How to air dry clothes in apartment? (05 Best Ideas 2022)

Winter season and small apartment are the two main culprits when it comes to drying clothes. It’s a hard nut to crack for apartment dwellers to wear their favorite dressers in rainy conditions and winter seasons. However, after reading this article, you will wear what you want to wear, no matters how the weather outside is and how much space you have in your apartment.

Let’s explore all the methods to air dry clothes in the apartment. So, be with us and enjoy your favorite dresses in winter without getting worried about drying clothes.

How to air dry clothes in apartment?

With the following tricks, you can easily dry the clothes in a small space. Moreover, We’ll tell every possible and actionable trick to make your clothes dry in winters. Let’s get started.

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1- Wall-mounted and window mounted racks:

Wall mounted clothes dryer rack

The first and easy method that costs you low is to buy a wall-mounted or window-mounted drying rack.

If you have a wall-mounted drying rack, adjust it on the wall and turn on the ceiling fan. It takes a couple of minutes to hours to dry clothes well. Click here to buy wall mounted clothes drying folding rack with plenty of clothes drying capacity.

Aside from mounting on the wall, if you can adjust the rack on a window, it would be a great choice. By doing so, you need not waste energy by turning on the ceiling fan. Aeration through the room window, your dresses will dry in 4 to 5 hours (depends upon the fabric of dresses).

2- Laundry Rods:

Another cheapest and quick method to dry clothes is to adjust sturdy steel rods (that can bear the weight of wet dresses) somewhere in your apartment. If you have a small balcony in your small apartment, it will be the most suitable place to dry clothes on steel rods.

After washing the laundry, hang all the pieces on separate hangers. After that, put up the hangers steel rod for a sundry and better aeration experience.

3- Hair Dryer:

Drying the clothes with a hairdryer seems funny, but this trick works and dries the clothes faster than any other trick mentioned above.

Before trying this trick, bear in mind that this trick is only good for one to two pieces. If you have a large number of dresses to dry, go for other tricks.

With the above-mentioned tricks, you can use a hairdryer to get faster results. Hang your dresses on a steel rod or a wall mounted drying rack, and turn on the hairdryer for wet clothes. It will take no time to dry your clothes.

4- Sundry:

Wall mounted clothes dryer rack

It would be the most desirable and effective method of drying clothes. Many people prefer to dry their favorite dresses under the sun. Nevertheless, it is only possible when you get an apartment that has a direct sun view.

The other way is to buy portable clothes drying rack and go to the nearby park. Hang all the washed clothes on the portable drying rack. You can enjoy your reading or other interesting work while waiting for drying the clothes in the park.

If you ask me what clothes should air dry under the sun, my answer is more than clear. And my answer will be heavy fabric dresses like Jeans and towels can be dried in the sun to get good results.


5- Our suggestion:

If you have a $200 budget, go for the small and less-noisy clothes dryer. We have enlisted the best portable dryer for apartments that are small in size and less in price. Please give a visit to that list and check all the dryers. If you like any of the dryer that is suitable for your budget, go and buy that one. Please click on the Best Portable dryer for the apartment to check the list.

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Final Words:

Small space in an apartment should be a barrier in your life. Do whatever you want. There’re plenty of other ways to dry the clothes in an apartment. You should be creative, and you’ll find dozens of other methods to dry clothes in your small apartment. We have tried to mention a few tricks. If the aforementioned tricks aren’t suitable for you, get a guide from those tricks and find your own way to dry clothes. Thank you. Stay Blessed.