Kenmore 20362 Review 2021 (Top Load Washer with Agitator)

Here, we come up with another exciting home appliance with a bundle of information. Yes, Kenmore 20362 review will be a discussion point as we know that this model (20362) is the only Kenmore top load washer with an agitator. So, you will be able to know about the size, capacity, material, motor power, RPM, cleaning quality, wash cycle, softener dispenser, temperature adjustments, and weight.

In a nutshell, you will be able to decide whether you should buy this model of Kenmore or not by reading this article. Hence, without any delay, let’s get started;

After hours of research, we were able to write all the possible features given by Kenmore in the under-reviewed model. Aside from the given elements, we will provide a short comparison of all the features with its counterparts. So, be with us and make your purchase wisely.

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Product CodeKenmore 20362
Wash TubStainless Steel
Washing Capacity 3.8 Cubic Feet
LidStainless steel powder coated
Agitator in Wash TubYes
MotorVariable Speed
Motor Power1Hp HE
Wash Cycle12
Temperature Adjustment OptionsVariable
Noise Level52dBA
Extra RinseAvailable
Max Spin Speed770RPM
Dimensions44 H x 27.5 W x 27 D inches
Weight 115 Pounds
PriceCheck Price

1- Size, Capacity, and Design:

All the above-mentioned factors are correlated. Larger size tends to be larger in washing capacity. However, you should choose the size of any washer according to the available space in your laundry room.

The dimensions of this washer are 44 H x 27.5 W x 27 D inches. As compared to the GE GTW685BSLWS, the height of this washer is a few inches less. However, another agitator washer from Amana and Speed Queen, Kenmore’s agitator’s height, is relatively higher.

Having discussed the size and actual dimensions, it’s time to check the washing capacity of this washer.

The washing capacity of this model of Kenmore is 3.8 cu.ft, which is almost enough to wash 17 towels in one go. Comparing the washing capacity of under-reviewed models will be good to see that Kenmore washer’s capacity is more than Speed queen and Amana’s agitator washers. However, GE’s top load agitator washer’s capacity is more than Kenmore’s washer.   

Lastly, let’s have a look at its design. Similar to any other top load agitator washing machine, this one also comes with a simple design. Overall, it won’t add any value to the appearance of your laundry room.

2- Material and Durability:

Whatever you have a plan to buy this year, make a habit of checking the material quality. In fact, material quality decides the age of any product. Here, we will discuss the material quality of the under-reviewed Kenmore model’s material.

Primarily, you need to check the quality of three main components of a washing machine; body, lid, and washing tub. After that, you may check the quality motor as well.

The body and lid of the Kenmore 20362 are made of high-grade stainless steel, which never gets rusted. For enhanced durability, the body and the lid are powder coated.

Furthermore, the washing tub is also the major part of any washer that faces water pressure. Moreover, because of water use, the washing tub is more prone to get rusted fast. Hence, the washing tub must be made of high-quality material that never gets rusted and cracked because of high washing pressure.

By keeping all the points in mind, the washing tub of Kenmore 20362 is made of premium grade stainless steel that is rust-resistant.

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3- Water and energy-efficiency:

It is unfortunate for top load washer lovers that top load washers aren’t as water and energy-efficient as front load washers. However, when we compare Kenmore 20362 with its counterparts (other agitator washers), we will come to know that Kenmore 20362 is more water-efficient. Moreover, you can make it more water-efficient by not using the deep fill feature.

On the downside, Kenmore 20362 is not an energy-efficient home appliance. It uses almost 260KWhrs per year that is way more than GE GTW685BSLWS.

4- Dashboard:

The dashboard of this washer is quite simple and easy to use. It is equipped with four knobs. With the help of the larger knob, you can adjust the washing cycles according to the fabric and your need. Kenmore 20362 offers 12 different washing cycles; Soak, Jeans/towels, Whites, Bulky/Bedding, Heavy duty, Normal, Casual, Delicate, Express, Rinse, Drain/Spin, Clean washer.

There is a Fabric Softener knob that will be adjusted according to the Yes or No option. You can choose the water level between two available options; Auto and Deep fill. If you want to use less water, choose the Auto option. Nevertheless, for better washing results, choose the Deep fill option by rotating the knob.

Lastly, there is another knob to select the water temperature that can be Cold, Cool darks, cool lights, warm, and hot.

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5- Overall Performance with Final Verdict:

Overall performance is satisfactory. The washing results can be outstanding with 12 wash cycles, water level adjustments, temperature adjustments, agitator, and high spin speed (770RPM). However, Kenmore 20362 is less energy efficient that may put an extra burden on your pocket.

This washer’s noise level (52dba at ten steps away) is not too high and is also cutting edge.

As a final verdict, we can say that it can be a perfect choice for the people who love top load agitator washers with more wash cycles and water temperature adjustments.




By analyzing all the possible features in the Kenmore 20362 review, we hope you are able to make your decision wisely. Now think whether this reviewed Kenmore’s model is suitable for you or not. If it checks all the boxes of your requirement, go and buy that product. Lastly, you can ask any related question in the comment section. Thank you, Stay blessed.