What to use to clean TV screen (Top 05 Products 2022)

It can’t be wrong to say that TV screens are the most powerful dust-pullers in any home, aren’t these? When it comes to cleaning these dusty TV screens, the task seems a kid-play. However, it’s not true by far. TV screen demands special care, gentle touch, and several instructions by manufacturers that need to be followed.

We know, you will be flooded with information when you type “How to clean a TV screen?”. Here, we come with something different; “what to use to clean TV screen”. To answer the question, we have checked different products to make the TV screen shiny like brand new and compiled the following list.

Let’s have a look at all the tested products that can bring the glint back without damaging the screen.

What to use to clean TV screen (Top 05 products):

All the five products mentioned below are, almost, available at home. Vinegar, Dish soap, rubbing alcohol are the common products. Aside from these three easily available products, the recommended ready-made screen cleaner is not hard to find. You can just click the link and make your purchase easier. Let’s get started;

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1- Vinegar:

Who is unknown to vinegar? Obviously, nobody. In fact, Vinegar is a staple in our homes. For different dishes, vinegar is considered the complement. Aside from cooking ingredients, Vinegar has another talent; cleaning.

It is highly acidic with 2.4pH. Yes, the presence of acetic acid makes vinegar acidic. Now, you’re thinking that an acidic solution with a pH of 2.4 can damage the TV screen easily. Nevertheless, you need not be worried about that. We are here with the complete and safe solution below;

How to use Vinegar?

TV screen comprised of thin and delicate layers that can be damaged, if not cleaned with gentle hands. So, be careful while cleaning and following all the steps mentioned below;

  • First, take a microfiber cloth and clean all the dust from the TV screen
  • Have a look at the stubborn stains on the screen
  • Never scratch the stains with nail or hand
  • Now make the white vinegar diluted by adding an equal amount of water
  • By making the 50/50 solution of vinegar and water, your solution is ready to remove stubborn stains from the screen
  • Pour the stain into the spray bottle
  • Spray the solution on the microfiber cloth (Never directly spray on the screen)
  • Now rub (gently) the screen in a circular motion.
  • Now use a dry microfiber towel to dry the moist

Note: Please the manufacturer’s guide before cleaning the TV screen with vinegar.

2- Mild Dish Soap:

Mild dish soap is considered one of the best cleaning agents at home. Either you want to use it for mopping, or want to clean stainless steel items in the kitchen, it will clean all the items perfectly. But you will have to take extra care when it comes to clean a TV screen.

How to Use Dish Soap?

Let’s have a look at what precautionary measure you will have to take for cleaning the TV screen.

  • Take half liter lukewarm water in a bowl
  • Add one to two drops of mild dish soap (only one or two drops)
  • Mix the drops in the lukewarm water with fingers
  • Dunk one corner of microfiber cloth in the solution
  • Rub the dampened cloth on the TV screen with extreme care
  • Now dry the moist from the screen with a dry microfiber cloth

Note: Read the manufacturer’s guide before cleaning the TV with dish soap

3- Rubbing Alcohol:

Rubbing Alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol works like vinegar. Keep in mind that you can only use isopropyl alcohol for cleaning a TV screen, other cleaning products containing ethyl alcohol or ammonia can damage the anti-glare coating of the TV screen, which may resultantly make your TV resolution faint and cloudy.

How to use Isopropyl Alcohol?

  • Make a 50/50 solution of rubbing alcohol and water in the spray bottle
  • Shake the bottle well for getting a homogenous solution
  • Now spray the solution on a microfiber cloth
  • Rub the dampened cloth gently on the screen

4- TV screen Cleaner:

In case, you aren’t willing to use homemade solutions to clean your flat-screen TV, you can buy the ready-made TV screen cleaner. Bear in mind, the screen cleaner should be alcohol, ammonia, and phosphate-free.

We recommend you try the Screen Mom cleaner Kit. The recommended kit doesn’t have alcohol and ammonia and can remove stubborn stains in no time.

Aside from the screen cleaner, the package includes a microfiber towel to clean the TV screen without streaks and scratches.

5- Petroleum Jelly:

Nothing is more annoying than small scratches on your high expensive Flat-screen TV. There are different scratch removing kits available in the market; however, read the provided manual guide before apply scratch removing kit.

If you don’t want to use scratch removing kit, you can apply petroleum jelly to the screen.

How to use Petroleum Jelly?

  • Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on the screen
  • Rub it gently with a microfiber towel
  • Clean the screen and remove an extra amount of petroleum jelly.

Note: Again read the manual before applying petroleum jelly on the flat screen tv.

What not to use to clean the TV screen?

Having a detailed discussion on what to use to clean the TV screen, let’s have a bird’s eye view on “what not to use”. The following information can save you from any mishap with your TV screen. Therefore, let’s have a look at all the products that can ruin your expensive modern LED TV.

Ammonia and Ethyl Alcohol: Several screen cleaning products contain ammonia, ethyl alcohol, or phosphate that can damage the optical coating of your TV screen. So, avoid using such types of the TV screen cleaner.

Don’t Spray Directly: Either you have a homemade solution or you bought it from the market, don’t spray the cleaning solution directly on the TV screen. Instead, spray on the microfiber cloth and wipe the screen.

Paper Towel, Sponges, Rags: The Usage of the mentioned items means to get scratches on the screen. Therefore, always use microfiber cloths, feather duster, or electrostatic cloth.

Don’t clean with bare hands: Don’t try to remove stains with nails or bare hands. It can result in scratches on the screen.

Tips to keep clean your TV

The following tips will keep your TV clean. Moreover, you won’t put sweaty efforts every time to clean the TV. Let’s get started;

Weekly Cleaning: Weekly cleaning won’t allow dust, grime, and fingerprints to get harder; you can keep your TV clean easily.

Stay away from kids: The main reason for stubborn stains is the fingerprints of kids on the screen. By staying the kids away from the TV, your TV can be avoided from stubborn and hard stains.

Buy a cover: TV-screen-covers are available in the market that can help to keep your TV clean for a long. Whenever TV is not in use, cover it. By doing so, dust won’t accumulate on the screen.

Last words:

Most of the time, a TV screen gets damaged while cleaning. However, by following the instructions mentioned above, your TV screen won’t damage. If you have used some other product to clean the TV screen, please mention it below in the comment section. Thank you. Stay blessed.

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