How to Accessorize a Bedroom Dresser? (2021 Ideas for Drawers)

There is nothing uglier than a sparse dresser in a bedroom. Here, a question arises in minds that how to accessorize a bedroom dresser? Don’t be worried about that. We’re here to make your dressers prettier with fantastic ideas.

Amazingly, you don’t need to ask for help from an interior designer for decorating the drawers. The following simple tricks can be followed by you without creating a mess around. Aside from wardrobe storage and organizing your dresses, beautify your bedroom with a dresser. Let’s check all the ideas and make your bedroom dressers eye-catching.

Clean Dresser:

The first step is to wipe out dust and all the random items on the top of the dresser. By doing so, you can think better about what items can be placed on it. Brainstorm ideas for a half-hour after cleaning the dresser well. For getting more ideas, you can read the following tips as well.

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Dress the wall:

If you have placed the dresser beside a wall, you will have to hang a main item on the wall. In another case, if the drawer is underneath a window, you won’t anchor the wall at all.

You can hang or fix a mirror, above the dresser, on the wall. However, keep in mind that the width of the mirror shouldn’t be larger than the width of the drawer.

Apart from the mirror, you can beautify your dresser with an art piece. Well, a large art piece can be leaned against the wall or it can also be hung on the wall.

Add the main item:

Dressers accessorizing ideas

Having fixed a mirror or an art piece at the center, now it’s time to place another tall item on the one side of the dresser. If you ask me, it would be a desk lamp that will light up your dresser.

Make the dresser Green:

Now your center and one side of the dresser are fixed with a mirror and a desk lamp. The other side of the dressers can be adorned with greenery or flowers in a vase. Try to maintain a balance between the heights of lamps and flowers or greenery.

Storage Trays:

After placing a lamp and flower vase on both sides of the dresser top, now let’s make the center of the drawer attractive by adding a storage tray. Yes, the market is loaded with beautiful storage trays. For easy access to perfume and spray bottles, these storage trays can be used. Just keep the perfume bottles and makeup items in the tray and place it in the center of the dresser top.

Other Ideas:

You can decorate the top of your dresser by placing some old novels as well. By placing old novels on the drawer top, place candlelight on them it can give a classic look.

Moreover, on either side of the dresser top, you can add jewels crown as well. This jewels crown not only adds more value to the looks of your drawers but it won’t allow your bracelets and chains to entangle with one another.

Lastly, check every item either every item is separated by equal space or not. If not make it correct.

Last Words:

Having placed all the required items on the dresser top, take a look again on the dressers. Check your settings after two days, if all seems okay, it will be great. If you think something needs to be changed, change it, and observe the changes. If the changes are more suitable and look pretty, it will be good. Otherwise, undo the changes. Thank you. Stay blessed.