Should ceiling fans be left on all the time?

A ceiling Fan is one of the most common home appliances. In a bedroom, kitchen, washroom, and garage, ceiling fans are essential for air circulation. It’s another dimension of discussion whether ceiling fans are beneficial or not. Here, we will discuss either ceiling fans should be left on all-time or not?

Here, we’ll explain what happens when you leave a ceiling fan on all day. Plus, how you can get benefits with air circulation and maintain air temperature by turning on the fan intermittently. Let’s start.

Why should ceiling fans be left on all the time?

Only in one case, turning on the ceiling fan is beneficial, no matters whether you’re in a room or not. We already know that ceiling fans tend to circulate air, and there is nothing to do with decreasing the room temperature.

So, if your central air conditioning and heating system don’t work well, leaving a ceiling fan on can be beneficial for you. A running fan can decrease the room’s overall temperature and save energy used by an air conditioner or a heater.

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So, keep a ceiling fan on with no central cooling and heating system even if you aren’t in the room.


Disadvantages of leaving a ceiling fan on all-day

It should be crystal clear that the disadvantages of turning a fan on all day are more than benefits. So, let’s discuss all the disadvantages one by one;

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1-     Waste of energy

The first point, which is known to all, is a waste of energy. As we know that ceiling fans are supposed to circulate air in a room, and there isn’t any other purpose to install a fan in a room. Unless there is a person in a room, running a fan means a waste of energy. Plus, you’re increasing your electricity bills.

So, always turn off the ceiling fan whenever you’re going outside.

2-     Getting heated

When electricity passes through the motor of a ceiling fan, it starts circulating air. With a continuous supply of electricity can make the fan’s motor heat up. And a heated motor only increases the temperature rather than decreasing it.

So, it isn’t wise to keep a fan on all-time regardless of a person’s presence in a room.

3-     Demands frequent maintenance

It’s a standard rule for all home appliances that the more you use a device, the more it demands maintenance over time. If you leave a ceiling fan on for all time, its efficiency and age will decrease gradually.

Moreover, the continuous running of a fan demands frequent maintenance as well.

In short, running a fan all time is only beneficial for those houses where air circulation is poor. Otherwise, there is no benefit to turn on a fan all time, and it can put a burden on your pocket as

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