Best mini Fridge with Freezer for Dorm and small spaces 2022

It would be a daunting task to adjust all the essentials for living in a small space. Well, it seems near to impossible to fit a bed, chair, storage items, and a fridge in a dorm or a small bedroom.  Then the question arises, how would you manage all the items in such a small space? The answer to this question is that you will need items that are small and compact in size. Out of dozens of compact items for a bedroom, we came up with the best mini fridge with freezer for dorm. Hence, buy any of the following suggested fridge and save your space for other essentials. 

The following mini-fridges are equipped with all the features for which one can desire, and amazingly all are space-efficient. Let’s check all the features of refrigerators mentioned below and decide which one will suit you the most.

When one invention is getting popular overtime, manufacturers try to introduce its different types which add more value to the lives of people. The same is the case with the mini-fridge. At inception, the mini-fridge came in a single design and a single standard design; however, it’s available in different sizes and designs with plenty of different features. Let’s check different types of mini-fridges:

Travel Mini Fridge:

The name depicts that travel fridges are easy to transport and very small in size. Moreover, they consume very low electricity. So, it could be the best choice for those who are expected to travel for hours. Just place this fridge on the car seat and take it away, wherever you want to go.

Additionally, it’s not wrong to say it if we say it thermo-electric cooler which consumes less than 12v to run.

Aside from traveling, you can keep this fridge in your bedroom, if you need to keep beverages cold.

On the flip side, please keep in mind that this type of fridge can only keep the food and beverages cool for a few days and unable to freeze.

Cubic Mini fridge:

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that cubic min fridges are perfect for dorms and small bedrooms. The size of cubic fridges is relatively larger than the travel fridges. Although these fridges are also portable and one can transport them from one place to another easily. However, it takes a larger space which is not suitable for a car traveling.

The height of this type of fridge varies from 17 to 20 inches. Moreover, the width and depth are also the same (with 1 to 2 inches variations) as the name shows.

Initially, cubic fridges came without a freezer. Nevertheless, after seeing the importance of a freezer in a fridge, manufacturers started to deliver cubic mini-fridges with a freezer as well. In the following reviews, we have included different cubic fridges with freezer, please check all the reviewed products and buy if seems suitable for you.

Under the Counter Fridge:

If you want a full-featured refrigerator but have a small space, under the counter fridge is waiting for your attention. Under-the-counter refrigerator comes with plenty of space to store beverages, food, fruits, and many more.

Not ends yet, this type of fridge comes with a separate freezer portion as well. For small kitchens, it can be the best choice where you can adjust it under the counter of the kitchen. The dimensions of this type of fridge can be 33h X 18w X 20d.

Best Mini Fridge with Freezer for Dorm and small room

We have checked different types of mini-fridges and compiled a list of top-rated mini-fridges available in the market. In the following reviews, we will discuss storage capacity, material, design, energy efficiency, size, and type of a mini-fridge. Please check all the reviews below and buy accordingly.

1- RCA RFR320-B-B-COM RFR321 Mini Refrigerator

To search for the best mini fridge with a freezer for the dorm and small space is not an easy task. One may lack performance. While the other can be so highly-priced. But this mini fridge by RCAstore holds the perfect balance of both.

This fridge is 32.8 inches high. Whereas the inner space is 3.2 cubic feet. This compact unit amazingly features a built-in freezer also. So, storing leftovers within the resources becomes handy.

In the first place, it is a compact unit. And secondly, this freezer is furnished with a reversible door. So, you can easily adjust this electrical appliance at any small place. That’s it is a perfect utility for small apartments.

It is a compressor cooling fridge. This helps in keeping all the eatables inside at a perfect temperature. Even hot weather doesn’t impact badly on its performance. Rather you get chilled drinks and frozen food as always.

While having a look at the interior, just see the door bracket. It lets you store the drinks nicely. Built-in temperature control is also there. So you can have good control over the temperature settings.

Cleaning is also very easy. Because shelves feature a slide-out design. So, remove all the shelves and enjoy an easy cleaning episode.

Above all, the fridge is an energy-efficient device. So, buying it won’t be heavier on your electricity bill.



Final Verdict

This a very sleek fridge with a built-in refrigerator. the black color also complements every color scheme. Besides, the performance is equivalent to its appearance. So, what are waiting for buddy!

2- Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Refrigerator

This mini-fridge is really going to hypnotize the buyers. It doesn’t include a built-in freezer. But this lacking doesn’t make any difference. Because it’s an absolute pro at what it is made for.

It is 19.4″ high. Whereas, the interior is 1.6 cubic feet. At the top of the interior, you can see the temperature. This knob helps in adjusting temperature within the given range.  Not to forget! The given temperature range is -2 to 2 celsius.

While offering perfectly chilled drinks and other eatables, it doesn’t consume a lot of energy. Because the company has made it according to environmental-friendly technology. All in all the voltage requirement is 115 volts. So, without burdening your pocket, you can enjoy the excellent chilling.

The WHS-65LB1 by midea facilitates the user with its adjustable legs. Moreover, the door design acts as a cherry on top. Because it is reversible. Hence lets you open from either left or right as per your space adjustment. The reversible door adds versatility to this mini-fridge.

While assuring you of its outstanding performance, we also guarantee its strength and durability. The fridge is made up of iron with a stainless steel door. Its black color is also super mesmerizing.

Lastly, this compact unit also includes a full 1-year warranty. So, risk-free purchase also appeals towards it.



Final Verdict

This is the perfect refrigerator for libraries and hospitals. Because it works upon whisper-quiet technology. Hence doesn’t disturb the surroundings through unnecessary noise.

3- BLACK+DECKER BCRK25B Compact Refrigerator

Now here comes the most famous name of the industry. Black & decker! The name needs no introduction. And same is the case with its mini-fridge. But as we are here to unveil its entire glamour. So, let’s focus on all the details of this superb innovation.

The most amazing aspect of the fridge is its interior capacity. It is 2.5 cubic feet. The inner offers this much space through 2 removable glass shelves. Similarly, the door also features additional storage compartments. They are nicely sized according to smaller cans and tall bottles.

While offering ample interior space, the fridge doesn’t disappoint through its volume. Because it’s nicely compact, sleek yet modern at the same time. The overall dimensions are (17.5″ x 18.5″ x 26.6″). so, this mini fridge turns out an ideal buy for college dorm rooms, home bars, RV campers, etc.

These are the basics of this tiny beast. Besides, a long list of additional and facilitating features is looking forward to your appreciation. Firstly, it comprises a reversible door. Hence you get flexible choices to adjust the fridge. Secondly, it includes an adjustable temperature control. It allows manual temperature setting according to the eatable or weather outside. Besides, the availability of leveling legs adds glitter to gold. And above all comes the built-in freezer. It is 12.8Wx4.3L and includes an ice tray.

You’ll get instantly ready to order this model. Because it is ultra-quiet just 45dbs. So, waiting rooms or hospitals are the perfect places to keep this fridge. A 2-year warranty at the compressor is enough to compete for any deal-breaker.



Final Verdict

This mini-fridge is certified by ENERGY STAR. So, buying it is truly going to be the remarkable decision of your life. Go ahead!

4- HOmeLabs Mini Refrigerator with Small Freezer

Amongst the collection of mini-fridges by home labs, we selected stainless steel glossy 3.3 cubic feet model. It measures 18.5Lx 17.7W x 33.9H inches. Without occupying plenty of room, it offers ample interior. So, that you can enjoy sodas, juices, fruits, and a wide variety of eatables perfectly cooled.

The inner capacity is incredible. There are three shelves. The door offers storage compartments of varied sizes. They can accommodate different sizes of jars, cans, and bottles. A removable drain tray is also a nice perk. Water drips into it while defrosting from the freezer. Hence cuts down any mess.

You can also see a thermostat upon opening the door. Instead of offering a fixed temperature range, it serves 3 temperature modes. Those are max, min, and med. Setting the knob at max helps in freezing ice in the freezer. Oh! We forget to mention the built-in freezer. Yes! This mini fridge includes a freezer also. Anyhow! Let’s get back to the point. Adjusting the knob at medium creates 33-35 degrees F around the refrigerator. This is indeed a perfect range to cool the residents at all compartments.

The shelves are removable. This adds versatility to the unit. Because it lets you adjust stackable jars. Besides, the removable trays add to the cleaning ease also.

The last and the most appealing aspect is the customer care service by the company. Black & decker is always ready to respond to your queries and solve your issues. The 2-year warranty is also a very nice incentive for them.



Final Verdict

This is neither ridiculously large nor very small. Instead, it’s perfect for small dorm rooms and can hold a lot of variety. So, buy if your requirements fall into the exact criteria.

5- Euhomy Mini Fridge with Freezer

This mini-fridge is really going to thrill you. Because its design is super unique and features two doors. One is a way to the freezer. Whereas, the other opens to a refrigerator compartment. The freezer comprises 0.96 cubic feet. While the fridge offers 2.24 cubic feet of storage area.

Both the freezer and refrigerator perform like professional gurus. You can keep food for freezing in the upper portion without worries. Similarly, enjoying nicely chilled beverages and fruits is not an assumption with this model. Rather it’s an absolute reality.

Another perk of buying this euhomy mini fridge is the 7 temperature settings. These settings let you control the temperature of the fridge more precisely.  A powerful compressor plays an iconic role behind the superlative performance. Above all, it is a quiet fridge. So, you see this mini fridge is the complete package of perfection.

The interior is equipped with 2 shelves and a compact storage drawer. These shelves are adjustable. Thus offer nice flexibility. Besides, the door can hold 5 cans for chilling. Also, you can keep in jars and taller bottles in extra compartments. So, the door also offers ample storage capacity.

There is also an LED light inside the refrigerator. The doors of this mini fridge and freezer are reversible. This aspect makes it suitable for smaller areas. Moreover, its feet are adjustable also. So, this mini fridge is a good purchase for dorm rooms, offices, small apartments, or any other smaller area.



Final Verdict

This is a Ul certified mini-fridge. It is made to fulfill the expectations of the consumer industry. Because the company truly cares for its customers. So, buy and explore the vast world of creativity inside this unit.

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6- Willz WLR17BK Compact Refrigerator

An energy-saving attitude is one of the essentials of a compact fridge. Lacking in this trait turns down the worth of the product to zero. So one more energy-efficient mini-fridge is ready to grab your attention. It works upon a very efficient and low-energy consumption compressor.

It is black in color with a glossy finish from the house of willz. The design is sleek and stylish with 1.7cubic feet of interior. It measures 17.48 x 19.09 x 19.49 inches. The looks of the appliance can complement any color scheme. Similarly, it’s size is perfect for any kind of compact area.

With a smaller footprint, this mini fridge serves with best. Its interior is spacious to hold 60 cans of 330ml soda. Or you can keep in 30 bottles of 550ml of mineral water.

The refrigerator compartment includes one shelf. hence you can keep food in two layers. Besides, the door can also hold tall bottles and small jars. A smaller freezing chamber is a nice perk. It lets you freeze chocolate bars.

The thermostat control is there to help you with temperature adjustment. You can set the temperature between the available temperature range. The given range is 32-47 degrees F.

Being a quiet unit, this mini fridge urges you to spend a few bucks on it. Because noisy equipment is never the demand. This stand-alone model accompanies the warranty also. So, there seems no harm in buying it.



Final Verdict

For the sake of your mind’s peace, buy it for your office. It will prevent you from random visits to the market in between busy schedules.

7- Midea WHS-121LSS1 Refrigerator, 3.3 Cubic Feet

This is the bigger yet compact model by midea. The interior is spacious. While the footprint and volume are smaller. Hence it emerges as the best mini fridge with a freezer for dorm and small space.

Now let’s open the door and have a glance at all the interior details. So, the inner comprises 3 removable shelves. Their removable design adds ease to the usage. You can remove any shelf to adjust bulk fruits. Also, this aspect lets you clean the fridge very easily.

The fridge door is incredibly versatile. You can see separate compartments to adjust cans, tall bottles, and small jars. So, the fridge offers a nice platform for chilling every kind of drink and eatables.

The interior also includes a separate freezing box. It’s not a pro at making ice cubes. But works wonders at providing some extra level chilling to goods inside. To capture in a nutshell, the inner capacity is 3.3 cubic feet. This space is indeed compatible with the needs of the small family.

Before we mention some other significant features, let’s not forget the thermostat knob. This knob helps you monitor the inner temperature between 32-35.6 degrees F.

While offering a noiseless performance, the fridge offers so many more pros. For instance, it is an energy-saving appliance. It doesn’t add to your electricity bills.  Besides, it’s an eco-friendly unit. Above all, the door features a reversible design. Also, the adjustable legs let you adjust in the most limited spaces.



Final Verdict

This mini-fridge is a fabulous innovation of a global brand, midea. They keenly focus on the quality of their products. Besides, they offer great value on their appliances.

8- Tavata 3.2 Cu Mini Fridge with Top Door Freezer

This is another two-door mini-fridge. It is a model by the homes of tavata. The appealing part of the story is that this appliance is ETL certified. So, looking into its features won’t be a time-wasting deed.

The overall dimensions of this mini fridge are 17.5L x 19.3W x 31.1H inches. Whereas the entire interior capacity is 3.2 cubic feet. Its freezer exhibits more space in comparison to its fellows in the market. It is 0.96cubic feet. The freezing compartment is potent enough to freeze meats. Also, you can keep in icecreams. The reason behind this potential is the constant temperature of the upper section that is 3 degrees.

However, the refrigerator compartment is 2.34 cubic feet. you can see two shelves and a drawer for keeping in goods. It is an absolute pro at chilling beverages. Besides, it keeps fruits fresh for a longer span. Temperature control with 7 points lets you adjust the temperature. Remember 7th point is the coldest one.

The upper and lower door, both include sections of different sizes. They let you adjust varied size tins, cans, jars, and bottles.

The handle of this mini fridge is very unique amongst all the models discussed yet. It is a retro-style chrome handle. This design helps in an easy opening and closing of the door.

Above all, this particular model is energy-efficient. Also, we ensure you a noiseless operation. Moreover, a 1-year warranty by the company is a damn convincing aspect.



Final Verdict

For every kind of smaller space, this mini fridge is a perfect buy. Buy it and get ready to recommend this purchase to your loved ones.

Buying Guide:

After gaining too much popularity, the market is loaded with different types of mini-fridges which may make you confuse while choosing the right one. So, what features you should consider while purchasing a mini-fridge will be discussed below. Please check the following quick-points and make your purchase perfect and wisely.  

Your Requirement:

The first question that needs to be asked to yourself is about your requirement. For what purpose do you want to buy a mini-fridge? How much available space for a fridge? For how many people mini-fridge is required?

After getting the answers to the questions mentioned above, go for buying a refrigerator according to your need.

Types of mini fridges:

We have described different types of mini refrigerators above, you can read by scrolling the article above. Mainly, there are three types of mini-fridge. Travel, cubic, and under-the-counter.

If you’re a regular traveler and want to enjoy cold and chill beverages travel refrigerators are the best choice. However, for a college or university student, a cubic mini-fridge is recommended. Cubic mini fridges take small space and provide plenty of food storage space for one person (student).

The third type of fridge is perfect for a small apartment where you need to adjust all the living-essential in a compact space.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is quite a subjective matter to discuss. You will have to assess yourself about the storage capacity of a fridge. This factor has been written down on the package of the fridge. You can see cubic feet. So, check this feature carefully and purchase according to your needs.

Reversible Door with or without bins

A reversible door is a great boon for the users living in a compact space. The reversible hinge option lets you open the door according to the available space. You can fix the door hinges as per your desire and available space.

The more important part of the fridge is the door bins. As we know that compact fridge has a small space for food storage; thereby, door bins allow you to store extra beverages and food. So, the door bin should be there in a small fridge.

With or without a freezer?

At inception, small refrigerators came without a freezer that wasn’t a good factor. After seeing the demand for a mini fridge with a freezer, now almost all the compact fridges come with a freezer. All the compact refrigerators mentioned above have a freezer compartment.

One thing that is noteworthy is that cubic compact fridges have a single door of fridge and freezer. On the other hand, various counter-depth fridges have two separate doors of fridge and freezer.


The most important while buying a mini-fridge is the dimension. Because of the compact space, you need to measure the available space and check the refrigerator dimensions. Having checked the space and dimensions, buy accordingly.

Other features:

Aside from the traits mentioned above, there are other small but important features which must be checked before buying. For example, the design of the fridge, temperature adjustment option. Moreover, door material is also important to check. Glassdoor is a great plus for mini-fridges because these doors let you see what’s inside the fridge without dissipating the cooling.

On the other hand, glass doors don’t have door bins which limit your food storage capacity. So, check all these features before a wise purchase of a mini-fridge for dorm and small spaces. Lastly, check the noise level of the fridge because you will have to place the fridge near to you. If it is noisy, it will ruin your sleep.

Price and Warranty:

For students, a high budget is also a problem. Therefore, we have mentioned and reviewed mini-fridges which are available at affordable prices. So, check the price of all the products and buy according to your allocated budget. Warranty by manufacturer gives you a reason for trust. So, check either the manufacturer provides a warranty or not.

Last Words

There are hundreds of options in the market when you go for buying the best mini fridge with freezer for dorm and small spaces; however, which brand and reliable and providing the quality is the point to ponder. For you, we have made this task super easy and made a list of compact fridges, please check all the products and choose as per your need and desire. If you have other suggestions, please write them down in the comment section. Thank you. Stay Blessed.


Should I get a mini fridge for my room?

After assessing your needs, you are the one who can answer this question. If you want to enjoy fresh juices and homemade food in your dorm room, a mini-fridge is the best choice for you. Moreover, for a student who is too lazy to go to the cafeteria for food and drinks, a mini-fridge is the need of the hour for that student.

Aside from a student, a regular traveler, and a camper, a travel fridge is a must-have option to enjoy chilled beverages.

Lastly, if you have a small apartment or kitchen, a counter-depth fridge is also your need and you should buy a min fridge as well.

What to keep in the dorm mini-fridge?

Another subjective question is here to be answered. Liking and disliking vary from one person to another. So, one likes different vegetables to pile up in the fridge while others don’t. If you ask me, my answer will be that I would love to stock up vegetables that don’t take much room to store like’ carrot and cucumber.

Moreover, I love fruits and I hope you also. Fruits have a long life when storing in the fridge. So, I would love to store tons of fruits in the available room in the refrigerators.

Moreover, various juices for breakfast will be added to the dorm mini-fridge. So, you can keep your favorites in the dorm mini-fridge.  

Note: Use fridge organizers for better usage of storage space. 

Can you store meat in a mini-fridge?

According to the studies, the perfect temperature range to preserve meat in a mini-fridge is 28°F to 32°F. If your mini fridge has the ability to maintain the recommended temperature, it will be suitable for storing meat in that.

After 40°F temperature, the meat starts perishing and 50°F degree is the favorite temperature for bacteria growth. So, check the temperature control system and fix the suggested temperature before storing the meat in the fridge.  

Do mini-fridges make noise?

The shortest answer to this question is no. A mini-fridge that works perfectly can make noise up to 40dBA max. The main culprit for making noise in a fridge can be a fan. And the faulty capacitor of the fan motor can be made more noise than 40dBA.

If your mini-fridge is also noisy please change the capacitor fan motor, I hope, it will be quiet while operating.