Which is better agitator or impeller washer? (A Complete Analysis)

“Which is better agitator or impeller washer” is somethingburger for many homeowners since long before. One, who has used an agitator washer, will tell you that an agitator washing machine is the best choice when it comes to buying top-loading washing machines. And the same is with impeller washer users. So, how can a new user solve this conundrum and come out of this chicken or egg dilemma? Here, we come with the solution for new users who want to buy a washer. We will describe the different advantages and disadvantages of both types of washers.

It won’t end by just telling you several benefits and disadvantages, we will further analyze which one will suit you the most according to your demands. At the end of the discussion, you can easily decide which type of washer will suit you the most and you can buy it according to your demands. But before jumping on the main topic, let me tell what an agitator or impeller washer is.

What is an Agitator Washer?

Before discussing the various benefits of an agitator washer, let me explain a little bit about agitator washer for new users. In fact, an agitator washer’s drum is equipped with a spindle/column that has fins or vane on it. That finned/vanned spindle has been fixed in the center of the drum. The clothes which are being washed in an agitator washer start rubbing with this column. By rubbing clothes on the column gets the laundry cleaned. It is the simple procedure of cleaning and washing laundry that has been used for hundreds of years. Benefits will be discussed below; thereby, you have a clear mind before buying a washer.

Advantages of Agitator washer

First, we will throw lights on the different advantages of agitator washers. Here, we are going to enlist all the possible benefits, please check one by one and see if the following benefits are the ones for which you are searching.

1- Less Expensive:

The very first benefits of buying an agitator washer are that it is available at an affordable price. In comparison with other counterparts, it will share a lower price tag. The price range of agitator washers ranges from $150 to $700.

A handful of agitator washers may cost you more than $1000. However, most of the washers of this type share an affordable price tag.

2- Take less time:

Another benefit of buying an agitator washer is that it is a time savior machine. It can wash clothes faster than an impeller washing machine. So, if you want to save time by spending a low amount of money, an agitator washer will be the best choice at all.

Normally, an impeller washer takes almost 1 hour to wash clothes and an agitator washer can wash the same amount of laundry in 45 minutes.

3- Better for heavy-duty clothes:

It is a common perception that is being observed by the users of agitator washers that an agitator washing machine is more effective for heavy-duty clothes like bedsheets. Now it doesn’t mean that an agitator washer is not a good choice for delicate clothes; however, an impeller washer is relatively a better choice for delicate clothes.

4- Easy to Use:

Agitator washers are entry-level washing machines that have not been equipped with some advanced options. As we know that a computerized machine may create confusion when a senior wants to operate it. Nevertheless, the dashboard of agitator washers is equipped with three to four knobs that can perform some basic functionalities like; wash cycle, wash temperature, and water level.

What is an Impeller Washer?

The other type of top load washers is the impeller washer. Similar to the above one, there is no agitator in the drum of an impeller washer. An impeller washer has, usually, a disc-shaped booster in the center of the drum that gets the clothes spun at high speed. Aside from spinning the clothes fast, the impeller pushes the clothes towards the center. While spinning, clothes get rubbed with each other and stains get removed by doing so.  

As compared to the agitator washer, impeller washers are new in the market. However, impeller washers get popularity fast among users.

Advantages of Impeller washer

After knowing the advantages of an agitator washing machine, now it’s time to explain how an impeller washer can be more beneficial for users. Let’s have a look at various benefits of impeller washer mentioned below;

1- Gentle on Fabric:

As we have described how an impeller washer works to wash clothes then it should be crystal clear that an impeller washer is relatively more gentle on fabric than an agitator washer. For washing clothes, laundry rubs with each other in an impeller washer that gives better results to delicate clothes.

So, if your need is to wash baby clothes and another delicate laundry, an impeller washer will suit you the most.

2- Better Cleaning Results:

According to a certain number of users, an impeller washer can give you better washing results than its counterparts. The more spinning speed of the impeller washer leaves a little task to do for the dryer. On the other hand, laundry washed in an agitator washer needs to be dried for a long time in a dryer.  

So, when it comes to cleaning and washing, the impeller washer wins the battle.

3- More Capacity:

If you have a large family, an impeller washer can be a perfect choice for you. In an agitator washer’s drum, a sizable space is occupied by the agitator. However, there is no column in the impeller washer which allows you to wash more laundry.

So, for large family owners, an impeller washer is more suitable than a washing machine with an agitator.

4- Energy and Water Efficient:

It is commonly observed that impeller washers are more energy and water-efficient. An impeller washer is specially optimized for water consumption. Therefore, a washing machine with an impeller consumes less water. On the other hand, laundry that needs to be washed in a washing machine with an agitator is flooded with water.

Apart from energy and water efficiency, impeller washers are less noisy than agitator washers.

Note: Advantages of agitator washers are the disadvantages of impeller washers and vice versa.

Which is a better agitator or impeller washer?

Having described the advantages and disadvantages of both types of washers, it depends on readers which will they buy. However, here are some suggestions which will make your decision easier.

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If you have a tight budget and a small family, an agitator washer will be a perfect choice. It can wash clothes fast and effectively.

However, if the budget isn’t a problem for you, you can go for the impeller washer. Impeller washers will give you better cleaning results by consuming less water and energy.

For a person having a high budget, front-load washers are recommended to buy. Hence, at the end of the day, the choice is your either you buy an agitator washer or impeller washer.


Having explained the benefits of both types of washers, now the choice is yours. We have tried to suggest the best-suited washer for you. If you like our suggestions, please give feedback in the comment section. Furthermore, if you have a question, please do ask in the comment section, we will try our best to give you a research-based answer. Thank you. Stay blessed.


What is the difference between agitator and impeller washer?

Although we have addressed this question in the above discussion, it is essential to answer this question in a detail.

First, both are the types of top load washing machines. In an agitator washing machine, there is a spindle that has been fixed in the center of the drum. While washing clothes, laundry rubs with that finned spindle that gets the laundry cleaned.

On the other hand, in an impeller washer, there is a disk-shaped impeller in the drum of a washer. While washing clothes in an impeller washer, the laundry rubs with each other and gives you amazing washing results. While spinning the impeller, it pushes the laundry from the outer circle to the inner.

Which washing machines should I avoid?

This question demands a detailed answer that isn’t possible here. You need to read the buying guide for washing machines. Having read the buying guide, you need to decide which brand of a washing machine will be the best. Here, you can choose from the whirlpool, COSTWAY, Kenmore, and speed queen. All the mentioned washers’ brands are the leading electronic companies which have been working in this field for hundreds of years.