Best TV for Dark Room (OLED & Non OLED 2022)

Back home from a job or a business, people would love to watch TV in the evening and night. That’s why top-rated TV shows are being aired between 8 pm to 11 PM. Rather than enjoying TV shows after a 9-5 job, you may suffer from eye strain and headache because watching TV in a dark room may take a toll on your eyes. So, how a TV can entertain you without affecting your eyes badly. Here, we come with the solution. Well, we have compiled a list of the best TV for dark room.

The following TVs haven’t a bad impact on your eyes and precise brightness control, eye-catching contrast ratio, great response and refresh rate, and high image quality are the factors which make you enjoy in a dark room.

Without involving you in the war between OLED vs. QLED, let us make it crystal clear that OLED is the undisputed champ for a dark room. However, an OLED may cost you an arm and a leg. On the other hand, different brands tried to improve the image quality by giving Mini-LED technology in QLED TVs.

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Let’s check which one will suit you the most; according to your budget and other requirements.


Samsung UHD TU-8000 series 2020 is perfectly a balanced deal between quality and budget. If you are a brand-oriented person and want to enjoy movies by creating a cinematic ambient in your home, Samsung allows you to fulfill your desire without burning a hole in your pocket.

The models of TU-8000 series 2020 come into different sizes; 43”, 50”, 55”, 65”, 75”, and 85”. So, choose the perfectly matched TV size.

The TV has an eye-catching design with no curved screen. The thin borders of the TV never distract your attention while enjoying movies in a dark room. Moreover, the sleek black is made of plastic with textured finishing. Overall, the TV is thin and can be hanged on a wall. Lastly, the stand of the TV takes large space on the table; however, it supports well and never lets the TV wobble.

The most important factor for enjoying movies and games in a dark room is the contrast ratio. Luckily, you will get a fantastic contrast ratio (6421:1) which will display you deep blacks and make an image with crisp colors. A decent color gamut will let you enjoy the dark scenes in a movie.

The only dark side of this TV is its viewing angle. Yes, owing to the VA panel, at different viewing angles you may lose the picture quality. Furthermore, the semi-glossy screen can handle the reflection effectively in a bright room as well.

Fast response rate and high refresh rate will allow you to enjoy football matches and car racing without getting it to blur.

Smart operating system Tizen has been used for ultra-ease and simple features. Moreover, the Samsung app store is there to offer unlimited entertainment sources. A smartly built remote is there in the package.

Besides, you need high sound quality with a high-quality image for home cinema. And this model of Samsung comes with a well-balanced sound quality profile.



Final Verdict

It would be the perfect choice for the people who love to watch movies and soccer matches in a dark room. High sound quality and crispy color combination will give an actual meaning of entertainment. 

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OLED TV is the perfect choice to enjoy movies, matches, and premium shows in a dark room. Unlimited contrast ratio and color gamut can make you understand the real meanings of entertainment. Let’s check all the features of this LG OLED TV one by one.

Similar to the above model, the screen of the TV is flat with premium looks. On the other hand, the width of the stand is almost equal to the width of the TV that never lets the TV wobble. So, it can be a secure option for a home with kids. Additionally, the TV’s back is made of metal and plastic. The upper part is made of metal that contains the main panel of the TV. The last thing that needs to be focused on in the body is the thickness of the borders. Fortunately, the thin borders of TV are a great plus to enjoy video games.

As we’ve described earlier that contrast ratio is the prime factor when it comes to buying a TV for a darkroom. Thanks to the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) which permits every single pixel to turn on and off separately. Resultantly, an unlimited contrast ratio can be obtained. Moreover, a wide color range will be there to give you the real meaning of HDR resolution.

Unlike the above one, the viewing angle of this TV is amazing. It means a large number of people in a family can enjoy watching TV simultaneously without losing the image quality.

In image quality and watching experience, the LG model has something attractive for gamers as well. FreeSync Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is also there to enjoy high-speed moving video games. The maximum refresh rate of the TV is 120Hz.

As we have mentioned above, that a family can be entertained by its image quality, then how it is possible that this TV comes with low sound quality. The Dolby Atmos sound quality is there to give you a next-level sound experience.

Because of popularity among LG users, WEBOS smart operating system has been used in this TV. Lastly, a large size TV remote control with a voice control feature is also included in the package.

Note: The Reviewed LG model is available in different sizes; 48”, 55”, 65”, 77”



Final Verdict

If a high budget isn’t a problem for you then give a try to this amazing model of LG. You will, for sure, love this LG model because of its high image quality, awesome sound, and quality, and sleek design.

3- TCL 55S425 55 inches 4K Smart LED Roku TV

In case, you want to watch movies on a big screen by creating a cinematic ambient in a room. But, your pocket won’t allow you to buy a big screen for your home cinema dark room. Don’t be worried at all. We are here to make you surprise by introducing TCL TV that shares an eye-opening low price tag. Let’s check design, material, contrast ratio, colors, stand, operating system, and resolution.

The design of the body is too simple. The flat-screen TV comes with a high-quality plastic stand which is good in stabilizing the TV. The width of the TV stand is almost equal to the width of the TV. The half-back is made of metal that contains the panel and the other half is made of plastic. The only thing that may your dislike in the body is the thick borders. Yes, a thick border might not allow you to focus on the screen.

Owing to the VA panel, the contrast ratio of the TV is high; that’s why it’s considered suitable for a darkroom. Although the semi-glossy screen of the TCL model is efficient in reflection control, it’s not a good choice for a well-lit room because of low brightness levels.

For movie and TV shows lovers, response and refresh rate are satisfactory; however, if you want to enjoy high-quality video games, this model isn’t made for you.

The sound quality is above par. You can enjoy the crisp and clear dialogues in a dark room. However, it’s not too good for a loud environment.

Roku operating system with unlimited features has been installed in this model; thereby, you can enjoy your time by watching matches, movies rather than searching and browsing.



Final Verdict

TCL brand is giving you a chance to amuse yourself by watching movies and NETFLIX seasons on a big screen. Amazingly, the price of the big screen is affordable also.

4- Sony X900H 65-inch TV: Game Mode for Gaming

All the TVs, mentioned above, are perfect for dark rooms only, you might not enjoy the performance in a bright room. However, aside from dark room, Sony X900H is equally suitable for a bright room. Let’s check all nuts and bolts of this TV.

Like any other standard TV design, this one also comes with a flat-screen. Unlike the above ones, this one has a metal stand that is sturdy and can avoid the TV from wobbling. Moreover, the brush textured back and high built quality gives a premium look to the TV. Furthermore, the TV has thing borders. Lastly, the only flaw that we observed in the design of the TV is its overall thickness. This model of Sony is relatively thicker than its counterparts.

Thanks to its VA panel that provides its great contrast ratio (4267:1) with a full array dimming option that is great for dark rooms. Aside from dark rooms, semi-glossy screens and high brightness options are the features that make it highly feasible for a well-lit room as well.

Not ends yet, its response and refresh rates allow a user to play fasting moving video games without getting the images blurred at all. A wide color gamut bestows you the excellent quality of the image. Additionally, HDR10+ 4K resolution can force to buy it without getting delayed.

Owing to the VA panel, the viewing angle is limited; however, it is far better than the TCL model mentioned above.

All the essential input ports are there to connect USB or speakers to it.

Lastly, Android OS has been used with its unlimited features. Moreover, a large size remote (with dozens of buttons) welcomes you, after opening the package. We know, too many buttons on the remote may confuse you, but it also gives a lot of customization options as well.



Final Verdict

Sony X900H is a balanced option at an affordable price. You can watch and enjoy movies in a dark and bright room. Moreover, the 4K resolution makes it more fascinating. So, check all the detailed features by clicking the button below.

5- Hisense H8 Quantum Series 4K ULED Smart TV

The last product on this list is from the Hisense brand. Like the TCL model, it’s also budget oriented TV with bundles of features like any other high-end TV. Let’s have a look at all its features that are essential for the watching experience in a dark room.

In the design, there aren’t too many differences from the models mentioned above. Flat-screen, sleek and will-built back, thin borders, and thin body are the main points of its design. Aside from all the design features, the Hisense H8 TV has an adjustable metal stand that is space-efficient.

The VA panel with high contrast ratio is a great plus for an unlighted room. The contrast ratio of this model is 4511:1. Moreover, the high color range of the TV gives a saturated image with 4k resolution.

It can be the best budget TV for gamers because of the decent response and refresh rate. Nevertheless, advanced gaming feature like VRR isn’t available in it. 

4 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 digital optical audio, and 1 Ethernet input ports are also available.  

The only disappointing point of this TV is the sound quality. You may not satisfy with the loud sound of the TV.

Lastly, the Android operating system and a large size remote with dozens of buttons are there to make this product more attractive.



Final Verdict

Despite the low price range, Hisense has been providing high-quality TVs for years. You can also try the recommended model for dark ambient.

How do I Choose the best TV for a dark room?

For an unlighted cinematic room, you need to focus on contrast ratio, color gamut, sound quality, and OLED vs QLED. The features mentioned above are essential to note before buying a TV for an unlighted room. Aside from these features, you can check design, remote, voice control features, and reflection control quality as well. In the following buying guide, we are bounded to discuss the features of a TV which are necessary for a dark room. Let’s discuss one by one;

Infographic: Best TV for Dark Room


It admits of no doubt that OLED TV is matchless when it comes to buying a TV for unlighted home cinema. OLED, in fact, is supposed to turn on/off each pixel individually that provides deep black. This phenomenon is ideal for a dark room ambient.  

However, OLEDs may cost you an arm and a leg. OLED price starts from $2000.

On the other hand, LEDs or QLEDs are less expensive; nevertheless, these can lose the battle, when we compare the performance of LED/QLED with OLED in a dark room.  

Now the choice is yours either you go for OLED or LED.

Contrast Ratio:

Another most important factor which plays a vital role while analyzing the performance of a TV in dark ambient is the contrast ratio. The more contrast ratio means the better performance of the TV.

OLEDs have high contrast ratios when comparing LEDs. However, if you don’t have a high budget, try to buy a LED with high contrast ratio, it will perform better in dark ambient.

Sound Quality:

If the TV hasn’t a better sound quality that surrounds you, the movie scenes might not throw the actual spell on you which was expected. So, sound quality matters a lot for an unlit room. Check either the dialogue delivery at loud sound is clear or not? How the bass of the speaker is?  

Suppose you don’t like the sound quality of the TV, but all the other features of the TV (Which you’re going to buy) are attractive. Buy it and try to manage separate speakers.

Color Gamut & Resolution

The last feature which can double the enjoyment level is the screen resolution. All the above-mentioned models have 4k (HDR, HDR10, and HDR10+) Screen resolutions. Check the color range and how the TV screen displays an image? Whether it is saturated or not?  

By analyzing all the features, you can get a perfect TV for an unlit room. Notwithstanding, look at the following features also for a perfect TV for all situations.

Other features:

Check either the screen is glossy or semi-glossy. A semi-glossy screen tends to control reflection efficiently. So, a semi-glossy TV screen is considered good for a well-lit room. Moreover, the brightness level is the other factor that needs to be scrutinized as well. We can compromise on a low brightness level in a poorly lit room, nevertheless, high brightness is required for a bright room.

Lastly check the operating system, remote control, and design of the TV which you are going to buy.

Final Words:

All the models, we have reviewed above, are considered the best TV for dark room. We have tried our best to include TVS which are low in price and high in performance. If you have any other suggestions, please do write in the comment section. Thank you. Stay blessed.


Is it OK to watch TV in a dark room?

The answer to this question may demand detailed discussion. The situation may vary from person to person. In a dark room, you will enjoy, indeed, more than a well-lit room. In an unlit room, the only focus of your eyes will be the TV screen.

Sometimes, watching TV in a dark room may cause eye-strain; nevertheless, it’s nothing to do with eyesight. However, keep staring at the TV screen for prolonged hours may affect you negatively.  

Aside from staring TV screen for a long, the distance between you and the TV screen matters a lot. Always try to maintain a balanced distance.

Can watching TV in the dark cause headaches?

The shortest answer to this question is “It happens sometimes”. Watching TV in dark can cause headache. Notwithstanding, it can be avoided by not staring TV screen for long. Moreover, by keeping an appropriate distance between you and the TV screen, you can enjoy movies without suffering from headache.

What type of TV is best for dark rooms?

Although we have given a detailed answer to this question in buying guide, the shortest answer is that OLEDs are the best ones for a dark room. Moreover, all the 5 models mentioned above are best for an unlit bedroom, nevertheless, LG CXPUA is one of the best choices among the 5 mentioned models.