The Fastest Printers for Home 2022 with Buying Guide

Gone are the days, when home printers mean to be slow with creepy noise and high operational cost. The world is being fast then why your home printer shouldn’t be? If you are also searching for the fastest printers for home, believe me, the below-mentioned product will be thunderbolt for you.

Before getting it started, let me ask you one question. What traits will you look forward to while buying a fast printer? Is it enough to consider PPM (page per minute)? Are there any other features that will make your printing speed fast? Do you want answers to all these questions? If yes, be with us and read all the reviews and buying guides; thereby, you can make your printer shopping perfect in 2021.

We have analyzed different printers of the following brands and made a list of which printers performed well. We have checked printing speed, quality, scanning quality, operational cost, and initial cost. Let’s scan all the printer brands.

Note: The following list of brands is compiled according to our observation. It isn’t regulated by any official or governmental body.


Hp Printers are leading the world when it comes to printing documents. Whether you want a printer for printing or scanning, HP printers are matchless. The captivated operational cost will make you feel good. In short, either you analyze quality or cost, HP printers are the best.  

Moreover, you will never disappoint either if you buy an inkjet or laser HP printer. Both types of printers are perfect. Just check your needs and buy accordingly.

The only drawback we observed is the customer service is not too supportive at all.


Brother printers are the second one which impresses us the most. According to our observation, Brother Printers have all features beyond comparison. Printing quality, scanning quality, operational cost, initial cost, printing speed, and more importantly customer support all are above par.

However, if you want an inkjet printer and the decision is difficult to make about choosing between HP or Brother, go for HP. Brother Inkjet printer may dash your hopes. However, other types of Brother Printers are perfect and suitable for home and offices.


Canon is another well-known brand of printers and favorite of many. It is no doubt that Canon printers have breathtaking printing and scanning quality. However, the only drawback is the operational cost. Yes, Canon printers may burn a hole in your pocket while quality printers.

Just because of high operational cost Canon printers are kept at 3rd in the list. Otherwise, printing quality and customer support are good.


As far as printing or scanning quality is concerned, the Epson printer can give you satisfactory results. However, it may cost you a little bit more than HP and Brother Printers. However, it costs less than Canon printers.

Unfortunately, Epson doesn’t make laser printers that are the only dark side of Epson printers. 

Fastest Printers for Home use 2021

We have checked several printers of different brands to make the following list perfect. So, if you are also searching for a fast printer, please consider the following ones, we hope it will end your search and you will find the best choice here. So, let’s get started.

1- HP LaserJet Pro M402dn Laser Printer

As we are going to discuss the fastest printers for home. So, we prefer to recommend the M402dn laser printer by HP in the first place.

It is a monochrome laser printer. Note down that it is not a wireless unit. But features built-in Ethernet connectivity. Whatsoever, let’s focus on the aspect that makes it a worth-buying product. That is its speed. So, the device can print approximately 40 pages per minute. It means you get one print in 5.6 seconds. This speed lets you finish your job very quickly. Most importantly, you can print 4000 pages per month.

We also suggest you select original hp toner cartridges with jet intelligence. They will add to the efficiency of the unit. Hence will help you in producing more prints per minute.

Moreover, the printer can hold 350 sheets at once. Its ability to perform duplex printing adds glitter to gold. It lacks an auto document feeder. But it doesn’t matter. Because the rest of the features add divineness to your overall usage.

Another amazing aspect is the built-in safety features. These safety features protect the unit against threats. This allows a safer printing episode with data protection every time.

On purchasing this superb model, you don’t get bound to the paper type. because it supports multiple types along with varied sizes.

With this printer, you need not invest in toner again. Just register your printer. As a result, it will smartly reorder once your ink starts to get low. You can save 10% with this offer and no need to pay the subscription fee.



Final Verdict

With 1 year warranty, this printer thrills with a risk-free purchase. so, buying it will also let you know the actual meaning of good customer care service.

2- HP LaserJet Pro M426fdn All-in-One Printer

This is also another laser printer from the house of HP. But be careful while calling it a printer. Because its performance is not limited to printing only. But you can fax, copy, and scan also. So, get ready to enjoy versatility within your budget.

So, this is a multifunctional laser printer. It includes built-in Ethernet connectivity. However, the efficiency is at the peak. To clarify, the unit can print up to 40 pages in one minute. Yes, you get one print in the shortest span of 1.4 seconds. To capture in a nutshell, printing 4000 pages per month is the maximum capacity of this device.

Besides, M426fdn features an auto document feeder. This aspect acts like a cherry on top when it comes to efficiency. Not only this! But this model lets you explore duplex printing can hold 350 sheets at once.

This is indeed the most competent model for small businesses. It acts as the crime partner for a group of a maximum of 10 workers. Moreover, it can support different paper sizes. For instance, A4, A5, A6, B5 (jis), etc.

With this unit, it’s always better to go for original hp toner cartridges with jet intelligence. So, that you can enjoy the efficiency to the fullest. Above all, Amazon’s dash replenishment offer along with a 1-year warranty is enough convincing.



Final Verdict

This unit is super safe to use. Because it protects your sensitive data from foreign attacks. Hence ensure secure printing sessions.

3- Brother HL-L3270CDW Compact Color Printer

This is the laser printer from the house of my brother. Unlike the above two models, it’s wireless. This is just a glimpse of its uniqueness. And it’s enough to grab your attention. So, now let’s watch the whole trailer.

This is the digital color printer. It’s the blockbuster in the industry due to its fast printing speed. You can easily print 25 pages in one minute. The paper tray can hold 250 sheets at once. Besides, the duplex printer is feasible with this unit. So you see! This color printer entirely focuses on saving your time and budget.

The printer supports a wide variety of papers. For instance, you can print on different sizes of card stocks, photo papers, envelopes, etc.

Printing files from your smartphone and tablet is no more a dream now. Just connect the smart device with a printer through built-in wireless ethernet, USB, NFC, or wifi. And print a long list of files and images. Also, you can print from cloud apps with the help of a colored touchscreen.

We also recommend you to buy authentic toners from the same company. Either you choose standard or high-yield toner, we ensure an affordable purchase in the long run.

This printer is compact. As you know that it’s wireless also. So, adjusting it in any small space is very easy. Thus it’s the perfect buy for small offices. Besides superb quality printing is also an assurance.



Final Verdict

With a one-year limited warranty and good customer care service, brother always satisfies its buyers. So, if you are new to the name, don’t hesitate and step ahead. It will surely turn your printing task into ultimate fun.

4- Canon Color MF733Cdw - AIO, Duplex Printer

OMG! It’s a canon laser printer. I think the name needs no introduction. Because the company has always succeeded in winning the hearts of the consumer industry. So, let’s jump on the main point.

The printing speed of this laser printer is record-breaking. It is 28ppm for black/white. You get one print in the time of 9 seconds or even less. Whereas, the IPM (image per minute) in color is 14. Also, its memory capacity is 512 sheets. However, 150 sheets with face down are the paper output.

The printer facilitates the user with duplex printing and scanning. This feature is indeed a time and energy saver. Versatility is also matchless. Unlike the brother laser printer, it can fax, copy, and scan also besides printing.

Mobile printing is again not rocket science. With the help of the application library, it lets you perform mobile printing in a variety of ways. It is a wireless unit. So, printing through wifi or NFC with a compatible mobile device is also convenient.

With this canon laser printer, it’s a suggestion to buy canon genuine toner and cartridges. So, that you can enjoy the utility in the long run. Safety features are also a very nice perk. Files get stored in short-term memory. This perfectly secures any kind of confidential data.

With amazon dash replenishment, the company offers a 3-year limited warranty. Also, the support team is competent to solve any kind of technical problem.



Final Verdict

It is a very easily programmable printer. So, if you are a bit dumb about techniques, then go for it. It will let you achieve maximum printing goals with easy usage.

5- Xerox Phaser 6510/DNI Color Printer

To buy the fastest printer for home, don’t forget to consider the Xerox laser printer. It produces classy color prints. The print resolution is 1200×2400 dpi. This is indeed the awesome print resolution by any printer.

And as our central point is the fastest printers. So, obviously, it’s fast beyond imagination. It can print up to 30 pages either colored or black & white per minute. You get the colored print in 8.8 seconds. Whereas, black & white print comes in your hand in just 7.5 seconds. The feasibility to perform duplex printing is such a time-saving aspect. Moreover, it can support 3000 pages as a monthly print volume. The output capacity of 150 sheets is also mind-blowing.

You can also see an additional paper tray. It can accommodate extra 550 sheets. This is a wonderful feature. It lets you enjoy an interruption-free printing episode.

Ease to perform mobile printing is another bonus. Because it’s compatible with various apps. For instance Apple AirPrint, cloud print, mopria, etc. they let you print any kind of document with images from smart devices around. Besides, wifi installation wizard and wifi protected set up ensure a secure and smooth connection.

This printer also features the latest security features. For instance, secure print, IP filtering, IPsec, and SNMPv3. They truly safeguard your sensitive data from foreign attacks.

PANTONE Color-approved solid-color simulations and Xerox color correction technology promise vibrant images every time.



Final Verdict

It is neither a massive unit nor compact. The wireless design lets you adjust the unit in smaller areas. Above all, the quick and beautiful prints act as a cherry on the top.

6- Pantum M7102DW Multifunction Monochrome Printer

As we are here to let you shop from your comfort zone. So, we strive hard to introduce you to the best. That’s why the pantum laser printer stands next on our list.

This is a monochrome laser printer. It is very simple yet multi-functional. This unit doesn’t support faxing. But helps you in copying and scanning apart from printing. Moreover, every mode takes place at such a faster pace. It prints 33 A4 size paper in one minute. However, if you use the letter as the medium, then it prints 35 letters per minute. Another good part is that this model supports a variety of media sizes.

The pantum laser monochrome printer serves as an auto document feeder. This adds to the efficiency of the unit. Not only this! But the unit lets you enjoy the charm of duplex printing also.

Moreover, being wireless equipment, it cuts down the unnecessary hassle of wires and leads. Besides, it promotes wireless printing also. Connect the machine with wifi. The printer also works with NFC. As a result, the pantum app will let you print documents from smart devices around. But remember! The pantum laser printer doesn’t support the chrome system.

An LED control panel is also there. It helps you perform the required steps. Scanning to USB drives also becomes so easy with this particular model. The availability of high-yield cartridges in the package is also a nice perk.



Final Verdict

This is the best printer for every size of the workgroup. Its prints are eco-friendly. Moreover, printing with the unit proves an affordable deed in the long run.

7- Canon Color ImageCLASS- MF731Cdw

Now we have with us a laser color printer by canon. Its monochrome printer must have appealed to you a lot. But its laser printer will urge you to immediately place the order.

It is a wireless unit. The speed at which it prints is absolutely superb. Getting 28 printouts per minute is not a joke. But this model proves to be the best by letting you achieve the goal.

The overall capacity of the paper tray is 850 sheets. The standard paper tray can hold 250 sheets. Whereas, keep 50 papers in the multi-purpose tray. There is also an additional paper tray. It can hold extra 550 sheets to let you enjoy a smoother printing session.

It is a 3-in-1 unit. To clarify, you can print, copy, or scan. But faxing is out of the question. Availability of security features ensures a safer printing experience. It stores files in short-term memory. As a result, your confidential data gets protected from foreign attacks.

Just look at its touch screen. It is colored and measures 5″. This LED screen lets you explore all the possibilities with the printer. Above all, it’s intuitive and easy to use.

This printer lets you print from mobile and other android devices also. Through multiple vias, you can perform mobile printing easily.

With this Canon laser color printer, prefer to buy genuine Canon toner and cartridges. You can also enjoy amazon dash replenishment. It will help you save 10% on ink reorders.



Final Verdict

This product lets you minimize or maximize the size of the images while copying. Hence allows the printer to excel in the field of versatility.

8- Pantum Mini Monochrome Printer for Home

This is the smallest laser printer discussed yet. Don’t dare to underestimate its potential. Because it’s made to compete with any high-end printer in the market.

It is a monochrome unit. With this printer at your home, you can finish multiple official tasks very quickly. The credit goes to its speed at which it produces prints. It is 23ppm. So, you get one printout in a matter of 7.5 seconds. In short, its small size will just give you the benefit of adjustment in the small spaces. Otherwise, performance and functionality are remarkable.

Also, the design is wireless. But you can print documents from mobile and other android devices. How? By developing a connection with the help of a wifi hotspot. This wireless installation is very easy. However, don’t forget to install the pantum app before connecting it to the wifi.

This printer is not only initially affordable. But it saves money in the long run. The package includes a 700-page starter toner cartridge within the price.

This compact and sleek printer comprises a metal frame. It is durable to use. So, it lets you efficiently manage your printing task for years to come.



Final Verdict

This is a very good printer with all the basic functions. So, if you are short of budget and don’t want extra bells and whistles. Then this one’s for you.

9- HP AIO Fastest Laser Printer for home-1202w

This is our last recommendation regarding efficient printers. It is excellent by all means. Hence its purchase will benefit you in the long run.

It is a monochrome laser printer. You can avail printing, copying, and scanning with this unit. The supported media type is plain paper.

But the trait that urges you to invest in this awesome device is the speed. It prints 21 black and white papers in one minute. Without duplex printing and auto document feeder, this unit doesn’t lose the limelight. Instead, it thrills the user with exceptional printing speed.

Its paper tray can hold 150 sheets at one time. The package includes 5000 pages of toner. This is indeed extraordinary toner capacity. Besides, its wireless design gives nice freedom of portability. No ethernet networking but! It lets you print from smart devices with the help of a printing app. The built-in wireless capabilities help you in the process. They let you develop a connection with the help of wifi direct.

The safety features add to the beauty of engineering. Moreover, it’s an energy star certified printer. So, environmental-friendly manufacturing also catches your attention.

Last, of all, the company offers a one-year limited warranty over hardware. Besides, you can avail free web support at any time of the year.



Final Verdict

This hp printer is gonna become your crime partner in the bigger deeds of your small business. So, buy and enjoy the best companionship.

Buying Guide for Fastest Printer for home

Aside from Page per Minute factors, what features should you check which make your printing task faster? Here, we will discuss all the features of a printer that make your printing task fast. So, let’s start with the PPM feature.

infographic: Fastest Printer for Home

Page per Minute:

The first feature that must be considered while searching for a fast printer is the PPM. All the manufacturers mention PPM on the package. A fast printer usually prints out 20 to 40 pages in a minute. The printers mentioned above have more than 20 PPM speed.  

But please keep in mind that black and white printing speed is always faster than the color print. The speed mentioned above is the monochrome printing speed. So, check the IPM (Image per minute) feature, if you are a photographer and want a photo to be printed.


ADF stands for Automatic Document Feeder. It’s another feature that can skyrocket your printing task speed. If the printer hasn’t the ADF feature, you will have to print the documents one by one with manual work.

However, the ADF feature allows you to work fast. A printer with the ADF feature is intelligent enough to make your printing faster. Just place the documents which need to be scanned or copied in the input tray, and fix the setting accordingly. The automatic document feeder will work according to the settings.

Duplex Printing:

Printing on both sides of the page without Duplex Printing Feature is laborious work at all. You will have to change the sides of pages times and again to print both sides of the pages. However, a printer with duplex printing will allow you to print both sides of the page without any hassle. So, a printer with a PPM of more than 20 and having ADF and Duplex printing features will be the fastest printer like a bullet.   

Other Features:

All the aforementioned features are directly related to the printing speed of a printer. However, there are several other features that need to be scrutinized before buying. For example, check the printer’s versatility. Either the printer can only print, or it can scan, copy and fax also.

Apart from versatility, check the initial cost (price) of the printer and compare it with its counterparts. It hasn’t ended yet. Check the operation or running cost as well. Inspect, how much you will pay to print out 100 pages and compare all your considerations. While checking the initial cost and operational cost, don’t forget to check how much energy efficient a printer is.

Although Connectivity is a small factor to consider, check the connectivity criterion of the printer (Ethernet, wireless, Bluetooth, WiFi).  

Resolution of the printer is the most important factor to investigate. Check the DPI (Dot per Inch) value of a printer and compare it with other counterparts.

Lastly, the size and weight of a printer are the features which need your attention before buying.

Last Words

Finding the fastest printer for home is a daunting task for many. You will have to analyze different factors that make a printer fast. We have mentioned all the important features in the reviews of aforementioned printers. Please check and read all the reviews carefully, and make your decision your own. If you have any other suggestions, please write them down in the comment section. We will consider your suggestion and add it to the article if it adds value to the lives of our readers. Thank You. Stay Blessed.


What is the fastest printer for home use?

When we compare InkJet and Laser printers, we will come to know that laser printers are faster than Inkjet printers. We have compiled a list of fast printers that may print hundreds of pages in an hour. All the aforementioned printers are fast enough to meet your daily demands at home. However, if you ask me what is the fastest printer among the printers mentioned above, my answer will be HP LaserJet Pro M402dn Laser Printer 

However, check other printers as well before buying; because any other feature of any printer may click your mind.

What are multifunction printers?

Initially, the printer only prints out the documents. However, over time, the printer becomes versatile. As the name shows that multifunctional printers can print, scan, copy, mail, fax. So, with all of these tasks, the printer is called multifunctional printers.

You might have also known multifunctional printers as All-in-one printers or AIO printers.

All-in-one printers are the emerging printers in the industry nowadays. So, please check this type of printer as well.

What can you do with a laser printer?

The question seems silly to answer but laser printer users ask it often. If you have to print texted documents, a Laser printer will be the best choice. The printing quality of laser printers in texted documents is amazing.

However, while printing out a color image a laser printer can lose the battle and you will have to prefer an Inkjet printer for color photo printing. 

Because of fast printing speed, laser printers are preferred.

How fast can a laser printer print?

The answer to this question may vary from printer to printer. Check the PPM factor while buying a printer and you will get an idea how much fast a laser printer is.

Besides, you will have to check documents as well and the resolution of the printed document. Moreover, check the ADF and duplex printing feature while checking the speed of a laser printer.

So, having inspected all the features, you will be able to get the answer to this question.