Why is my printer printing faded text? (06 Reasons 2022)

Let me start with a puzzle. Which one is the more difficult task to be accomplished; writing a report or printing it out with a faulty printer? Obviously, it would be the latter one. Out of dozens of technical faults in a printer, printing faded text is the most annoying one. But you need not worry about that. We are here to tell you several reasons for faded and patchy printing along with solutions.

If you are also the one who wants to fix faded, faint, and patchy printing problems, read the complete article carefully. Without getting late, let’s get started.

06 Reasons for Printing Faded Text

Here, we have divided the reasons for faded printing into two main portions. The first one is related to non-technical issues which can be solved easily; no matters, even if you’re a beginner. On the flip side, technical issues demand technical knowledge and experience to be solved; therefore, unless you have experience and technical knowledge of printers, don’t mess with faulty printers. Let’s check both the portions (technical issues and non-technical issues) in great detail;

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Non-Technical Reasons

First, we will describe non-technical reasons. Without any prior knowledge of printers, you can fix the problem easily. The non-technical reasons are the following;

  • Paper Quality Issue
  • Empty Cartridges
  • Humidity

1- Paper Quality:

Apparently, it seems there is no relation between paper quality and faded printing; but there is. How? Let me describe it in detail.

The working process of inkjet printers and laser printers is totally different. A laser printer uses high heat to make a bond between the toner and the paper. On the flip side, an inkjet printer has some sort of chemical to dry ink on the paper for printing. In this case, if you use paper of Inkjet printer in a laser printer then it may cause faded printing. So, check either the paper is made for an inkjet printer or laser printer. After that choose according to your printer.

Aside from the paper type, manufacturing quality might affect your printing quality as well. The rough surface of paper doesn’t allow to print smoothly which may lead to patchy printing.

Solution: Try another bundle of papers for printing and observe the difference.

2- Dead Cartridges:

Like the above, it is also a non-technical issue. Moreover, empty cartridges are the most frequent problem, when it comes to faded printing text. If you also use a printer on and off, always check whether the toner cartridges have a handsome amount of toner/ink or not.

Printers with LED have an option to check cartridges’ toner levels.

Solution: Check the toner level before using it, if it’s getting dead then replace it and print.

3- Humidity:

The last part of non-technical issues is the humidity.

Humidity can also be one of the main culprits to make your printer faulty. Owing to humidity, printing papers may get humid which can affect the printing quality, resultantly. Aside from getting the printing pages to warp, humid can get the nozzle clogged.

Solution: Always try to place the printer in a less humid room.

Technical Reasons

The following are the technical reasons. If you don’t know much about printers, please don’t try to fix the problems (mentioned below) yourself. By trying yourself, it might make the printing quality worsen. Check the following list;

  • Toner/ink Density
  • Transfer Roller Problems
  • Printhead Problems

Let’s all the technical issues one by one;

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1- Toner/Ink density setting:

Although it’s not too much technical task to perform for getting fixed the faded printing text issue, it demands a little bit of knowledge of printer settings in your desktop/mobile. If a low toner/ink setting is happened to select, check and fix the problem.

Solution: Open the print dialog box and go to properties/preferences. Then click on the quality sheet and go to the details. Move the slider right to increase the toner density (if it is low).

2- Dirty or faulty Transfer roller: 

The transfer roller is responsible to transfer toner from cartridges to paper by using an electric charge. If the transfer roller gets dirty or ill-positioned, your printing quality may affect. If you are new to printers and don’t know where the roller is located, don’t mess with it.

Solution: If you know the exact location of a roller, then switch off the printer and clean it with a soft cloth. Moreover, never get it wet while cleaning.

3- Dirty Printhead:

The printhead is supposed to fire tiny droplets of ink onto the page to get desired print on the page. For those, who aren’t regular users of printers, it is the most common reason for streaky printing. Again, you need to be a master of printer hardware to combat this problem. Suppose, you aren’t a master, please don’t try to solve it yourself.

Solution: There are different types of printheads in different printers. So, check which type of printhead your printer has and remove it from the printer. After that clean, it carefully with a dampened towel. Again, please clean it carefully and if you don’t know how to clean it properly, don’t mess with it.


We have described all the possible reasons for faded printing text. So, if you face the streaky printing problem, just check the reasons mentioned above. We hope you will find the answer to the question “Why is my printer printing faded text?”. If you have any other suggestion, please write down in the comment section. Thank you! Stay blessed.