Best Way to Sit with Lower Back Pain 2022

Back pain is gender blind. No matters, either you’re a man or a woman, you might have faced backache in your life. Shockingly, 8 out of 10 people face acute, searing, or dull pain in their back once in their lives. The reasons for backache might be Sciatica, Herniated Disc, Degenerative Disc problem, or other spinal issues. However, one reason for lower back pain is common among all the sufferers that is the wrong sitting posture for long hours.

Bad posture for long might be the main cause of back problems mentioned above. So, if you’re are also suffering from backache, try to sit according to the recommended methods mentioned below. We hope, it will alleviate your pain severity.

Note: If the pain is still spreading towards the leg after using the sitting tips mentioned below, please go for a detailed check-up to a physician.

Best Way to Sit with Lower Back Pain

Technological advancement makes us bound to sit for long working on laptops and computers which may lead to acute back pain. And you won’t sit correctly, you might be suffered from backache. So, it’s important to know which posture is perfect for you to sit for longer. Moreover, don’t miss the end of this article, we are going to reveal various sitting tips which will help you to work efficiently. Let’s get started;

Back Angle:

Best angle to sit with back pain

The first and most important factor which may prevent you from suffering is the back angle. If the back angle is correct, the pressure on your disc will reduce which may relieve backache. But wait! What would be the correct angle for sitting long hours?

By Google this term, you will find the right angle (90 degrees) is the most suitable angle to work on a laptop in an office.

However, it’s no true! A slightly relined angle, 100 and 110 degrees put 20 to 30% less pressure on your disc. So, while working on a laptop or playing games on a computer, try to sit at a 100 or 110 degrees angle.

If your chair doesn’t have lumbar support, you can use it separately to keep your sitting posture perfect.

You can use the following recliner for back pain; Best Recliner for Degenerative Disc Disease

Knee Angle:

Aside from the back angle, knee angle while sitting on a chair is crucial. In fact, the knee angle is the only one that dictates the posture of your legs and feet. Make sure that your feet touch the floor/ground while sitting on the chair.

For this purpose, you will have to choose a chair according to your height. Furthermore, you can choose a chair with variable height options.

Now comes to the Knee angle. According to the experts, the knee angle must be the right angle to alleviate pain.

You can check the chair with the most advanced features by clicking the following link; Best home chairs for back pain relief

Avoid Overstretching:

It is a common observation that when you are sitting on a chair for work, different items (pen, phone, and stapler) attract you to grab. So, you overstretch yourself to pick them up. This overstretching while sitting on a chair can be lethal for a backache sufferer.

Therefore, it is always advised to keep all the important items in your range. Suppose you forgot to keep important items in your range, stand up properly and pick the item and avoid overstretching.

Role of Armrest:

Your arms and hands are more than 10% of your total mass. And, it might be shocking news for you that unsupported extremities can put direct pressure on your spine which can be riskier. It may lead to back pain, neck pain, and arm pain.

So, adjust the armrest of the chair according to your arms.

Stand up Carefully:

As we described earlier that keep all the essential items in your reach; thereby, you need not stand up again and again. However, if you need to stand up for a break, you should take care while standing up from the chair.

First, slip your hip forward slowly. After that, take the support of the armrest to distribute your weight on your arms and legs. Moreover, keep your one leg slightly back to the other. By taking this position, stand up slowly.

Tips to get rid of back pain:

We know, sitting correctly isn’t enough to get rid of backache, you will have to work in other dimensions as well. Therefore. We are here with some amazing tips which will help to get rid of backache while working. Let’s get started;

Don’t Slouch:

In fact, this trick is the continuation of the discussion mentioned above. A slouched position can exert maximum pressure on your spine that is not good for backache sufferers.

Daily Exercises:

Exercises for back pain

Who can deny the importance of exercise for keeping oneself fit; of course, nobody. We know, it seems difficult before initiating exercise, but once you start, you will enjoy it. So, take your first step and start the exercise. You will find different exercises that will alleviate back pain.

Don’t lift heavyweight:

Lifting heavy weight means worsening your backache. Additionally, lifting weight is one of the main reasons for backache. So, give relax to your back by no lifting weight until you recover.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking isn’t favorable for your health. Smoking has tons of negative impacts on your health. According to different studies, smoking can be detrimental for your back and worsen the situation. So, if you are serious about your back pain, quit smoking immediately.

Final Words:

Sitting posture plays an important role in the treatment of back pain because we are spending half of the day on chairs while performing different tasks. So, you should pay attention to a sitting posture. We have described the recommended method for sitting above. You can try that method and please don’t ignore the other section (tips) of the article. If you don’t have a comfortable chair, we have given the link in the article above, please check all the chairs and recliner and choose as per your desire. Thank you Stay blessed.