07 Best Spy Camera with Longest Battery Life Reviews 2022

We know the market is loaded with spy cameras; however, putting your finger on the best spy camera with the longest battery life can be a challenging task indeed. Besides battery runtime, you will have to run down different factors like; video resolution, frame per second, durability, size, and waterproof feature.

Having analyzed all the characteristics mentioned above, you’ll be able to make the right decision about battery operated recording camera. So, buy the best one and keep an eye on your kids, no matter how busy parents you are. Moreover, keep a check and balance on the nanny and other employees to enhance their productivity. Let’s check the following list of spy cameras with detailed reviews.

Here, it’s noteworthy to inform about different spy cameras; therefore, you can purchase the best choice available in the market. Please check the following types and choose according to your needs.

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Battery-powered hidden cam:

This type of spy cam comes with a battery that helps to record a video. This type of camera has been used in the most secret operations by Intelligence services.

Owing to wireless, it is easy to carry while you’re on travel. The only dark side of this type of cam is the runtime of the battery. Most battery-operated cams come with a short runtime battery that can hardly record a video of 1 to 2 hours.

Nevertheless, if you find a cam with the most extended battery life like a smoke detector (first camera in the above list), it would be great to keep a check on your home and office.

Corded Spy Cam: Hidden Home Security Cameras

Generally, these types of cameras are suitable for home and offices where you need to fix a camera position. These types of cameras need a continuous power supply. For long hour video recording and constant surveillance, the corded electric powered cam is the best choice.  

Wearable Spy Cam:

Typically, wearable spy cams are battery-powered spy cam. However, you can attach a wearable spy cam with your body and record a video. A wearable spy camera can be a button-shaped cam or a pen placed in your pocket.

Besides the shirt’s button and pen cam, a cam has been integrated into the glasses, just put the glasses on and start recording.

Best mini spy camera with longest battery life

We all know that every invention has negative and positive uses. For instance, a gun can be beneficial in self-defense. On the other hand, a gun has been used a lot cynically since its invention. The same is the case with spy cameras. Here, we’re enlisting spy cameras for positive uses in a home.

1- Smoke Detector Cam- Long recording spy camera

If you want to keep an eye on your kids, home servants and avoid being burgled, this battery operated hidden camera smoke detector will do this task for you like a pro. Nobody even doubts that a smoke detector has a spy camera inside. Let’s check the different features of this smoke detector camera.

The first thing bears in mind that it is a non-functional smoke detector. Moreover, let me make it crystal clear; this camera comes with the longest battery life. Yes, it uses a 5500mAh battery that is more than adequate to make high definition videos for 20 hours.

Aside from making 20 hours of continuous video, it is sufficient for 180 days on standby mode.

Another feature that can make your mouth watery is the PIR human body detection. After detecting a body with a PIR sensor, it will send you a notification on your mobile and make a video. If you have set it on standby mode, it will make only a video after detecting a human or animal body close to it. After making a video and sending you a notification on your mobile, it will enter again in standby mode.

So, this feature can be best for travelers who use to travel for a long time. By activating this feature, you can keep an eye on your home while enjoying a trip. It supports a 128GB SD card to record long hour’s video.

Besides recording, you can also check the real-time video by connecting it with your smartphone or a tablet.

The last feature that is important to persuade is its loop recording. In case, the 128GB SD card’s memory is full; it will delete the old recordings and start to save a new one. Moreover, to record more, it will automatically compress all the videos in 720p.

Note: The camera lens covers almost 125 degrees of area.



Final Verdict

It could be the best choice for people who’re always complaining about low battery runtime. It can be used for 180 days at standby mode. Moreover, you can record almost 20 hours of video continuously with single battery charging.

2- Photo Frame Camera with long battery life

Beautify your living room with this fascinating photo frame with a hidden camera in it. Here, the battery runtime of it will make you blow away. Well, it comes with a 10000mAH battery. And it will be more shocking news for you to know that its battery runtime is almost one year in standby mode.

Aside from standby mode, you can record 30 hours of videos with it.

The wiFi-enabled feature lets you control it remotely. With this feature, you can observe your home in real-time. Moreover, you can download videos and photos to your connected Android and IoS phones.

If you want detailed videos and want to closely analyze your home environment, the camera will provide 1080p FHD videos to you with high resolution. It hasn’t ended yet. The night vision recording of this camera is also amazing and with no-glow light. At night, it can record a high-quality video at 8 meters distance.

It supports an almost 128GB card.

Similar to the above, this camera also has a PIR body detection sensor. At standby mode, if it detects a human or animal body, it will start recording and send a notification on your mobile phone. Moreover, you can record a video of 10 to 60 seconds after detecting a body with a PIR sensor.



Final Verdict

If you want an ultimate solution to make you home more secure while going on a world trip secretly, this photo frame spy cam with the longest battery life can be the best option in the market.

3- Mini Hidden Portable Security Surveillance Camera

Unlike the above cameras, this one isn’t hidden in any photo frame or a smoke detector. It is a small size product that can be placed anywhere without getting focused on by thieves. The dimensions of it are 5.67 x 3.54 x 1.73 inches.

As we can see, the size is too small, so its battery will be small as well. Yes, it comes with a 1500mAh rechargeable battery that can record 6 hours long video.

The other feature that keeps the camera miles above to its counterparts is its ultra HD video making. 

No matters its night or day; this mini spy camera will record a video of high quality. Plus, by configuring it with WiFi only 2.4GHz, you can watch live video remotely on your mobile.

The detailed manual guide will help you to configure it.

Lastly, any other standard cam, it also has an advanced body motion detection sensor, and it can send a notification to you after detecting a body motion.

Note: The mini spy cam comes with a 30 days money back warranty, and you can enjoy two years of lifetime friendly support from the technical team.



Final Verdict

You can hang it on the wall or ceiling. Moreover, due to its small size, you can hide it in book racks. In short, it can be placed or mounted anywhere.

4- AREBI Cam Plus 2021 Version: Mini Spy Camera

Let me admit it at the very first line of this review that the built-in battery’s life isn’t long-lasting. Yes, AREBI spy cam has 300mAh that can record only 1 hour’s video. However, you can connect it with an external battery pack of 10000mah. With the help of a 10000mah battery, you can easily record high definition videos for 30 hours.

With the help of the AREBI spy camera’s app, you can watch real time video on your mobile by configuring it with a router.

The dimensions of the camera are too small that need extra attention to feel the presence of it. The dimensions are 5.63 x 3.58 x 1.73 inches.  Moreover, it comes with a fixed internal magnet that helps to stick on a metal surface.

The feature that I love the most is the wide range of video angles. Yes, it can record almost at 150 degrees. Generally, its counterparts have only 100 to 120 degrees.

Lastly, the night vision and PIR body detection sensor are the other feathers in this cam’s cap. You can easily observe anything at 15 feet away from the cam with the help of its advanced technology of night vision without glowing IR light.



Final Verdict

As we’ve mentioned above, this cam’s battery runtime is too short, so consider this feature before buying. On the flip side, wide-angle recording and small dimensions are the other features of it that place it above par.

5- Omples Hidden Camera

If you want to record moments unnoticeably, Omples hidden spy cam will always be there to meet your desire like a champ. This hidden cam has been installed in a table clock where you can easily make videos and imprison the moments.

The video quality is full HD 1080p at daytimes, while black & white video will be recorded at night time with full clarity.

Like any other standard camera, this cam can also be connected with an Android/IOS app, and you can keep a check remotely.

The most important factor that must be informed here is that there is no battery in this spy cam. You will have to put an AA cell to run the clock. Moreover, a continuous power supply will be provided to record videos.

Body motion detection with active notification on mobile is another cutting edge of this hidden cam.



Final Verdict

If a battery-powered hidden cam is no longer a problem for you and you want a camera that can record video secretly, this table clock hidden cam is made for you. Just check the price and other features by clicking the button.

6- Hidden Cam Miota with Bluetooth Speaker, Radio

By purchasing this device, you not only buy a hidden cam, but you also get a digital table clock, a Bluetooth speaker, and a radio. Yes, all the devices have been implanted in this table clock.

So, enjoy music, listen to the radio, and wake up early by the built-in alarm. Aside from all these features, this versatile digital clock has a spy cam that is hard to notice. Amazingly, it can make high definition videos in 1080P.

So, place it on a table and adjust the angle in the room where you want to monitor. It could be your kids’ room, office, home security, and home servant monitoring.

From 32 ft. away, this digital clock with spy cam can record clearly at nights with its high-quality IP lens.  

This camera’s built-in battery is 1100mAh that is considered more than adequate to make 3 hours of videos continuously. Furthermore, the standby mode with the PIR body detection sensor enhances the overall life of the battery.

Lastly, it supports a maximum 64 GB SD card that is also a plus for this hidden cam because its counterparts support only 28GB to 32GB SD micro cards.



Final Verdict

This versatile device shares a low price tag and gives you multiple advantages. In addition, tracing this hidden cam isn’t a low hanging fruit. So, check all the features and battery runtime and decide whether it’s a good option for you or not.

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7- Relohas Mini Spy Cam for Home and Outdoor

This mini spy camera has been loaded with different features that will help to monitor your home, office, kids, and employees better. This cam’s size is too small to hide anywhere like; flowerpot, in books, or can be mounted on a wall.

The cam can be mounted on the wall with a hook or stick with a strong sticker (included in the package).

Another feature that you might haven’t observed yet is that the cam can be zoomed in and out according to your desire.

The battery with the cam is 800mAh, and it can record almost 2 hours of videos with full charging.

Lastly, the cam comes with four different recording modes like; you can record with it continuously, set a time for recording, after detecting a body, it will record a video, or you can start and stop recording by your connected mobile phone.



Final Verdict

If you want to record a video of 1 hour, this spy camera will do it professionally. However, if you want long battery life, consider other options from the list.

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Buying Guide for Hidden Security Cams

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of quick points about buying guides for spy cams. Read all the following carefully and make a decision wisely.

Shape and size:

The primary purpose of buying a spy cam is to secretly observe a man, employee, nanny, or kids. So, the shape of the cam matters a lot. If it’s large and can be detected easily, there is no use in it.

On the other hand, a cam, small in size, can be placed anywhere unnoticeably. Moreover, a cam, which is covered by a household item like; smoke detector, photo frame, or table clock, is hard to detect. Therefore, always check the shape and size of the cam before buying.

Video Resolution:

The other feature that cannot be ignored is the quality of a video recorded by your camera. Generally, in this modern era, even a simple cam is providing an HD 1080P video quality. But you must check the video quality and frame per second before buying.

Body Detection Sensor:

In this technologically advanced era, almost every cam comes with a PIR sensor. This PIR sensor detects a human or animal body and starts recording (If the cam is on standby mode). This sensor will help the camera to work more smartly and enhance the battery runtime.

Moreover, it will save memory storage by not recording the unimportant moments.

Night Vision:

Generally, intruders come into a home at night to rob. If your cam isn’t functional at night, you will be a significant loss. So, check either the camera has a night vision feature or not. Moreover, check the video quality while recording at nights as well.

Wifi and Mobile App connectivity:

The most important feature that can keep you vigilant all the time is wifi and mobile app connectivity. With the mobile app, you can connect the camera with your mobile and keep an eye on your home and office remotely.

You can watch real-time scenes on your mobile with the help of wifi and App connectivity. So, this feature will make your surveillance easy and efficient.

Battery Runtime:

This article is related to battery-powered cams. So, how is it possible not to mention battery runtime? Battery runtime can be assessed by checking the battery capacity mentioned on the package in the form of mAh (milli-Ampere-hour).

Try to buy a battery-powered cam having a battery of more than 1000 mAh.

Storage capacity:

Nowadays, spy cams come with the micro SD card storage system. Typically, mini spy cams support 64 GB micro card to 128GB storage micro card.

64Gb is enough memory to store almost 10 hours recording of spy camera. So, check the memory system of the spycam before buying it. 

Other features:

Audio recording, waterproof, recording angle, and durability are the other features that must be kept in mind while buying a hidden cam.

By following all the points mentioned above, we hope you’ll get the best-hidden cam that meets all your surveillance needs.

Last Words

We have mentioned all the best spy cameras with the longest battery life; however, if you ask the best choice among the seven cams discussed above, we will say a smoke detector spy cam will be a suitable option for home and office. If you have any other suggestions, please do mention in the comment section. Moreover, mention three reasons for liking the suggested camera. We will check your proposed camera and add it to our list. Thank you, stay blessed.


How long does a spy camera battery last?3

The answer to this question varies for every hidden camera. Most of the hidden cams have a battery’s capacity from 1000mAh to 2000mAh.

A 1000mAh battery of spy cam can last for one to two hours while recording continuously.

Moreover, various spy cams come with a standby mode that only records when it detects a body movement. For example, a smoke detector spy cam’s battery lasts for 180 days at standby mode.  It should be noticed that the smoke detector spy cam’s battery is 5500mAh.

How long do hidden cameras record?

If the camera is battery powered, the answer to this question depends on battery life and storage capacity.

A 1000mAh battery lasts for a couple of hours.

On the other hand, if the cam is corded and demands a continuous electricity supply, check the storage capacity.

Lastly, check the loop recording feature of the camera. If there is a loop recording feature in the cam, it can delete the old video recordings and start recording a new one.

Why should you own a spy camera?

There could be several reasons for using spy cams; it could be positive or negative. Positive reasons can be the following for using spy cameras;

i- Keep an eye on kids

ii- Keep checking employees activities

iii- For observing caregiver activities

iv- Pet movements

v- For safety reasons from intruders