How to clean BBQ grill with Vinegar (After use) |A complete Guide 2022|

It wouldn’t be wise to clean a BBQ grill with some sort of chemical. Well, different chemical agents will make the grill like a brand new one by removing grease and oil; however, the grill becomes filthier with chemicals that may pose a serious threat to your health as well. Hence, the question arises, how can we clean a BBQ grill? Well, the answer to the question is quite simple.

Have you ever tried to clean a barbecue grill with vinegar? If not, let me offer you a piece of advice; don’t underestimate the cleansing power of vinegar. Try to clean the natural gas grill with vinegar.

Here, we are going to divide the article into two main sections. First, we discuss only the method to clean the grill after use, and it won’t be detailed cleaning. Later on, cleaning the grill with vinegar will be discussed in detail to turn your grill shiny. Let’s start;

How to clean grill after use?

Are you a party boy and love to eat BBQ recipes at parties? You must have a grill in your backyard. It admits of no doubt that bbq parties in the backyard are more fun, but seeing the mess after the party can spin your head. While cleaning the backyard, one of the most hectic tasks is to clean the grill, which has served plenty of meals to your friends. Here, we are going to write down the short cleaning method of grill;

What do we need?

i- Spray bottle

ii- Nylon Scrub Brush

iii- Plastic scraper

iv- Aluminum Foil

v- Dish wash soap

vi- Micro Fiber Towel

How to do it?

i- First, turn the grill on at high for 5 to 10 minutes; thereby, all the remaining food on the grill.

ii- After cooling the grill down, remove grates and flavorizing bars from the grill.

iii- Make a ball of a piece of aluminium foil by crumpling.

iv- Keep rubbing the grates and flavorizing bars with an aluminum ball.

v- Take the nylon brush and plastic scraper. Start removing all the grease and burnt food particles with the brush and scraper.

vi- Fix grates and flavorizing bars again in the grill.

vii- Lastly, make a solution of dish wash soap and water. Pour into the spray bottle. Now spray the outside of the body. After five minutes, clean the body with a dampened microfiber towel.


How to clean BBQ grill with vinegar (Deep Cleaning)

If you are a regular user of bbq grill, deep cleaning of the grill is essential once a month. By following the method mentioned below, you can clean a grill like a pro. More amazingly, you won’t need to put strenuous efforts into deep cleaning. Just like the method mentioned above, you will have to add some other cleansing agents, and that’s it. Let’s start it.

What do we need?

i- Spray Bottle

ii- Vinegar

iii- Baking soda

iv- Coldwater Bucket

v- Nylon Scrub brush/ Plastic scraper

vi- Aluminum Foil

vii- Microfiber towel

How to do it?

This section of deep cleansing of a grill has been  divided into 3 different classes:

  1. We will clean the grates, griddle, and flavorizing bars.
  2. We will clean the inside of the grill, including the grease tray.
  3. The exterior of the body will be cleaned.

Grates, Griddles, and Flavorizing bars cleaning:

i- Before the deep cleaning, turn on the grill at a high temperature for 10 minutes.

ii- After cooling down, remove grates/griddle and flavorizing bars.

iii- Make a solution of 1 cup vinegar, one tablespoon baking soda, and 2 cups of water.

iv- Pour the solution into the spray bottle. And start spraying on grates and flavorizing bars.

v- Leave the grates and bars for 10 minutes after spraying.

vi- After 10 minutes, come towards the grates and bars and put them in the cold water bucket.

vii- Start rubbing them (Grate and bars) with the crumpled ball of aluminum foil

Now your grates and bars have been cleaned deeply.

Inside cleaning of grill:

i- Now remove all the burnt food inside the grill with a nylon brush and plastic scraper.

ii- Spray the solution inside the grill and leave for 10 minutes

iii- After 10 minutes, start rubbing the inside body with the crumpled aluminum ball.

iv- Take the grease tray out. Remove all the grease and oil by using a plastic scraper.

v- Spray the solution and clean it with the aluminum ball.

Note: Ensure that you have cleaned the inside of the grill (Including the hood).

Exterior cleaning of the grill:

i- For body cleaning, you can use the vinegar solution or use dish wash soap.

ii- Spray the solution on the body.

iii- After 5 minutes, clean the body with the dampened towel.


We have tried to answer how to clean the BBQ grill with vinegar after use. If you have some other methods to clean, you can write them down in the comment section; it will be beneficial for others. Stay safe; keep the grills clean. Thank you.