Top 07 Best Permanent Above Ground Pool Reviews 2022

The best permanent above ground pool can be the perfect gift to offer to the family members in the summers. Therefore, say a big no to the Oklahoma summers sufferings and buy a pool to spend quality time by avoiding blistering sun heat. Initially, it seems quite a simple task to buy an above-ground pool, but this task may make your head spin after rigorous research on Google. You will have to check the size, shape, material, accessories, durability, and price point before buying the perfect one. We know all of these factors are enough to get your wires crossed. Therefore, we are here to make your task easy by suggesting top-notch permanent above-ground pools. Let’s have a look at all the following products.

However, we have decided to make you aware of several advantages of disadvantages of the reviewing product before getting them reviewed.

We have a firm belief that every backyard in a home must have a pool; either it might be an in-ground or above ground. As we know that in-ground pools can’t be desirable for several reasons like; high price and large space. Here, the above ground pool makes a sense because it is a less expensive and a space-efficient option for many. First, have a look at the advantages.

Sturdy and Durable:

Generally, permanent above-ground pools are made of high-quality stainless steel or resin. Moreover, it can be made from a mixture of both mentioned materials called hybrid pools. As we know that stainless steel is less likely to get rusted which makes it durable. On the other hand, the resin is also a durable material that has no effect of weather conditions over time.

Different shapes:

Another advantage of permanent pools is that these products come in different shapes and sizes. Different shapes and sizes allow you to choose according to your wish and need. So, you must know total number of family members and available space before deciding the size.

Normally, the shapes of the pools can be an oval, rectangle, circular and Grecian.

Permanent Pools:

As the name shows that you need not change the position of the pool like inflatable pools. Once you have fixed the position, it will be there for years without getting affected by bad weather and water.

On the other hand, inflatable pools are more prone to get damaged by weather conditions because of their delicacy. 

Demands low Maintenance:

As we have described earlier that permanent pools are made of sturdy high-quality material that has less effect of weather and water pressure on it; that’s why permanent pools demand low maintenance. You just need to get it checked before summers by some professionals and start enjoying pool bathing.

Installation variations:

Although it’s ideal to install the pool on the ground, the material allows you to install it partially in-ground or fully in-ground. Now the choice is yours; either you want to install a permanent pool on-ground or in-ground.

On the flip side, there are no installation options with inflatable pools.

Heat Retention:

The other advantage that permits you to enjoy pool bathing more is the heat retention of water. Owing to thick walls and semi insulated base, the walls never let the heat dissipate after hours of filling the cartridge.

Disadvantages of permanent above ground pools:

An analysis would be considered complete if it shows both sides of the picture. Therefore, we are here to make you aware of the different disadvantages of permanent pools. Let’s check different disadvantages as well.

Initial Cost:

As we know that in-ground pool may cost you an arm and leg; however, above-ground pools are, relatively, cheaper options. However, the permanent above-ground pool is a relatively more expensive option than a typical one.  

A permanent above-ground pool may cost you several hundred dollars to thousand dollars.


We know, permanent pools offer a variety of installation options. Nevertheless, you can’t install a permanent pool yourself. You need to be a master to install it. If you are not a professional, you will have to hire a professional one to install it in a backyard or garden.

Top 07 Best Permanent Above Ground Pools 2021

By spending hours on research, we have been successful to compile a list of permanent pools that can make your summers more enjoyable by swimming and splashing. Let’s have a look at all the following pools and check sizes, shapes, material, and various other features.  

1- Bestway 56711E Above Ground Swimming Pool

There is nothing more precious than offering the BestWay oval frame swimming pool in summers. Spend quality time with your family by investing in this amazing branded pool with dozens of attractive features.

The under-reviewed swimming pool is available in two different sizes. Obviously, the smaller one costs less than the bigger one. The dimensions of both are (16’ x 10’ x  42”) and (18’ x  9’ x 4’).  If you want to buy a swimming pool for your kids, the small size is perfect for that. However, a large one is suitable for the whole family.

Besides, the shape is oval that can add more value to the looks of your backyard and garden.

The frame is constructed with high-quality stainless steel that is corrosion-resistant. For added durability, the frame is coated that nullifies the effect of UV rays and weather effects.  The most vulnerable parts of any above-ground pool are the connectors that may get rusted fast. Nevertheless, thanks to the smartly-designed connectors of this pool that prevent rusting.

Apart from not getting the connections rusted, the seal and lock system of connectors and pool are efficient enough to prevent it from being leaked.

For added safety, the pool’s walls have been fortified by a 3-ply wall band that offers extra support to the wall.

Instead of a floating dispenser, the ChemConnect is there to spread chlorine continuously that is a great plus, and provides extra space for swimming and splashing.

Luckily, this amazing product is easy to install and you will have to follow just three steps. Unpack and unfold the pool. With the help of 2 people, you can build it fast. And the last step is to fill the built pool with water. It means minimum tools are required to install it.

Lastly, allow me to reveal what you will get within the package. Aside from the complete pool, you will get a 1500 GPH filter pump, a valve, and a ladder. So, rush and book your order lest it should be out of stock.



Final Verdict

For a family, this Bestway oval pool is not less than a boon in summers. Moreover, it shares relatively a lower price than its counterpart; so, it’s a golden chance for you to get it for upcoming summers.

2- Lake Effect Galeria Round Swimming Pool

Once you get used to Lake effect Galeria pool, I bet, you won’t like any other above-ground pool at all. And the reason for too much liking of this pool can’t be described shortly. It demands a detailed feature-based review. Therefore, let’s get started to check features which may make you its fan at first sight.

It comes in different sizes when it comes to measuring diameter. 24’, 27’, 30’, and 33’ are different available sizes of diameter. However, the depth of the all size pools is the same that is 52”. Therefore, choose the size according to your need and the total number of family members.

Now let’s see the material that makes this geek. This above-ground pool is constructed from super strong and sturdy stainless steel. To enhance the life of the product, stainless steel is coated with resin that prevents premature corrosion and makes the body of the pool abrasion-free as well.

The most amazing and eye-catching feature that may attract your kids’ attention is the fascinating bedrock pattern liner. While swimming, when you take a deep dip into the pool, you will be amused by seeing the base visual that looks like a natural seabed. Pebbles and seashell visuals can take your fun to the next level.

Unlike the above-mentioned pool, this one is all year ready pool. You just need to fix it once in your backyard and it can sustain for years without demanding frequent maintenance.

For stability and safety, 16 strong verticals have been used to install it in a backyard. Furthermore, you need to hire professionals to install the pool.

Lastly, what does the package include is a question full of curiosity. Well, the package has a line, and wide-mouth skimmer, and all the other pool components.

Note: Safe and secure delivery is one of the best features that may you like the most in this product.



Final Verdict

A sturdy stainless steel body with an attractive base makes the pool alluring and durable simultaneously. There is not any better gift than this pool to offer in summers.

3- Intex Round Prism Frame Pool Set

Another aboveground pool is here to get your heartbeat fast. Aside from the shape, this product is much similar to the pool reviewed above (1st product in the list). Let’s check how this swimming pool can help you in the summers.

For small families, it can be the best choice. The diameter of this pool is 18 feet. Additionally, the depth  is 4 feet that are suitable for small kids. Besides 18 feet diameter, there are several other sizes available in the same shape.

The frame of the Intex pool is made of stainless steel that is coated to prevent corrosion. The connectors of the pool’s frame are durable and rust/leak resistant. Hence, never underestimate the quality of the frame.

Owing to the availability in small sizes, it can be perfect for a small backyard as well. It means, if you don’t enough space to fit an above-ground pool, an Intex round pool will be a great choice.

Amazingly, there is no need to hire a professional to install it in the backyard. Only two persons can easily install it. Just unpack and attach it with the frame and fill and with water. See, how simple it is to install; it takes only 5 minutes to install and start enjoying swimming.

Apart from the powder-coated quality frame, the 3 ply line makes it durable and long-lasting.

Lastly, it’s time to check what’s inside the box. The package of the Intex pool contains a Krystal filter pump, a ladder, a debris cover, and a ground cloth. Hence, by buying it, you will get a complete kit to beat the blazing sun heat.



Final Verdict

For small backyards and camping tours, this above-ground pool can be the best fit for a small family. So, what are you waiting for just go, buy and enjoy the upcoming summers without getting suffered from the scorching sun.

4- Cornelius Aquarian Phoenix Above Ground Pool

On the list, it is one of the most compact permanent above-ground pools. So, it must be crystal cleared that the Cornelius Aquarian Phoenix pool has especially been designed for small families. Let’s check its size, material, shape, and installation method.

First, check the size of this compact above-ground pool. The diameter is 15 feet that is quite suitable for a family of 2 to 3 members. Moreover, the depth of the pool is 52 inches that is considered good for kids as well.

The Cornelius pool is easy to assemble and doesn’t demand sweaty efforts at all.

Amazingly, the pool is made of stainless steel that is coated with resin for longevity. So, no need to be worried about its durability and material quality. Furthermore, the stainless steel material is corrosion resistant and coating makes it abrasion-resistant as well.

The most attractive feature of this pool is that it comes with a complete kit. By purchasing it, you will get a Phoenix pool, liner, skimmer, sand filter pump, ladder, and chemical kit.



Final Verdict

For kids, Cornelius pool can’t be less than a boon in summers. Owing to the durable material, it is an all year ready pool that can be considered a permanent pool. Moreover, an easy-to-assemble feature with a complete kit can attract your attention.

5- Coleman Power Vista II Swimming Pool Set

When it comes to fun and recreational activities, who is unknown to the brand, “Coleman”. Either you want to buy camping chairs or have a plan to purchase a tent for beach camping, Coleman is here to provide you all the quality recreational gear. The same is the case when it comes to swimming in your backyard. Coleman provides an inviting designed above-ground pool for your backyard.  

As usual, we will discuss the size of the pool first. The diameter is 22’ that is good for a family of 3 to 4 members. Similar to any standard-sized above ground pool, the depth of the Coleman pool is 52” that is desirable for a family having kids.

The most attractive feature of it is its design. The outside of the liner gives you an eye-illusion by offering you a look of natural rattan wicker. Yes, its outside is printed like natural rattan wicker. Not ends yet, the inside of the line is more attractive than the outside print. Natural, attractive, and unique tile design has been printer inside the liner of the pool.  

The frame has also been engineered with stainless steel with powder coating. For added stability, the feet of the verticals have been designed amazingly. Moreover, the pool material is efficient enough to bear the water pressure inside it.

For an enhanced swimming experience, the pool has been adorned with transparent portholes.

The package of Coleman’s pool includes a 3 ply durable in line that is leak-resistant. Moreover, you will get a filter pump, chemical kit, and a ladder with this package.



Final Verdict

If you want to enhance the overall look of your backyard by investing small in the above-ground pool, Coleman pool can be the only choice that can beautify your garden and make your summer more enjoyable at an affordable price.  

6- Splash Pools Round Deluxe Pool Package

A large-sized above ground pool with a complete kit, everything you need while swimming in a pool, is here to grab your attention. As we have described earlier that it’s a large size pool that is suitable for large families having 6 to 7 members.

The size of this aboveground swimming pool is 27feet diameter in a round shape. Apart from the diameter, the depth is 52” that is equally good for kids as well. If you want a small size, it is also available in a small size as well. 18’ and 24’ diameter pools by “Splash Pools” are also available with the same quality and features.

To make it stable and strong, 7” galvanized stainless steel ledges are included in the package. The overall body is made of stainless steel. Aside from the pool, you will get a resin ladder for easy access to the pool.

1HP pump and motor have also been included in the package for providing fresh and clean water in the pool. Lastly, the wall thru skimmer is there in the package.

Although the installation of it demands a little bit of technicalities, once you have installed it, it will be there for a year without demanding frequent maintenance. Furthermore, for easy installation, a detailed video has been provided; thereby, you can follow the described steps in the video and install it yourself.



Final Verdict

From different available sizes, you can choose according to the family members. Moreover, a complete swimming kit will allow you to enjoy splashing and swimming the most.

7- Bestway l Pro Max Round Above-Ground Pool Kit

The last product on the list is here that can make your mind to purchase it without any delay. Let’s get started.

This Bestway swimming pool comes in two different sizes; 12’ and 15’ in diameter. However; a 12’ diameter pool is the only one that has stone printing on the outside of the liner. Other sizes of the pool have a simple blue color. 

Although the 12 feet diameter is a small-sized pool, the stone printing may fascinate you the most. So, if you have a small family, this 12’ diameter pool is more than adequate for you. The frame is made of stainless steel; nevertheless, the coating bestows it longer life by preventing it from rusting, UV and abrasion.

The PVC material not only provides durability but also makes it lightweight. Similar to the above-mentioned Bestway pool, the PVC material is puncture resistant.

Unlike to many other permanent aboveground swimming pool, it is easy to assemble and only two persons can easily install in the backyard.

Owing to its durable material, we can put it on the list of permanent swimming pools. On the other hand, because of its lightweight and easy-to-install feature, it can be used as a portable swimming pool.



Final Verdict

Owing to its eye-catching printing, durable PVC material, and sturdy frame, it can be the best above ground pool of the year. Just give it a try, if you have a family of 3 to 4 members.

Types of aboveground pool:

Having decided to invest in the above-ground swimming pool, now it’s time to research different types of pools. Your head may get spun, having seen the different types of pools. Additionally, material, size, shape, filter pump, and other accessories are the factors that may make you confused while purchasing a pool.

Therefore, we will describe different types of swimming pools and after that, we will give you a detailed buying guide of permanent above ground pools.

Infographic of Best Permanent Above Ground Pool

Inflatable Aboveground swimming pools:

The first type is an inflatable pool. This type of aboveground pool is very common. You have found hundreds of options on the internet, after searching aboveground pools.

This type is easy to install and these are lightweight which means they are highly portable. The diameter size of inflatable pools varies from 12 feet to 20 feet. Moreover, the depth of inflated pools varies from 36” to 50”. That’s why these pools are considered the most suitable options for kids. The last noteworthy quality of this type of pool is its low price. Yes, inflatable pools are less expensive than any other types.

On the other hand, inflatable pools are only good for kids. Moreover, the life span of these pools is shorter than other types of pools.

Stainless steel frame and PVC walls pools:

The 2nd most common type of pool is something different from inflatable pools. The only common point between 1st and 2nd types of aboveground pools is the portability. Yes, both types of pools are lightweight and portable.

Aside from portability, the size of the 2nd type is much larger than the inflatable ones. The diameter size may vary from 30’ to 40’. Furthermore, the depth might range from 42” to 54”. The installation of stainless steel pool is not effort demanding task. It takes one hour to two to install completely. You only need one to two-person to install it.  Furthermore, you need not be a master to assemble it.

The stainless steel material makes it durable and can last for years. With extra small care, the PVC material of the pool walls can also last longer.

Traditional/permanent above ground pool:

The 3rd type of pool is purely made for swimming enthusiasts. For those, who don’t afford a built-in pool in their backyard, a permanent pool is the best choice. The top ledges, upright verticals, and grounded track are the components that make it stable and long-lasting.

Yes, the pool walls have been install with the help of top ledges, upright verticals, and a grounded track. The pool walls are also made of stainless steel or resin. So, you can never doubt its durability.

Once you have installed it in your backyard, it will be there for years without demanding maintenance.

Lastly, there is a separate liner for this type of pool.

The only negative side of this type of pool is its price. Yes, it shares a high price tag. Moreover, you need to hire some professionals for installing it. Owing to heavyweight, it isn’t a kid play to transport it from one place to another one. Therefore, you need to fix it at one place.   

How do I choose a permanent aboveground pool?

Having read about advantages, disadvantages, types, and 07 reviews of the pools, you have an idea about purchasing a pool for your backyard. In case, you haven’t read the article completely, we are going to enlist several features of a pool that are essential to be scrutinized before buying it. Let’s check all the features one by one.


Permanent above ground pools are available in dozens of different sizes and you can choose any size according to your need. Generally, the above-ground pool diameter’s size varies from 12 feet to 35 feet. For the perfectly matched size, you will have to check 2 factors before purchasing.

First, check the available space in your backyard where you want to install the pool. Secondly, you must have an idea of how many people will enjoy swimming in summer. Therefore, decide which size is more suitable for you, after analyzing the 2 factors mentioned above.

Aside from the above-mentioned two factors that play an important role while choosing a perfect sized pool, keep in mind the budget of the pool. The larger the size, the higher the budget will be.


We have described different types of aboveground swimming pools above. If you haven’t read it yet, please read it first. Again, which type of pool will meet your demands efficiently is a question to be answered.

The answer to this question depends on the needs and budget. If you want to buy a pool for kids, an inflatable aboveground swimming pool is the perfectly matched option for you. The inflatable one is low in price and perfects to get the kids entertained.


For the life expectancy of any product, checking the material quality is important. Generally, permanent aboveground swimming pools are made of metal or resin. Both types of material have their own pros and cons.

Moreover, a pool made from hybrid material is becoming popular over time. In the hybrid pool, both types of material; metal and resin, have been used.

Pool equipment and kit:

Before buying a pool, check all the equipment and kit included in the package. Normally, a pump, a sand/cartridge filter, a ladder, and a liner are there in the equipment list of the permanent pools. Now, it depends upon your desire, which liner printing design will you choose. Moreover, both the filters (sand and cartridge) have pros and cons; therefore, before choosing the filter please do research well.

In the pool kit, top ledges, upright verticals, pool walls, and bottom track have been included. So, check the pool kit carefully, lest any component should miss.


The most common shape of the above ground pool is a rounded shape. However, above ground pool comes in various other shapes like; oval, rectangular, and square. Now, it’s totally a subjective matter indeed, which shape of the pool you will choose.

So, see all the shapes and sizes of the pool and go for your favorite option.

Rules and regulations:

Above ground pool is prohibited to install in some residential areas. Hence, it is advised to check the rules and regulations of your area, where you are living, before buying it. If you are allowed to install a permanent swimming pool in your backyard, it would be good. If not, try to find some other recreational options for summers.


It was detailed several times that installation of a permanent pool was a little bit difficult than other types of pool. You need to be an expert to install a permanent pool.

You will have to hire some professionals to install a pool. So, it may cost you a little bit higher than the other types of pool. The installation cost of a permanent pool depends on the size of the pool and the dirt work.

Hence, while buying a permanent pool, please keep in mind the installation cost as well.

Price and Warranty:

Normally, the price of a permanent pool is higher than the others. However, it costs much cheaper than the built-in ground pool. Furthermore, you should also have a look at the regular maintenance cost as well. Apart from the price, check either the manufacturer provides a warranty or not. Getting a warranty from the manufacturer is a great plus for buyers.

Last Words:

This time, make your summer season more enjoyable by installing a permanent aboveground pool in your backyard. We have recommended the top 07 pools on our list. Moreover, we have described different types and benefits of above ground pools. Read all the given information carefully before purchasing. If you have any questions in mind, please do ask in the comment section. Thank you. Stay blessed.


How much does an above ground pool cost to run?

To find the answer to this question, you will have to check a couple of factors. For example, you will have to check the size of the pool. The larger-sized pool may cost higher than the small-sized pool.  

 Moreover, the running cost of the pump, electricity bill, filter, chemical cost (chlorine, bromine), and saltwater (pump) is the factor which you should see for finding the answer to this question. So, by analyzing the factors mentioned above try to find the answer.  

 Normally, the operational cost of a pool varies from $50 to $150. Again, it can be low or high according to the variables mentioned above.