The Best Soccer Mom Chairs Reviews 2022

A perfect mom is one who is always there whenever her kids need her help or support. And if your kids are good at sports, you will have to share support and help wholeheartedly. Imagine there is no place to sit and enjoy your kids’ soccer, how difficult it will be to see and enjoy the match. Obviously, you will suffer from back pain and feel tiresome as well. Moreover, sometimes bleachers aren’t good enough to provide you ultimate comfort. In this situation, we bring the best soccer mom chairs for you.

The following folding chairs can be transported easily, and we ensure you’ll enjoy watching kids’ sports and outdoor activities the most. Let’s check all the folding camping chairs one by one and make our decision about buying.

We’ve selected top 08 folding chairs which can be used for camping and any other outdoor activity. Amazingly, we’ve tired to explain every possible feature of each chair; thereby, you may buy a perfect soccer mom chair. Let’s start

1- Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair

To make your picnic into ultimate amusement, we are here with a superb recommendation. It is the best soccer mom chair. Once you get used to its ease, you can forget to pick up your drinks. But won’t forget to take this camping chair with you.

This beach chair is an outstanding innovation of Coleman. The brand is the #1 bestseller in camping chairs. So, reputation catches your attention significantly.

This chair is made up of steel. Just because of this robust steel frame construction, the chair can support 325lbs. This outdoor chair is 24″ wide. Whereas, it is 18.1″ in length. The seat and back are nicely cushioned, which is the ultimate source of comfortable sitting posture. Polyester is used as the fabric.  

Now let’s learn about some additional features of the chair. The most appealing aspect is the built-in cooler at the left armrest. This cooler pouch is insulated to hold four cans at once and keeps them chilled for a longer period.

However, on the right armrest, you can see a mesh cup holder. Above all, the height of the armrests is adjustable. So, set them as per your ease.

A storage pocket on the right side is also a nice perk. You can store magazines or any other important accessories in it while being on a picnic.

Lastly, this is a folding chair. You’ll also receive a carry bag within your purchase. So, just fold the chair and pack it in a bag for easy portability. Also, avail 1-year limited warranty with your shopping.



Final Verdict

The Coleman cooler quad chair is the handiest piece of equipment for any kind of picnic. Moreover, it’s long-lasting also. So, step ahead and make this long-term investment and cherish the ease.

2- Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping

This camping chair is from Kijaro. It is also the best model to take to any picnic resort. Because stability, durability, and portability are at the peak.

While having an in-depth look at this outdoor chair, just notice the framework, firstly. It is alloy steel. This kind of structure makes the chair exceptionally sturdier. Alloy steel lets the chair stand 300lbs in weight.

The seat features diamond ripstop polyester. In comparison, the back is made up of breathable mesh. Both seat and back add to the comfortable sitting. Most importantly, the seat doesn’t sink when you sit. So, the chair turns out super stable and relaxing also.

The dual-lock technology of this camping chair adds glamour to the product. It is because of this locking that the seat doesn’t sag. A push-button is there to help in unlocking the chair. Afterward, you also need to press the arms to lock them in place.

Moreover, this beach chair also includes two mesh cup holders, one at each armrest. Besides, you can see a zippered organizer. It acts as a nice storage bag for accessories. The package includes a carry bag. You can fold the chair and pack it in the bag for transporting. However, a carry strap is also there on the chair. Without packing the chair in a bag, you can hang it on your shoulder once folded.



Final Verdict

It is the best chair to be carried to a sporting event. Besides, it also becomes your perfect crime partner at camping or tailgating. So, grab the product if you are obsessed with innovative camping products.

3- Quik Chair with Arm Rest Cup Holder

It is a very reasonably priced outdoor chair. But being an affordable utility, it doesn’t lack even a bit of magic. Rather reliability is spilling out. Once you sit on it, its ease and comfy structure magnetize you. So, buy to cherish the real goodness of beach chairs.

It is built on alloy steel. So, durability and longevity are quite obvious. The back and seat comprise a great quality fabric. It is a tough300D polyester fabric. And the fantastic part of the story is that this polyester is water and stain-resistant. It lets the chair stand in rainy weather.

The back and seat fabric are not only durable. But its fitting offers a comfortable sitting experience. You can see a mesh cup holder at the right armrest. It lets you enjoy your refreshing drink while watching a thrilling match.

And when you are all done with your sporting event or a barbeque party, fold the chair as it folds easily and compactly. So, it’s quite breezy to store it in a carry bag. Don’t worry about investing separately in a carry bag because it’s included within the package. A strap is there on a carry bag. It lets you hang the chair on your shoulder very nicely.

This quick portable folding chair can stand up to 225lbs in weight. So, buy it if you fall into the criteria.



Final Verdict

If you want a casual chair for your camping episode, then go for it. It is simple without extra bells and whistles. This aspect makes it an absolutely worth buying article.

4- Coleman Big-N-Tall Soccer Mom Chair

One more camping chair by Coleman is amongst our top most recommendations. It is a pretentious and tall outdoor chair.

 Its exclusive sturdiness makes it an exceptional chair because it can stand 600lbs of weight. We have not come across such durability in the chairs discussed yet. So, this trait highlights this outdoor chair amongst fellow beings. This big and tall quad camping chair includes substantially sturdier feet also. They play an essential role in adding stability to the overall product along with the user.

It is built on a steel frame. Being 24 inches in width, it offers a sample sitting room. So, it’s the perfect purchase for heavy adults. The back and seat comprise synthetic fabric. This material is absolutely waterproof.

Armrests are also made up of this water-resistant synthetic fabric. So, you can use them to keep your electronic gadgets securely while being on a picnic. On the right armrest, you can see a zipper for the purpose. A storage pocket is also there for keeping keys, or spectacles, etc.

However, the right armrest includes a durable cup holder. Thus, you can enjoy your energy booster of the day.

Last of all, comes the carry bag. Use it to store your beach chair. Once you’re done with your amusement session, fold it, and pack it in the bag. The carry bag easily fits into the car trunk.



Final Verdict

It will let you the actual meaning of strength and durability. So, buy it and let your coming generations appreciate and enjoy your decision.

5- ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Folding Chair

Now stands in our list, the most versatile camping chair. It is an alpha camp oversized folding chair with gigantic size having 13.2lbs in weight. So, carrying it to the picnic point is very easy.

It is built on a sturdier steel frame that features a hammer tone powder coating. This powder coating acts as a barrier against rust. Thus makes the steel frame resistant to corrosion.

This beach chair offers ample sitting room. The seat and the back feature padded oxford fabric. Besides, the armrests are also padded. The neck support design also catches the limelight. So, you see, the chair facilitates a comfy and relaxing sitting episode.

While mentioning the significance of the steel framework, we forgot to mention a very important point. The legs include four heavy-duty steel frames. They add to the stability and durability of the chair. As a result, this outdoor chair can stand heavier weights up to 450lbs.

A mesh cup holder on the right armrest is also a nice perk. Moreover, you can also see a storage bag on the right side. It lets you put in some important accessories.

Another unique feature of this folding chair is an insulated cooler bag. This cooler bag on the left armrest helps you in keeping your cans chilled.

As you know that this is a folding chair; so, what acts as a cherry on top is its easy foldability. To clarify, folding and unfolding it is more than a snap. Above all, storing it doesn’t require a vast space.



Final Verdict

Take this comfortable, easy to use the quad chair for hiking, camping, or at the beach. It will definitely turn your tiring day into ultimate fun and relaxation.

6- EVER ADVANCED Oversize Pad Quad Arm Chair

If you are a little bit healthy guy, then stop, please! Because this quad camping chair is made to bear your size and weight. Its quality is incredible. Moreover, the stability is outstanding. So, you get the chance to cherish a safe and comfortable sitting session.

This outdoor chair weighs 8.5lbs. It comprises a collapsible steel frame; moreover, the back and seat are covered with a durable 600D polyester fabric. Both aspects make this camping chair a perfect choice for picnics.

The framework is not a compact one. Rather it’s wide with a high back and large seat area. This is why this camping chair suits the body size of tall adults. Besides, it can stand weight up to 300lbs.

The back, seat, and armrest are nicely padded, which offer a comfy sitting platform. The chair back is extended for heightened adults. Moreover, the armrests are adjustable. So, you can customize their height as per your ease.

Just look at the cup holder at the right armrest. It is quite durable and is not made up of mesh. On the same right side, the company has made a storage bag. It lets you keep your keys, goggles, and mobile phone safely.

Folding and unfolding this camping chair is again not rocket science. Within a matter of a few seconds, it gets set or folded.



Final Verdict

It’s time to visit the house of ever advanced. Because you’ll get quality and perfection under one roof. Above all, the price of their beach chair is also minimal. So, enjoy the best ever combo.

7- ALPHA CAMP Heavy Duty Canopy Lounge Chair

It is the most versatile and best soccer mom chair. It not only offers a comfortable sitting experience but also protects against harmful sun rays. How! Because the package includes a foldable canopy. If you feel irritated by the scorching sun, just attach the canopy and enjoy the shade.

This alpha camp outdoor chair stands on a heavy-duty steel framework. This steel framework is resistant to rust and corrosion. Because it features hammer tone powder coating, this coating enhances the framework’s quality and makes it long-lasting.

The back and seat comprise a reinforced mesh. These are sturdily made. Besides, the mesh adds to the breathability. The armrest is nicely padded also. Most importantly, the seat is wide enough. Also, the back is high. So the chair seems to support big males.

Additional supporting tubes at the bottom adds to the stability of the overall chair. They also play an important role in making the chair to support heavyweight adults (300lbs).

This camping chair also thrills the user with a cup holder built into the right armrest. So, enjoy the maximum feasibility with your purchase. Also, you need not panic about some of your accessories at the beach. Put them into the attached storage bag and cherish the ultimate relaxation.

Last of all, the company always stands behind its products. The 1-year warranty in this article clarifies our statement.



Final Verdict

This outdoor chair truly pays back your research, effort, and above all, money. Because it serves with every feature that divine equipment must have been furnished with. So, go ahead dude!

8- ARROWHEAD OUTDOOR Folding Camping Chair

Here you go with a club chair suitable for the outdoors. This camping chair is heavy-duty and foldable. It is one of the fantastic innovations by arrowhead outdoor store. Let’s dive into its deep glamour and learn what it actually offers.

Like all other competitors, this beach chair comprises a heavy-duty steel frame. This steel framework is furthermore covered with a durable 600D canvas fabric. This fabric is exceptionally sturdy and can stand heavy usage. Both the framework and covering are made to hold 330lbs. It is indeed a very nice weight holding ability.

It includes a reinforced mesh cup holder on the right side. Moreover, the availability of a mesh storage compartment adds glitter to gold.

The glamour of this camping chair is endless. Moving ahead, we feel the pride to inform you that the chair is super breezy to set. Not only setting it is a snap. But folding is also like a piece of the pie. The credit for the ease goes to its superior engineering.

Its lightweight construction adds ease to its transportation. Fold it and pack in it the carry bag that comes with the package. This carry bag easily gets adjusted into the car trunk to be taken to the beach.

This camping chair is a glimpse of the perfection by a USA-based brand. However, the company is always there to respond to your queries.



Final Verdict

When comfort, relaxation, durability, and ease of usage are possible in a single purchase. Then resisting to buy is absolutely ridiculous. So, grab the chair and enjoy a picnic and barbeque parties at the beach to the fullest.

Rules to Follow in Playground:

Being a mom, you will have to meet specific responsibilities that aren’t taught anywhere, and you will have to learn them by yourself. Similarly, there are several rules which need to be followed when you’re at the playground for your kids. The following are general rules which are too familiar and we hope you already know these principles. However, if you don’t know what to do while supporting your kids at the playground, please check the following list;

Be a Spy:

Indirect supervision is the best way to take care of your kids in the playground, where they know about your presence, and you’re continuously supporting them.

Rules about other's Kids:

Staring, playing, and talking with other kids is one of the most annoying tasks in a playground. Instead of playing, talking, or staring at other’s kids, you can speak to other parents.

Try to Relax:

 You can’t watch and support your kids in a match while standing on their feet at all times. So, try to relax in the soccer mom chair while there is nothing exciting in the game, and everything is going smoothly.

Be Switzerland:

During the match, try to be neutral and only watch that no one violates the rules. Moreover, let the kids play freely.

infographic: Best soccer mom chairs

Buying guide for best soccer mom chair:

You might have to wonder how we have selected the aforementioned soccer mom chairs. What factor we have analyzed and on which features can be compromised. So, please check the following buying guide, and know what features a folding camping chair should have in it; thereby, you can shop the right one. Let’s get started;


Why are you in need of a soccer chair? The answer to this question is obvious, and it will be “comfort”. So, checking for comfort while shopping for a chair would be the priority. While scanning for comfort, please check the shape of the chair. Check either the back of the chair is tall or not. How comfy the fabric of sitting material is.

Furthermore, check, in which posture the chair will allow you to sit. By scrutinizing all the factors, you will be able to buy a comfortable chair.


Portability is the other factor while choosing a camping seats. As we know that a soccer mom has to pack up her car with different recreational items and go to the playground. So, check the portability of the chair as well.

While checking portability, please check how much space the chair will take after folding it. Plus, check the weight for easy transportation. But be vigilant; most of the lightweight chairs are not stable and tip over easily. So, check lightweight and stability simultaneously; so that you can purchase a perfectly portable and stable soccer mom chair.


Durability and quality material have a deep relationship. The more quality material has been used in the chair; the more durable chair will be. In a folding camping chair, you will have to inspect two types of material; the frame and sitting material.

Frames of folding chairs are made of different materials like; wood or metals. In metals, high-quality stainless steel is the best for several reasons. For example, the stainless steel frame is less likely to get rusted after using hundreds of years. Moreover, stainless steel is sturdy enough that it is suitable for heavy persons as well.

On the other hand, check the fabric material of the seat. Either the fabric is breathable or not. Additionally, your back shouldn’t get sweaty after sitting on the chair for hours.

Single Seated or Double Seated:

You should know that these folding chairs come in two different options; single-seated and double-seated. Which one will suit you the most? The answer to this question depends on your requirements. If you and your husband are willing to watch your kids’ soccer match, go for the double-seated; otherwise, single-seated is good because of its easy portability and lightweight.

Other features:

We know the this type of chair is not like a massager in which you will find plenty of features; however, for user convenience, it also comes with different features. For example, most of the folding chairs have a storage compartment where you can store different items without any fear of being lost. Plus, these chairs have cup and beverage holders as well. These holders are made of mesh fabric.  

Amazingly, various folding chairs have reclining options, which are perfect for the sufferers of back pain. So, look over these extra features before purchasing an outdoor camping chair.

Your requirement:

Before buying this type of chair, please confirm that for which purpose you want to buy it. Soccer mom chair is perfect for outdoor activities. Either you want to go camping in jungles or on the beach, or you have a plan to watch soccer matches, it is perfect.

Moreover, it can be suitable for BBQs parties. However, a camping chair isn’t considered suitable at all for indoor. So, before purchasing, you must be clear about your needs.

Last Words

We hope you have found all the details of the best soccer mom chair you are searching for. Nevertheless, if you have any questions in mind, please ask in the comment section. Moreover, if you have any suggestions about folding camping chairs, please inform us in the comment section. Your recommendations mean a lot to us. We will consider it and apply it to our readers. Thank you. Stay blessed.


What are the different uses of the Soccer mom Chair?

The chair’s name depicts that the soccer mom chair can only be used for watching soccer matches. But it isn’t true at all. In fact, the chair can be used in any outdoor activity. For example, you are going beach camping; it will be perfect for that activity because of its easy transportability and ultimate comfort.

Aside from camping, you can use it in your backyard and lawns as well.

What is the best chair for the playground to enjoy the kids' matches?

There are different types of chairs in the market which are considered suitable for the elderly. Bleachers and soccer mom chairs are the most common ones. However, bleachers are not too comfortable and can cause back pain in some instances.

In contrast, it is the most suitable option because of its comfort level, portability, and convenience.