frequency range, try to buy the antenna accordingly.

Range and Power:

The concept of Antenna power is not as simple as conventional power. Indeed, antenna power has been expressed in Antenna gain. The more antenna gain means the better picture quality you get. So, check the Antenna gain/power before buying.

The other factor is the range that is quite subjective in nature. Should you buy a long-range antenna or a short-range TV antenna that will be suitable for you? To address this question, you must know the distance between your home and the broadcasting station. Again check this distance by using TVfool.

Suppose, the distance is more than 100 miles and you will have to get signals from different directions then choose any of the omnidirectional antennas mentioned above. However, for a distance of less than 30 miles, you can choose any indoor antenna as well.

Note: If the distance is more than 200 miles, you should opt for a directional antenna.

Interference Canceller:

Before analyzing the interference filters, you must know about different types of interferences. So, let’s discuss types of interference first.

Normally, almost all Antenna users face the most common type of interference that is offered by tall trees, buildings, and mountains. If there is any obstacle between the antenna and broadcasting station, you will get a distorted signal. To avoid this type of interference, there is nothing to do with any interference filter/canceller. Instead, you will have to install an antenna vigilantly. Install the antenna on such a high place (rooftop) where you can avoid the obstacles mentioned above.

Another type of interference is cellular signals (2G, 3G, 4G). Owing to the presence of cellular signals in the air, the TV signals can be distorted. To avoid this type of interference, antennas come with 4G filters that can detect and nullify the interference.

The last type of interference that can be detected by TV antennas is the electric wave generated by different home appliances like refrigerators and ovens. The simple solution to this type of interference is to keep the antenna away from electric appliances.


Antenna installation might be the last factor that needs to be considered before buying a TV antenna. Usually, the installation of an omnidirectional antenna is simple and you need not be mastered to install it. Moreover, you don’t need to fix the directions of omnidirectional antennas times and again.

In contrast, directional antennas need to be aligned with the broadcasters. If you are unable to get a line of sight (LOS), the directional antenna won’t receive the signals well. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional for the installation of directional antennas.

Last Words:

Having discussed different features of the best long-range omnidirectional antenna and a complete buying guide, we hope it will now become a piece of cake to buy a TV antenna according to your needs. However, if you still have any questions, please let us know in the comment section. We will try our best to provide you a well-researched answer. Thank You! Stay Blessed.


Can I put an indoor TV antenna outside?

Yes, you can. However, indoor TV antennas aren’t supposed to be weather resistant and they can get affected by rains and high winds. So, please check whether the indoor antenna is weather-resistant or not. If your indoor antenna is safe to install outside and has no bad impact from the weather, you can install it.

Which is better directional or omnidirectional?

The answer to this question depends on your need. Suppose you are living far away from the broadcasting station and the distance between your home and broadcaster is more than 200 miles then you need a long range directional antenna. But always keep in mind, you can’t install a directional antenna by yourself unless you are a professional.

On the flip side, an omnidirectional antenna can receive a signal at a distance of 100+ miles. Moreover, long-range omnidirectional antennas are easy to install.