Best Non Computerized Washing Machines 2022 (Traditional Washers)

The best non computerized washing machines are traditional ones that are working like clockwork despite technological advancements in the world. But here, a question arises. Why do we need a non-computerized version when the market is so full of the most advanced options? This question may be answered by a variety of reasons such as tight budget, portability, ease to use, similar to other advanced washers with some manual effort.

Therefore, by keeping the reasons mentioned above in mind, we are going to enlist almost the top 05 best non-computerized washers. Having read this article, you need not waste time on different products, just read the following reviews and make your decision vigilantly.

For compiling the following list, we have analyzed different factors of the traditional washers mentioned below. The following washers are analyzed for their case and tub material, capacity, water/energy efficiency, portability, durability, noise, spin speed, and price. Our research resulted in the following list after analyzing dozens of factors. Let’s have a look at all the different products;

1- Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine

One of the top-rated washing machines on different eCommerce stores is the Giantex mini washer. Obviously, there are several reasons for being a top-rated washing machine on Amazon and other online shops. Let’s check all its features one by one;

First, let me make it clear that it’s not a washing machine only, you will get a dryer as well. Hence, this combo washer+dryer makes your washing day super easy and reduces your efforts at a certain level. Just take the washed clothes out from the washer and put them in the dryer tub. Now leave the task to the dryer.

The washer’s tub capacity is larger than the dryer’s tub. The washer tub capacity is 11 pounds. It means you can wash a sizable amount of laundry in one go. On the flip side, the dryer’s tub capacity is 6.6 pounds.

The dashboard of this amazingly built machine has been equipped with knobs. One knob is there to set the wash time. You can set up a 15 minutes washing cycle. So, choose the wash time according to the need of fabric. The other knob is to set the dryer’s time to dry clothes. By rotating the knob, you can set the time up to 5 minutes to dry the clothes in the dryer. The dryer’s maximum spin speed is 1300RPM that can dry washed clothes fast.

The body and tubs of the washer and dryer have been made of (ABS+PP) high-quality PVC which guarantees you to last for years.

Now you’re thinking that it will occupy a large space in your house just because of the combo package. But this isn’t true at all. This product is compact and the dimensions are 31 x 27 x 16 inches.



Final Verdict

If your budget and the available space are tight and want some decent options, the Giantex washer dryer will be the perfect match for you. It is available at a low price and takes a small space to store.

2- KUPPET Portable Mini Washing Machine

Another washer dryer combo product is here to get your clothes cleaned efficiently. Similar to the above one, the KUPPET washer is also pocket-friendly.

Aside from the low initial cost of the washer, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket by consuming less energy. Well, it is more energy-efficient than its counterpart. Operating this washer is also a kid play and you need not prior knowledge to operate this. Likewise, the dashboard of it has also been adorned with three simple knobs. One for setting the time (up to 15 minutes) for washing. And the other is there to set the time (Max 5 minutes) for clothes drying.

KUPPET washer comes with a relatively larger tub than the above-mentioned model. The washing tub size of the KUPPET washer is 18pounds. In contrast, the dryer’s tub size is 8 pounds. More amazingly, you can operate both the washer and dryer simultaneously.

The body and the tubs are made of PVC that means to last for a long time. There is no worry to get rusted. However, PVC body is more likely to crack. The lids of the washer and dryer are transparent; thereby, you can observe what is cooking inside the washer, after putting clothes.

Similar to the above-mentioned washer, the dryer’s spin speed is 130RPM that is considered suitable for drying clothes quickly.



Final Verdict

If you are searching for a budget-friendly option that is energy efficient as well, the KUPPET washer is made for you. Unlike the automatic washers, you will have to put some extra effort to wash and dry clothes; however, you will get wow results in the end.

3- SUPER DEAL Compact Washing Machine

Let’s start the Super Deal washer with the fact that it is made for small families consisting of 1 to 2 members. Therefore, have a look at all the features including capacity and size.

First things first. As we have mentioned above that this top load washing is suitable to meet the needs of a small family. The capacity of it is relatively smaller than the above-mentioned models. Its washer capacity is 8 pounds while the dryer’s capacity is 5 pounds.

Since its capacity is low then it’s obvious that its size will be compact. Thereby, you can easily manage it in a small space as well.

Likewise, the dashboard of it also has three knobs with no difference at all. One for setting up the time for the washer. The other one is there for setting up the time for drying washed clothes.

This white color washer is also made of PVC but here is a small difference from the above ones. The tub of the dryer is made of stainless steel which is meant to last for long without getting rusted.

Owing to the PVC body, it’s not only corrosion-free but also easy to keep clean. Just wipe the machine body out with a soaked soft cloth and it will be stain-free.

Lastly, the support team of the Super Deal washer is always there to assist you whenever you face a problem in the product.



Final Verdict

It will be a perfect option for those who are searching for a washing machine for one to two persons. At an affordable price, it will be yours with all its amazing features.

4- ROVSUN Electric Compact Mini Washer

Either you want to wash delicate baby clothes, socks, T-shirts, or heavy-duty bedsheets/curtains, ROVSUN will do all the tasks like a pro. No need to be worried at all about washing clothes. Just put all the clothes in the washer tub, fix the washer time, and let the machine wash clothes. Simple.

First, check the washing and drying capacity of this model. The washer’s tub capacity is 13.4lbs which is quite reasonable for washing the clothes of a family of 3 to 4 members. Moreover, the dryer’s tube capacity is 5.4Ibs. Incredibly, both the sides (washer and dryer) of the product can work simultaneously.

Like its counterparts, this washing machine is made of high-quality PVC plastic that is corrosion and stain-free. Yes, its body is not eaten by rust. As we know the body of the washer is more prone to get stains from kids’ hands. So, it is always hard to keep the washer clean. However, the same is not the case with this one. Just soaked soft cloth is enough to remove all the stains from it.

Transparent lids of the washer and dryer allow you to observe the inside environment of the washing machine while it is washing clothes.

The under-reviewed washer is energy efficient and it works with the voltage frequency of 110v/60HZ. By using the above-mentioned energy, the dryer is able to spin at 1300RPM.



Final Verdict

If you can afford to stand and observe the washing task then this non computerized washer is for you. At an affordable price, high working efficiency, and easy to maintain.

5- COSTWAY Washing Machine

For those, who want an affordable washing machine from a well-known brand, the COSTWAY washing machine is here to grab your attention. As we know that COSTWAY is one of the dominant brands in US markets. Whether you want to buy a heater, kitchen utensils, fridge, or washing machines, COSTWAY will provide all the above-mentioned products by no compromising on quality.

Like any other COSTWAY products, this washing machine is also not second none when we check its manufacturing quality. The washing machine is built with quality PVC and great finishing makes it more desirable for many.

The washer tub capacity is 12 pounds that is more than adequate for 3 to 4 family members’ clothes. On the contrary, the dryer’s capacity is 8 pounds. You can operate both sides separately as well as simultaneously. It’s up to you.

With the “Washer Timer” knob, you can fix the washing time up to 15 minutes according to the fabric. On the flip side, you can set the time for drying the clothes up to 5 minutes. The dryer spin speed is 1300RPM that can quickly dry the clothes.

Owing to its compact size, it can be perfect for RVs, tent camping, dorms, and tight spaces.



Final Verdict

For a brand-conscious person, a COSTWAY washer with a double tub is the best choice that is available at a reasonable price. Moreover, for campers and students, it would be the best option. 

Types of Washing Machines:

A washing machine is the need of every house; no matter, either it is small or large. While buying a washing, where you will have to scrutinize dozens of factors, which type of washer will suit the most is the conundrum to be solved. So, aside from analyzing several features of a washing machine, you should know, first, which type can meet your demands efficiently.  To address this query, we are going to enlist 3 major types of washing machines below. Please read the below portion carefully and make your decision wisely.

Top load washing machine:

Top load washing machines are considered the traditional ones. Initially, top load washers are the only options that were introduced by the manufacturer. However, with the passage of time, several other types of washers have been introduced.

Top load washers are compact in size; therefore, it would be the best choice for people having tight space. Unlike the front load washer, you need no to bend to put clothes in the washers. Moreover, a dashboard is not too much complicated and even a kid can operate the top load traditional washer easily. More amazingly, you can add more clothes during the wash cycle.

The only drawback is that you won’t get the cleaning results as the front load washer can give you.

Top load washer can be further divided into two types;

Top load agitator washer: A pole is fixed in the center of the tub to give you a fast and efficient result.  

Top Load Impeller washer: This type of top load washers are gentler to clothes and give better results than agitator washers.

Front Load Washer:

Front-load washers are the most advanced option in the washing machine types. Because of technological advancements in the front load washer, the price of it is also higher than the front load.

Moreover, the cleaning episode of this washer is more accurate and efficient than the top load washer. Furthermore, this type of washer is stackable which is great for small spaces. It hasn’t ended yet. The drum size of a front load washing machine is relatively larger than its counterparts.

On the dark side, it is an expensive option. Additionally, you can’t escape from the high vibration of the front load washer.

Computerized and non-computerized washers

Third and the last type of washing machines is computerized and non-computerized washers. Both types of washers can be top load or front load.

Computerized washers tend to be more expensive. However, it comes with automatic functionalities that lessen your workload on washing day.  

On the other hand, non-computerized washing machines are the basic ones. Available at low budget. You will have to work manually while washing clothes with the traditional washer. Non-computerized washers are also available in top load and front load type washers.

How to buy the best Non-Computerized Washing Machines?

Different types of washing machines with several features which need to be observed can spin your head. Therefore, here we have made a buying guide for non-computerized washing machines. Please check the following factors before buying a traditional washer.  


First, decide which type of non-computerized washing machine will suit you the most. Either you can go for the top load washer or front load. Both types of washers have pros and cons. So, be careful while deciding about the type of washer.  


Capacity is the factor that is subjective in its nature. You need to decide about this factor, after analyzing the family size. First check how much laundry you will have to wash on a weekly basis. Having analyzed the laundry amount, decide about the capacity of the washer.


Like capacity, the size is also a subjective factor indeed. According to the available space, you need to decide which size of the washer will suit you the most. Before purchasing a washer, measure the dimensions of available space and buy a washer according to the available space.

If you need a washer for camping, RVs, or dorm, buy a small size portable washer.


Generally, traditional washing machines are made of either stainless steel or high-quality plastic. Both types of materials have pros and cons. Stainless steel washers are meant to be heavier. Moreover, if the stainless steel is not high in quality, it can get rusted soon.

On the other hand, PVC material is corrosion-free and lightweight. Nevertheless, it can get damaged quickly.

Energy efficiency:

It admits no doubt that the initial cost of the non-computerized washer is lower than other available options. However, check how energy-efficient the buying washer is.

Noise and Vibration:

Normally, top load traditional washers are noisier than front load washers. Therefore, check the noise level of the washers. In addition, sometimes the vibration of a dryer is annoying. Hence, you need to check both the factors, noise, and vibration, before buying a non-computerized washer.

Last Words:

We have analyzed almost every aspect of the above-mentioned best non computerized washing machines. So, if you’re interested in buying a non-computerized top load washer, the above list can help and guide you in this regard. If you have any other questions, you can ask in the comment section. We are here to answer your queries all the time. Thank you. Stay Blessed.


Why should I buy a non computerized washing machine?

The answer to this question consists of several reasons. For example, non computerized washers are less expensive and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. On the other hand, these washers are easy to use. There is no complicated dashboard that needs your extra attention for operating.

Furthermore, non computerized washers can give almost the same washing results as computerized washers, but you need to put in some extra effort.

Do portable washing machines really work?

Because of the less available space and the adventurous nature of mankind, all the manufacturers try to build a compact and lightweight product. The same is the case with a washing machine. By keeping the needs of campers, hikers, students (dorm), and tight space homeowners, different manufacturers made portable and compact washing machines.

Amazingly, these portable, lightweight, and compact washers work efficiently and give you clean clothes like another standard-sized washer.