How to make shaved ice at Home? (04 Tested Tips 2022)

To combat the blazing sun, you need something cold and sweet in a day to keep yourself fresh and energetic. And shaved ice cones can be the matchless gift in summers. So, how can we make a yummy shaved ice cone at home without getting expertise in the field? Here, we will tell you 4 different ways to make the shaved ice at home and make your desserts more delicious. So, without any delay, let’s start.

How to Make Shaved Ice at Home?

Now you’re thinking that we will jot down simple methods of making shaved ice at home with shaved ice machines. But it’s not true to some extent. Aside from shaved ice machines, we’re going to reveal 3 different methods; however, the first one is with a shaved ice machine.

1-     Shaved Ice Machine:

In this technologically advanced era, electric shaved ice machines are available at an affordable price. If you need a machine for yummy ice cones for your kids, just go and buy a reliable and durable one. Nevertheless, before purchasing a machine, read the buying guide for a shaved ice machine to make a wise decision.


Having bought a perfect machine, now it’s time to make shaved ice cone. You just need to make regularly shaped ice blocks and shaved those blocks in the machine. You will get fluffy ice in a matter of minutes.

2-     With Blender

If you don’t want to invest in a shaved ice machine, there are plenty of options to make fluffy ice at home without a machine. You can use your blender for this purpose. However, make sure that the jar of the blender is robust and sturdy.

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You need to add a small ice block (1/4 to ½ jar size) in the jar. Now, turn on the blender and gradually increase the grinding speed of the blender. Grind the small ice block for 3 to 4 minutes.

After 3 to 4 minutes, turn off the blender and open the lid. Check either the ice is ground as you desire or not. If yes, it’s great. Just pour out the ground ice from the jar in a pot and make cones with a rounded bottom small bowl.

3-     With Sharp knife

Let me make it crystal clear that making shaved ice with a sharp knife demands sweaty efforts. So, if you’ve a plan to shave ice with a sharp knife, be ready for hard work.


First, you need to freeze perfect shaped thin ice (2 to 3 inches thick) block. Once you get the ice mold, take it out from the freezer before shaving it. Wait for 3 to 4 minutes for softening the ice out of the fridge.

After 3 to 4 minutes, take a soft folded cloth and place the ice block on that. By doing so, you can prevent the ice from getting slipped. Now hold the ice firmly and start shaving with a sharp knife. It’s a time taking the task, but you will get a finely shaved ice at the end.

4-     With Water Tight Zip-Lock Bag:

Although this method demands hard efforts to make the ice crush, it won’t take large time to get sizeable amount ice crushed. Let’s start with the procedure;


It would be best if you found a watertight bag in which water can’t be leaked. This bag can be made from thick, high-quality leather or rubber. Once you get the bag, fill it half with water and place it in the freezer. After getting the ice frozen, take the bag out from the fridge.

Now, pound and crush the ice with a mallet. As we’ve told earlier that it is an effort-demanding task, so, the more force you exert, the faster you will get crushed ice.

Having crushed ice finely, it’s time to enjoy tasty shaved ice cone at home.

Final Words:

All the methods mentioned above are tested and produced the best results. You must try these methods at home; thereby, you can enjoy your summers with mouth-watering desserts. Please don’t forget to provide us with feedback in the comment section after trying any method. We hope it will be fun for you to make shaved ice at home. Thank you. Stay blessed.