Top 12 Best Sectional Sofa for Family Reviews 2022

If you have a large family, living-room seating can’t be completed without a sectional sofa. Aside from quenching the sitting demands, a sectional will be great to offer a new and sleek look to your living room. However, choosing the best sectional sofa for family can be a hard nut to crack. You will have to check several factors before purchasing a sofa for your home.

For example, you need to look at the dimensions and orientation. Moreover, upholstery and built quality are also essential to ensure the long life of the sofa. Additionally, choosing the best-suited shape of a sofa is also important to consider.

When you have to consider all the points mentioned above, choosing the right sofa for a family can be a head-spinning task. But here is good news; you can select your desired sofa from the list below. Yes, we have enlisted the most comfortable sectional in the world; just scroll down, choose the best one and buy.

List of 12 Best Sectional Sofa for Family 2021

We have spent hours compiling the list of the following sectionals. All the following products are enlisted by keeping a family of 5 to 8 members in mind. Aside from family members, we strictly follow the living room space dimensions; thereby, people having small spaces can enjoy watching TV while sitting on comfy sectionals. So, without any delay, let’s check all the selected sectionals one by one;

1- HONBAY Convertible Sectional

A space-savior sectional is here to be reviewed as the first product of this list. Yes, Honbay couch is not only a space savior but also selling like hot cakes on different e-commerce stores. At Amazon, it is one of the best-rated products. Let’s check all the features that make it the best-selling product.

First of all, let us discuss its design. The under-reviewed product comes in three different eye-catching colors. So, choose the color according to the interior of your house. Aside from the color, it is a three-seater couch with a square ottoman. The reversible design allows you to use a chaise on either side of it. The ottoman has been used for chaise.

The frame is sturdy and durable, made of hardwood. Moreover, the feet of the couch offer supreme stability and get the couch fixed in one place. The fabric upholstery is easily comfortable. However, the fabric may get stained quickly. The seats and back are well-cushioned. For enhanced comfort and cushioning, a high-density sponge has been used.  

The armrests are sturdy to keep your arm relaxed all day while watching TV.

Lastly, this sectional is suitable for small families only as we know it comes up with 3 seats and one ottoman supporting the chaise. The dimensions of this couch are 78.5’’(L)*30.3’’(W)*35’’(H). One last thing that is also important to mention is its weight carrying capacity. Yes, its weight capacity is 660lbs.



Final Verdict

If you are a member of a family consisting of 3 to 4 members, who always enjoy watching TV by sitting together, the Honbay sectional is made for your family.

2- Casa AndreaMilano U-Shaped Sectional

If you are 5 to 6 family members and want to enjoy gossip and TV-watching by sitting together, Casa AndreaMilano’s large couch is made for your family.

This sectional comes in a U-shape. It means it has a chaise lounge on both sides. Moreover, being available in a variety of colors can make your decision easier about choosing the perfect matching color according to your interior. The design of the couch allows almost 6 persons to sit at a time.

The velvet fabric upholstery with different colors makes the sofa desirable for many. The velvet upholstery offers supreme feelings of relaxation while sitting on it. Aside from velvet fabric, the couch is well cushioned for enhanced comfort. Heavy density sponge is used in seats, armrests, and back.

The skid-resistant feet make the sofa stable. Moreover, the body frame is also made up of sturdy wood that provides it a long life.

One thing that must be cleared before buying the couch is that you need to read all the instructions carefully; thereby, you can easily assemble all the parts of this sectional. However, if you don’t read the instructions, you might hire a professional to assemble it perfectly.



Final Verdict

For a large family, there is no better option than a CASA sectional. With a seating capacity of 6 persons, it can double up your entertainment while watching TV and enjoying popcorn.

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3- Poundex Bobkona Galiana Polyfabric SECTIONAL

Go ahead and adorn your traditional living room with this classic Poundex Bobkona sectional. With a large sitting capacity and unique yet classic design, the under-reviewed couch checked all the boxes which are essential for a large family.

Poundex Bobkona comes in an L-shape design. It comes in two different colors. The design is so classy that it can enhance the overall appearance of your living room. The design lets you feel the modern yet classic luxury at home while relaxing on it.

The tight back and seat cushioning with velvet upholstery offer you the best sitting experience. Moreover, cushioned seats are made up of foam and spring insertion. An interlocking system keeps all the parts in place. The wood legs are taller that makes your floor cleaning super easy.  You need not move the couch here and there while cleaning the floor under the couch.

The Assembly of this couch is super easy. All tools and instructions have been added to the package; thereby, you haven’t to hire a professional to assemble it.



Final Verdict

For a classy look to the living room, this sectional is perfect for you. Aside from the design, this sofa will be suitable for large families.

4- Sofamania Modern Sectional

When budget isn’t an issue, and you want to give your living room a unique yet decent look for a large family gathering, there is no reason not to buy Sofamania Modern Sectional. Why will this sofa be perfect for your large family? Let’s try to dig out the answer to the question.

Sometimes, you have to host family parties that need ample seating. So, if you have to arrange family parties and still want some decent options, Sofamania is one of the perfect choices here. It allows 6 persons to sit at once. Moreover, every seat has extra-wide space to sit on.

This U-shaped comes with a double chaise lounge that offers plenty of space to stretch the body while relaxing after doing a hectic job in the day. Moreover, velvet upholstery gives you the next level of comfy feelings. So, feel cozy and enjoy your day while relaxing on Sofamania Sectional. 

The under-reviewed Sofamania sectional is available in two different colors; black and gray.

Aside from velvet comfy upholstery, seats, back, and armrests are well cushioned with plush foam. The wooden frame is made to last for years. Moreover, the chrome legs finish offers a chic and modish look.

This sectional is shipped in seven different boxes.

Lastly, assembly of this sofa set is a little bit tricky to do. Follow all the instructions given with the product; if it seems difficult, hire a professional to assemble.



Final Verdict

If you want to invest in a decent option that not only improves the overall look of your living room but gives you an ultimate solution of coziness and comfort, then Sofamania is second to none. Try to buy it and make your life relaxed with it.

5- Poundex Bobkona Kemen Linen-like Polyfabric

Here is good news for back pain sufferers. No need to be afraid of sitting for long hours. Either you’re a back pain sufferer or having hip pain; the Poundex Kemen will let you sit for hours without worsening the condition.

This L-shaped sofa comes in 2 different colors; Ash gray, and blue. Although there is no large color availability in this sectional, both the available colors are decent and can be adjusted perfectly. More amazingly, the single chaise lounge can be fixed on either side of the sofa. For added structural strength, hardwood legs are made, which are wrapped in the same fabric. Aside from wood legs, the mainframe is also built from solid wood that enhances this sectional’s life.

Aside from structural strength, you will find this Poundex second to none in providing comfort. Loose back, and seats are well cushioned, and a heavy-density sponge is used for enhanced comfort.

The seating capacity of this sofa is large enough to accommodate 5 persons at a time. So, if you have a family of 5, this can be your go-to choice.



Final Verdict

Low price, durability, chic design, and roomy seating are the features that can convince anyone to buy this sectional. So, if you are also searching for all the features mentioned above, this sofa can be yours with all the features at an affordable price.

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6- Modway Engage Mid-Century Modern Sectional

Comfort and sophistication are hard to balance when you are going to buy a sectional for your family. However, Modway made it possible with the Engage Mid-Century sectional. Decent and classic design with the supreme cozy episode, you won’t regret investing in this masterpiece.

Modway manufactured a unique yet stylish design that will be great in comfort. First, let me clarify that the L-shapes Modway has exceptional durability. The legs and body frame are made of cherry-colored solid wood. The legs are strong to handle the weight of 3 to 4 adults.

Well, the sectional has a seating capacity of 3 persons. All the seats are roomy enough to accommodate a heavy person on them. As we have described earlier, that Modway sectional comes with 3 seating arrangements, which would be a great choice for apartments and small space dwellers.

For enhanced coziness, the package comes with 6 inches thick pillows as seats. Moreover, polyester fabric is used as upholstery that is durable and looks decent.

The Assembly of this Modway couch is a piece of cake. There is no need for premium quality tools to assemble it; moreover, there is no need for prior knowledge.



Final Verdict

Modway Engage Mid-Century sectional features decent design, a durable frame, and comfortable seating. So, if you are also looking for all these qualities in a sectional sofa, don’t get late and buy it instantly.

7- Knowlife L Shaped Sectional Sofa with Chaise

If you are looking for a decent sectional under 1000 dollars, go nowhere; here, we are going to introduce you to a chic, modish, and elegantly designed sectional. Well, the knowlife couch costs you less but offers great comfort.

This L-shaped sectional is available in four different vibrant colors; light gray, purple, navy blue, and black.  Now the choice is yours, which color you select for your apartment. When it comes to the durability of this sofa, you won’t raise questions about its durability.

The frame is made of solid wood. Moreover, the legs are crafted from metal with an enhanced weight carrying capacity of 300lbs for each seat. Quality of frame and legs don’t define the overall durability of any sofa; therefore, you need to check the cushioning, fabric, and stitching quality as well.

The high-density rebound sponge is used to make it well-cushioned. The sponge is neither too soft to get you stuck on the sofa nor too hard to hurt your back while sitting. In fact, 6.3 inches thick seating will be the ultimate solution to your tiresome.

Furthermore, the dense stitching ensures that the seat won’t break open after usage for a couple of months.

By discussing all the features, it is crystal clear that this Sectional is not only durable but gives premium comfort feelings as well.

Lastly, it will be good to inform you that the under-reviewed sofa is only suitable for a small family, as it comes with 3 persons seating capacity.



Final Verdict

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Knowlife sofa is one of the best budget sectionals on this list. Durable and coziness are the features that keep it miles above.

8- Lexicon Westville Reversible Sectional

Lexicon doesn’t sell furniture for home décor; the brand sells dreams to make your home perfect. Like many other perfectly designed furniture items, Lexicon Westville Tufted sofa is a masterpiece.

The first thing that may attract you is its unique color; Chocolate. Aside from unique color, the fabric must have qualities like easy-to-clean, stain resistant, wear-and-tear resistant, and cozy. Moreover, if you have a pet to live with, check whether the fabric is suitable for your pet or not. Amazingly, the tufted linen-like fabric of the Lexicon sectional checks all the boxes.

The wooden body frame and faux wood skid-free legs make the sofa durable and stable.

The sofa comes into two pieces without any chaise lounge. However, the seating capacity of the under-reviewed sofa is 5 persons. Because of the solid wood frame and legs, weight carrying capacity is also higher than its counterparts.

The back and seat are cushioned well; nevertheless, the armrests are solid enough to keep your arm’s posture at a right angle.



Final Verdict

If you want to decorate your living room uniquely, the Lexicon sectional might be the right choice for you; because of its unique color and design.

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9- Merax Sectional with Reversible Chaise Lounge

Let me be very clear at first about this sectional that no one except Merax is providing such a high quality under $1000. Moreover, this deep sofa is perfect for large spaces; however, different arrangements allow you to adjust it in small spaces as well.

Again it is an L-shaped sectional with plenty of seating capacity. Wooden body frame and sturdy black legs are made to last for years. Additionally, it offers heavyweight carrying capacity also. Each seat of this sofa is spacious, and a heavy person can easily sit and get relaxed.

This sectional comprises 3 seats, one non-reversible chaise lounge, and one ottoman. It means 7 people can be seated on this sectional. It doesn’t end here, the ottoman comes with its storage capacity, and you can store your blanket in the ottoman. Moreover, the soft cushion seat has two cup holders as well.

The high-density sponge is used to make the seats well-cushioned.

Lastly, this large capacity sofa comes in 3 pieces and is easy to assemble. All the essential tools for assembly are included in the package.



Final Verdict

If you are searching for a sectional that is enough for your large family with high built quality, Merax sectional is perfect for you. Durable, large seating capacity, several arrangement options, and comfy are the features of this sofa.

10- AWQM Sectional Sofa Set with Chaise

Another decent and elegant one is here to grab your attention. The feature that might attract you the most is its fabric. How? Let me explain.

The under-reviewed sectional comes in a grey color. The grey-colored fabric is made of high-quality material that is human skin-friendly that is breathable as well. In addition, you will get odorless and sweat-free seating on this sofa just because of the fabric’s breathability. Moreover, the fabric prevents bacteria growth as well.

Similar to any other standard sofa, the frame of it is also built from solid wood. However, the legs are made of sturdy plastic that tends to last for years.

Six people can sit on AWQM sectional easily. Moreover, each seat supports 300lbs weight. Three seats, a chaise lounge, and an ottoman are there in the package. The ottoman is large with a storage box that is a great plus. Aside from all these mentioned items, you will get two free pillows also.



Final Verdict

This sectional is best for large family gatherings. Moreover, the back is well-cushioned, which is considered good for back pain sufferers as well. Skin-friendly fabric is also a cutting edge of this sectional.

11- Pemberly Row Wicker Patio Round Sectional

Here, we come up with a sectional for small families. Pemberly Row wicker sofa is a newly introduced product in the market.

The shape of this sofa is quite unique. Well, this C-shaped sofa is the best match for small spaces and apartments. The seating capacity of this sectional is only 3 persons.

The frame of the sofa is made of steel that gives it a long life. Moreover, the frame is adorned with a wicker technique with a chocolate color finishing. The seat and back pillows are well-padded. Unfortunately, there are no chaise lounge and rest arms.

Moreover, this sofa isn’t considered into deep sectionals.

The sofa comes into pieces and is easy to assemble. Moreover, the arrangement of these two pieces of sofa is quite easy and space-saving. So, if you are an apartment dweller with a family of 3 or less, this sofa can be a nice addition to your apartment.



Final Verdict

For small families with a tight budget, this c-shaped sectional is a perfect choice. Moreover, it will increase the overall appearance of your living room as well.

12- HONBAY Faux Leather Sectional

Here is the last sectional of this list. This Honbay sofa is almost similar to the sectional reviewed above. However, there are various differences between the two.

The dimensions and design of both the sofas are the same. It is also suitable for small spaces. A reversible chaise lounge is available. However, the difference lies in the type of upholstery. The under-reviewed sectional comes with faux leather upholstery. Leather is easy to clean. Moreover, leather is stain-resistant.

Aside from upholstery differences, there is no difference in cushioning, frame quality, and seating experience.

Now, it is your choice, either you choose a velvet upholstered sectional or a sofa with leather upholstery.



Final Verdict

If you prefer to use a leather sofa, it is made for you. The compact size makes it suitable for small spaces and apartments.

How to choose the best sectional sofa for family?

The sofa has a long history to trace.  Initially, Europe introduced a sofa for sitting in the 1600s. Later on, in search of enhanced relaxation and comfort, various types of couches were introduced. However, sectional sofas are more common nowadays. Before buying a sectional, you need to take care of the following points; thereby, you can get your desired product to meet your demands. 

How to choose the best sectional sofa for family

Read Here All points with Details that how to choose a Sectional sofa

Size and available space:

The first factor that can’t be overlooked at any cost is the dimensions of a sofa. Measure the dimensions of the couch which you are about to bought. Moreover, measure the available space for a sectional in your living room.

Design and shape:

Having measured the available space for the couch, now it’s time to check the design and shape. In design, you will have to check the available colors of the couch. So, choose the color that matches your interior.

Aside from color, check the shape of the sectional. L and U-shaped shaped sectionals are commonly used nowadays. Aside from L and U-shaped sectionals, there are various other shapes like curved and modular.


The main objective of buying any sectional is to get comfort. If it meets the demand for required comfort, a sofa is well-suited for you.

While checking the comfort of a sectional, you will have to check how deep the sofa is? Which material is used for cushioning? Material of upholstery should also be kept under consideration. Furthermore, either the chaise lounge is included with the sectional or not? Would you get an ottoman with the sectional? After analyzing all these questions mentioned above, you will be able to buy a comfy sofa.

Material and Durability:

Material and durability are correlated. Good quality material ensures the long life of a product. While scrutinizing the material of a sectional, you will have to check the frame material, cushioning material, legs’ material, and upholstery.

Standard and durable sofa’s frame is built from solid wood or steel. Wood and steel frames both have their own pros and cons.

The high-density sponge is considered a durable material for cushioning. Check the cushioning sponge shouldn’t be either too soft or too hard.

Moreover, legs can be made of solid plastic, steel, or solid wood. While analyzing the material of legs, check the weight carrying capacity of the sectional. In addition, ensure that legs are skid-free on a slippery floor.

Lastly, upholstery can be of fabric or leather. Fabric is hard to clean and more likely to get stained. On the other hand, leather gets wrinkled fast. 

Extra Features:

In various extra features, check whether the chaise is reversible or not. How many arrangements are possible with the sectional buying sofa. Moreover, it is essential to note whether the package has an ottoman or not.

Some ottomans come with a storage box in which users can store blankets or other items.

Lastly, various sectionals come with a cup holder and USB mobile chargers. A sofa with a reclining feature is another feature to consider. Moreover, a sectional recliner can be a boon for back pain sufferers.

Seating Capacity and Weight Carrying Capacity:

Seating capacity and weight carrying capacity are important to consider before buying. Seat capacity must be according to the total number of family members. For example, if you have 5 family members, buy a sectional with 5 seats.

Moreover, weight carrying capacity is also mentioned on the package; so, have a look at weight capacity before buying.

Last Words:

While choosing the products for the Best sofa for family, we have four main factors in mind, comfort, seating capacity, durability, and eye-catching design. So, by keeping these four main factors in mind, we have compiled this list. If you have any other sectional that is great in comfort and more durable than the recommended ones, please tell us in the comment section. Our experts will take a look at your recommended sectional ; if it is worth reviewing, we will add it to our list. Thank you. Stay blessed.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Sectional Sofa?

If you plan to buy a sofa for your home and are still confused about whether you should buy a sectional or not, then read the following list of advantages and disadvantages of sectionals.

Top 04 benefits of a sectional for a family:

First, let me explain the different benefits of sectional; then, we will go towards disadvantages.


As we know, a sofa comes in different parts that can be adjusted according to the available space, which makes it highly suitable for everyone, no matter whether you have small space or large.

2- Versatile:

As we have described earlier, that sectional comes in different pieces, so it can be used differently. For example, various sectionals come with the ottoman that supports its chaise lounge. Moreover, the ottoman has storage boxes. Furthermore, various parts of the sectional can be used for different purposes.

3- Cozy and Chic:

As compared to traditional sofas, sectionals tend to offer a stylish look to your living room. Sectionals come with different arrangement options, vibrant colors, and stylish designs which provide a unique look to your home.

Aside from Chic design, sofas are supposed to be deeper and comfier than traditional ones.

4- Sleeping comfort

Suppose guests are at your home and there is no extra bed to sleep on. What will you do? Here, sectional will help you like a pro. A sectional with a chaise lounge can accommodate a person for sleeping. So, a sectional can serve you like an extra sectional also.

Disadvantages of sectional:

After knowing the different advantages of a sectional, allow us to reveal a negative side of this type of sofa.

Costly Re-upholstery:

When sectional’s upholstery gets dirty, and you want to change it, it costs you an arm and a leg. On the other hand, a simple sofa’s upholstery can be changed and washed without burning your pocket.

Not good for small spaces:

Sectional sofas take more space as compared to simple sofas. Therefore, it won’t be wise to purchase a sofa unless you have too tight a space to live in.

What are the types of sectional sofas?

There are several types of sofa; you can choose from any of the following types which suits you the best.

L-Shaped Sectional: The name of this type is self-explanatory. The shape of this sectional is just like the English Alphabet “L.” This sectional can be with or without a chaise lounge.

U-Shaped Sectional: Like L-shaped sectional, this name is also self-explanatory. Normally, U-shaped sectionals come with a chaise lounge.

Modular Sectional: Generally, modular sectional comes with the individual parts that are good to arrange into different settings. Moreover, it is easy to adjust a modular sectional in an apartment because of dozens of possible arrangements.  

Curved: Aside from L-shaped and U-shaped sofas, there is another type when it comes to the design of a sofa that is curved. The curved sofa is something like C-shaped, and it is the most common type of sectional nowadays.


Apart from the above-mentioned popular types of sectional, there are several other types like; reclining sectional, sleeper, and convertible. Moreover, several experts classified the sectional according to the material of upholstery.