Top 06 Best Portable Dryer for Apartment (Ventless Clothes dryers 2022)

The best portable dryer for an apartment can make your life easier; no matter, how the weather outside is and what the size of the apartment is. A right clothes dryer tends to dry the clothes and make them soft and fluffy as well.  Additionally, these compact dryers take less time and consume less energy that will be a great plus.

We know, finding a well-matched clothes dryer is no picnic and you will have to check dozens of factors before buying. Unless you know these factors, you don’t need to be worried about that. Just read the nuts and bolts of every product and choose accordingly.

We have analyzed a couple of factors like dimensions, capacity, cycle time, vented or ventless, mobile app connectivity, energy consumption, and many other advanced features. So, be with us and check all the detailed reviews.

1- COSTWAY Compact Best Laundry Dryer

Rainy Weather? And you still want to wear your favorite clothes for the office? With a COSTWAY compact dryer, it is possible. How? A COSTWAY dryer helps to dry your clothes without damaging their fibre and looks. Let’s check its different features.

First, let’s discuss its portability. Typically, portability depends on mainly two factors; Dimensions and weight. Having known these two factors of this laundry dryer, you’ll come to know that COSTWAY is the best choice for a small space. The product weighs only 37 pounds. Moreover, the dimensions are 23″ x 19″ x 26″ (L x W x H), which can be fitted in a small space.

The capacity of it is 10 pounds at once that is good enough for a sizable family’s clothes. If you want to save time then recommended clothes to wash in a COSTWAY is of 5.5 pounds weight.

Different modes of drying and time can be set easily according to the quality and fabric of the clothes. The tub material is made of clean and patent stainless steel that doesn’t damage the fabric of clothes.

Lastly, the most important feature of a dryer is less noise which makes it suitable for a small apartment. Without disturbing your sleeping at the weekend, COSTWAY tends to dry clothes at an ignorable noise level.



Final Verdict

Please keep a close eye to the dryer’s capacity before buying. In fact, the total capacity is 10 lbs; however, for better results, 5.5lbs clothes are more than enough to dry in one time.

2- Panda Portable Compact Laundry Dryer, PAN760SF

This masterpiece of Panda comes in three different sizes. Here, we are reviewing the largest one yet portable.

The volume of the drum is 3.5 cu. Ft and drying a large number of clothes is just a breeze. Yes, you can dry almost 13 pounds of clothes in a Panda portable compact dryer. In 13lbs clothes, you can dry jeans, pants, t-shirts, curtains and many more.

The drum of the it is made of stainless steel, so you need not worry about damaging clothes after drying. In fact, you will get fluffy and soft after drying.

The lightweight and compact design make it portable, and you can carry it on your travels in RVs. It weighs only 48 pounds. Moreover, the product dimensions are 23.5 x 22.5 x 27.5 inches.

The factor that must not be ignored at any cost is the noise level of the dryer. And the maximum noise at ten steps away from the Panda Dryer is 65dBA. So, enjoy your tranquil sleeping at weekends and let your dryer dry clothes for your office.

This ventless portable dryer never breaks the bank by consuming energy. Yes, it consumes only 1500watts and 120V to dry your clothes at different levels of drying. Well, you can choose different options to dry your clothes according to the fabric of the clothes.

Lastly, it will be injustice by not mentioning its wall mounting feature. If you have really tight space and can’t adjust the dryer anywhere, you can mount a it on the wall. Panda dryer’s package includes a complete kit for wall mounting as well.



Final Verdict

Availability in three different sizes makes it suitable for every type of user. Either you have a small space or will have to dry a large number of clothes, choose the size accordingly and enjoy the rainy season by donning up your favourite dresses.

3- BLACK+DECKER BCED26: Best Compact Ventless Dryer

BLACK+DECKER is one of the well-known brands that has been serving for years. From gardening tools to kitchen and other home appliances, you will get all products under one roof. We know, people who are living in small apartments/space have lives full of challenges.

Plus, washing and drying clothes in a small space is also a hassle. Nevertheless, with BLACK+DECKER dryer, this task can be a piece of cake. It comes up with plenty of features.

First of all, its compact size lets you store in a small space like a small apartment or dorm. With its small size, never underestimate its capacity to dry clothes. Yes, it has 2.65 cu. Ft scratches-free stainless steel drum.

 With 1500 watts power, it has four different drying options; Air dry, cool, warm, and hot. So, choose the drying options according to your clothes’ fabric. It hasn’t ended yet. Its sensing system keeps it miles above other competitors. Well, its sensing system senses moisture in the clothes according to the fabric and adjusts the heat accordingly.

It admits of no doubt that this small portable dryer can be the best choice for campers and small apartment owners. Amazingly, its ECO mode will allow you to save energy.

The dimensions of it are 23.6″ x 17.1″ x 27.5″. Furthermore, it weighs only 48 pounds.

Its double lint filter is another cutting edge of it that helps to make clothes cleaner and softer.



Final Verdict

A brand-savvy person who has a small space to live in, BLACK+DECKER is the best choice. BLACK+DECKER brand is known for its quality. So, invest in the right product and brand and enjoy your favourite dresses.

4- AICOOK best Clothes Dryer for Apartments

A see-through window, compact design, lightweight, excellent in performance, and energy-efficient are the features that can make it more desirable for laundry-savvy persons. It comes in sleek white colour with wall-mounting and washing machine-stacking traits.  

The length of the dryer is 27.6 inches and width is 23.6 inches. Moreover, the depth is only 17.7 inches. The weight of the dryer is the only 21kg that makes it easy-to-transfer.

Never forget to say thanks to its highly professional sensor system that shuts down the hot air circulation after sensing the humidity of towels, and dresses.  

Let me make it very clear about it that AICOOK is one of the versatile compact laundry dryers. You can adjust the temperature and mode of the dryer according to the fabric of the clothes. So, it’ll provide the best results after setting the mode according to the fabric.

What if I said that the capacity of it is mind-blowing? Yes, it can dry 8.8 lbs clothes at once that is quite shocking for a portable clothes dryer.

Owing to its high power, it takes only 20 to 4 minutes to dry all types of clothes without wrinkles. Amazingly, it’d be the icing on the cake, if I say that it will work so quietly. Well, your husband can make a peaceful sleep without any disturbance at weekends while you’re drying clothes in it. The maximum noise level of it is 55 to 60 dBA at ten steps away.



Final Verdict

AICOOK dryer is simple in design and can meet your requirements of drying clothes faster than its counterparts. Moreover, the price of the dryer isn’t too high and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

5- Barton Digital Electric Laundry Automatic Dryer

 From curtains to bed sheets and lacy camisoles, Barton smart laundry dryer can dry every piece of clothes efficiently and effectively. With its smart design, you can adjust it anywhere in a small space. So, a small apartment or a dormitory is no longer a problem with Barton digital electric dryer because it is best apartment dryer.  

Unlike the product mentioned above, Barton dryer comes with a touch LED control system. With its plenty of options of timer and drying modes, you can choose one option according to your clothes’ fabric.

This front load electric dryer has a see-through window which lets you know about the inside’s environment. The overall dimensions of it are   23-1/2″(W) x 17″(D) x 27-1/2″(H). Additionally, it weighs only 44 lbs that is easy to carry and transfer.

Now you think that with such a compact size,  it has a low capacity as well; however, it’s not true at all. The drying capacity of it is 8.8 pounds. Nevertheless, if you want to get fast and efficient results, dry only 2.8KG clothes at one time.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that it comes in with advanced technology that is energy efficient and works quietly.



Final Verdict

A dryer under $300 that can dry every type of clothes you have can be a boon for you. Aside from low price, the dryer takes small space to store and work. So, check all the features and price and make your decision wisely.

6- Sentern 2.65 Cu.Ft Dryer: Best Tumble Dryer

The last but not the least product in today’s list is Sentern tumble dryer. You will find all the features you have observed in the models mentioned above.

The weight and dimensions of it are slightly higher than the aforementioned products. Yes, the dimensions are 24in x 18in x 27in while it weighs 66 lbs that is slightly more than the standard weight of compact dryers. The standard weight of a small dryer for apartments may vary from 40 to 50 lbs.

Aside from weight and dimensions, the dryer is powerful enough to dry clothes fast.

As it has relatively larger dimensions, so it has a larger drying capacity as well. Yes, it has 9 pounds drying capacity that is more than awesome.

It would be great to tell you that the dryer comes with different heating options like; Hot (120-200 minutes) Warm (60-120 minutes), Cool (0-20 minutes), Air Dry (0-80 minutes), Anti-Wrinkle (30-60 minutes). So, choose the options according to your requirements.



Final Verdict

If you want a laundry dryer that lies somewhere between large-sized and small size dryers, It has been made for you. With its perfect size, always enjoy your favorite dresses regardless of weather conditions outside.

Buying Guide for Best Portable Dryer for Apartment and small spaces

Before buying a dryer for small space, please check the following quick points to make your decision accurate. We will assure you that you will find a perfect dryer after reading this buying guide.

Infographic:best portable dryer for apartment


The first factor that must be considered before buying any product is “what are your requirements?”. For how many people, you want a clothes dryer? What is space, you’re going to allocate for a dryer. Moreover, what type of clothes do you want to dry? After analyzing all these questions, go for buying.

Types of Laundry Dryer:

Having known about your demands, now it’s time to learn about types. According to the supplied power, we can divide it into two categories;

i-                   Electric powered dryer

ii-                  Gas Powered dryer

Generally, gas-powered laundry dryers are used at a commercial level. On the other hand, electric powered dryers are more commonly used at home levels.

Size and Weight:

If you are a regular traveller or a camper and you’ve decided to buy a portable dryer, size and weight  are the two main factors to consider. Aside from a traveller or a camper, if you are an owner of a small apartment or living in a dormitory, you also need a compact laundry dryer.

Compact laundry dryer’s vary from 25 inches to 30 inches. Meanwhile, the width and depth range from 15 to 25 inches. Furthermore, the weight of a small clothes dryer can be from 40 pounds to 50 pounds.

Vented or Ventless?

Once you’ve decided to buy a compact and small-sized dryer, you’ll come to know that there are a few options of the vented compact dryer. Yes, in compact dryers the ventless system is more common.

In a ventless system, there is no need to pump out the moisture from home. Plus, ventless dryers are easy to install. However, the price of ventless dryers is relatively higher than the vented ones.

On the flip side, if you have a laundry room with easy access to the outdoor, you can go for vented dryers. Vented dryers share low price tags, but you need a professional person to install it.


Another crucial factor that cannot be ignored at all is the capacity of the dryer. Drying capacity simply means how much clothes (pounds/lbs) can be dried at one time. Generally, a small dryer’s capacity varies from 5lbs to 10lbs. Moreover, the volume of the drum may vary from 4 cu-ft to 8 cu. Ft.

If you need a dryer with more than 10lbs drying capacity, you will have to go for large-sized options.

The material of Drum:

Drum material of a dryer matters a lot to keep your clothes safe and wrinkle-free. Generally, all the dryers come with a stainless steel drum that helps to tumble dry the clothes softly and make them fluffy.

Other features:

Aside from the primary factors mentioned-above, the dryer comes with various other features that make our life easier. For example, most of the dryers have a perfect sensing system that senses the moisture in the clothes and dries them up accordingly.

Moreover, times and different temperature settings are fascinating features as well. Plus, you can control the most advanced dryers via a mobile app.


This feature will never let the dryer burn a hole in your pocket. In electric powered clothes dryers, there is an ECO setting that can run it at low power and helps you to save money. Generally, compact dryers consume 1200watt to 1500watt power while drying up the clothes.

Price and Warranty:

If you want a small size dryer, there is no need to invest high. Generally, the price of compact dryers with all the essential features varies from $250 to $400. 

 Warranty by a manufacturer is another great plus for consumers. So, always check whether the manufacturer provides a warranty or not.

Last Words

Here, we have compiled a list of the best portable and compact dryers for apartments. Please read features of all the products and buy according to your use. However, if you have any other small dryer that bestows you the best experience in your life, please mention the name and model  in the comment section. We will test and check all the features of your recommended dryer and add it to our list. Thank you. Stay blessed.


What temperature to dry clothes in the dryer?

The answer to this question is entirely subjective and demands a little bit of explanation. Normally, the laundry dryers mentioned-above have three different temperature settings; low, medium, and high. High heat takes less time to dry the clothes. Moreover, it consumes more energy, as well.

On the other hand, low heat takes a long time to dry up the clothes and consumes less energy also.

There is no thumb rule to say about the temperature at low, medium, and high level. Different brands of dryers set different temperatures for all three levels. However, it may range from 125 F to 140F.

Cotton and other human-made fabrics can get damaged by high heat; therefore, it’s always recommended to use low heat for that type of fabrics. Additionally, if you’ve bought a new dryer, check it at low heat first.

How to dry clothes in the dryer?

Drying clothes in a dryer is a kid-play, and anyone can do it correctly and efficiently. Yes, you need not be a master to dry your clothes in a dryer. Check the manual guide before drying clothes for temperature and timer settings.

i- Take out the clothes from a washing machine and shake out

ii- Clean the dryer’s drum with a soft cloth before putting washed clothes

iii- Throw all your washed laundry into the drum of the dryer

iv- Set temperature and timer setting according to the manual guide and your clothes fabric

v- Take out clothes after the recommended time

How much clothes to put in the dryer?

The answer to this question depends upon the model of the dryer which you are using to dry clothes. The drying capacity has been mentioned categorically on the package of a dryer. So, always put the load in the drum according to the recommended capacity of a dryer.

Usually, the capacity of a compact dryer varies from 4pounds to 10 lbs.

How long does a load of laundry take to dry in a dryer?

The answer to this question depends on a couple of factors which are going to be mentioned below;

i- Dryer’s Model

ii- Temperature and timer setting of the dryer which you’re using to dry clothes

iii- Load of clothes at one time

iv- Types of clothes fabric; jeans, cotton, towel etc.

After analyzing all the factors mentioned above, we come to an average time to dry clothes that are 30 to 45 minutes.

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