How high should a 65-inch TV be mounted? (2021 Guide)

So, you have bought your 65 inch TV at an affordable price, and now you are very excited. Right? But have you planned where to place it, and how high should a 65-inch tv be mounted? If not, we are here with a complete guide about TV height.

Let’s have a look at all the related factors of TV height. So, in the following discussion, you will be able to find the negative impacts of a highly mounted TV. Moreover, what factors are important to determine the right place for the TV?

Lastly, we will share the exact height to mount a 65-inch tv on a wall. Hence, if you are not interested in the aforementioned topics, you may skip and directly read the last portion of the article.

Negative Impacts of misplaced (higher than recommended) TV

There are several adverse effects if you mount the TV higher than the recommended height on the wall. We will discuss all that negative effects one by one;

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Neck and Eye Strain:

The first impact of mounting a TV higher on the wall will be directly on your health. If you watch a TV for 5 to 6 hours a day and the TV is mounted higher on the wall, you may suffer from eye and neck strain. Therefore, it is important to know the correct position of the TV on the wall.

Lose Picture Quality:

Various inexpensive and entry-level TVs have VA panels. And this VA panel has a narrow viewing angle. Unless you place the TV in the right place, you won’t get accurate picture quality.

In a nutshell, place the TV at a right angle if you really want to enjoy the picture quality.

Remote may not work Properly:

Nowadays, TV remote control comes with various advanced features like Alexa voice and Bluetooth. However, various old remote controls have IR rays to communicate with the TV. And we know that IR rays work only in the line of sight (LoS). So, if your TV is mounted higher on the wall, you might face a problem changing the streaming service with remote control (with IR technology).

Less enjoyment:

With eye and neck strain, loss in picture quality, and dysfunctional remote will affect the level of joy. You may not enjoy the movie scenes in their real essence; Hence, if you want to enjoy movies, sports and gaming on a big screen, you must have to place the TV in the right position on the wall.

Decisive Factors for Mounting TV on the Wall:

Having known the side effects of mounting TV too high on the wall, let’s check different factors that are important to consider before knowing the right place for the TV on the wall.

Size of the TV:

The size of the TV is the first determining factor to decide how high a TV can be mounted on a wall. In this article, we are talking about only 65 inches TVs; so, if you are here, it means you have a 65 inches TV. Hence, you need not measure the TV size again.

How far to sit from a 65-inch tv?

Another critical factor that affects the TV mounting height is the viewing distance. The viewing distance is the distance between the TV and the viewer. So, before mounting the TV on the wall, measure the distance between your sofa (where you need to sit and watch TV) and your TV. 

Note: The viewing distance of 65 inch TV must not be less than 8 feet; otherwise, you may suffer from eye strain. 

Eye Level:

Eye level is the most crucial factor that helps you to determine the TV height. To measure the Eye-level, just sit on the sofa (or wherever you sit and watch TV), take a tape, and measure the distance from the floor to your eyes.

Normally, the eye level of an adult sitting on the sofa varies from 40 to 45 inches (according to the viewer’s height).

Perfect Mounting height of a 65 inch TV:

Now you have all the important factors measured in the above discussion. For example, you have measured viewing distance and eye level height. Moreover, the size of the TV is also known that is 65 inches. By solving the below-mentioned formula, it is easy to measure the exact height of a 65 inch TV.

TV Mounting Height= 0.22*(Viewing Distance) + height of Eye-level

For example, you are sitting on the sofa with an eye level of 42 inches, and the viewing distance is 108 inches. Now the mounting height of the TV should be according to the following calculations;

TV mounting Height= 0.22*108+42 = 65.75inches

So, 65inches is the perfect mounting height for a 65 inch TV if you are watching TV by sitting 9 ft away. 


By telling you the perfect viewing distance, eye level, and different effects on the health of misplaced TV, we hope you have found the answer to your query. If you have any other questions, please do ask in the comment section. Moreover, suggestions would also be appreciated in the comment section. Thank you. Stay blessed. 

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