Best Recliner for Degenerative Disc Disease Reviews 2022

If you are suffering from back pain, degenerative disc disease might be the main culprit. Experts suggest different exercises and physical therapies as a treatment. Probably, you have spent plenty of dollars to get rid of this disease. So, if you aren’t getting the desired results and still suffering from back pain, give a try to the best recliner for degenerative disc disease.

We have compiled a list of 11 recliners that will help alleviate your backache for your ease. However, before introducing to the listed recliner chairs, let me take you to the introduction of this issue and different symptoms;

What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

According to WebMD, there is a disc between your spine’s vertebrae. This disc acts as a shock absorber and makes the movement of the back more flexible and comfortable. Over time, the gel-like material of the disc starts decreasing. This wear in the tear of the disc limits your movement, and you feel back pain while bending and twisting.

So, we can say that degenerative disc disease is the name of wear of disc that increases the friction between spinal vertebrae.

Symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease

Symptoms of this spine problem may vary from one sufferer to another. According to MedicalNewstoday, if the disc is damaged in the spine’s upper section, the sufferer may feel pain in the shoulders, arms, or hand besides back pain.

On the flip side, if the disc damage occurs in the lower side of the spine, the sufferer will feel pain in the buttocks and legs also.

The back pain may last for a few days owing to it. Moreover, while sitting on a chair, you may feel severe pain. And it might be alleviated by changing your position.  

So, if you have to sit and work all day, it will be impossible with this deadly health issue, and a recliner is the best choice to work efficiently.

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Top 11 Best Recliners for Degenerative Disc Disease 2021

The market is loaded with recliners, and all the manufacturers claim to be best for degenerative disc disease and other back pain problems. But that’s not the truth. After hours of research, we came to compile a list that actually works for this disease, and sufferers may relieve pain by using the following recliner. Let’s check all the products one by one.

Some Other Options

1- Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner

A versatile product always attracts the buyer. Because it lets you experience multiple options within a single purchase. That’s why we always strive to bring in notice multi-functional utilities.

Larson’s power home theater recliner is also super versatile. It includes a wooden frame. High-quality faux leather is used to cover the frame. Plus, the point is that the leather is breathable. Also, it’s durable to stand heavy usage. Above all, its softness offers maximum comfort.

 It can recline to infinite angles and can be beneficial for back pain and degenerative disc disease. So, spend your leisure while watching TV or reading books on this super comfy piece. Besides, the chair also reclines to offer a perfect napping posture. The reclination takes place with the help of a button push.

2 USB charging ports along with one outlet is a nice perk. They are built-in arm storage and are quite accessible. Thus, you need not worry about your mobile or tablet’s low battery—Plug-in for charging purposes and continue to use. One outlet lets you switch on any kind of low voltage electronic device.

A detachable swivel tray becomes your crime partner while you sit on a chair. Attach it to the arm and use the surface area to keep the laptop. Once you are done, remove the tray and put it in arm storage.

Larson profoundly focuses on the quality, durability, and stitching details of its products. So, don’t miss out on this recliner to enjoy a perfect sitting posture suitable for your disc issues.

The seat dimensions are 24.41” W x 20.67” D x 20.08” H. And the overall measurement of the recliner is  38.0″ L x 39.5″ W x 43.0″ H. 



Final Verdict

This recliner is the must-have essential in your home if you’re suffering from spinal disc issues. So, buy it as a life-saver for your screaming backbone.

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2- Homall Recliner Chair Massage for Living Room

Now we are going to introduce a very affordable brand. It produces a budget-friendly home appliance. But meanwhile, Homall doesn’t forget to pour vigilance on quality aspects.

This chair by Homall is the best recliner for back pain. The crafting comprises alloy steel as the frame material. So, we ensure the durability of the chair first hand. The upholstery includes a high-density sponge and first-class PU leather. Both materials facilitate the user with a set of pros.

The leather is sturdy, skin-friendly, and comfy to sit on. Above all, cleaning and maintaining is not rocket science. Similarly, the sponge enhances comfort through its resilient nature. Besides, its highly permeable structure adds glitter to gold.

It is basically a recliner. But the chair also offers a massage facility. You can adjust the massage intensity, modes, and timing with the help of remote control. The armrest is wider. Also, they are nicely contoured. Moreover, the footrest is easy to adjust according to your liked posture. The footrest is exceptionally padded. Thus, you can relax your feet heavenly.

Now let’s discuss the feature that makes it an awesome recliner. Its reclining angles! You can recline the chair at any angle you want. Also, it reclines smoothly with a push-back mechanism. The thick back and huge seat cushion add to the divineness of the chair.

When it comes to its weight carrying capacity, you’ll come to know that it can bear up to 265 pounds weight easily. Moreover, the seat is also spacious accordingly to adjust a heavy person. The dimensions of seat are 19.7″(W) x 22.1″(D) x 17.7” (H). And the overall measurement of the chair is 29.25 x 20.67 x 27.69 inches



Final Verdict

This recliner is the perfect choice if you weigh below 275lbs. It is not so bulky also. So, can adjust in a compact space. Thus the chair turns out to be a tiny beast.

3- Esright Power Lift Microfiber Electric Recliner

It is the best recliner for our senior citizen community. It is designed while keenly considering the problems of our elderly.

So, what makes it a perfect purchase for aged members is its ability to lift. It functions by an electric powered lift mechanism. You can see the control buttons on the arm. Use the buttons to lift the chair up. A powerful motor plays an iconic role in this regard. This mode helps the aged to sit on or get up from the chair without stressing their knees or backs. That’s why we can proudly claim it as the best recliner for degenerative disc disease.

The buttons also let you recline the back up to 140 degrees. The good part is that you can stop the chair at any angle between lifting, sitting, and reclining. So, the buttons offer maximum control over your sitting posture. Moreover, the retracting ability of the footrest makes the chair super classy. Thus you can adjust your whole body in the best relaxing way.

Besides reclining, the chair massages the body in four areas. You can adjust the vibration mode(5) and intensity (2 levels)as per your need. A heating function is also there to relax your stretched muscles. For massaging and warming your muscular knots, the remote control is included in the package.

To make it a long-lasting product, alloy steel is used as a frame. Thick padding adds firmness to the structure. Whereas the chair is covered with premium quality and skin-friendly fabric.

The seat and backrest have been engineered with soft fabric and cushioned well for added comfort. 

Seat and overall dimensions of the recliner are; 22.5″(W) x 20.5″(D), and 35″(L) x 30.8″(W)



Final Verdict

This chair can be your perfect leisure partner. It features each and every aspect that is enough to pamper you. So, why to wait if some excellent product is looking your way.

4- Magic Union Electric Power Lift Recliner

It is another recliner with a lift mechanism. It is also an ideal chair for aged members. However, the difference lies in the usage medium of the lift mechanism. So, choose what you perceive as the handiest way.

This recliner by the Magic Union doesn’t lift or recline with a button push. Rather a remote control helps in the process. If you want to sit on or get up from the chair, use the remote control. Similarly, single control on the remote allows reclining and release of the footrest simultaneously.

At backstage, a good quality motor plays a legendary role. It operates quietly. Also, we assure its longevity.

The package includes two remote controls. One is for lifting and reclining. While the other one helps in initiating massage function. Yes! This recliner also massages. Hence turns out as the best source of relaxation after a long tiring day.

There are eight massage points in the recliner. You can adjust the massage modes with the remote control. Availability of heat function at lumber acts as a cherry on top. So, you see, it can be the best recliner for neck pain.

Don’t worry about the crafting aspect because it’s also up to the mark. The framework comprises wood. This wooden structure is upholstered with a combo of dense padding and faux leather. All in all, the whole construction symbolizes quality, perfection, and longevity.

The recliner sofa’s dimensions (32 x 34 x 42 inches) allows a heavy person to sit and enjoy watching TV as well. 



Final Verdict

The reclining angles support napping and watching TV. Purchasing it for the living room or bedroom makes sense. 

So, don’t waste a minute!. Place an order and upgrade your home with beauty and beast.

5- Irene House Dual OKIN Motor Lift Recliner for Elderly

No other recliner can stand the glamour of this model by Irene house. Its comfortable design soothes your eyes at first glance. Moreover, it’s made according to international standards of reliability. So, let’s dive into detail about what it actually features.

As it includes a lift mechanism. So, it’s a must-buy piece for people suffering from leg or back issues. The chair is adjustable to a variety of angles. Besides lifting up, it can recline maximum to offer a perfect napping posture. It can recline from 105–180 degrees.

The dual-motor plays a heroic role behind this mind-blowing flexibility. Also, this dual-motor allows independent adjustment of backrest and footrest. The footrest is retractable from 90-180 degrees. If you want a straight back seat with an elevated footrest or vice versa, every style is possible. A 4-button hand controller lets you recline or adjust the footrest.

Back pillows are overstuffed. They serve a super comfy experience to neck and head. Besides, the armrest is also nicely contoured. A lumbar pillow comes within the package. The unique part of the story is that this recliner is portable. Because it includes two extra rear wheels. Side pockets act as excellent storage for keeping the hand controller or reading magazine or a book.

The company offers a 1-year warranty on electronic parts. Whereas, a 2-year warranty on its fabric. The brand also surprises with a 3-year warranty on its lifting mechanism.

The recommended height of a person who can enjoy its padded seat is almost 6 feet. If you are taller than 6 feet, please check other options. Moreover, a person having weight more than 300 pounds should also go for other options. The seat dimensions are 21”(D)x21”(W)x19”(H). And the overall size of the recliner is 37.5”(D)x31”(W)x42″(H).  



Final Verdict

This chair is a durable piece of equipment. It will definitely pay you back more than your investment. So, implement your love for your granny or old mommy. Gift her this fantastic recliner on Christmas and cherish your bond.

6- Mecor Power Lift Chair for Elderly

Another dual-motor recliner is ready to divinely relax its users. Besides featuring the dual-motor mechanism, it serves with so much more. Hence thrills the user with endless versatility.

As we mentioned earlier that it’s a dual-motor recliner. So, the reclining and footrest release take place independently. The back seat is adjustable between varied angles (90-180 degrees).

Firstly, it offers a lifting posture. Secondly, it lets you sit straight to enjoy some massaging vibes. Last of all, it reclines infinitely. Thus, it allows watching TV, readings a book, and taking a nap.

This recliner also massages at eight pressure points. Adjust the massage modes and intensity with remote control. And get set to go for a relaxing ride. The heating function at lumber magnetizes you to the chair.

This stand-up recliner chair is built on a metal frame. So, it can easily bear heavy weight up to 330lbs. The upholstery includes a high-density composite board and PU leather. Both materials also add durability to the overall product. Above all, they are super comfy to sit on and amaze with resiliency.

The backrest is exclusively wide. Similarly, the armrest features a compatible contour with your hand palms. 2 USB charging ports let you charge a laptop or tablet from the comfort of your chair. Most importantly, this heavy-duty chair is portable with the help of 2 extra universal wheels.

Note:  Check for the seat dimensions an over all size: (36.8”Wx39.0”Dx40.9″), (20.5″Wx22.4″Dx20.1″H)



Final Verdict

This stand-up recliner chair is the most independent utility for dependant members of your family. It helps them sitting on and off the chair without straining their already weak back and knees. Thus, buy them this utility so that they can cherish their days in the best possible way.

7- Recliner Chair Single Sofa Winback

Now we have with us a very simple recliner.

The core structure of the chair is solid hardwood. This wooden structure is upholstered with a high rebound spring cushion and breathable PU leather. With leather covering, the chair becomes easy to clean equipment.

The backrest is made exceptionally to serve with maximum comfort. The footrest also acts as the utmost relaxing platform for feet. It is retractable with the help of a high-load bearing, premium quality alloy tripod. The structure reflects the durability of the footrest. Armrests are not super wide. But their configuration also adds value to the overall relaxation episode.

The chair doesn’t recline with the help of a button push or remote control. But reclining takes place with a push back. Above all, it reclines infinitely to serve various purposes. For instance, watching TV, reading a book, and napping.

The chair is sleek and modern. Most importantly, it adds elegance to the overall interior. It’s a must-buy piece for the office as it can upgrade its surroundings. However, buying it to enhance your bedroom or living room is also a nice idea.



Final Verdict

It is a very compact unit. Besides, it’s not at all weighty. But the relaxation and the way it soothes your muscles surpass the limits. Moreover, it’s quality, durability, and reliability is worth more than the price. So, buy it if you want some exclusive recliner while having limited resources.

8- Bonzy Home Power Recliner Chair Air Suede

Bonzy Home is a very concerned brand about its products. It has always introduced innovative, stylish, yet useful articles in the market. This time it has come forward with a lovely recliner.

The chair is simple but super elegant. Its framework is a combo of durable pine wood frames and a sturdier steel mechanism. This kind of structure can easily support 300lbs. The framework is covered with a thick sponge. Most importantly, the sponge is resilient. This resiliency is the real icon behind serving divine relaxation.

The sponge furthermore features a cream suede leather wrapping. This fabric adds to the comfort and beauty of the chair. Availability of spring back under the seat cushion depicts vigilant craftsmanship. The armrest is wide enough for better support. While the backrest cushion makes the chair the best recliner for back and hip pain.

Now let’s look at the reclining aspect. First of all, the chair can recline to multiple angles. Set it according to your leisure activity. Either it’s watching TV, reading a novel, or taking a nap, the recliner doesn’t let you go out of it.

Above all, operating the electric reclining motion is just a snap. Two keys at the side let you recline effortlessly. Not to forget the footrest here! Its elevation angle is also customizable. Thus the recliner is competent to thrill the user with both inner and outer beauty.



Final Verdict

The company offers an incredible warranty. It offers a 7-days free replacement or a refund. Also, the 36- month warranty over the frame and reclining mechanism is superb. Not only this! But a 12-month warranty for fabric is enough to assure you of its durability, quality, and comfort.

9-Naomi Home Landon Push Back Recliner

Sometimes, we get annoyed with technical creativities within the appliances because such products’ complexity diverts attention from the primary goal. If you are one of the victims, then congratulations! you’ve finally reached a traditional and straightforward recliner.

This recliner stands on the wooden framework. The craftsmanship is up to the mark. Durable fabric is used for upholstering. So, all in all, the construction is reliable.

The recliner is not at all bulky. Rather it’s quite sleek. Naomi homes don’t forget to add style to their products. That’s why it’s one of the stylish articles of the entire list. It won’t appear as a recliner at first glance. But once you sit on it, you’ll get to know the relaxation level it serves with.

The magical part of the story is that it doesn’t recline with a button push or remote control. But a push back lets you relax to the core. The accessible reclining angles don’t support napping.

However, watching TV or reading a book is quite feasible over it. So curl yourself up in this cozy club chair to enjoy your leisure. Also, it invites you with open arms to relieve your aching body after long working hours.

Dual-function foot extension serves you with the best relaxing posture. Despite hanging your legs down, just place them on the elevated footrest. It will let you stretch your whole body to the fullest.



Final Verdict

Don’t deprive yourself of the comfort of recliners, even if you have a small space, because this club chair fits in compact areas. So, what if you live in a small apartment. Your aching body definitely needs some relaxation after a long tiring day. Buy it and give a treat to your stressed muscles.

10-BOSSIN Gaming Recliner Chair for Fibromyalgia

This recliner by Bossin truly gives a bossy look. The seamlines show the durability and quality of the chair at first looks. Once you start using it, you’ll be compelled to admit it a number 1 chair in all aspects.

The recliner stands on a wooden and steel bar structure. A highly resilient thicker sponge is used to make it a super comfy chair. With a PU leather covering, the recliner emerges as an unbeatable sturdier, and relaxing product.

The backrest is exclusively adjustable. The same is the case with the footrest. So, adjust it to the most suitable angle according to your activity. Pedals let you set the recliner according to different modes. For instance, gaming, reading, internet, beauty, or sleep mode.

The chair is also equipped with side pockets. They act as a nice storage compartment for varied belongings. Moreover, the recliner assembly is just a snap.

Buy it if you are not heavier than 300lbs. A lumbar support cushion is indeed a nice perk within the package. A thick headrest supports and soothes your head. While the armrests act as a comfy platform for your hands.

The company offers a free replacement offer within one year of its purchase. Whatsoever, this recliner is the perfect purchase for offices and home theater.



Final Verdict

It is the perfect recliner if gaming is your passion. So, buy it and cherish your love for your most favorite activity.

11- DEVAISE OKIN Dual-Motor Power Lift Recliner

Well! It is another amazing piece standing your way. This recliner is designed while considering the needs of fragile people. Its lift mechanism is the most prominent stance in this regard.

This is an OKIN dual-motor recliner. One motor allows backseat adjustment to varied angles. Whereas the other helps release and set the footrest. As a result, you can adjust the backrest and footrest separately. This feature lets you enjoy endless relaxing postures.

Most importantly, these OKIN motors hold certification for their excellent performance. Moreover, these motors operate quietly and ensure services in the long run. A remote control accompanies the package. The controller helps in operating the motors for individual purposes. The nice part is that the remote control features a USB port for charging devices.

The construction includes high-density sponge padding with a finishing of soft and breathable PU leather. Armrests are enormously wide. Whereas the back is significantly high. Both aspects add utmost relaxation to your overall sitting span.

Also, don’t doubt the recliner’s durability because it is built on a reinforced steel structure. Besides, the anti-back-tipping chair base makes it a safer piece to use.

In short, this is the best recliner for back pain problems It also acts as a life-saver for the sufferers of knee pains because its lift mechanism lets the user get up and sit down without stressing knees or back.



Final Verdict

It is the perfect purchase for the least mobile members of your family. So, surprise them with this unique gift on their birthday. Their back, knees, and joints will remain thankful to you in the coming years.

infographic:Apart from mentioning the features above, several other attributes can be more helpful for you. For example, padded armrests contain glass or bottle holders.

Buying Guide for Best Recliner for Degenerative Disc Disease

There are certain features which need to be looked at before buying. Therefore, we’re here to make a list of different features which must be kept in mind while buying a recliner for back pain. We hope the following features-list will assist you in purchasing the perfect recliner chair for. Let’s have a look at every trait one by one;

Recliner Dimensions:

The most important feature that makes a recliner more than comfortable is the dimensions of it. The answer to the question, which dimensions suit the most, may vary from person to person. Some people are tall, and they need to buy a deep-seated pan recliner. Moreover, the backrest should be tall enough according to the height of a tall man.

On the other hand, for short people, the dimensions vary accordingly.

Lastly, heavy persons need to buy a recliner that is relatively wider than average. By measuring the exact dimensions, you can purchase a perfect recliner that brings real comfort to your life.

Measuring dimensions before purchasing is also essential because of the available space in your bedroom.

Reclining Angle:

The other important feature that places a recliner mile above its counterpart chair is the reclining angle. So, check whether the proposed recliner offers a variable reclining angle or not. Multiple reclining options provide ultra-ease to you to take your desired position for working and relaxing.


The material of a recliner can be divided into two sections; frame material and seat material. Let’s discuss both types of material one by one and check what material suits you the most and which one more durable.

Frame Material: Generally, the frame material is made of metal or wood. Both types of material tend to last for life. A relative comparison of both types of material tells us that if the metal is corrosion-resistant, it would be more reliable than wood. However, the metal frame is supposed to be heavier than the other.

Seat Material: Seat Material is the other section of material that needs to be placed under consideration. Usually, the seat is made of some sort of fabric or PU leather. Both types of material have some pros and cons. For instance, PU leather is easy to clean, but it’s hard to keep it heated in winters that can cause discomfort. Moreover, PU leather can wear with sharp material.

On the flip side, the fabric material is expected to last longer than PU leather. But it’s hard to clean if it gets stained by tea. Moreover, for winters, the fabric upholstery is fantastic. However, it gets heated in the summers.  

Other Features:

Apart from mentioning the features above, several other attributes can be more helpful for you. For example, padded armrests contain glass or bottle holders. Moreover, different electric-powered recliners have a USB port that helps to charge your mobile phone while you’re relaxing on the recliner.

Furthermore, a different recliner comes with a swivel feature that makes the recliner. Plus, the side pocket of a recliner assists you to store different magazines and medicines. Also, check the footrest (ottoman) option while buying a recliner. Lastly, check for the color and design of the recliner before buying.

So, check all the features that can make your life easier.

Warranty and price:

The last feature but essential for many is that manufacturers’ warranty is a great plus and gives a solid reason to trust the brand. Most of the recliner chairs and sofa come with a one year warranty. However, please check the duration of the warranty before buying. Lastly, the price also matters a lot and always compare the prices and given features then decide.

Last Words

Whether you’re suffering from degenerative disc disease or any other back problem, relaxing a recliner is the best choice for back pain sufferers. So, buy the best recliner for degenerative disc disease and get rid of this chronic pain. But keep in mind that a recliner isn’t a treatment or cure for backache; it can only alleviate the problem’s severity for a certain period. However, if you can’t sit for long hours, you can use a recliner to sit and work for a long time. Thanks, and stay blessed.


How to sleep with a herniated disc in neck?

Working on a laptop for a long period or using a smartphone for hours can make you suffer from herniated disc neck. The market is loaded with pillows for neck pain relief. If a medicated pillow, coupled with a recliner, is used for sleeping, it will help to reduce the pain.

 A recliner will help to adapt to the desired position while working and sleeping, and the pillow will assist you in taking the natural position of the spine in the neck. So, try to use a pillow and a recliner for a herniated disc problem.

Should feet hang over recliner?

The short answer to this question is “yes”. While relaxing on a recliner, the feet should hang over on the end of the recliner. But it is only suitable if you have to rest for a short period like; half an hour to one hour. For the mentioned period, it will good to hang over the feet. By doing so, the bodyweight has been distributed evenly.  

On the other hand, if you lie down on a recliner for a long period with dangling feet, you may feel a strain in your heel that isn’t good for you.

How to read recliner dimensions?

We have mentioned earlier that measuring the recliner dimensions is essential; thereby, you can get the perfect one according to your height and available space in the living room.

But how to read and measure recliner dimensions.

First, check the back dimensions of a recliner. Check the height and width of a recliner. After that, check for seat pan depth. Seat pan depth is also an essential factor for hip pain and works for long hours.

Lastly, check for the overall dimensions: width, height, and depth.

Note: All the manufacturers provide dimensions in inches.

Is reclining better than sitting?

The answer to this question is obvious is clear. Yes, reclining is always better than sitting. At the angle of 135 degrees, your body faces the least stress. On the other hand, sitting straight (at 90 degrees angle) means that you will have to face 40% more stress on your back.

Moreover, 68% of doctors favor using a recliner if you are suffering from back pain or any back related issue.

Moreover, no matters either you’re a back pain sufferer or not, a recliner will not let you feel tired after long hours of work. So, I always prefer to work sitting on a recliner than an ordinary chair.