GE GTW685BSLWS Review 2022 (Top Load Agitator Washer)

Washing clothes with oodles of washing options seems impossible when you have a tight budget to invest in. However, GE offers a decent option that is affordable and luxury as well; yes, it is GE GTW685BSLWS. In the following discussion, we will review GE GTW685BSLWS in great detail. In that detail, you will be able to know the size, washing capacity, smart features, design, and most importantly, for whom this under-reviewed washing machine is suitable.

So, check all the factors of this GE’s top load washer with an agitator and make your decision wisely. Let’s get started without getting delayed anymore.

We know that GE is known for luxury washers that are second to none when it comes to washing clothes. However, the under-reviewed washer has something unique; it is a top load washer with an agitator, old school design. However, with a top load washing design, the machine is equipped with an advanced featured dashboard that offers plenty of washing cycles and several other washing traits. Let’s check all the features in detail now;

Product CodeGE GTW685BSLWS
Wash TubStainless Steel
Washing Capacity 4.5 Cubic Feet
LidTransparent Glass Lid
Agitator in Wash TubYes
MotorVariable Speed
Motor Power1Hp
Wash Cycle14
Temperature Adjustment OptionsVariable
Noise Level64dBA
Extra RinseAvailable
Max Spin Speed800RPM
Dimensions46 H x 27 W x 27 D inches
Weight 160 Pounds
PriceCheck Price

1- Size, Capacity, and Design:

Size, washing capacity, and design are decisive factors. The size of the washer and available space in the laundry room must be in tune.

Aside from washer size, washing capacity should be according to the number of family members; whose clothes need to be washed.

For many the design of a washer is also important; that’s why you will see a fray about top load and front load washers.

The dimensions of under-reviewed GE’s model, 46 H x 27 W x 27 D, is slightly bigger than its counterpart like Speed Queen TR3000WN. On the flip side, this GE’s model is less weighty than Speed Queen’s mentioned model. GE GTW685BSLWS weighs 147pounds.

As compared to the size, the washing capacity of this machine is way higher than the Speed Queen TR3000WN. The washing capacity of GE’s washer is 4.5 cubic feet.

Now it will be great for GE’s users that the under-reviewed model offers higher washing capacity with compact size. 

The design of the washer is simple but eye-catching. The washer’s color is white. This top load washer comes with an agitator and glass lid. The glass lid can be closed and opened smoothly and you can observe inside while the load is in progress. Lastly, the dashboard of the washing machine with several advanced features and indicator lights makes the machine, somehow, fascinating. 

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2- Material and Durability:

he material that has been used to manufacture the washer decides the actual age of any washer. If the material is not good in quality, your washer will be dysfunctional fast. So, always focus on the material quality.

As we know, the washing basket of a washer is the part that may get affected fast because of water pressure and detergent chemicals. Hence, the washing drum of a washer must be built from high-quality material.

In GE GTW685BSLWS, stainless steel drum has been used that is less likely to get rusted. Having washed the clothes, it is super easy to clean a stainless steel basket as well.

Aside from washing tub material, the lid’s material matters a lot. The lid of this top load washing has been made of transparent glass. It means you can easily look into the tub to observe the load progress.

Moreover, the body and motor of that machine are built with quality material that can last for years.

3- Water and energy-efficiency:

As we know that we are living in an age where the menace of global warming is threatening. Owing to global warming, resources of water are depleting fast. So, being a responsible inhabitant of this planet, it is our responsibility to use water carefully, thereby, our future generation won’t face water scarcity issues.

Hence, buying a water-efficient washer is the symbol that you are a responsible person on this planet.

As compared to the several top load washers, this washer is supposed to use less water to clean the laundry. However, when we compare it with GE’s front load washer, this model loses the battle. This model uses almost 8000 gallons of water yearly. However, you can use less water by not using the feature “Deep Fill”.  

According to the geappliance, it consumes almost 150kWh of energy in a year, which is quite good as compared to its other top-load counterparts.

4- Dashboard:

The dashboard of this washer is the only fascinating part that makes it desirable for its thousands of users. The dashboard has only a knob and several buttons that enhance the overall performance of the washer.

By rotating the knob, you can select your required washer cycles among 14 different options. Furthermore, there are several washer options as well like; auto soak, deep fill, deep rinse, delay wash, and my cycle. Aside from the mentioned washer options, there are several other options to give you detailed cleaning.

Additionally, you can select the spin speed according to the fabric of the clothes. The maximum spin speed of the washer is 800RPM.  A stain removal guide is another cutting edge of this washer.

By clicking the Deep Fill button, almost 6 gallons of water have been added to the washing drum to give you the best cleaning experience.

5- Overall Performance with Final Verdict:

With a dual-action agitator, the performance of this washer is outstanding. With this price range, it is one of the best washers to buy. Compact size, high washing capacity, bundles of washing features, stain removal guide, bleach, detergent, and fabric softener dispensers are the features that you won’t find in any other washer of this price range.

Therefore, as a final verdict, we have concluded that this washer is one of the finest washers in the market at an affordable price.

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By analyzing all the possible features in the GE GTW695BSLWS review, we hope you are able to make your decision wisely. Now think whether this reviewed GE’s model is suitable for you or not. If it checks all the boxes of your requirement, go and buy that product. Lastly, you can ask any related question in the comment section. Thank you, Stay blessed.