Top 05 Best Soundbar for 65 inch TV Reviews 2022

So, you have bought a 65 inch TV. Right? It means you have invested in the best image quality for the cinema room of your home. But, wait a minute; have you noticed how the sound of that wafer-thin TV is? Obviously, it might not be the same as expected to entertain as picture quality does. So, what will be the solution? Please don’t be worried about it. Here, we come up with the best soundbar for 65 inch tv that is a space savior, easy to set up, sleek in design, and affordable.

So, update your home cinema with the advanced, sleek, smart, and compatible sound bars mentioned below.

Out of plenty of options, we have just selected only five soundbars that can meet your needs for 65 inch TVs. In the following discussion, you will be able to know about the dimensions, smart features, accessories, and compatibility of all the soundbars.

1- YAMAHA YAS-207BL soundbar for large TV

Yamaha Yas-207BL has a feather in the cap of being the world’s first soundbar that offers a 3D sound surround feature. Yes, this model of Yamaha was introduced back in 2017.

It comes with one style bar and one subwoofer. The width of the bar is almost 36.7 inches that can be easily adjusted between the stand of the 65 inch TV. So, it won’t demand extra space to be accommodated somewhere near the TV. Moreover, it can be mounted on the wall. The bar is covered with mesh fabric; however, the backside of the bar is naked and made of plastic.

Aside from the bar, the package includes an entry-level subwoofer, which increases your listening experience for sure. Moreover, you will get a remote, a power cable for the bar and subwoofer, and a guide manual with the package.

HDMI Arc, Full HDMI, and Optical Audio are the input options available in the under-reviewed Yamaha soundbars. Aside from these input options, your TV or mobile phone can be connected with this soundbar via Bluetooth as well. Lastly, the subwoofer is connected to the bar wirelessly.



Final Verdict

For a decent audio journey that is affordable, Yamaha YAS 207BL can be a perfect choice. So, never be late, grab your soundbar, and start enjoying sports and movies with crystal clear audio.

2- Samsung HW-Q70R Harman Kardon Soundbar

Please don’t get this soundbar wrong by considering that it is only made for Samsung TVs. This masterpiece of Samsung can be used for any large tv by any other manufacturer. Let’s check all its features and price.

Unlike the above one, the bar has been covered by a metal grille that is less likely to get dusty and easy to clean. The width of the bar is 43.3 inches, which is considered a perfect size to adjust between the stand of 65 inch TVs. However, make sure that the TV stand must be 2.32 inches high; thereby, it can be adjusted under the TV perfectly.

The bar comes with a 3.1.2 speaker channel that creates an exceptional audio experience. However, it lacks rear channels. The fascinating feature of this bar is its Dolby Atmos and DTS:X supporting quality. As we know that Dolby Atmos is one of the most advanced features when it comes to buying a soundbar, so this model of Samsung features Dolby Atmos, which means it is able for upward-firing.

Moreover, it comes with a subwoofer that can be connected to the bar wirelessly.

The package includes a different manual guide, HDMI cable, power cables, remote, and batteries.

The bar can be connected to mobile via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Unfortunately, the bar lacks voice assistant and Google Chromecast streaming as well



Final Verdict

If you want a soundbar with a decent sound profile that is available relatively at a low price, this soundbar one will be for you. More amazingly, Dolby atmos put it a mile above.

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3- Sony Z9F Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Spending a huge amount on the soundbar doesn’t seem wise when you have invested in a large screen. However, you can’t turn your room into an entertainment center unless you invest in a decent soundbar. So, we recommend you invest in soundbars if you want to complete your entertainment episode. Here, we come up with another soundbar with a decent sound profile and amazing built quality. Let’s check all its features one by one;

The bar is almost 44 inches wide, slightly more than 1 meter, and can be fixed between large TV stands. Moreover, the front of the bar is equipped with a metal grille that is detachable. Furthermore, the backside of the bar has different input and output connection ports.

The bar has been equipped with the front right, center, and front left speakers (3.1 channel ), which are good enough to make the epic sound profile with decent bass generation. This model of Sony supports various standard audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTX:S.

The under-reviewed soundbar comes with a separate subwoofer system that can be connected wirelessly with the bar. However, you will have to plugin with a power cable to make it turn on. The subwoofer size is quite suitable to place it to the side of your 65 inch TV.

There are several input and output ports to make it compatible with most entertaining devices. Well, it comes with two HDMI IN ports, one USB port, one optical, one Ethernet, and one HDMI out port. Moreover, this soundbar can be connected via Bluetooth and wifi. In addition, this Sony’s soundbar is Alexa enabled, plus it works with Google assistance and using Chromecast audio standards.



Final Verdict

Sony’s under-reviewed soundbar will be the best friend in your cinema room unless budget is a problem for you. So, take your listening experience up to the next level with this soundbar.

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4- Sonos Arc - The Premium Soundbar For TV

You will find Sonos Arc second to none when it comes to generating crisp and deep bass sounds. From movies dialogues to jizz music, Sonos ARC soundbar will make you enjoy watching up to the next level.

The first thing that one can’t resist praising while reviewing this amazing soundbar is its design. The premium look of this soundbar can make you a fan of it. The curvaceous shape with mesh grill metal covered on it offers an eye-catching appearance. Moreover, this soundbar is available in elegant white and black colors. Sonos’ multi room music system, Amazon Alexa, and Google assistant are the features that provide a high level of sound profile with ease of use.

The bar is 45” wide, which is slightly wider than the 65 inch TV stand; however, it can be placed in front of the TV.

This soundbar comes without any subwoofers or satellite speakers. It supports DOLBY ATMOS and DTX:S sound content. You can buy Sonos subwoofers separately that are compatible with it.

The stereo frequency response of this soundbar is something more than above. Overall sound quality is excellent; nevertheless, it doesn’t offer full EQ settings.

You will get an HDMI cable, HDMI to Optical adapter, and a manual guide in the package.

You can only connect it wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Apple Airplay 2. There is no option to connect it with your mobile via Bluetooth.



Final Verdict

This Sonos soundbar can be yours with a great sound profile, excellent user experience, and eye-catching shape. Moreover, you need to connect any subwoofer or satellite speakers by purchasing this amazingly built bar.

5- Hisense HS214 SoundBar with Built-in Subwoofer

If you don’t want to invest too much in soundbars and still want to get immersive sound quality for your home entertainment center, Hisense serves its well-built soundbar, available at an affordable price.

The design of the Hisense HS214 is simple and won’t give a premium look at all. However, the compact size (37 inches wide) allows you to adjust it at your desired place. It comes with built-in subwoofers for deep bass that gives you an immersive sound quality. You can connect it with your smart devices via Bluetooth.

Moreover, it is compatible with Roku TV OS with a single HDMI ARC port. You can use a single remote control system of Roku TV to control the soundbar and TV; thereby, you can avoid confusion by using two remote controls.

Movie mode, music mode, and news mode are also there to give you the best listening experience of different types of sounds.



Final Verdict

It would be a great choice for those who want to enjoy good sound quality without investing too much in soundbars. This Hisense soundbar comes at an affordable price that provides deep bass and crisp sound.

How to buy the best soundbar for a 65 inch TV?

In the above discussion, we have chosen five different products and tried to explore each possible feature that can make your decision easier while buying a soundbar. Here are some features that need to be checked before buying any soundbar.


As we have discussed soundbars for 65 inch TVs; so, it is essential to check the dimensions of the soundbar before buying. While measuring the dimensions of a soundbar, the width is the most important measurement. So, check how wide the soundbar is.

For 65 inch TVs, a 35 to 48 inches soundbar is perfect. The mentioned sized soundbar can be adjusted between the stand of a 65 inch TV to save space on the table.

Subwoofers and satellite speakers:

Several soundbars come along with subwoofers and satellite speakers. Subwoofers enhance the bass, while satellite speakers are good to improve the immersive sound experience.

Make sure that subwoofers and satellite speakers are wirelessly connected or not.

Moreover, measure the dimensions of the subwoofers and satellite speakers.

Ports and connectivity options:

The most important feature that demands your attention is the port and connectivity option. Check how many kinds of ports are available to connect it with the TV. Moreover, have a look at wireless connecting options as well.

Dolby Atmos and DTX:S:

Soundbars that support Dolby Atmos and DTX:S  offer a virtually immersive sound experience while watching TVs. So, check whether the soundbar supports Dolby Atmos and DTX:S sound content or not.

Control Options:

Controlling a soundbar with a remote control can be confusing because you will have to use another TV remote control. So, it would be great if the soundbar comes with Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled options for easier use.


After dimensions, I think the price is the most important and decisive factor to consider. Many people don’t want to invest in soundbars, having invested in a top-notch TV. So, check the price of the soundbar before buying.

In the above list, we have reviewed cheap and top-notch soundbars; now the choice is yours.

Last Words:

After hours of research, we compiled the list of the best soundbar for 65 inch TV. If you are using any other type of soundbar for your large screen TV, please do mention it in the comment section. Moreover, don’t forget to write how your experience with that soundbar is. Thank you. Stay blessed.