How to detect hidden camera with mobile phone? (Check hotel rooms 2022)

Safety and privacy must be your priority in your life. However, the invention of the spy camera makes it difficult to secure your privacy. Either you are going on a trip and have a plan to stay in a hotel room, or changing your apartment, check the presence of hidden cams.

With this guide, it will be a piece of cake for you to detect a hidden camera with your mobile phone. Besides the mobile phone, we will disclose several other methods to check for the camera in hotel rooms. So, be with us and make sure that you aren’t being watched by someone else with the following techniques.

How to Detect Hidden Camera with Mobile Phone?

It’s noteworthy that spy cameras are being made to expose different frauds and really beneficial for many. For example, in crime-journalism coverage, a spy camera is one of the best tools to expose criminals. Aside from that, keeping an eye on kids and caregivers, it can be beneficial as well.

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Nevertheless, the negative side of this tool can’t be denied. So, we will tell you different ways to detect spy cameras with your android and IOS phones. Let’s check all the method one by one;

With Mobile Camera:

Mobile camera is one of the best sources to unearth the hidden cams. And a simple android mobile phone can also detect a camera. How?

In fact, mobile cams are expected to spot Infrared light. And hidden cameras are emitting IR rays continuously, which can’t be observed by the naked eye.

After entering into a room, which needs to be investigated:

  1. Turn off all the lights to create darkness in the room.
  2. Take out your mobile phone and turn on the camera.Check Infrared Lights with Mobile Camera
  3. Start scanning the room with your mobile camera.

If there is any hidden cam in the room, your mobile camera screen detects it as a red light. Therefore, if you see a red light on your mobile camera screen, turn on the room’s light and check that area, you will find the hidden cam.

Note: For checking that either mobile camera is capable of detecting IR rays, turn on the camera and check the front side of TV remote with a small light that emits IR rays.

With mobile Camera App:

Nowadays, various IOS and android apps are also available to uncover the spy cam in a new room. These apps work pretty well and help to trace the hidden camera.

Spy Camera App Detector by FutureApps

Go to the Apple or Google play store and search “Hidden Camera detector”, you will come across dozens of mobile apps. Check the reviews and download the App accordingly.

According to our test, Hidden Camera Detector App by FutureApps gives the best results. You can also check by downloading the App. (We aren’t affiliated of this App).

Mobile Sound Recording:

Aside from Mobile App and camera, there is another way to disclose the hidden cam. In complete silence, most of the hidden camera generate buzzing and clicking sound. So, turn on your mobile sound recorder and keep the phone in the room for 5 to 10minutes.

After that notice the sound spikes in the recording. If so, ask to change the room.

Note: With this method, you can’t trace the location of the camera; however, you can only check the presence of the hidden camera.

How to check for cameras in hotel rooms (With some basic methods)

Apart from a mobile phone, you can apply the following basic techniques to find the hidden camera in a hotel room.

Observe Electronic Appliances:

As we know, the hotel room is equipped with different electronic appliances like; smoke detector, TV, desk Lamp, Bluetooth speakers, hairdryer, and wall/desk clocks. And do you know? This equipment can be used to spy on you. Yes, these appliances can be equipped with hidden cams.

So, it’s always advised that observe all the appliances. If you doubt having a hidden camera in an appliance, you can check with your mobile phone camera.

Observe Decorative Items:

Different decorative items are also used to spy in a hotel room. For example, Teddy bears and decorative flowers are the most commonly used decorative items for hiding a camera. Therefore, always check different decorative items in the room.

Observe Mirrors and other Washroom Items:

If you have a mirror in the room, it is essential to check the mirror closely. Generally, there are 2-way mirrors in the market for spying. 2-way mirror means that you can see yourself on one side of the mirror; however, on the other side of the mirror, one can easily see and observe your activity. So, check either the mirror is 2-way or 1-way.

Checking of the 2-way mirror is quite easy. Just turn on the torch of your mobile phone and

2-way mirror checkthrow the light on the mirror. If you see something on the other side through the mirror by throwing torchlight on the mirror, it is a 2-way mirror.

The second method to check the mirror is with a finger. Touch the mirror with your finger. If the reflection of your finger touches your finger, it is a 2-way mirror.

Aside from the mirror, check the shower and other bathroom items carefully. And bear in mind, in most of the cases, spy cameras have been uncovered in washrooms; therefore, always keep a check on washroom.

Observe Unusual Wires:

Suppose, you feel that there are some extra wires in the room, trace every wire carefully. And if you find extra wires with no use, ask to change the room. As we know that spy camera demands continuous power supply and the extra wires are there for power supply of the hidden cameras.

Final Words:

We tried our best to make your focus upon every suspected item in a room in which a spy camera can be hidden. If we miss some spots and you’ve faced any experience for being watched in a hidden camera, please share in the comment section for others. It will help others to keep them safe from any tragedy. Thank you! Stay Blessed